Announcement: DDAS will be shifting to CG

Hey everyone! I've recently joined Chrysanthemum Garden and will be bringing DDAS over to their site. The chapters currently out have already been migrated and all future chapters will be posted on CG as well, so do bookmark/join the site if you haven't already ^^ Thank you for supporting me on this site! *All DDAS … Continue reading Announcement: DDAS will be shifting to CG

Holy Institution: Chapter 99 (end)

Chapter 99: Graduation credit (10) Faced with his provocative gaze, the snow leopard flicked its tail and gracefully approached him step by step. Di Lin was aware that it was searching for a weak point in his barrier’s defense. Magic beasts possessed intellect on par with humans, particularly high-ranking magic beasts. These beasts possessed peculiar … Continue reading Holy Institution: Chapter 99 (end)