I Have Amnesia, Don’t Be Noisy (失忆了别闹)


Author: 绿野千鹤 (Lu Ye Qian He)

Original Novel: Raws

Genre: Comedy, modern, entertainment world, business, BL

Novel status: Completed (119 chapters and 5 extras)

Translation status: Completed

Additional comments: Partner novel to Stop Bothering Me, Emperor

Retranslations: Bahasa Indonesia, Burmese


When Chu Qin found his amnesiac lover, the fake fiancée his lover’s family had arranged for was with him.

Fake fiancée: I’m the person you love the most.

Zhong Yibin: ……Liar, the person I love is obviously Chu Qin.

Fake fiancée: Didn’t you lose your memory?

Zhong Yibin: F***! I still remember Chu Qin!

Chu Qin: “……”

Except for you, I forgot the entire world…..

Never forget Chu Qin.

*Chapters have been moved to Chrysanthemum Garden

18 thoughts on “I Have Amnesia, Don’t Be Noisy (失忆了别闹)

  1. Hi! Thank you so much for your amazing translations! For some reason it seems like Chapter 113 is missing/the error says “Page can’t be found”. Where can I find ch 113 instead? Thanks so much!

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  2. extremely cute novel. Loved loved reading it. cute funny moments made me stressfree. i m smut lover but surprisingly no smut scenes ( few vague lines) didn’t offend me the cuteness and fluffiness of this novel is high ranked. Thanks to the translator for translating this gem💖

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