Holy Institution(圣院)


Author: 酥油饼 (Su Youbing)

Original Novel: Raws

Genre: Comedy, romance, fantasy, BL

Novel status: Completed (prologue+99 chapters)

Translation status: Completed

Additional comments: First novel in the five-novel Dream Continent series

Retranslations: Bahasa Indonesia, Brazilian Portuguese


Having an outstanding tutor was the bare minimum of a good teaching environment.

This was the fundamental reason behind Di Lin choosing Saint Padeus’ Magic Institution.

But only after entering the school did he realize—

His imagination was too perfect, while reality was too disastrous. Friends were scarce, and the tutor was difficult to deal with.

The saying Di Lin passed down to later generations: “My glorious times… started from remaining silent.”

*Chapters have been moved to Chrysanthemum Garden

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