Holy Institution: Chapter 99 (end)

Chapter 99: Graduation credit (10)

Faced with his provocative gaze, the snow leopard flicked its tail and gracefully approached him step by step.

Di Lin was aware that it was searching for a weak point in his barrier’s defense. Magic beasts possessed intellect on par with humans, particularly high-ranking magic beasts. These beasts possessed peculiar innate qualities that allowed them to surpass humans in certain areas.

Just like how this beast had the ability to perceive weaknesses.

The snow leopard used wind magic to leap, so there was essentially no lag time when it jumped. Therefore, Di Lin only had the instant it neared to react.

The water barrier shook from the impact once more.

Di Lin’s back knocked against a tree trunk. He hadn’t even taken a breath when his back suddenly heated up and the tree his back was leaning against went up in flames.

The water elements on his back had automatically scattered when he bumped against the tree trunk, leaving his back completely vulnerable to the flames on the tree.

Despite Di Lin’s quick reactions and the fact that he had stepped aside very quickly, the flames had still burnt a small part of his back.

The snow leopard gave him zero chance to catch his breath.

It was very clear that out of the two humans, the one in front of it was the weaker one, and the one standing not too far away observing the battle was the stronger foe. So, it needed to quickly dispose of one of them before it could put all its efforts into dealing with the other.

But it wasn’t Di Lin’s style to blindly take a beating.

He endured the stabs of pain from his back and swiftly gathered the water elements into a whirlpool, positioning it in front of him.

The snow leopard finally bent its legs. It leaped up like an arrow, actually reaching a height of more than ten meters.

Greatly alarmed, Di Lin shifted the whirlpool upwards. However, neither the water elements nor the whirlpool was solid, resulting in the whirlpool becoming slightly deformed as it moved.

The snow leopard let out a low roar, unexpectedly using its body to pass through the whirlpool.

In the short moment Di Lin’s vision darkened, the leopard’s two snow white front paws had already stamped onto his chest. His body toppled backwards involuntarily.

He was in imminent peril.

With the use of wind magic, he forcibly shifted five to six meters away from the leopard. His head rammed heavily against a tree. The clothes covering his chest had already been shredded into strips and six bloody gashes extended from his ribs to his thigh.

Green light shone in the snow leopard’s eyes. Its snarls revealed sharp teeth.

Di Lin slowly propped himself up with an arm. The impact to his head had left him feeling slightly dizzy. The water elements in his mind flickered in and out.

Certain that the youth would be its afternoon meal, the snow leopard prepared to attack once more when the scene in front of its eyes spun and the youth observing the battle from a short distance away blocked its path with his hands behind his back.

“Your opening moves are a little harsh,” The youth raised his voice slightly at the end. With a small flick of his fingers, a bunch of flames flew over leisurely.

Disdain flashed in the snow leopard’s eyes. Did he think it could be injured with that kind of speed?

The leopard was about to raise its legs when it realized that its entire body had been pressed down by fire elements, leaving it unable to budge an inch.

How was this possible? Was it going to be tamed just like this by a human?

A trace of panic flashed across the leopard’s eyes and it struggled violently to get free.

However, the fire elements contracted, binding it tightly till the flames burned the top of its head.

The pain was so intense that the ends of its mouth drew back, revealing its teeth. The leopard rolled around on the spot multiple times before putting the fire out.

It could move?

The leopard quickly stood up and glanced in bewilderment towards the youths that had already disappeared.

Hydin took Di Lin back to his own dorm and stripped him of his clothes.

Blood continuously seeped out of his wound and Di Lin’s face became increasingly pale.

Hydin’s brows furrowed. He took out medicine from his space bag and gently applied it on the wounds with his fingers. Brandry had given him this medicine after the battle outside Dabei city. The medicine was quite effective; the bleeding stopped the moment the medicine was applied to the wound. Hydin then found some gauze and wrapped the wound before turning him over midair.

The wound on his back wasn’t severe and had only turned slightly red. After applying some burn medicine, the swelling very quickly went down.

Lastly, the bruise on his head.

Appearance-wise, there was only some slight swelling, but the condition on the inside was unknown.

Hydin gazed at Di Lin’s taut brows even while unconscious. Leaning over, he kissed him gently before turning and heading to the First Library.

Saint Padeus was indeed a place where crouching tigers and hidden dragons[1] resided. Even an ordinary library administrator had immensely high magic ability.

Lucé watched Hydin walk straight towards him and asked in astonishment, “You had another research breakthrough?”

“No, I have something to request of you,” Hydin answered.

Lucé was suspicious. “What?”

“Healing,” Among all the different types of healing magic, the light attribute was the most effective as it drew on divine force. The origins of wood magic lay in life magic; although it didn’t produce results as speedily as light magic, it was still quite effective.

Lucé’s eyes rounded. “Di Lin’s injured?”

Hydin smiled, directly using the fire elements to lift him out from the back of the counter and then using wind magic to rush back to the dormitory.

Lucé was shocked when he saw the unconscious Di Lin on the bed. “What enemy did the both of you meet?” He couldn’t think of anyone capable of injuring Di Lin to this extent in the presence of Hydin.

“A snow leopard,” Hydin replied.

Lucé asked blankly, “Could it be a variant?”

“No, it’s rank nine,” Hydin said. “This is the task Orosai gave him.”

Lucé said, “You watched him get injured just like that?” Thick disapproval colored his voice.

Hydin stated, “Every person’s road should be walked using their own feet.” He paused. “Besides, he wouldn’t agree to my help.”

“Why?” Wasn’t it very normal for lovers to help each other?

Hydin said, “He’s also a man.”

“He’s still only a youngster.”

“He’ll mature,” He was full of confidence.

Lucé had a very odd expression on his face. “You seem like you’re raising a son.”

“What difference is there? He’s my student,” Seeing him jabber on, Hydin directly turned his head towards Di Lin. “Heal him first.”

“Which part?”

“The head.”

Lucé gently pressed a hand against Di Lin’s forehead.

One’s perception of wood magic wasn’t limited only to the wood elements but was also useful when it came to life forms. The only limitation was that it could only be used for restoration and growth magic, so this sort of magic could only be used to save and not harm people.

It took a full two hours before Lucé moved his hand away.

Seeing the fatigue on his face, Hydin asked, “How is it?”

Lucé replied, “I repaired the other injuries on his body along the way.”

“Repaired?” Hydin’s brows creased.

Lucé said, “Our jargon; it’s not as serious as it sounds. He’s fine now, but it’ll be better not to go to the Nightmare Forest and provoke some rank nine magic beast again.”

Hydin said, “I will practice selective listening.”

“Which part?”

“The part about him being fine now.”

“…” Lucé added, “I watched him enter the institution. Hopefully, I’ll see him graduate in advance, not join his ancestors in advance.”

Hydin said, “I choose to ignore this statement.”

Lucé, “…”

When Di Lin woke up, he found that his entire body felt extremely comfortable. There was now only a scar left from the wound that had extended from his ribs to his legs. His back had completely healed, and there was no longer any dizziness.

“Wood magic is actually quite useful,” He sighed with emotion.

Hydin said, “Light magic is the most powerful when it comes to healing. Wood magic can just barely be considered all-rounded.”


“In the forest, it’s attack and defense can be compared to the fire and earth types. Its healing capability is second only to the light attribute, so it sounds like it’s all-rounded. But in reality, it is extremely restricted.”

Di Lin said, “It can only be used in the forest.”

“It’s suitable for hunters and woodcutters.”

“…” Di Lin asked, “How many days did I sleep?”

“One day and one night.”

Di Lin hurriedly lifted up the blankets. “This is bad! It’s getting closer and closer to the deadline. Ah, has Suo Suo and the rest returned?”

“There are still five days before school starts.”

Di Lin leapt off the bed.

“Where are you going?” Hydin asked.

“Library. I will definitely defeat that leopard!” Di Lin put on his clothes and readied himself to leave.

A plate of breakfast flew towards him. Hydin said, “Eat before going.”

Di Lin said, “I’ll eat while walking.”

Hydin lifted a hand, a letter appearing in his hand.

Di Lin looked at him curiously.

“Bob sent this letter from your father.”

Di Lin’s eyes lit up. He was just about to reach out when Hydin retracted his hand. “Shower and eat first.”

Di Lin rushed into the bathroom as if his buttocks were on fire.

Lunch was very extravagant.

Hydin had specially gone to the dining hall to make an order.

Di Lin gracefully crammed food into his mouth while staring fixedly at the letter on the table.

Although there was a secret agreement between Shamanril and Kanding Empire, the two countries had had hostile relations for many years after all. Nobody knew if either party would commit something for real under the guise of pretense. Worry still lingered in his heart.

After finishing lunch with great difficulty, he used a napkin to wipe his mouth before swiftly snatching the letter and opening it.

Hydin used a fork to slowly deliver a small piece of steak into his mouth as he watched the smile on Di Lin’s face grow wider and wider. Di Lin put down the letter and then looked at him with sparkling eyes. “The item?”

Hydin waved a hand and a tiny exquisite box flew out from his space bag.

Di Lin took the box and opened it. The box contained a pair of delicately crafted diamond rings. “These are couple rings. They can allow both parties to sense each other’s location.”

Hydin looked at him with a smile yet not a smile.

Di Lin coughed dryly and passed the letter to him. “My father has something to say to you.”

The letter automatically swept across the table and flew to Hydin.

Unlike the previous time, Andre’s tone this time was entirely like that of an elder speaking to the younger generation. He openly expressed approval in the letter for their relationship and thanked Hydin for his protection of Di Lin in the battle outside Dabei city, as well as the unexpectedly quick progress Di Lin had made in magic. At the end, with the status of an elder, he gifted them the rings from his marriage as a blessing.

Di Lin saw Hydin remain silent after reading the letter and asked nervously, “What’s wrong?”

Hydin said, “After you graduate, let’s go to the robber’ guild’s headquarters.”


“To get back the sword that belongs to your father.”

“Glory of Grusen?” Di Lin hadn’t expected him to still have that sword in mind.

Hydin used wind magic to deliver one of the rings that Di Lin had placed on the table onto his finger. He looked at it with satisfaction and said, “It is only proper to give something in return for what has been given.”

Although Di Lin had long foreseen that his father would not oppose his relationship with Hydin, it was still a separate feeling altogether to see his agreement in writing. It felt like the heart in his chest had finally been grounded. His only regret was that his father was still leading Shamanril’s troops stationed at Santu and was still in confrontation with Kanding Empire’s army, so he wouldn’t be able to return for the time being. But that didn’t matter. Anyway, after obtaining Glory of Grusen, Hydin would definitely deliver the sword in person. They would meet again very soon.

Di Lin made a beeline for the library after finishing the meal.

Since he had prior experience with finding books, he very quickly found information on snow leopards.

Although the snow leopard and golden blue-eyed bear were both rank nine magic beasts, the author’s evaluation of the former was higher than the latter. The golden blue-eyed beast could use two types of magic and had coarse skin and thick flesh, but its intellect was far below the snow leopard’s. The speed and agility of the snow leopard meant that its opponent would inevitably have difficulty escaping, so the level of danger it presented was one notch higher.

“There are no weak points?” Di Lin furrowed his brows.

Fire and water acted as natural restraints for each other. But in a situation where one party was much stronger than the other, the one being restrained would be himself.

A book appeared in front of him.

Di Lin stared blankly for a moment and then took the book. The title <Comprehensive Collection of Wind Magic> was written on the cover. The author was Hydin. He turned and looked at Hydin, who had passed him the book.

“Creation is the most important wisdom of humans,” Hydin said. “But an appropriate level of imitation and study is required while maintaining the resolve to create.”

Di Lin thought about it. “Can I learn water magic?”

“No,” Hydin replied. “Because I haven’t written any books on water magic.”

Di Lin was speechless.

Only after he flipped open the book did he understand why Hydin spoke in such a way. Although this book was a <Comprehensive Collective of Wind Magic>, it didn’t contain any incantations or gestures linked to wind magic and only described the potential effects of wind magic as well as methods of combat. This was also to say that making use of it would depend entirely on one’s imagination.

To the average mage who used incantations and gestures to use magic, this book was nothing more than emergency relief. Mages who could directly use their intentions to manipulate magic didn’t need this book either.

Di Lin was the only one in a special situation.

He was a mage who wasn’t powerful enough yet could use magic through his thoughts.

This book was just right for his situation. It would allow him to pick up new magic yet wouldn’t strangle his creativity.

“Wind Edged Net,” An image of water elements creating a Wind Edged Net instantly surfaced in Di Lin’s mind. Slight disappointment rose in his heart. Hydin was a fire mage, so all the books he wrote used fire elements as examples. There was an additional benefit when fire elements were used to create the net – as long as one had an appropriate level of control, the net could switch between fire and wind. But when water elements were used, this effect disappeared.

“Water and fire elements each have their own strong points,” Hydin threw down this profound phrase.

Alarm rang in Di Lin’s heart.

He had been limited by the book again. Although using fire elements to create a Wind Edged Net would increase its flexibility, using water elements could also bring out the advantages strictly associated with water. Like… what?

Di Lin simply sat down in a meditative posture.

Seeing that he was immersed in thought, Hydin turned and went back to his spot by the window, continuing to drink his coffee.

The sky outside the library’s windows turned dark and bright multiple times.

Lucé became a meal deliverer.

Hydin gave him a gem as a tip, but it was thrown back by Lucé with a gloomy face.

On the fourth day, Di Lin suddenly jumped up.

Hydin slowly put down his cup of coffee and watched Di Lin rush over excitedly. Before he could say anything, Hydin said leisurely, “Shower and brush your teeth before talking.”

Di Lin, “…”

After showering and brushing his teeth, Di Lin no longer had the desire to speak.

School would be starting the next day. Di Lin originally intended to stay behind and greet Suo Suo, Rui Meng, and the rest before going to the Nightmare Forest, but the urge to test the new kind of magic he had come up with weighed very heavily on his mind.

After three minutes of hesitation, he still decided to go to the Nightmare Forest first.

Suo Suo and the rest hadn’t returned, but Orosai had.

So, right before they were about to step into the Nightmare Forest, Orosai’s gloomy voice sounded from behind them. “Hydin·Tagilis.” He rarely addressed others by their full name, especially if the other party was his institution’s magic tutor. But all those who understood him knew that this manner of address meant that he was on the brink of exploding from anger.

Hydin casually looked back.

“A bill of two hundred million?” Orosai stretched out a hand and a bill stamped with the symbol of the Society of the God of Light appeared in his hand.

Hydin said, “A godhead is priceless.”

Orosai said hatefully, “Yes, it’s not worth a single cent. All it’ll do is attract a pile of trouble.” Even if the majority of people knew that it didn’t have much use, they would still wishfully think of snatching it.

Hydin replied, “Without the Nightmare Forest, the institution needs a new test.”

Orosai asked, “Do you think that fighting with all the powerful people in the Continent is a new test?”

Hydin said, “You can resell it too.”

Orosai was silent. Clearly, reselling it was a good idea. The number of people in the entire Continent who could come up with two hundred million gold coins wasn’t many, but definitely wasn’t few either. It was even possible for him to profit from it.

While he was lowering his head in contemplation, Di Lin and Hydin took advantage of the chance and went through the barrier that Macreis had personally supervised the construction of.

The barrier’s main purpose was to prevent the magic beasts from running out of the Nightmare Forest, so its attack power wasn’t high. Hydin and Di Lin rounded the magic array a few times and then arrived at the heart of the forest.

“What location is this?” After losing his way so many times, Di Lin had already tacitly come to terms with his poor sense of direction.

Hydin said, “No idea.”

Sections of the Nightmare Forest would occasionally swap around, so the soil they were treading on at could differ at separate times.

Di Lin furrowed his brows. He had been searching for the golden blue-eyed bear at that time yet had ran into the snow leopard. Now that he was searching for the snow leopard, would he run into other magic beasts?

“But I know where that snow leopard is,” Hydin gripped Di Lin’s hand with the hand wearing the ring and used wind magic to move swiftly.

Di Lin knew that the reason why he was leading him in flight was so that he could conserve his spiritual energy. After all, he would be fighting against a higher ranked magic beast soon.

Wind buffeted him on both sides. He subconsciously leaned towards Hydin.

Hydin smoothly drew him into his arms.


This position was quite comfortable, but…

Di Lin raised a brow, reached out his hands as well and clasped Hydin’s waist.

Entangled in this manner, the two people floated from east to west for much of the day before finally landing in front of the snow leopard before nightfall.

The snow leopard was sprawled on the ground washing its face. Sensing the sudden increase in fire elements in the air, it stood up abruptly and glared ferociously at the uninvited guests who had come calling once again.

Di Lin asked, “You left behind a fire element with a special mark on it?”

Hydin said, “I left the word ‘stupid’.”

Di Lin finally understood why they had flown back and forth.

Hydin’s spiritual energy was strong, but it was limited in range. He wouldn’t be able to sense it outside this range. Even if this was the case, he couldn’t help but admire the strength of Hydin’s perception. After all, the Nightmare Forest was a vast area nearly the size of a few Shamanrils.

As if making out his thoughts, Hydin commented faintly, “I had good luck.” He had estimated that he would need a few days before finding it.

Its body stretched taut, the snow leopard watched them act as if there was no one else present – they were indeed interacting as if there was nobody else present. It appeared to be hesitating over whether it should escape or stay behind to fight. The impression the youth had left on it previously was too deep. The fact that he could use fire elements to bind it meant that his spiritual energy was far stronger than its own.

Di Lin glanced at the snow leopard and his eyes instantly sparked. However, these sparkles didn’t stem from anger or hatred, but an excitement fueled by the desire to battle.

As usual, Hydin floated a distance away.

The snow leopard glanced at Hydin, who was standing a few meters away, as if confirming that he wouldn’t interfere all of a sudden.

Hydin crossed his arms across his eyes and raised a brow at it.

Having a demonic nature, the thing that magic beasts couldn’t stand the most was provocation. A low roar was released from the snow leopard’s throat and its dark green eyes turned to Di Lin.

Di Lin concentrated his attention and directly released the Wind Edged Net before the snow leopard made a move!

As the name implied, the Wind Edged Net was created by using the wind generated by the water elements to form a net.

The snow leopard flicked its tail disdainfully. It leapt up suddenly, wanting to cross through the net.

Di Lin’s gaze was focused. This move had already been revealed during the previous battle. The water elements that had been sent flying suddenly morphed, transforming into a vortex of liquid water. It rotated in a manner similar to a windmill, so its reach was extremely long. The snow leopard felt pain at the top of its head before it was flung down by the water.

All of this had happened within the span of a flash of lightning.

The snow leopard landed on the ground and realized that it had long since lost track of Di Lin’s figure.

“That was called Wind Edged Water Net,” Di Lin stood behind it. The water windmill had already vanished, replaced by two large balls of water. “The next one is called Water Prison.”

The two balls of water shot towards the leopard on both sides.

The snow leopard flung its head and spurted out a fire dragon from its mouth.

Water and fire collided midair. The balls of water were thrown back, scattering midair.

But Di Lin took advantage of this moment to go around the snow leopard, facing its back.

By the time the snow leopard sensed him and turned, a dense pack of small water balls were rushing straight at it. It hurriedly retreated and was just about to jump when the water elements scattered by the fireball condensed once again and bound the lower half of its body.

Flames suddenly ignited on the surface of the snow leopard, resembling battle armor made of flames!

Although Di Lin had used water to bind it, the flames had prevented the water from making contact with its body.

Things couldn’t continue like this!

Di Lin wrinkled his brows. His spiritual energy had only reached the level of a rank six mage. If things continued this way, he would definitely lose.

The snow leopard had evidently also thought of this, though its thinking differed from Di Lin’s. It was currently worrying over Hydin, who was standing at the side and watching the show. Even if it could win against Di Lin, it didn’t have any guarantee that it would be able to win against Hydin.

Di Lin calculated rapidly in his mind.

Suddenly, an idea took shape in his mind. It was a little risky, but given the current situation, it was probably the only idea that had a chance of succeeding. The only issue was that the snow leopard was too swift. Although he could sense the formation of wind elements, he lacked the time to control them.

The snow leopard suddenly moved.

Di Lin hastily moved the balls of water binding it along with it.

That’s right! Water had resistance!

Di Lin’s eyes lit up, his hands hurriedly moving. Space magic could only be formed through friction created by the rubbing of elements against one another. Logically, the cooperation of one more mage or the use of a magic array or magic scroll was necessary for space magic to be realized. However, under Hydin’s training, Di Lin could faintly sense the other three elements. Even till now, this perception hadn’t dissipated. Thus, although he couldn’t control the other three elements, he knew their locations. He had once tried rubbing the water elements against the other three elements when they where in fixed spots and found that space magic could also be created this way. It was just that the space magic formed would lack stability. Moreover, one’s grasp of the angle, timing, and quantity was extremely crucial in the rubbing process.

But now that things had reached this stage, he didn’t have the leeway to think any further. This was already his last idea and chance.

Di Lin swiftly used the water elements to form space magic while dispersing the water elements in the balls of water bit by bit.

Sensing the pressure on its body lightening, the snow leopard transformed the flames back into fire elements before using wind magic to rapidly rush out of the balls of water.

The resistance from the water balls slowed it down by a tenth of its usual speed.

A mere tenth!

Di Lin grasped the opportunity and swiftly removed the wind elements that flickered in his mind.

The snow leopard felt its body turning heavy and then dropping down midair. Shock and panic flashed in its eyes. It automatically adjusted its landing posture, but the earth in its imagination never appeared. All it felt was its gaze darken and then its body landed in an unfamiliar space.

A golden spell rotated around the space like chains.

The snow leopard struggled in alarm, though it was too late. The spell very quickly entered its body and bound its magic nucleus.

The space magic eventually couldn’t hold up and scattered.

Di Lin retrieved the used magic taming scroll and took a deep breath. Wiping off the sweat on his forehead, he gazed with gratification at the clearly dispirited snow leopard that had already lost its arrogance and coldness.

Hydin floated over and nitpicked, “That space magic wasn’t stable.”

Di Lin accepted his remark humbly. “I will work hard on improving it.” Only in actual combat did he understand the usefulness of the teaching method that he had originally viewed as perverted. If not for this type of teaching method, he would not have been able to surpass the rank difference and tame a rank nine magic beast this day.

The snow leopard seemed to already have sorted out its mood and slowly approached him.

In the end, it was still a magic beast that he had personally tamed. The more he looked at it, the more he liked it. He couldn’t stop himself from reaching out a hand and gentle stroking its glossy fur.

The snow leopard wanted to evade him, but the spell binding its magic core heated up all of a sudden.

Magic taming scrolls didn’t control magic beasts through spiritual energy but bound their magic core, thereby preventing them from daring to resist. So, if a magic beast endured it and had a good grasp of opportunity, it was still possible for it to inflict serious damage to their owner. That being said, as long as their owners didn’t go overboard, they usually wouldn’t choose this route.

After it was gently caressed for a while, the snow leopard felt that the sensation was not bad and contentedly stopped shifting about.

“I have something I would like you to help me with,” Di Lin crouched in front of it.

The snow leopard narrowed its eyes in comfort and glanced at him coldly as if saying, I’m already yours, can I even reject you?

Di Lin said, “I want to tame another rank eight and seven magic beast.”

The snow leopard widened its eyes.

Di Lin’s complexion at the moment didn’t look too good; he had consumed an enormous amount of spiritual energy just now. He practically couldn’t sense the water elements in the air anymore.

“You can directly order it,” Hydin said icily at the side.

The snow leopard turned and glared at him. If not for the misgivings it had about him, it wouldn’t have preserved its strength and not dared to go all out.

Di Lin smiled. “Let’s set out after eating.”

The snow leopard vanished with a whoosh.

Di Lin stared blankly. The sensation of fur still lingered on his hand.

Hydin said, “Magic beasts cannot resist the scroll’s binding. Since it didn’t experience any burning pain, that means it isn’t thinking of escaping. We can wait here for a while.”

Di Lin asked worriedly, “Would it lose its way?”

Hydin responded, “You might want to consider that issue from its perspective.”

Di Lin silently took out dried meat.

Hydin grilled it with fire.

They were about to dig in when the snow leopard returned unhurriedly. Two of its brothers were following behind it, internally angry yet not daring to express it.

Hydin raised a brow. “The rank eight flower skin leopard and rank seven fire leopard.”

Di Lin was ecstatic. Immediately, he took out two magic taming scrolls.

The flower skin leopard and fire leopard turned in a bid to escape. But after a furious roar from the snow leopard, the two leopards obediently squatted down, allowing the spell to enter their bodies.

Magic scrolls were convenient to use, but still drained some spiritual energy. At this point, Di Lin felt dizzy and his vision darkened. It wasn’t his first time feeling this way, but the effects could be considered light this time. At least, he hadn’t lost consciousness.

His body swayed and fell into a warm embrace.

Hydin spoke into his ear. “Let’s go back.”

“En,” Di Lin directly closed his eyes and fell asleep.

The three magic beasts watched Hydin pick Di Lin up in his arms and fly towards the edge of the Nightmare Forest. Although the Nightmare Forest was constantly changing, Hydin’s intuition could always enable him to pinpoint the correct direction.

When they exited the Nightmare Forest, the sky had already completely darkened.

The three magic beasts followed behind Hydin curiously and glanced around at the institution that seemed a little bare to them.

Hydin made his way to the chairman’s office.

Michelle said, “The chairman is in a mee… So cute!” Her eyes lit up and she looked at the three magic beasts with excitement.

The snow leopard and flower skin leopard merely flicked their tails, but the fire leopard directly roared loudly at her.

Startled, Michelle directly flew up and hid in a corner.

“What’s going on?” Orosai and the parliament members rushed over hurriedly.

Hydin shot the fire leopard a look of approval. “Submitting the tasks.”

Orosai looked at Di Lin in his arms, and then glanced at the three magic beasts who had adopted offensive postures. Sighing, he told the parliament members, “Let’s continue tomorrow.”

The parliament members had a very good opinion of Di Lin and asked about him in a very lively manner.

Hydin replied, “Excessive use of spiritual energy.”

One parliament member commented in amazement, “You actually know how to reply to us properly.”

Hydin raised a brow. “I will occasionally adapt to your IQ.”

The faces of the parliament members darkened again.

Orosai shook his head and led Hydin into his office.

The three magic beasts followed them in as well.

Orosai sat behind the office desk, crossed his hands together, and asked, “These three magic beasts were tamed by Di Lin?”

Hydin answered, “You can sense the fluctuations in spiritual energy around their magic nuclei.” Every person had different fluctuations in spiritual energy.

“Without any help?” Orosai knew very well that out of the three tasks, the first two merely served as a stopgap, and the truly difficult task was this third one. Taming a rank nine magic beast required a mage above the rank of seven at the minimum, and this was under the conditions that he possessed a huge quantity of magic scrolls and magic tools.

Hydin asked, “Is it necessary?”

Orosai furrowed his brows. “He tamed three magic beasts consecutively?” He might not be so shocked if he had only tamed one.

“You didn’t realize that they’re all of the leopard species?”

“Leopard species?” Orosai looked at the snow leopard.

Its gaze iced over.

Orosai suddenly understood. “He tamed the rank nine snow leopard first? The other two were picked up along the way?” This would explain why he could tame three magic beasts consecutively despite only having rank six spiritual energy.

The flower skin leopard and fire leopard glared at him.

Orosai’s brows moved.

The two leopards instantly became docile.

“All right. I’ll count this as completion of the tasks,” It was already a major trial for one to surpass the difference in ranks and tame a rank nine magic beast after all. Orosai said, “Remember to release the magic beasts back into the Nightmare Forest after he wakes up. Wait another month before coming to pick up the certificate of graduation and letter of appointment for the teaching assistant position.”

Hydin stood up after hearing these words. He was just about to leave when Orosai said slowly, “One more thing.”

Hydin halted his footsteps impatiently.

“It’s about Julan…”

Sunlight shone through the windows, illuminating the delicate face of the youth lying on the bed.

Di Lin slowly opened his eyes.

It was Hydin’s room.

He sat up and looked around. Hydin wasn’t around, but the three magic beasts were sprawled lazily at different spots around the room. Wild beasts were territorial, and it was even more so for magic beasts.

Di Lin stretched and went into the bathroom.

He didn’t have any desire to hear Hydin say ‘shower first’ for the third time.

He came out after showering, his body and mind relaxed.

Hydin had already returned and placed breakfast on the table, distributing three thoroughly cooked steaks to the magic beasts.

The magic beasts had plenty of complaints.

The steaks could practically only be used to fill the cracks between their teeth.

Di Lin walked to the table, thought for a moment, and then abruptly turned, walking to Hydin.

Hydin raised his head to glance at him.

Di Lin lowered his head and gave him a peck on the lips. He said with a smile, “Good morning.” He was about to leave when there was a sudden tightening around his waist. Hydin arms encircled his entire person tightly and an even more enthusiastic morning kiss followed.

By the time the two people pulled apart from each other with gasping breaths, the magic beasts had already finished filling in the cracks between their teeth and were watching their performance with interest.

Di Lin calmly went to his seat and began to eat breakfast.

“I have something to tell you after you finish eating,” Hydin said.

“What?” Di Lin smeared jam with the table knife.

Hydin stuffed a small piece of bread into his mouth. “You haven’t finished eating.”

Di Lin stuffed the bread into his mouth. His hand gripping the table knife, he looked at Hydin with anticipation. The question that came out of his mouth was muffled. “What is it?”

“Orosai has already confirmed the completion of your tasks. You can graduate and be hired as a teaching assistant one month later.”

Di Lin swallowed the bread, the corners of his mouth involuntarily drawing back. He had looked forward to this day ever since entering Saint Padeus’ Magic Institution. Unexpectedly, his wish had been attained without even a year’s worth of labor.

“That’s the good news,” Hydin said slowly.

Di Lin’s smile stiffened. “There’s bad news?”

Hydin nodded. “The king of Julan passed away half a month ago. The crown prince Pu Duo ascended the throne and is currently preparing to wed his sister-in-law Queen Marina as the Queen.”

Di Lin asked anxiously, “What about Suo Suo?”

“His whereabouts are unknown.”


The table knife dropped onto the plate.

[1] Idiom referring to hidden talented individuals.

T/N: Andd we have reached the end of HI! *throws confetti*

Thank you for reading to the end! I’m a bit sorry that it’s ending on a cliffhanger but do understand that it’s to set the tone for the next novel in the series. Moving on to my thoughts about ending:

DL and Hydin were the highlights of this story for me. I like them individually, flaws and all, and even more so when they’re together. I like that their relationship developed in a drama-free way and that they can each shine in their own ways. I have a soft spot for Hydin’s poisonous tongue too hehe, his dry sarcasm is just so fun to read ^.^

I hope you’ve found some enjoyment in this story! See you in the next one 😊

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17 thoughts on “Holy Institution: Chapter 99 (end)

  1. Can’t believe i reached the end 😭 This novel is so good and i guess the cliffhanger is inevitable. Might just mtl the other stories 🤩 Anddd you’ve done a great job translating this novel ✔💯

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  2. woahhhh.. can’t believe it’s the end already!

    thank you so much for translating! loving the development of the characters and the set up for future plots ❤

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    1. Sorry I can’t seem to remember if there’s a reference to his age… I don’t think his exact age was ever mentioned. But the impression I got when I read the raws was that the age gap wasn’t super large.


  4. Many thanks Ilyz for translating this. I feel like opening new journey and adventure on Dream Continent. Currently reading book 3 ^,^

    Old but gold. This series are hidden gems!

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