Holy Institution: Chapter 95

T/N: This chapter is locked on jjwxc, but it can be found online so I’m still translating it.

Chapter 95: Graduation credit (6)

Di Lin dithered outside the door to Hydin’s room, a jar of fruit wine in one hand and two goblets in the other.

Bob stood at the corner of the corridor, his heart jolting in tandem with the footsteps. He himself wasn’t sure whether he hoped for Di Lin to go in or not. All he knew was that standing at his spot and listening to the footsteps was very torturous.

The door suddenly moved.

Both Di Lin and Bob stiffened simultaneously.

Di Lin could even hear the sound of the fruit wine splashing inside the jar.

The door opened a crack.

Light spilled out from the inside, extending from Di Lin’s feet to his face. Orange light attacked his eyes, causing him to squint slightly before he could make out the face in front clearly.

Hydin had just finished bathing. His hair was still wet, water flowing along the graceful arcs of his golden hair before dripping to the ground.

Di Lin took a slow breath and was about to find an excuse to enter when Hydin turned and went back in. “Come in.”


Things were progressing unexpectedly smoothly.

Di Lin entered silently and closed the door, missing the worried gaze that Bob was directing at him.

The room was very fragrant. Steam from the recent bath drifted out of the bathroom. The entire room was flooded by the heavy scent of perfume.

Di Lin looked at Hydin in bewilderment.

Hydin saw his reaction from the mirror and explained mildly, “Overturned it by accident.”

“Oh,” Di Lin lowered his head, glancing at the fruit wine. He summoned his courage and uttered, “I want…”

“Help me to dry my hair,” Ever since finding out that water mages were good at drying hair, Hydin rarely used primitive methods like fire to dry hair.

“Oh, okay,” Without even placing the wine down, Di Lin directly used his thoughts to sort out the water elements sticking to his golden hair.

Hydin looked at his hair with satisfaction before turning around, “Your appearance was very timely.”

“… I came to invite Tutor to drink wine,” Di Lin placed the wine and cups on the table, calmly filling both cups till it was half-full.

Hydin’s brows furrowed. “Wine?”

Di Lin’s heart thumped. He hadn’t seen Hydin drink wine before, did he not drink it? “It’s a very famous fruit wine. I think Tutor will definitely like it.”

Hydin’s gaze swept across the mauve liquid. Under Di Lin’s nervous yet expectant gaze, he slowly lifted up the wine cup and sniffed it lightly. “Not grape?”

Di Lin picked up the cup and took a small sip. “Very sweet.”

Hydin stretched out his tongue, moistening it with the wine. Raising his eyes, he caught sight of Di Lin staring at him in a daze. A desire unfamiliar to Hydin rose in Di Lin’s eyes. Hydin silently put down his cup. “Anything else?”

“Hiccup,” Di Lin’s hand subconsciously grabbed onto the belt of his nightgown. “I wanted to discuss the matter involving the robbers’ guild with Tutor…” He wanted to bite his tongue after finishing this statement; talk about touching on a sore point!

Hydin didn’t flare up like how he had imagined. “I will settle it.”

“Actually, you don’t necessarily have to give that sword. Hiccup, my father also likes paintings,” Di Lin said. “He has always appreciated my mother’s paintings.”

Hydin asked, “Are you hoping for me to copy your mother’s paintings or for me to be your mother?”

“Of course not!” Di Lin denied in a flurry. Immediately after, he realized that he had been ridiculed. A flush immediately spread across his face. The intense heat welling up in his entire body made him think of throwing caution to the wind. “That, I just want to take a step further in confirming our relationship as lovers.”

Hydin raised a brow.

“You don’t think that our relationship has been stagnant?” He licked his lips. If the person standing before him now wasn’t Hydin, but a young and inexperienced girl, then he might not feel so pressured. But since he had already made his choice and even defended it more than once, he could only thicken his skin and continue, “I think we should take our relationship further.”

Hydin reached out a hand and captured his chin. Lowering his head, he pressed a light kiss on his lips.

His actions were very gentle, so gentle that Di Lin felt as if it was a feather that had landed on his lips.

“This is a polite kiss,” Hydin loosened his grip slightly, though his lips didn’t stray too far,

Di Lin swallowed, brazenly gazing directly at the blue eyes that were almost within reach.

“The following is a hysterical kiss,” Hydin said. His tongue lightly pried open his lips and teeth before starting to forcefully devour his entire being.

Di Lin’s head moved back slightly but was held in place by Hydin’s palms, inviting an even fiercer assault.

The frantic entanglement caused his sense of awareness to gradually weaken. His fingers loosened and the cup instantly fell to the ground. However, his mage instincts saved it. In the instant Di Lin’s cup was about to make contact with the ground, he used the wind elements to deposit it on the table.

“It looks like my lover isn’t sufficiently immersed,” Hydin laughed lightly. Di Lin’s vision shook and he suddenly felt himself landing on the bed.

Without waiting for him to react, Hydin immediately pressed him down and captured his lips and teeth once again.

The exchange of saliva seemed to rouse the desire sleeping in the deepest depths of Di Lin’s body.

Di Lin’s hands couldn’t help wrapping tightly around the body on top.

Time passed as if it meant nothing.

A long while, and another long while later.

Their red lips finally separated. Hydin raised a brow perversely. “Is this considered taking our relationship further?”

Di Lin looked at his disheveled golden hair and the blue eyes that still contained desire. The arms wrapped around Hydin suddenly exerted force and he flipped over, pressing onto Hydin. The bright and clear voice of the youth became hoarse and low the next instant. “Not enough.”

Hydin gazed at him, unruffled.

Di Lin lowered his head. His lips did not land on Hydin’s lips but instead his neck, before conveniently moving downwards.

Hydin was not wearing a bathrobe, so it posed some degree of hindrance to his motions. But since things had already advanced to this level, and he hadn’t received any obvious rejection from the other party, he simply used his hands to directly undo his clothes.

Although Hydin was a mage, his body was not the slim and fleshless type of the vast majority of mages, but instead slim and lean.

Di Lin’s tongue snaked across the contours of every slab of muscle.

Hydin supported his shoulders, allowing him to nibble all over his body.

While working hard, Di Lin tried hard to recall the contents of <A Hundred Questions on Matters of the Bed>. What he most wanted to know at the moment was the way to smoothly break through to the final step.

— What is desire? It’s something that can turn most people into wild animals. Of course, a minority of people can control themselves using reason. But, remember, the other party can use reason to control his desire, but cannot use reason to control your desire. Therefore, the eventual outcome will depend on whether your desire is able to prevail over his reason. I wish wholeheartedly for your success.

His hand had already reached the underpants and was in the midst of removing this obstacle.

Di Lin had no trouble at all imagining what would transpire next. Despite the fact that this imaginary scene had already appeared in his mind countless times, it had never been this real.

The moment he succeeded in eliminating all obstacles, the excitement that swarmed into his mind nearly rendered him faint-headed.

But there was still reason in his mind.

Yes, he still needed tools.

The gift from the head of the underground auction.

Di Lin took out the bottle from his space bag and was about to open it when it was taken away by another hand. Upon looking up, his eyes met Hydin’s smiling eyes. His heart thumped, and the scene before his eyes spun simultaneously. By the time he reacted, he had already been pressed down.

Hydin opened the bottle and poured a little bit onto his hand. “Oh, good stuff.”

Di Lin’s heart tensed. His limbs struggled suddenly, but fire elements firmly tied them down like chains, preventing him from budging. He concentrated his gaze and water elements gathered from all around them.

The corner of Hydin’s mouth hooked up.

The just-gathered water elements were instantly blocked by a barrier.

“Tu… Ah,” Di Lin’s brows creased.

A cool sensation penetrated his body, catapulting his mind into clarity[1].

Hydin lowered his head and kissed him on the lips. “Relax.”

His azure eyes were like the sea, carrying a magical power to calm.

Just as Di Lin’s body relaxed slightly, a sudden pain caused his entire body to tense up.

“It’ll be better very soon,” Hydin spoke softly into his ear. “This is a type of pleasure, the ultimate pleasure. So, whether you are the passive or active one, you must trust the other party. Open your senses fully to the bouts of contact between you and the other party.”

Very familiar sounding!

Di Lin endured the pain while sifting through his memories.


<A Hundred Questions on Matters of the Bed>!

Early morning.

Hydin kissed Di Lin, who had woken up from the fog. Smiling, he said, “I said before that I dislike having things I don’t know about in this world. So, even if I haven’t read through all the books in the library, I’ve flipped through all of them.”

Di Lin opened his eyes with great effort.

“Also, the library administrator told me that you read the book on <Matters of the Bed> at the Fifth Library,” Hydin smiled slightly. “I told her that she can advise you to borrow it next time.”

“…” Di Lin choked up for quite a while before saying, “I will be the top.”

Hydin raised a brow. “I don’t mind, as long as you can beat me.”

Di Lin’s drowsy eyes instantly lit up. Two flames ignited in his eyes.

It was written in the <Records of the Dream Continent> that one of Saint Padeus’ Magic Institution’s legendary mages, Di Lin·Basco, was not only enthusiastically discussed for his incomparable talent, but also his conscientiousness and untiring spirit to learn. Since the year he started studying magic, his practice of magic had never halted. He even spent the night before his marriage practising alone till dawn. It was also due to his diligence that he was publicly accepted by the later generations as history’s strongest wind mage.

[1] This part translates to something like ‘waking the mind’ or ‘refreshing the mind’. I thought this phrasing sounded a little awkward, so I took the liberty of changing the phrase.

T/N: Felt like an intruder the entire time I was translating ><

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