Holy Institution: Chapter 94

Chapter 94: Graduation credit (5)

Glory of Grusen could be traced back to a legendary figure in the past.

Before the appearance of Shamanril and Kanding Empire, the strongest country in the Dream Continent was the Empire of Dreams. The Dream Continent was named after this country. Glory of Grusen was one of the ten great swords belonging to the emperor of the Empire of Dreams.

They couldn’t be sure that this long sword was the real Glory of Grusen, but one thing they could be sure of was that it had attracted the attention of the majority of the people in the venue.

Di Lin and Hydin were two of those people.

Despite the distance between them and the sword, they could sense the aura of a king emanating from the sword. This was certainly not something that could be imitated by a copy.

Those who attended the underground auctions more or less had discerning eyes. They could tell that it was a sword of extremely high quality, even if it didn’t possess this sort of reputation.

“The starting price of this sword is… two thousand gold coins,” The host beamed as he listened to curses spat out below.

“Two thousand and one gold coins.”

“Two thousand and two gold coins.”

Due to the high starting price, every individual was very cautious with the prices yelled out.

“Two thousand and three…”

“Ten thousand gold coins.”

The entire venue instantly quietened. Everyone turned to look at the man whose slightly sweet voice had sounded from the back.

The host’s eyes instantly brightened. “This mister, you’re sure it’s ten thousand gold coins?”

Hydin nodded lazily.

“Tsk, fool!” Someone at the front spat.

Immediately, the venue erupted with the sounds of spitting and mockery.

Disdain was sometimes one of the most obvious ways of expressing inner envy.

The host shouted, “Ten thousand gold coins! Any higher price? If not, this sword will belong to Mr Mage!”

The atmosphere was still as silent as before, an agitating silence.

“All right! Deal!”

The sword was very quickly sent off.

The third round of transactions commenced.

One of the auction employees walked stealthily to Hydin and inquired if he would be paying and retrieving the item immediately or waiting till the entire auction ended. Hydin glanced at Di Lin, whose gaze was still glued to the stage, and decided on the latter.

The employee didn’t leave immediately after asking, instead sitting at the side and quietly waiting.

Hydin raised a brow. Was this a precaution against buyers who regretted their purchase? After all, underground auctions didn’t have a membership system like legally operated auctions did, guaranteeing that there were records of every member.

The third good presented at the auction was a person.

In spite of the fact that Shamanril and Kanding Empire had banned the selling of slaves, the buying and selling of lifelong servants were not banned. This loophole was filled by the underground auction. Standing on the stage was a woman of exceptional beauty. She had skin as glossy as the fat of sheep and eyes as pure as the sky. The most important thing was that she emanated a charming aura that enchanted each and every person. In an instant, the originally heavy atmosphere of the auction surged to a new high.

The starting price of the beauty was eight thousand gold coins.

Di Lin watched the crazed host and buyers, a burst of sadness filling his heart.

Underground auctions were in fact the best reflection of a country’s current state. If a beauty could be auctioned for a sky-high price exceeding that of an exceptional sword, it meant that the country was not far from sinking into depravity, even if it hadn’t reached that stage.

Hydin and Di Lin got up and went backstage to pay and retrieve the sword.

But when they reached the back of the stage, all they saw was the furious face of the Head of the underground auction. Everyone else was standing there at a loss, their faces filled with worry.

When the employee mentioned retrieving the sword, the Head’s face contorted as if it was dough. Only after a long while did he reveal a smile, bowing towards Hydin and Di Lin. “My deepest apologies. I know this is an unforgivable mistake, but there actually exists such a shameless person in this world. This is truly unexpected. I’m really…”

Di Lin interrupted, “What happened?”

The Head’s cheeks trembled. His smile collapsed simultaneously. “Glory of Grusen… was stolen.”

Hydin’s brows furrowed.

The Head of the auction hurriedly said, “Of course, of course, we will compensate you according to the guidelines. It’s just that twenty thousand gold coins is not a small amount; I won’t be able to gather it in a short while. Would you be able to give an extension of a few days? Of course, of course, I will definitely not renege on the debt. Please believe me. Such a large amount of…”

“Who stole it?” This was the focus of Hydin’s attention.

The Head of the auction glared fiercely at the people behind him.

One of them mustered their courage and took a step forward. “We’re not sure how exactly the sword was lost. The sword that was placed over there suddenly became a…” He slowly lifted up the object in his hands. “Cucumber.”

“An unpredictable way of stealing – could it be someone from the robbers’ guild?” The employee standing at the side suddenly asked.

That person replied, “Even if isn’t, they can’t escape being linked together. Doesn’t the robbers’ guild rank all of its robbers like mages? Someone who could break through the security at our kind of auction without anyone knowing is at least a highly-ranked robber.”

The Head said hatefully, “I’m afraid that person is not just highly-ranked.”

The rest were startled.

At the robbers’ guild, robbers surpassing the high ranks were pretty much rank ten mages. Their strength was first-rate.

Hydin’s expression was calm. With a turn of his head, he left.

The Head heaved a sigh of relief as he rejoiced inwardly. It looked like this buyer wasn’t concerned about the compensation.

“Remember to send the compensation to Duke Basco’s residence. Write the recipient’s name as Hydin·Tagilis,” Di Lin glanced at the Head, whose expression had changed once more, before smiling lightly and catching up to Hydin.


Duke Basco’s residence?

Hydin… Tagilis…

The Head clutched at his chest and slowly fell to the ground in an exceedingly graceful posture.

Hydin had just reached the door when his footsteps suddenly halted.

Di Lin asked, “Are you going to search for the robbers’ guild?”

“You haven’t settled on a date for your auction,” Hydin said.

Di Lin stared blankly. Surprisingly, Hydin was still thinking about such a matter at this time. “The branch chief will help me make the arrangements. The sword… isn’t that important either. It’ll be the same even if you give something else.” Although he hadn’t had any dealings with the robbers’ guild, he had more or less heard of some things regarding it. It was similar to the spirits’ guild; both were invisible guilds within the Dream Continent. The Society of the God of Light, magic guild, and knights’ guild looked down on and restrained them, yet could not come up with other alternatives.

Hydin stated, “It belonged to me the moment I auctioned for it. I hate others touching my things.”

Di Lin understood his personality; continuing to persuade him would only be aggravating the situation. Moreover, looking at it from another angle, they had already gone through the hardest challenges. The level of danger and difficulty of this was already lower.

The two people walked one round around the inner city before returning to the duke’s residence.

Bob pointed to a large chest in the hall containing thirty thousand gold coins. “The people from the underground auction delivered that.”

Di Lin smiled. “How quick.”

Hydin narrowed his eyes and asked abruptly, “Does your father like money?”

“Eh?” Di Lin choked up.

Hydin muttered, “Would giving money be more economical?” That way, he could buy whatever he wanted.

Bob acted as if he didn’t hear him, coughing dryly, “I’ve already written about Tutor Tagilis’ arrival in my letter to Duke daren.”

Di Lin smiled faintly, feeling somewhat shy. He naturally knew that Bob’s letter didn’t only contain the matter about Hydin arriving at the residence.

Soon after, Hydin went back to his room to sleep. Di Lin was about to go upstairs when he was quietly stopped by Bob, who stuffed something into his arms.

“What is this?” Di Lin looked at the small bottle in his hands.

Bob’s expression was somewhat unnatural. “When the Head of the auction came over, I unintentionally asked about essential knowledge for… relations between men. So, he gave me this thing. I thought you might have use for it someday.”

Di Lin listened to his incoherent speech with a confused look on his face.

“Actually, you don’t need to know about it this soon,” Bob suddenly regretted it, wanting to retrieve the object.

Di Lin’s hand tightened, and he smiled as he ran up the stairs. “Since I’ll use it someday, I’ll keep it first.”

After returning to his room, he closed the door and opened the bottle, sniffing it. It had a strong smell of roses. He poured a little out. It was a light amber liquid of a thick paste-like consistency. He couldn’t stop himself from stretching out his tongue and licking it. It was very cool.

Essential knowledge… for relations between men…

Di Lin suddenly recalled <A Hundred Questions on Matters of the Bed>. Startled, he nearly lost his grip on the bottle and overturned it.

“Could this be…” His mouth slowly gaped open. An image of him smearing it on… that area of Hydin unknowingly surfaced in his mind. His entire body couldn’t help heating up.

He put down the bottle, raced into the bathroom and took a quick cold shower. Then, he leaned against the wall naked and thought silently, Tutor isn’t in a good mood now, would this type of thing improve his mood?

He remembered that the concluding remarks of <A Hundred Questions on Matters of the Bed> was:

All theory is dry and dull. No matter how exquisite and peerless this book is written, it can only make your blood surge, not resolve your real needs. Only after practicing and personally experiencing it can you understand how wonderful a matter it is. Oh, heavens, I think it’s time for me to practice too.


Was practice really needed?

He touched the wall, as if wanting to sense the mood of the person next door at this moment.

A long while later.

“Wrong, tutor’s staying on the other side.”

He leapt out of the bathtub and picked out an exceedingly pretty piece of clothing to put on. Normally, he would never wear this sort of complicated clothing, but at this moment, all he thought of was presenting his best image.

Changing into the clothing took an entire half hour. One fastened button away from successfully accomplishing his goal, he suddenly recalled a statement in <A Hundred Questions on Matters of the Bed>. Don’t dress in a very complicated manner. There is a boiling point to passion; when this passion is reached, the intensity will gradually drop. Complicated attire will only cause you to miss this moment of passion, transforming the scene into meaningless caressing, to the point of directly switching off the lights and sleeping.


He swiftly peeled off the clothes, rushed into the bathroom, and changed into a nightgown.

“This should be fine?” Di Lin looked into the mirror and tried very hard to search for any possible careless mistakes he had made. “Maybe I should make another cup of coffee?”

<A Hundred Questions on Matters of the Bed> surfaced in his mind again.

No no no! Definitely not coffee. At this moment, we need confusion and fervor. Coffee will only clear up your mind, making way for assessments. It could be the excess flesh on your body, or the wrinkles on the corner of your eyes. If you don’t have all these, you’ll still need to be wary of drawing your lover’s attention to the amount of hair on your head. So, go for some fruit wine. The slightly sweet taste will add some sweetness to your kisses. Best if there’s also some faint-headedness. You know, ‘doing whatever one wants’ is a splendid phrase.

Bob had just finished patrolling the duke’s residence and was about to go upstairs when he suddenly saw Di Lin rush over in a nightgown and bat his eyes in excitement at him. “Is there fruit wine?”

Bob, “…” Did he do something wrong? If the duke knew… Oh, it might be better to just not let him know.

“There is,” He heard himself answer.

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