Holy Institution: Chapter 91

Chapter 91: Graduation credit (2)

Di Lin and Hydin left the test venue and walked along a tiny pathway.

They had walked this same route countless times, but Di Lin’s mood now was completely different from the previous times. Even after they had confirmed their relationship as lovers, Di Lin hadn’t experienced any significant change cognitively. But now, for the first time, he truly felt the gap between him and Hydin closing.

Looking at the pair of slender hands ahead, he suddenly had the urge to grab them.

Lovers… should be able to hold hands while walking right?

Di Lin swallowed his saliva slowly and then reached out a hand hesitantly.

Hydin looked back.

Di Lin gritted his teeth, his hand abruptly grabbing hold of the other party’s hand.

“En?” Hydin’s gaze was a questioning one.

Di Lin calmly diverted his attention. “Did you mean what you said at the test venue?”

“Mage of all elements?” Hydin asked. “It’s one of the directions of my research. Since you’ve confirmed the presence of wind elements, research involving wind elements will be handed to you.”

A bit of sweat seeped out of the hand Di Lin was using to grip Hydin’s. “That’s not what I was referring to.”

Hydin raised a brow.

“You said you weren’t so single-minded…” Di Lin suddenly felt very embarrassed. As a man, he was actually nitpicking over this sort of issue.

Hydin stared blankly for a moment before revealing an understanding smile. “What do you think?”

Di Lin replied with a solemn look, “Single-mindedness and loyalty are the same – they are qualities all noble people must possess.” They could also be considered the Basco clan’s unwritten rules. Actually, he didn’t know why he blurted out this statement either. But one thing he could be sure of was that Hydin’s relationship history had been completely blank before getting together with him. That being said, he still felt that this statement was a little piercing to the ears.

Hydin said, “Oh. It’s also all right for me to be single-minded.”

Di Lin knew that what would come next was the important point.

“You can try,” Hydin nonchalantly threw down this war challenge.

The institution didn’t seem to have any intentions of covering up the outcome of the test. Not only did they announce the process and outcome of the test, even Orosai’s emotional words at the end was not left out, propelling Di Lin to Saint Padeus’ top influential figure in one leap. Carrying a title as great as the ‘pride of Saint Padeus’ meant that he attracted a large group of onlookers wherever he went. The only thing worthy of celebration was that the students from the secondary and senior schools would not casually step into the junior school, allowing him to finally catch a breath.

However, his schoolmates in the junior school didn’t let him off so easily.

Disregarding Rui Meng, Kevin, and the people whom he was closest to, even Aridi and Jeffery whom he hadn’t greeted in a very long time also approached him for news.

After satisfying wave after wave of curiosity, Di Lin finally couldn’t take it any longer and collapsed onto the bed.

Rui Meng held onto a magic wand that had appeared out of nowhere and paced back and forth in front of him. His smile was filled with evil designs. “Stop pretending. If you can handle the parliament, your spiritual energy must be very high. This little bit won’t tire you to death.”

Di Lin shut his eyes

Suo Suo said with distress from his seat at the side of the bed, “I heard that all the mages who can enter the parliament are very powerful. It must have been very exhausting to go through their test.”

Rui Meng patted him on the arm. “Relax, that’s not what you need to stress yourself over.”

Di Lin opened his eyes and glared at him.

Rui Meng hurriedly shot a smile at Suo Suo. “Hehe, I was joking.”

Suo Suo retorted, “I know you meant it.”

Rui Meng choked up.

“But even if I can’t reach Di Lin’s level, I will still work hard,” Suo Suo’s face was filled with innocence. “Tutor said that opportunities are not infinite. They will only be given to those willing to work hard.”

Rui Meng commented, “Nine out of ten teachers would say that.”

Di Lin said, “Which shows that it’s the truth.”

Rui Meng shifted over with a smile plastered on his face. “We’re brothers, what difference is there between yours and mine[1]? Quick, tell me exactly how I should practice to sense the wind elements.”

Two knocks sounded on the door. Kevin stretched his head in.

Rui Meng beckoned him in. “Quick, quick, quick. This is the crucial moment of Master Di Lin’s teaching session.”

Kevin, whose movements were originally slow, instantly raced in as if a spring had been tacked onto him. He closed the door, sat down, and smiled; the entire process was as smooth as water.

Di Lin sat up helplessly and repeated the explanation he had told Orosai and the parliament without the slightest deviation in wording.

Rui Meng scratched his cheek. “What does that mean? Only water and fire mages can use it?” As an earth mage, there was a strong feeling of having been discriminated against.

“No,” Kevin shook his head, a pondering look on his face. “I think what he means to say is that currently, the greatest use for wind elements is in restraining high-speed wind magic created through fire and water elements.”

After Kevin pointed this out, a simulation of Di Lin’s test instantly surfaced in Rui Meng’s mind. Alarm rang in his heart. “Ah! If the other party used a flying technique…”

Kevin said, “They would be caught off guard and fall to their death.”

Di Lin had thought of all these before at an even deeper level. His current control over the wind elements wasn’t good enough, so he could only cancel out the wind magic generated from fire and water elements. But if his control over the wind elements was strengthened, it might even be possible to turn the other party’s wind magic against them! Although this idea had failed during the test, his confidence in this theory did not waver.

Suo Suo suddenly asked, “When are you graduating?”

The originally tense atmosphere immediately cooled due to this question.

Di Lin smiled. “I won’t be able to graduate immediately. I’ll have to first pass the chairman’s task and obtain the corresponding school credit.”

Rui Meng sighed with regret, “It hasn’t even been a year since we entered the school, yet you’re already going to graduate.”

Kevin asked, “I heard from Rui Meng that you want to remain in the institution?”

Di Lin nodded. “Yes.”

Rui Meng made eyes at him. “Remain by Hydin’s side?”

Di Lin’s face turned red, but he still nodded firmly.

Beside him, Suo Suo hugged him and spoke softly, “I don’t want to be apart from you.”

Di Lin patted his hand. “We will still be in the same institution.”

Rui Meng stroked his chin. “But with Hydin’s personality, it is very possible that Suo Suo may be viewed as a thorn in the side in the future.”

Di Lin glared at him.

Rui Meng stuck out his tongue.

Suo Suo’s arms exerted a slight force. “I will work hard to learn magic.”

Di Lin stroked his head. “En. I believe in you.”

That night, Suo Suo hugged Di Lin tightly even while asleep, as if afraid that the other party would vanish the moment he turned around.

The next day after getting up, Suo Suo’s mood was still downcast.

Di Lin felt a little helpless.

Rui Meng patted his arm. “This is what it feels like when a chick leaves its mother bird.”

Di Lin said, “You must take good care of him when I’m not around.”

“Don’t worry, we’ll be going on holiday a few days later. His mood will naturally brighten after returning home,” Rui Meng replied.

On the contrary, Di Lin’s brows tightened, seemingly having thought of something.

The matter of Di Lin’s graduation practice was very quickly settled.

Orosai gave Di Lin a timeline of three months, including the holiday period when he could go home.

Di Lin knew that a duration of three months definitely couldn’t be considered plenty, especially when he saw the contents of the task.

Orosai glanced at Hydin, who was seated by the window leisurely brewing coffee. He said meaningfully, “This is your graduation practice. I discussed it with the parliament; it was made entirely in accordance with your current strength. There’s no need for any worry.”

Without batting an eyelid, Di Lin placed the slip of paper with the task description on it into his space bag. He smiled slightly. “Of course.”

Orosai spoke to Hydin, “Where are you going to spend the holiday?”

Hydin put down his cup of coffee and turned around, saying indifferently, “Are you going to send me an invitation?”

Sending Hydin an invitation was definitely an affair that required courage. It was known to everyone that his fussiness was as well-known as his ability for destruction. Orosai weighed the pros and cons and decided to sacrifice himself. “If you don’t mind.”

“I will consider it next year,” Hydin said. “My schedule for this year’s holiday is already full.”

Orosai swiftly glanced at Di Lin.

Di Lin confessed, “Yes. I invited Tutor when we were outside Dabei city. He already agreed.”

Dabei city…

The words of persuasion that were about to escape Orosai’s mouth were swallowed back down.

He had already heard Melina and Chai Fuang’s descriptions of the thrilling experience at Dabei city. The invitation outside Dabei city must have been given with full preparedness to die. Orosai took the initiative to form his own definition of what had occurred. “All right then. I wish both of you a good holiday.” He paused a moment before stressing, “Just the holiday.”

Hydin stood up and looked disapprovingly at him from the corner of his eyes. “Do you think that a mage who has experienced the battle of Dabei city will cheat in such a minor practice?”

“…” Orosai was sure that he was seeing disdain in Hydin’s eyes.

Di Lin smoothed things over. “I will definitely finish the task promptly and return to the institution.”

Orosai nodded. He was more and more satisfied with this youth who would very likely become a shining star that Saint Padeus would be most proud of in the future, especially when he knew that Di Lin was willing to give up the position of duke in Shamanril and remain in the institution as a teaching assistant. It had to be known that nowadays, it was very rare for youths to have this sort of talent as well as foresight.

[1] A saying usually used between very good friends who are so close that there is no need to distinguish between what belongs to one or the other.

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