Holy Institution: Chapter 90

Chapter 90: Graduation credits (1)

The matter of Di Lin’s graduation had already spread throughout Saint Padeus, causing a commotion. However, on the actual day of the exam, other than the examinee and examiners, only Hydin and one spectator was present. Of course, this was not because they were unwilling to come, but due to the chairman’s fear that Di Lin would lose too much face if he failed to pass the test. So, it was arranged for the entire institution’s tutors to control the numbers in a ‘suitable manner’ in order to ensure the students’ orderly cooperation.

As a result, the entire institution had extra classes on that day.

This time, the examiners included members of the parliament in addition to the institution’s chairman, Orosai. They were famous within the institution, because many polices that had incurred cries of complaints came from their hands. Yet, they rarely revealed themselves. Rui Meng guessed that this was because they feared being smashed by somebody’s shoe while walking along the road. However, from Di Lin’s perspective now, it was because it was inconvenient for them.

— They were simply a bit too old.

Amongst them, Orosai practically seemed like a youngster still in his fresh and innocent state.

The ‘youngster’ coughed dryly. “All right. Di Lin·Basco, are you ready?”

Di Lin nodded calmly.

“Then, how will you display the wind elements?” Orosai asked. In fact, all of them had some ideas in their hearts, but since it was Di Lin’s exam, the idea should naturally come from him.

Di Lin expressed, “I would like to invite one of the examiners to create wind magic using fire elements.”

Hearing this, Orosai nodded.

Di Lin was a water mage. Wanting another party to use fire elements was clearly so that he could avoid arousing suspicion.

“I’ll do it then,” An elderly person with skin as wrinkled as a tangerine swayed as he stood up from behind the examiners’ desk. “I am a fire mage. The wind magic I will be using is a floating technique.”

Di Lin’s brows creased slightly.

The floating technique was a very simple type of wind magic that made use of the elements to raise someone. He recalled that the previous times he had sensed the wind elements was when the elements were moving exceedingly quickly within the wind magic. The floating technique did not fulfill this requirement.

However, the other party had already floated upwards, so Di Lin could only do his utmost to concentrate his spiritual energy and feel for the wind elements.

The elderly person slowly floated in front of him. In order to express how relaxed he was, he even floated up and down twice.

“The simplest floating technique…” Hydin stood at the side of the arena and suddenly sighed in a low voice.

The elderly man’s eyes shook, his expression containing some displeasure.

Thin sweat seeped out of Di Lin’s forehead. He couldn’t sense any wind elements at all.

Hydin raised his gaze and stared at the elderly person, saying indifferently, “If you can’t move, I can help you.”

“Hmph,” The elderly man didn’t say anything. Suddenly, he rounded Di Lin once.

There it was!

Di Lin’s eyes lit up.

Although the wind elements had appeared swiftly and disappeared even more swiftly, he had indeed sensed them just now.

The elderly man came to a stop, only to see Di Lin blinking a pair of shining eyes at him. He couldn’t help thinking about his own great-grandson and his heart softened. “How is it?”

“Can you fly even faster?”

The elderly man, “…” Sure enough, a student guided by Hydin was as hateful as him! He thought this but flew in circles like how he had done. Moreover, as if wanting to prove that he was hale and hearty despite his years, his speed of flight became increasingly fast.

Orosai and the parliament’s members felt somewhat dizzy from looking at this sight. They weren’t young either.


Just as they were wondering whether they should close their eyes for a while, the elderly man was suddenly flung down.

Orosai stood up abruptly.

Although the parliament didn’t attract much liking, they were indeed Saint Padeus’ valuable riches. Their individual achievements in magic were not necessarily high, but their understanding of magic theory far exceeded the great majority of people. This was because they had abandoned the practice of magic when they were young and instead chose to delve into theory. This was also the reason why the parliament’s suggestions and decisions often differed from most of the people in the institution.

Countless forms of wind magic flew towards Di Lin but were all blocked by a red fire barrier.

The elderly man who had fallen down came to a steady halt ten centimeters from the ground. Overall, he was more scared than hurt.

Orosai heaved a sigh of relief and glanced meaningfully at Hydin, who had blocked the wind magic.

Hydin crossed his arms across his chest. “I was just maintaining the fairness of the test.”

The parliament members glared at him. If the situation hadn’t been handled well, that elderly man’s weary bones could have directly shattered into pieces. But from the current situation, they didn’t have any reason to find fault either. After all, that elderly man had now landed on the ground steadily.

The moment the elderly man’s feet touched the ground, he rushed to Di Lin and grabbed his arm, exclaiming excitedly, “How did you do that just now?”

Di Lin allowed himself to be shaken. He maintained a slight smile on his face. “All I did was remove your wind elements.”

“My wind elements?” The elderly man looked at him doubtfully.

Di Lin explained, “I’ve had a conjecture for a while now. With your help, there is a possibility of eight to nine tenths of this conjecture being true. I think that wind elements appear as a variant of fire and water elements when they are used to create wind magic at rapid speeds.”

The parliament went into an uproar.

This theory was beyond their expectations.

The elderly man asked, “You mean to say that there have never been any wind elements on this earth, and that they are only born from the rapid movement of fire and water elements?”

Di Lin nodded. “Yes. Just like how I realized that the number of fire elements had decreased just now after sensing the wind elements.”

“Nonsense,” One of the parliament members stood up. “You are a water mage, how can you sense fire elements?”

Di Lin looked at Hydin.

Hydin spoke with a tone as if hoping that they would live up to his expectations. “There are differences between individual capabilities.”

The parliament member who had stood up nearly collapsed from anger.

Hydin said, “I can also sense the other three elements, just that my connection with them isn’t sufficient for the time being, so I can’t use them.”

Orosai was moved once more. “What does ‘insufficient connection’ mean?”

Hydin replied, “Don’t you think that limiting all mages to only one type of elemental magic is… too lonely?”

The elderly man standing in front of Di Lin asked in a trembling voice, “You want to become a dual-element mage?”

Hydin shook his head. “You’re overestimating me.”

The other people were baffled.

Only Di Lin was aware that all of Hydin’s modest remarks was to lay the ground for the following arrogance.

Sure enough, Hydin continued, “I’m not so single-minded. I just want to try being a mage of all elements.”

“…” The elderly man looked at him speechlessly.

Orosai thought about it. “We can talk about this later, let’s first talk about Di Lin’s wind elements. We were a little far away just now, cough, so is it possible to try it another time?”

The elderly man responded with dissatisfaction, “Are you doubting me?” He was very certain that all the fire elements just now had been under his control. He truly could not think of any reason other than the one Di Lin had mentioned that would cause him to suddenly drop down.

Orosai hurriedly waved his arms. “No, it’s just that we also want to personally feel the wind elements.”

The other parliament members also echoed his words.

“On one end, the combined ages of everyone is a couple thousand years while the person on the other end is only more than ten years of age…” Hydin didn’t say anything yet seemed to have said something.

A flush appeared on Orosai’s face and he looked towards the parliament members. In the end, Orosai and two other parliament members went up together.

Orosai said, “So that we don’t waste your spiritual energy, the three of us will fly up simultaneously. You just need to perform to the best of your ability. If you’re tired, we can continue tomorrow.”

Di Lin smiled, “No problem, I can do it.” His spiritual energy had made rapid progress a long time ago due to his experiences at the competition with Saint Sauvy and the battle outside Dabei city. Although it was still very far from Hydin’s level, it was still at the standard of the secondary school at the least.

Orosai saw that he was cautious with his words and so didn’t say anything more, suddenly flying up with the other two parliament members.

Di Lin closed his eyes, holding his breath.

With the previous experience, he swiftly grabbed hold of the wind elements this time. Fearing that rashly removing the wind elements would cause the few of them to tumble, along with the fact that he didn’t have the strength to catch all three people, he deliberately attempted to reverse the direction in which the wind elements were moving.

However, he had clearly overestimated his ability to control the wind elements.

After being grabbed hold of by him, the wind elements suddenly vanished without moving in the opposite direction.

Orosai and the rest still couldn’t avoid dropping down.

Fortunately, they were prepared this time. In the instant they tumbled down, they used the floating technique to stabilize their bodies, so as to avoid cutting a sorry figure like the previous elderly man had.

The moment they landed, a parliament member grabbed him excitedly. “What do those wind elements look like?”

Di Lin gave a rough description, although there wasn’t actually anything much to describe. They didn’t differ much from the ordinary elements, just that their color and luster was shallower, and they were harder to capture.

As if having gained the most precious treasure, the parliament members whispered into each other’s ears. Some exchanged insights, while others proposed concepts.

Orosai stood at his spot and looked with gratification at Di Lin. He uttered slowly, “You will be the pride of Saint Padeus.”

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