Holy Institution: Chapter 89

Chapter 89: Solving a difficult problem (10)

It was unknown if Orosai had sensed Hydin’s plot, but he prepared a safe and stable method for them before they put their plan into action.

“Extracurricular practice?” Di Lin was surprised. It was his first time hearing of this sort of method.

Hydin asked with creased brows, “Was it the parliament again who came up with it?”

Orosai sighed. “Don’t be so hostile to them all the time.”

Hydin raised a brow. “Isn’t it them who’s being hostile?”

They aren’t hostile, just too idle. Orosai thought inwardly.

Di Lin asked, “What will I have to do during the extracurricular practice?”

Orosai explained, “This is actually the system that Saint Sauvy’s Glorious Institution uses, though the parliament feels that it’s very suitable for your current situation. Saint Sauvy has close ties to the mercenary union, so their extracurricular practice usually involves taking on tasks from the mercenary union. School credit is acquired according to the grade of the task. Our institution doesn’t have such dealings with the mercenary guild, so all your extracurricular tasks will be given out by the institution. Of course, if necessary, you can seek the magic guild for help. Relax, I’ve already contacted Brandry. You’ve fought together before, so you shouldn’t be too unfamiliar with him.”

Hydin seemed to feel that this transaction was not bad. “It’s enough to just complete the tasks?”

“In theory, yes.”

“In theory?”

Orosai glanced at Hydin’s unkind gaze and couldn’t help sighing secretly. Sure enough, no matter how cool-headed and arrogant the person, they would become impulsive and sensitive after encountering love. “The parliament specially proposed two requirements. Firstly, they proposed this plan specially catered to Di Lin because he can sense wind elements. If Di Lin is unable to prove this point in front of everyone, then this proposal will not be valid.”

Hydin had an idea in mind. “What about the second requirement?”

“Secondly, this is a graduation practice for students. So, the tutor cannot accompany the student.” If not, given Hydin’s strength, the tasks would be very quickly solved regardless of what they came up with.

Hydin curled the corner of his lips, smiling yet not smiling. “You think I will help him to cheat?”

Orosai replied, “No. It’s because the institution really, really needs you at the moment.”

“Did a sandstorm appear at some place again?” Hydin inquired.

Orosai answered, “A few days ago in the First Library, Lucé accidentally messed up the results of your research. Therefore, you must stay behind and tidy them up properly. You know how it is, no one can understand your research as clearly as you can.”

Hydin narrowed his eyes. “Not a bad excuse.”

Orosai laughed dryly.

They had a tacit understanding for certain things.

Di Lin was still mystified after leaving the chairman’s office. “Is it really this easy?”

“Easy?” Hydin crossed his arms across his chest. Glancing at the row of tall, dark green trees opposite, he asked faintly, “Do you think that group would relent so easily unless they had complete certainty?”

Di Lin smiled. “It’s still many times better than remaining in the institution and waiting for decades without knowing whether I can graduate.”

Hydin said, “The topic they come up with will definitely be very tricky.”

“I can handle it,” Di Lin had ample confidence. He didn’t enter Saint Padeus so that he could graduate, remain in the school and scrounge for a livelihood. He had his own ideals – although he didn’t want to have any achievements in the political arena, it didn’t mean that he didn’t hope to have any accomplishments in his life.

Hydin suddenly smiled. “I will be extremely upset if they’re too pleased.”

Di Lin looked at him with a face full of questions.

But Hydin merely patted his head. “All you need to do now is to think of how to pass the wind element test.”

Di Lin touched the spot he patted and suddenly said seriously, “I am your lover.”

Hydin asked, “So?”

“I hope we can interact more like lovers,” Despite the fact that he had already practised this statement internally many times, he inevitably stuttered a little while saying it. Observing Hydin’s expression turn enigmatic, he felt somewhat nervous. Who knew what the outcome of saying this statement would be.

“Like lovers?” Hydin’s hand took hold of his chin. His face slowly neared his.

Di Lin held his breath, his eyes widening in tandem with the figure reflected in his pupils. He looked increasingly fixedly at Hydin.

“Like… this?” Hydin’s lips gently bumped against his lips.

It was softer and gentler than he had imagined.

Di Lin was so nervous his heart nearly popped out of his chest.

Hydin gazed at him from up-close. Suddenly, his tongue stretched out and licked half of his lips. He teased in a low voice, “The taste is quite good. But at this time, it’s better to first think of how to pass the test.”

“…” Di Lin was sure that he had been taken liberties with.

Rui Meng looked at Di Lin, who had been seated on the bed silently ever since returning, and asked in confusion, “What happened?”

Di Lin’s eyes shifted, but his gaze very quickly stuck to the wall.

“Are the rumors in the institution giving you too much pressure?” Rui Meng felt a little guilty. After all, it was him who had made Di Lin and Hydin’s matter public. He himself hadn’t thought that the consequences would be this severe. “Actually, you can delay graduation for now. Anyway, everything’s within the institution, anything can be done with convenience.” He had just finished speaking when he saw Di Lin’s face turn red the next instant. He couldn’t help asking in astonishment, “Are you… really okay?”

Di Lin took a deep breath. With much difficulty, his train of thought jerked away from the kiss. It couldn’t be denied that to a youth who had just undergone his first awakening of love, his first kiss had significant destructive power. “What did you say?”

“I said that you can delay graduating a while more if the pressure’s too much,” Rui Meng said. “All this is just hearsay now anyway. There’s been no official verdict yet.”

Di Lin told him, “The institution’s chairman has already officially proposed a plan for my graduation.”

“Ah?” Rui Meng was dumbstruck. Did graduating require a special proposal from the chairman?

Di Lin told him about the chairman’s proposal.

Rui Meng thought about it. “It sounds a little challenging, but actually not very hard. Even if Hydin doesn’t go, completing a few minor tests will be very easy given your father’s position and status.”

Di Lin furrowed his brows. “This is my graduation exam. I’d rather fail than borrow someone else’s power.” Other than the material benefits Hydin mentioned about staying on in the institution, another reason was that he wanted to reach Hydin’s side as quickly as possible. Not just as an assistant, but also in terms of capability and strength. If he relied on other methods to graduate, there would always be a knot and scar in his heart, forever preventing him from truly nearing Hydin.

Rui Meng shook his head and sighed. “You always complicate simple things. But no matter how it is, I will support you!”

Di Lin smiled gratefully, “Thank you.”

“Don’t forget to come back after graduation and visit us.”

“I want to remain at the institution after graduating,” Di Lin said. He had never shared his dream with Rui Meng and the rest before, so they weren’t aware of it[1].

Rui Meng was startled. “What about your father and the clan then?” They were both nobility so he understood very well what Di Lin would be giving up on if he remained at Saint Padeus.

Di Lin smiled. “The Basco clan has never lacked talent.”

“Tsk, the power of love is really too great,” Rui Meng lamented.

Di Lin stated, “It’s not because of Hydin. I already had these intentions when I came here; it was my biggest reason for entering Saint Padeus.”

Rui Meng asked, “You really aren’t reluctant to leave behind the position of duke?”

Di Lin responded, “The position of duke comes with considerable responsibility.”

Rui Meng nodded with emotion. “True. But I still want to go back. Although the position I will inherit isn’t as high up there as yours, this route will still be a lot smoother than others.” He paused and then looked at him in admiration. “You’re very brave.” Since Di Lin’s decision was made before he met Hydin, that meant that he had already been prepared to struggle in Saint Padeus to the end even before his talent in magic had manifested. Not everyone had this kind of determination, especially those who had his sort of illustrious family background.

Di Lin smiled wordlessly.

“Then, how are you going to prove that the wind elements exist?” Rui Meng recalled this matter. “What exactly are the wind elements like? Tell me, maybe I can sense them too.”

Di Lin explained, “All the times I sensed the wind elements was when water and fire elements were being used to create wind magic. So, I think that the wind elements don’t exist on their own and is merely a variant of the water and fire elements when they reach a certain degree.”

Rui Meng exclaimed in surprise, “A variant of the elements?”

“That’s just a guess of mine. We’ll know whether it’s true or not on the day of the test,” He smiled. “In any case, I will definitely pass this test.”

Rui Meng said with a solemn look, “Just based on this finding, you’re definitely qualified to graduate! Heavens, if it’s confirmed, your name will definitely be carved into the most magnificent period of Saint Padeus’ history.”

Di Lin responded, “No, I’m still very far from it.” Only after experiencing the battle outside Dabei city did he realize how insignificant he was in this world of magic. Of course, he also deeply believed that there would come a day when he would stand at the same height as Hydin and advance alongside him.

[1] So… This isn’t actually true. They had this conversation before in a previous chapter, but I guess the author forgot.

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