Holy Institution: Chapter 88

Chapter 88: Solving a difficult problem (9)

The news of Di Lin’s graduation spread rapidly through Saint Padeus.

All of a sudden, Hydin’s room welcomed quite a few batches of visitors. He easily sent off the first few batches, only leaving behind the last batch.

“Are you going to keep glaring at me like this?” Melina uttered leisurely.

Hydin silently took out a book from his book and flipped it open to read.

Melina said with dissatisfaction, “In any case, I’m still your elder.” The tiny bit of favorability that had arisen with much difficulty at Dabei city also gradually disintegrated after returning to the institution.

Hydin replied, “That is not a good excuse to probe into somebody’s private business.”

“Probing into private business?” Melina’s face flushed, though it was from anger. “I am showing an ordinary interest in the learning situation of a student!”

Hydin stated, “If I didn’t recall wrongly, I am Di Lin’s only tutor.”

Melina snorted coldly. “It’s because you are Di Lin’s only tutor that I want to advise you. Graduating early is of no benefit to him!”

Hydin said, “Only I can teach my student.”

Melina retorted, “You think my teaching can’t compare to yours?”

“It’s a matter of fact that you are snatching my student,” Faint disdain could even be seen in Hydin’s eyes as he said these words.

Melina was truly infuriated now. “Do you think I have any need to snatch your student! The parliament vetoed your right to teach Di Lin, so Macreis had to beg me to accept Di Lin! If it wasn’t because Di Lin’s aptitude is not bad, do you think there is any need for me to get involved in these muddy waters?”

“Regardless of what his aptitude is like, there is no need for you to enter these muddy waters,” Hydin may not have said it directly, but the implication was that she was doing these unnecessary things out of her own wishful thinking.

Melina laughed out of rage. “You think that the current Di Lin can graduate?”

Hydin answered, “Don’t put your students and my student on the same level.”

Melina inhaled deeply. “I hope you have given this decision careful consideration. Di Lin is a student. Setting aside his family background, he is just a sixteen, seventeen-year-old youth. Letting your emotions affect your decisions in just a tiny way can ruin his life!”

“I have to correct you on two points. First, I am not letting my emotions affect my decisions. Second, he is not just my student but also my lover,” Hydin finished his statement unhurriedly. Ignoring Melina’s stunned expression, he made a gesture inviting her out.

Melina responded quite a while later. “The rumors are true.”

“If it’s one of the two points I corrected just now, then yes, it’s real,” Hydin licked his lips, suddenly feeling that his mouth was a little dry.

The sound of the door opening and closing could be heard from behind him.

Since their conversation had touched on this point, she was no longer in the position to continue staying behind and persuading him.

Hydin was about to stand up and pour a cup of coffee but his body had only risen midway when he sat back down and said casually, “One cup of coffee, thank you.”

So, Di Lin could only swallow down his bellyful of questions first and go in search of coffee.

The rumors had appeared in a very strange manner, and its contents were even stranger. He constantly had a feeling that it wasn’t real. But Melina’s expression when she left, as well as the meaningful gaze she directed at him seemed to be hinting at the authenticity of the rumors.

He skillfully brewed the coffee and passed it to Hydin.

Hydin took a sip. “You have something on your mind?”

Di Lin knew that there was no need to beat about the bush in front of him, so he asked honestly, “I heard about the rumors saying I’m going to graduate.”

“Oh. Those are true.”

Hearing rumors was one thing but hearing it in person was another. He looked at Hydin in astonishment and mumbled, “How am I going to graduate?”

“By passing the exams in a very honest manner. That isn’t very hard,” Hydin didn’t take this matter seriously at all.

Di Lin kept his cool. “Why do you want me to graduate early?”

“Out of my selfishness,” Hydin confessed.

Di Lin waited for him to continue his explanation.

“I don’t want to hand you over to anyone else,” Hydin looked up from his coffee, a faint yet pure smile in his gaze. “Even if it’s the parliament, they can forget about snatching you away from me.”

Di Lin’s heart thudded. His voice instantly lowered, “The parliament wants to transfer me to another tutor?”


“Because of the recent change in our relationship?”


Di Lin was a little happy yet also a little puzzled. He was happy because Hydin and him had really become lovers, and it wasn’t his own wishful misunderstanding. At least, the parliament had also understood it that way. He was puzzled because the Dream Continent had always been open-minded. It was also very normal for people to date in the institution. Although he and Hydin were teacher and student, there was completely no need for the parliament to insist on transferring him to another tutor until there was definite evidence that their relationship had negative impacts.


He glanced at Hydin, inquiring silently.

Hydin’s fingers supported his head as he smiled slightly. “Oh. Clearly, your value has risen too quickly, overshadowing me.” He had always been a special existence in Saint Padeus. The institution relied heavily on him, yet also didn’t dare to rely too heavily on him. His personality and strength had always been a huge headache for the old-fashioned parliament. Di Lin’s exceptional performance caused them to have high hopes for him, which was why they wanted to find him a more reliable tutor.

Di Lin pondered over this. “I can express my point of view to the institution’s chairman.”

Hydin shook his cup. “That would make it very easy to be misunderstood.”

“Misunderstand what?”

“Misunderstand that I was bragging previously,” Hydin narrowed his eyes.

Di Lin’s face drooped. “You really want me to graduate?”

“You don’t think that graduating is a good thing?” Hydin asked.

Di Lin inquired, “How so?”

“Before graduating, you need to pay Saint Padeus school fees, but after graduating, it’ll be Saint Padeus providing you a salary,” Hydin offered a benefit to tempt him.

“After graduation, Saint Padeus will…” Di Lin’s eyes lit up. “I can join the school?”

Hydin said, “Every magic tutor can have two assistants. At the moment, the two spots by my side are empty.”

Di Lin was a little excited. At that time, he had chosen Saint Padeus’ Institution so that he could remain in the institution and break away from the various political disputes in the Continent. He hadn’t expected for this dream to be realized before a year was even up!

Seeing that the fish had taken the bait, Hydin asked with satisfaction, “Then, from now onwards, you should think about how to smoothly graduate.”

“…” Di Lin realized that he had fallen into the trap. Although, the future prospects of the trap looked quite good.

Graduating from Saint Padeus was not an easy task. If it was easy, there wouldn’t be so many senior students still concentrating on their studies in the institution. In fact, there were even many students who quit every year. Some of them didn’t manage to gather enough school credit to remain in the school, while others were under too much pressure and voluntarily left. In short, one did not only need to work hard to stay on at this sort of top magic institution in the Continent, but also needed to have a certain level of talent.

For someone like Di Lin who had entered the institution not even a year ago and had only been in the junior school, graduation was akin to a baby casting a spell. Both would cause others to gasp in amazement.

Would this become a legend or a matter for ridicule? Every person in the institution looked forward to it.

Nobody anticipated it more than Di Lin.

The future prospects of this trap were indeed not bad, but it was still too challenging at this point. After hearing Hydin list out the requirements for graduation, his head suddenly swelled by two folds, with space to swell even more.

Di Lin fretted, “I don’t have enough school credit.”

The school credit given in the junior school was the least. With his current credit, he would have trouble even being promoted to the secondary school.

Hydin said calmly, “Relax. I allocated one hundred points to you for assisting Langzan.”

Di Lin’s heart palpitated. “Isn’t the greatest number of credits that can be given for the support task ten points?”

Hydin stated, “It’s ten points for a grade A achievement. I’ve marked you down as achieving more than grade A.”

“Is there such an achievement?” Di Lin looked at him suspiciously.

Hydin claimed, “There is now.”

Di Lin was speechless. He felt that he might become the first student since the establishment of Saint Padeus to graduate due to a mistake with the school credit.

“Even if it’s a hundred points, it still isn’t enough.”

“Normal points can be added too,” Hydin was using a tree branch to draw on the ground. “If the tutor approves of the student’s usual performance, then points can be added as well.”

“I know about that. The maximum number of points that can be added is five,” Almost every senior student could gain these points. Apart from the students themselves, only the tutors most hoped that they could graduate promptly.

Hydin stroked his chin. “There haven’t been many support tasks lately… what a pity.”

Di Lin’s anticipation and excitement that had been roused by the future prospects gradually cooled in the face of reality. “I think it’s still too early to mention graduating now.”

“It’s not too early,” Hydin said. “There’s another way.”

Di Lin looked at him.

“Which do you think is better, rescuing the institution’s chairman or catching high level magic beasts?” He pointed the branch at the ground. “You’re just short of two hundred points.”

Whether it was the former or the latter statement, both of them rendered Di Lin utterly speechless.

“I think catching high level magic beasts will be more interesting,” Hydin continued.

Di Lin said, “The institution prohibits the capturing of magic beasts.”

“Yes. So, we’re not catching them, but rescuing them from a mysterious location. Points can be added for this,” Hydin had already understood Saint Padeus’ crediting system very thoroughly over the past few days.

Di Lin, “…” He suddenly felt that the beautiful future prospects he envisaged was merely another trap.

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