Holy Institution: Chapter 87

Chapter 87: Solving a difficult problem (8)

Di Lin subconsciously refuted this statement on behalf of the person he liked, “Which part of him is bad?”

Rui Meng didn’t even need to think about it, directly answering, “Bad personality.”

Di Lin said, “He also has moments when he’s very gentle.” These moments were few and subtle, and the feeling wasn’t very intense… But they had occurred before.

Rui Meng looked at his gentle expression, his eyeballs nearly bulging out. “Didn’t you say there’s a quiz tomorrow? Is that also called being gentle? He’ll gently quiz you to death!”

Di Lin sighed. “He’s doing it for my sake.”

Rui Meng couldn’t deny this. “Then what are you intending to do?”

Di Lin hesitated for a moment before saying, “I wanted to confess today.”

“Cough cough,” Rui Meng choked on his own saliva.

“But I couldn’t say it.”

Rui Meng said understandingly, “That is the reaction of a normal person.” He glanced at his distressed friend, unsure of how to reassure him. If the target of his affections was someone else, maybe he could still offer some suggestions. But if it was Hydin… Just thinking about it made his scalp feel numb. It was a very difficult matter for him to put himself in Di Lin’s shoes and think about it.

“How does the average person woo someone?” Di Lin asked.

Rui Meng answered, “Write love letters, get someone to matchmake them, gift roses… That’s roughly it. What about Shamanril?”

Di Lin said, “More or less the same.”

The two people were silent.

Write a love letter to Hydin?

The person delivering the love letter would need to be very ready to meet their death.

Getting someone to matchmake Hydin?

That person would probably live a life even worse than death.

As for gifting flowers…

Rui Meng suddenly uttered, “I think Hydin will be lenient with you.”

Di Lin didn’t understand.

“Among so many people, you’re probably the only one that Hydin looks favorably on. Whether or not he has intentions towards you, there is one thing we can be sure of – you’re the person with the lowest probability of being eliminated by him.”

Di Lin stared at Rui Meng and realized that he was serious. “So, you mean that…?”

“A direct confession has the lowest chance of mortality,” Rui Meng stated.

Di Lin silently watched him for a while. Then, he retorted in a voice not particularly brimming with confidence, “He isn’t so violent.”


Was he not a very violent person?

The next day when Di Lin stood in front of Hydin, he realized that he was no longer that certain anymore. The script that he had memorized for a night started to swim restlessly in his mind like the water elements.

Hydin had long since grown accustomed to his heavy expression. He asked indifferently, “Are you ready?”

“Wait,” Di Lin inhaled deeply. “I have something to say.”

Hydin raised a brow.

“About the topic yesterday,” Despite the overwhelming anxiety in his heart, Di Lin’s manner of speaking was still as methodical as ever. “I admit, I do have someone I like.”

Hydin looked askance at him. “You already admitted it yesterday.”

Having been interrupted, Di Lin’s mind went blank for three minutes.

Hydin asked, “Is that all you want to say?”

“No. Yes. Tutor,” Di Lin was so anxious that he started rambling, his words no longer going through his brain. “What do you think about me?”

“Not bad,” Hydin replied very quickly.

Di Lin’s heart stalled before thumping fiercely. He said hurriedly, “That’s not what I meant. I was saying, if, suppose that. I like you, will you accept me?” He waited with bated breath.

“Yes,” Hydin’s response couldn’t be any more direct.

“…” Di Lin was dumbfounded.

Hydin spoke leisurely, “But, the agreement to excuse you from the quiz if you were forthcoming was yesterday’s matter. So, you still won’t be excused from today’s quiz.”

Di Lin looked at his calm face and couldn’t help questioning further. “Tutor, are you sure you know what I mean?”

“Is your ability to express very poor?” Hydin looked askance at him.


So, did this mean that his confession had succeeded?

Di Lin felt that everything in front of his eyes wasn’t real. To increase his sense of reality, he risked incurring Hydin’s disgust and asked once again, “Now… We’re lovers?”

“En,” Hydin crossed his arms across his chest. He asked impatiently, “How long are you intending to delay?”


Di Lin suddenly let out a breath. The moment his expression changed, he had already completely entered combat mode.


The result of the test could only be said to be barely satisfactory. Fortunately, Hydin didn’t say anything much; Di Lin was considered to have passed.

Di Lin returned to the dormitory and was grabbed by Rui Meng, whose wrinkles had increased from waiting for the outcome. “How did it go?”

Di Lin looked calmly at him.

Rui Meng gently shook his head and probed, “Not good?”

“He agreed.”

“It isn’t anything much even if he agreed. We can think of other ways… He agreed?” Rui Meng’s emotions plummeted before soaring and he looked at Di Lin in disbelief.

Di Lin nodded.

Rui Meng was excited. “How did you say it?”

Di Lin briefly described their dialogue that afternoon.

Rui Meng’s eyes nearly popped out. “Just like that?”

“Just like that.”

“He agreed just like that?”


Rui Meng sat dazedly on the bed for a while, his head drooping. Suddenly, he slapped the bed and exclaimed, “I knew it! He fancied you right from the beginning! Otherwise why did he not choose anyone when there were so many students and only chose you?” The knot that had been in his heart for a long time was finally undone.

“Because I had high aptitude,” Di Lin claimed.

“…” People in love had no face!

Rui Meng plopped onto the bed.

Thanks to Rui Meng’s big mouth, the matter about Hydin and Di Lin spread rapidly through Saint Padeus.

The institution’s chairman even personally went to find Hydin for a face-to-face meeting.

Hydin admitted to it without any change in expression.

Orosai’s head ached. “I’m not opposing the freedom to love.”

Hydin looked at him.

“You know I’ve never cared about such things. But, after considering that the special nature of a romantic relationship would influence the student’s studies to a certain degree, I think that letting Di Lin transfer to another tutor will be a better idea,” Orosai watched his expression while saying.

Hydin asked, “Who do you think would teach better than me?”

“This isn’t a matter of who teaches better or worse, but that your relationship is a little complicated, so I want to simplify it.”

Hydin stated, “I object.”

Orosai could only lay all his cards on the table. “Actually, this is the parliament’s intentions. It’s a rare occasion when something receives a unanimous vote.”

Hydin stared at him coldly.

Orosai said, “I have to respect the parliament’s decision.”

“I will apply for Di Lin to graduate,” The moment Hydin spoke, earth-shattering words left his mouth.

The way Orosai looked at him was no different from looking at a lunatic. “He’s now in the junior school. He hasn’t even been there for a year!”

Hydin said, “You can’t deny that geniuses exist in this world.”

Orosai replied, “What you’re referring to is not a genius, but a god.”

“I will prove it.”

Orosai asked, “There is a school credit requirement to graduate. Does he have enough?”

“I remember that there is a fixed amount of school credit for joining the volunteer army. School credit will also be given for contributions made on behalf of the institution. The tutor can decide the amount of school credit,” Hydin said.

Orosai took a deep breath. “What about the compulsory magic skill for graduation then?”

“Wind elements,” Hydin looked directly at Orosai’s stunned face. “That should be okay, right?”

Orosai said subconsciously, “Don’t joke around.”

“Vincent has already confirmed it.”

At the mention of Vincent, Orosai’s expression turned grave. “You’ve seen him?”


“Where is he now?”

“Probably… at home.”

Orosai knitted his brows in concentration as he thought. “He must prove that he can indeed sense the wind elements.”

“It’s settled then.”

If Di Lin wasn’t the last to know that he was about to graduate, then he was second last.

When Rui Meng brought this piece of news over, he was worrying over his stagnant relationship with Hydin. Although both parties had acknowledged their relationship as lovers, there was completely no change in the way they interacted.

He even suspected that Hydin’s understanding of lovers differed from his.

So, when he heard that he was about to graduate, he couldn’t wrap his mind around it at all. “Why?”

“According to hearsay, the institution’s chairman wanted to transfer you to another tutor. Hydin objected, so he let you graduate in advance,” Rui Meng said.

Di Lin had reacted by now, asking in shock, “How am I supposed to graduate?”

“No idea,” Rui Meng replied. “But since he said so, he should have some certainty… right?” He looked at Di Lin, as if wanting to make out some clues from his face.

Di Lin couldn’t hold himself back and rushed out the door. “I’ll ask him about it.”

“Remember to come back and report your first-hand information!” Rui Meng stood at the door and yelled. Very quickly, many heads appeared along the corridor.

Including Aridi and Jeffery’s.

Aridi saw Rui Meng glancing at him. His eyes shifted and he was just about to speak when he saw the other party smile slightly before shutting the door.

They were all exempted students of noble origin and had stayed together when they first arrived. But birds of a feather flocked together – as time passed, it became obvious who was more suitable to be friends with whom. Just like how Rui Meng, Di Lin, and Suo Suo had unexpectedly grown closer to the civilian-born Kevin and drifted apart from Aridi and Jeffery.

T/N: Talk about an anticlimactic confession…

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