Holy Institution: Chapter 86

Chapter 86: Solving a difficult problem (7)

Di Lin didn’t know why he had inexplicably reached out a hand and taken this book off the bookshelf. It was only till he flipped open the book and saw the huge smiley face in the introduction that he suddenly realized what he had done while in a state of absentmindedness. The next moment, his face turned red.

However, his quiet surroundings was like a silent encouragement, causing his fingers to spontaneously flip through the pages towards the back of the book.

The book’s best attempts at explaining and describing caused the fog surrounding the original question to gradually clear up. Di Lin even set up a motion picture in his mind, in which the main protagonist was…

“Di Lin?” Suo Suo’s low call sounded from behind the bookshelves.

Di Lin’s heart leapt. He calmly closed the book and placed it back in its original position before striding out.

“What book were you looking at?” Suo Suo asked offhandedly.

Di Lin’s back stiffened slightly. “Nothing much. Some short essays.”

“Aren’t you going to borrow it to read?” Suo Suo was carrying two thick books.

“What book are you borrowing?”

As expected, Suo Suo’s attention was diverted. He showed the books to Di Lin as if he was presenting a treasure. “One book is on the <Rules of Earth Defense Magic> that Tutor taught today, and the other book is <Six Secret Shortcuts to Earth Magic>.

“It’s better to be grounded when learning magic. Shortcuts will only limit the development of your talent,” Only after Di Lin blurted this out did he realize that his tone of voice somewhat resembled Hydin’s.

Suo Suo scratched his head. “I know. But Tutor said that my perception of earth magic is very weak, so even if I start learning it now, I can only become an ordinary rank four or five mage.”

Di Lin’s heart softened. He stroked Suo Suo’s head and said, “Everything is undetermined, hard work will always be repaid.” In fact, many people could also sense more than one type of element before practising magic. But after choosing a certain element, their awareness of the other elements would gradually disappear till it vanished entirely. His awareness of the other elements could entirely be attributed to Hydin’s various oppressions in the past. Thus, although he couldn’t control the other three elements, he could still vaguely make out their presence under extreme situations where he concentrated all his spiritual energy.

Suo Suo smiled slightly. “It’s all right, you’re here. All I need to do is create a solid city wall and hand the rest to you.”

Di Lin nodded.

The two people walked to the counter and Suo Suo handed the books in his arms to the elderly woman.

The elder woman helped him through the procedure for borrowing books.

Di Lin didn’t know if he was being too sensitive, but he constantly felt the elderly woman’s probing gaze on him, intentionally or otherwise.

After waiting for the procedures to be completed with much difficulty, Di Lin and Suo Suo was about to leave when they heard the elderly woman ask from behind them. “You’re not borrowing any books?”

Di Lin stared blankly for a moment before turning back and replying, “No.”

The elderly woman asked, “You’ve finished reading it?”

Di Lin’s intuition told him she knew something, and his face turned as red as fire in a split second.

“Certain books aren’t very suitable for you to read, so I might keep them the next time,” The elderly woman lowered her head once again. “So if you haven’t finished reading it, it’s best to do so before leaving.”

Suo Suo asked in confusion, “What books aren’t very suitable?”

Flustered, Di Lin dragged Suo Suo along and fled.

They rushed back to the dormitory. Thinking that something had happened to them, Rui Meng asked hurriedly, “Who’s storming in?”

Suo Suo shook his head while panting.

Di Lin’s physical strength was far higher than Suo Suo’s, so he very quickly replied evenly, “Training our bodies.”

Rui Meng asked doubtfully, “Are you going to transfer to Saint Sauvy?”

Suo Suo’s eyes widened.

Rui Meng stated, “I was joking.”

Di Lin said, “It might be good to go to Saint Sauvy.”

Rui Meng’s eyes widened.

Di Lin stated, “I was also joking.”

Rui Meng, “…”

That night when Di Lin was showering in the bathroom, the book <A Hundred Questions on Matters of the Bed> surfaced in his mind for some reason. Looking at his body’s reaction, he slowly extended a hand and then tried using the information in the book to resolve the problem.

Time went by very quickly, but also very slowly.

One strange pleasurable sensation later, he lay face-up in the bathtub.

Rui Meng knocked twice on the door. “Why are you taking so long today?”

“I’ll be done very soon!” Di Lin jumped up immediately and cleaned up in a flurry.

When he exited, Rui Meng sniffed hard. He wrinkled his brows. “Why is the smell so strong?”

“I showered twice.”

“Why?” Rui Meng asked.

Di Lin walked out nonchalantly. “I like cleanliness.”


In order to express his love for cleanliness as well, Rui Meng showered thrice.

To the extent that Suo Suo nearly fainted in the bathtub from being assailed by the smell after going in.

Di Lin’s progress in magic was still as stagnant as before.

Hydin’s patience eventually ran out.

“What exactly are you thinking of?” A dangerous light flickered in his azure eyes.

Di Lin mustered his courage and asked, “Tutor, what kind of confession do you like?”

“Confession?” An odd expression appeared on Hydin’s face.

Di Lin licked his lips. “The kind towards the person somebody likes.” Sitting still and doing nothing had never been his style. Since he had confirmed his feelings and underwent torment, for good or bad, he should give it a try.

“You have someone you like?” Hydin crossed his arms across his chest and looked askance at him.

Di Lin nodded lightly.

“Who?” This question was asked very bluntly.

Di Lin replied. “It’s not confirmed yet.”

Hydin raised a brow. “You want to confirm it?”

Di Lin hesitated before nodding. He wasn’t very sure of Hydin’s age. Although he appeared quite young, it was hard to say if there would come a day when he would want to get married and settle down. Ever since finding out about the feeling of ‘like’, he started to worry over the details.

“Why don’t I help you?” The meaning of Hydin’s words was unclear.

“Help me?”

“A day this matter isn’t settled is a day you won’t be willing to study magic well,” Hydin’s fingers drummed lightly against his arm. “So, as your tutor, I have an obligation to help you resolve this worry.”

Di Lin blinked. “Tutor is really willing to help me?”


“No matter who the other party is?”


“Tutor will help me get the other party to agree?” Although Di Lin knew that this way of doing things was somewhat despicable, he still set up a trap.

However, Hydin didn’t fall for it. “No guarantee.”


“But I can offer you a decisive answer.”

“…” Di Lin thought of the possible outcomes after Hydin knew of this and swiftly shook his head. “Forget about it.”

Hydin narrowed his eyes. “You don’t trust me?”

“No. I was just thinking that it’s still better for me to resolve such an inconvenient thing myself.”

“If you can resolve it, why do you need me?”

Di Lin laughed dryly. “I just wanted to ask someone.”

Hydin stared at him.

A chill ran down Di Lin’s back.

“Forget it then,” Contrary to Di Lin’s expectations, Hydin didn’t insist on it. “But to prove that you can resolve it, you must demonstrate all the things I taught you this month tomorrow.”

Di Lin was startled. “Tomorrow?”

“It’s also okay if you want to do it in advance.”


“Or do you want to change your mind and tell me the answer?”

Di Lin gritted his teeth. “Tomorrow then!”

The corner of Hydin’s mouth hooked up coldly.

At eleven o’clock at night, Rui Meng realized Di Lin still hadn’t returned to his room. Suo Suo had originally wanted to wait for Di Lin, but he had been very tired the past few days, so nothing other than the bright sky could wake him up once his head hit the pillow.

Rui Meng waited for a while on the bed. In the end, he couldn’t rest at ease and decided to go down to search for him.

Although public security within Saint Padeus’ Institution was quite good, once he thought of the magic beasts in the neighboring Nightmare Forest, he still felt a bit uneasy.

He made his way down the building and hadn’t even stepped out of the door when he saw Di Lin standing in front of the building practising magic.

“Why suddenly so hardworking?” Rui Meng asked in amazement.

Di Lin retrieved his magic and sighed. “There’s a quiz tomorrow.”

“Quiz?” Rui Meng tensed up. “What will it test? Why don’t I know about it?”

“It’s a quiz specially arranged for me,” Di Lin said.

Rui Meng heaved a sigh of relief. Immediately after, he realized that his behavior wasn’t very sincere and hurriedly consoled him. “Relax. With how Hydin dotes on you, he definitely won’t make things difficult for you.”

“Dote?” Di Lin stared at him as if he was looking at a ghost.

Rui Meng asked, “You don’t think so?”

Di Lin shook his head.

“Not every person would request for their friend to bring their student away during a moment of life or death,” Rui Meng explained.

Di Lin recalled the huge battle outside Dabei city and feigned calm. “It’s not just me. Melina and President Brandry too.”

“They’re considered friends,” Rui Meng said. “You really don’t think that the way Hydin treats you is very special?”

Di Lin stated, “I’m his only student.”

When these words left his mouth, Rui Meng also paused foolishly for a moment. Indeed, whether something was special or not could only be determined through comparison. Di Lin was Hydin’s only student, so there was completely no way to carry out this comparison. However, Rui Meng very quickly thought of another method of comparison. “Then compare the way my tutor treats me to the way Hydin treats you.”

“… Your tutor has a different personality from my tutor,” Di Lin said.

Rui Meng also felt that his words were quite reasonable. “Ai[1]. Forget it, stop thinking of this problem. Anyway, what he thinks of you isn’t important. What’s important is what you think of him.”

Di Lin couldn’t say anything.

Rui Meng stared at his expression for a full three minutes before covering his forehead with a hand and sighing, “There must be something wrong with your eyes.”

[1] Onomatopoeia for sighing.

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