Holy Institution: Chapter 85

Chapter 85: Solving a difficult problem (6)

In order to verify the authenticity of these three words, Kevin and Rui Meng carried out a series of experiments.

At the start, all he did was deliberately talk about the girls in the institution with Kevin in front of Di Lin. Since the number of girls they knew in the institution was pitifully little, they even included Tutor Melina in the discussion. Princess Qiaoni, who was a thousand miles away, even made an occasional appearance in their discussions. However, this experiment eventually ended in failure. Therefore, an even more formidable plan made its debut.

For example –

Imitating the cries of a cat[1].

In the middle of the night on the fifth day of this activity, Di Lin eventually couldn’t bear it any longer. He sat up. “There are no cats in the institution.”

Rui Meng was lying on his bed. “You don’t understand. The desires of its body can allow it to traverse the entire ocean, much less a mere Illusion Lake.”

Di Lin covered his forehead with a hand. “Don’t you have anything better to do in the middle of the night?”

Rui Meng wrapped himself tightly with his blanket and looked at him with a face full of alarm. “What do you want to do to me?”

“…” Di Lin looked at him, speechless. “What do you think I can do to you?”

“Too many things!” Rui Meng expressed in grief and indignation. “I’ve known since a long time ago that I have a charm that can attract bees and butterflies[2]!”

Di Lin, “…”

Rui Meng suddenly asked solemnly, “But the target of your yearning for love should be Hydin, right?”

Di Lin lay back down and turned to face the other side, pretending not to have heard him.

“Damn it,” Rui Meng cursed in a low voice. “You actually didn’t refute it. Was Kevin right?”

Di Lin stated, “Kevin seems to be living alone.”

Still immersed in his thoughts, Rui Meng replied absentmindedly, “En.”

“His room is quite lacking in vibrancy.”


“Why don’t you move over?” Di Lin had no choice but to use the worst method to free himself from the nightly calls of the ‘cat’.

Rui Meng didn’t reply for a very long time. As Di Lin was slowly drifting into slumberland, he suddenly asked, “If both you and I leave, what will happen to Suo Suo?”

“I never said I was moving out,” Di Lin clenched his teeth.

“It’s a matter of time,” Rui Meng said in an experienced tone of voice. “It’s impossible for Hydin to shift here”

Di Lin, “…”

“Sigh,” Rui Meng ended their dialogue with a sigh.

Suo Suo.

The originally drowsy Di Lin suddenly became clear-headed. He turned his head to the side and glanced at the person beside him that was blissfully asleep. Speaking of it, it had been a very long time since he last went on a walk with Suo Suo and chatted with him. This wasn’t because he had frittered away all his time by indulging in flights of fancy, but because Suo Suo had constantly returned very late ever since he came back. Every time he asked Suo Suo about it, Suo Suo would reply that it was related to his tutor. But he was only arranging documents and not practising magic, so where did all these matters come from?

Out of the care that a mother bird had for its chick, he decided that he would personally go in search of the answer the next day.

Hydin realized that the Di Lin today was practising very conscientiously. After returning from Langzan, his grasp of the wind elements had been at a standstill. Since he had this rare moment of enlightenment, Hydin specially gave him extra homework.

Around three o’clock in the evening, Di Lin’s mind started to wander again.

Hydin raised a brow. “A childish trick like attracting the attention of a parent through poor behavior is already outdated.”

Di Lin was also aware that his recent performance had indeed been terrible. If it wasn’t for the fact that Hydin’s tolerance towards him had been greatly raised, he would probably not have a single inch of unharmed skin since a long time ago.

“Something wrong?” Even if Di Lin had his head lowered, Hydin could still sense that he had a heavy load on his mind.

Di Lin said, “Recently, Suo Suo’s been returning very late at night.”

Hydin looked askance at him. “Are you sure he’s not your illegitimate child?”

Di Lin, “…”

“I heard he changed tutors,” Hydin’s answer was very far out of his expectations.

“Changed tutors?”

Hydin said, “It happened while Chai Fuang was assisting Langzan. The institution’s chairman approved it personally.”

Di Lin asked, “Why?”

Hydin replied, “He can sense earth elements.”

Di Lin was pleasantly surprised. “Really? But wasn’t he sealed?”

“The seal on him now is mainly targeted at the fire elements. Since the fire elements have heat, the seal primarily locks off his perception of heat. The requirement for heat when sensing earth elements isn’t high, so it isn’t strange that he can sense it.”

“The seal now?” Di Lin keenly picked up on the strangeness in his words.

Hydin shot him a small smile and nimbly turned around. “Lesson’s ended.”

Di Lin knew that it was useless to continue pursuing the matter if Hydin didn’t want to talk about it. The most important thing at the moment was to take a look at Suo Suo’s latest progress.

Hydin had walked off too quickly, so Di Lin didn’t even have the time to ask for the identity of Suo Suo’s new tutor. So, he could only look for Chai Fuang.

After returning from Langzan, Chai Fuang and Hydin’s relationship had eased quite a bit, so the institution had become a lot more peaceful. Thus, Chai Fuang’s students expressed a certain degree of welcome towards Di Lin’s coming and even answered his question amiably.

“Suo Suo has transferred to Tutor Wei Da,” The seniors were quite fond of the round-faced junior schoolmate with a sweet smile.

On the way there, Di Lin recalled the information on Wei Da.

If he didn’t remember wrongly, he seemed to be an earth mage. There were very few same-element teacher-student pairs within the institution. As Saint Padeus promoted the creation of magic, having teacher-student pairs of the same element would leave the teacher’s imprint on the student’s magic, which would be detrimental to the student’s independent growth. But looking at it this way, even if Suo Suo could sense the earth elements, his perception of it would be very weak, to the point that the institution’s chairman didn’t think that he would make any breakthroughs in earth magic. This was why he had simply let an earth mage give Suo Suo a helping hand, so that he could become an ordinary earth mage.

Di Lin’s conjecture was entirely correct.

Wei Da’s method of teaching was to teach Suo Suo the readily available earth magic spells, as well as guide him on the ways to maximize his magic despite his weak perception.

When Di Lin arrived, Wei Da was teaching earth defense magic.

“Among the four types of magic, the earth type’s defense is the most firm and useful. Although in the area of defense, the water type can use softness to conquer strength, the mage must constantly channel spiritual energy to support it; consumption of spiritual energy is relatively high. Fire magic is strongest at offense. Rather than calling defensive fire magic defense, it’s more accurate to say it’s a trap, so it isn’t very practical either. The defense of wood-type magic is quite good, but it can only be used when there are plants around. Only the earth type’s defense is the firmest and most useful. The requirements for use are the least and the effects are also the largest. Okay, give it a try,” Wei Da finally touched on the main point after criticizing the other three types of magic.

Suo Suo stood in front of him with rapt attention, both eyes on a small earth slope in front of his feet.

To allow him to better sense the earth elements, Wei Da had specially created a small earth slope.


Following his chant, the small earth slope slowly extended upwards like a dwarf, forming an obstruction in front of him. Although it was only as tall as his knee, this result was already not bad.

Wei Da nodded with satisfaction. “It seems like the earth elements are quite sensitive towards you.”

Suo Suo asked doubtfully, “Isn’t it me who’s sensitive towards them?”

Wei Da replied, “What can you do for them? Dance, sing? The relationship between mages and the elements is one of dependence. Only when they like and acknowledge you will your perception of the elements strengthen.”

“Then, if a strong elemental spirit breaks a man-made seal, can the person sealed regain its sensitivity towards it?” Di Lin cut in.

“Theoretically, it’s possible. But who would seal their perception of the elements?” Wei Da completed this statement before asking in realization, “Who are you?”

“Di Lin, from the junior school. Pleased to meet Tutor Wei Da.”

Wei Da had a sudden realization. “Oh, so you’re Hydin’s student.”

Upon seeing Di Lin, Suo Suo immediately ran over, took his hand and dragged him to the tiny earth slope. He declared proudly, “I can protect you in the future.”

Di Lin stroked his head.

Wei Da said mockingly, “Such a small wall of earth, are you going to protect his head or feet?”

Suo Suo made a fist. “I will work hard!”

Wei Da commented, “I am very happy to hear that you have this sort of confidence.”

Seeing his distrust, Suo Suo said hurriedly, “I’ve been taking action. Tutor mentioned previously that the Fifth Library has many books on earth magic, so I’ve been reading them every night.”

“Eh? You really went to the Fifth Library?” Wei Da was amazed. The Fifth Library was different from the other libraries; it had numerous types of books, many of which were on unorthodox magic that couldn’t be recorded in the teaching curriculum. He had casually mentioned it because Suo Suo’s perception of the elements was too weak, but he hadn’t expected for him to really do it. “What did you learn there?”

Suo Suo answered seriously, “I’m currently reading a book called <Ten Greatest Hobbies of Earth Spirits>. I think the earth elements will have an even better impression of me after I’ve completely grasped them.”

Was there such a book?

Wei Da touched his chin. “All right then. If there are results, remember to introduce it to me. Today’s lesson will end here, you can go eat with your friend.”

Suo Suo bowed and thanked him for the day’s teachings before hurriedly walking towards the dining hall with Di Lin.

It was Di Lin’s first time realizing that Suo Suo could eat this quickly. Moreover, he didn’t utter a single word the entire time. After finishing his meal, he went straight to the Fifth Library.

The location of the Fifth Library was a bit more remote than what one would wish. Tall trees encircled the building on the outside, revealing only a pointed roof.

The administrator was an elderly woman close to the age of sixty. Upon seeing them, she directly waved a hand, not asking even a word.

Suo Suo found the earth magic section with practiced ease before telling Di Lin in a low voice, “Fire magic is at the back, at the right.”

“Cough cough!” The elderly woman’s cough sounded.

Suo Suo stuck out his tongue and made a shh gesture.

Di Lin nodded and walked in the direction Suo Suo had mentioned. But midway, he was led away by the other dazzling books.

<A Hundred Ways to Curry Favor with Women>, <A Hundred Ways to Curry Favor with Men>… Clearly, these were a set of books.

He continued to look through the books one by one.

<Secrets to Kissing>, <The Tragedy of Staying Home Alone>…

The sound of footsteps suddenly stopped.

The Fifth Library had a feature. Other than the institution’s chairman and the library administrator, even the tutors were not aware of this feature. Namely, the fact that a very unremarkable and tiny black crystal had been erected under certain books that required restricted reading yet hadn’t attained the qualifications to be considered restricted books. When these books left their original spot, the corresponding crystal at a magic array beside the administrator would light up.

This was why the elderly woman was now looking at a tiny light that had lit up suddenly on the originally pitch-black magic array.

“YD696969?” She took out an enormous catalog and flipped through the pages before finally finding the name of the book –

<A Hundred Questions on Matters of the Bed[3]>.

[1] This refers to the mating calls that cats make.

[2] Idiom meaning to attract the opposite sex.

[3] The raws here actually stated <A Hundred Questions on Bed Skills>, but it changed in the later chapters, so I used the one that would fit for all contexts.

T/N: >_>

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