Holy Institution: Chapter 84

Chapter 84: Solving a difficult problem (5)

“Water…” Di Lin’s mouth moved for a very long time before producing this word.

Melina touched his forehead. “I’ll pour a cup.” Although she was a water mage and obtaining water was a very easy matter, she could only obtain cold water. For hot water, it was necessary to have the cooperation of a fire mage. The thought of fire mages at this time inevitably caused her to think of Hydin.

No matter how unpleasant to the eye that person was previously, she was genuinely worried for him at this moment.

She understood the situation very clearly. Under that kind of situation, Hydin’s chances of winning didn’t go beyond three percent. She believed that given Hydin’s abnormality, he would definitely have an impressive trump card. However, there was a limit to human power.

She returned after pouring the water, only to realize that the bed was empty. Startled, she instantly flew to the street through the window and saw Di Lin sprawled on the ground not too far away.

Melina hurriedly supported him and lowered her head to examine his injury. Blood had already seeped out of the gauze. Di Lin’s complexion was exceedingly pale, and he took small breaths as if his life depended on it.

Melina fed him a painkiller.

This type of medicine couldn’t be consumed too much; excessive consumption would weaken a mage’s perception of the elements. However, looking at Di Lin’s situation, he would very quickly faint from the pain if he didn’t ingest it.

Di Lin swallowed the medicine, closed his eyes, and lay there for a while.

“Better?” Her voice was unusually gentle.

Di Lin slowly opened his eyes. The rate of his breathing slowed down visibly, and he started struggling.

“What are you trying to do?” She asked angrily.

Di Lin’s hand gripped her tightly, the obstinacy in his eyes stronger than hers.

Melina sighed. “What can you do if you go?”

Di Lin raised his head and looked up at the sky, silently shutting his eyes.

Just when Melina thought that he had given up and was preparing to carry him back with wind magic, Di Lin suddenly vanished in front of her like a gust of wind.

Melina looked at the empty spot in front of her. She muttered an incantation in a low voice with a face full of fury before rushing towards the frontline with wind magic.

The fire danced with the yellow sand.

The yellow sand and flames tangled together crazily, as if unable to find a crack. The ground trembled.

A figure in the distance moved swiftly in this direction, as if ignoring the huge battle in front. Even after getting close, figure did not slow down at all, directly rushing into the flames and yellow sand.

The yellow granules of sand that were originally engaged in their individual battles suddenly converged together before slamming powerfully towards the flames on all sides.

As if crushed, the flames spread out along the sides for close to a hundred meters, forming an enormous circle of fire.

Three figures stood apart in the middle of the circle of fire, each maintaining a certain distance from the rest.

“You’ve lost,” The red-haired man uttered coldly. Every inch of his exposed flesh was strung extremely tight. Clearly, his win hadn’t been an easy one.

Hydin was standing the furthest away from them. He leisurely took out a magic wand the length of a walking stick and propped his hands against it, forcing his body to remain upright. Though his complexion was even uglier than the dead.

A strange youth covered from head to toe in twisting, vine-like magic lines stood between the two people. His flushed eyes were glued to the red-haired man. But there was only pain in his eyes. Other than pain, there was nothing else.

The red-haired man shifted his gaze, avoiding contact with his gaze. “I’m doing this for your sake.”

The youth’s body trembled and his teeth bit firmly into his lower lip, as if he was enduring enormous suffering.

“I’m doing this for your sake,” The red-haired man repeated himself, raising his voice slightly. It was unknown if he was persuading the youth or persuading himself. “Only by leaving with me can you possess the best of everything. You’ll know when that time comes how silly it is to cling to the present.”

The youth stared at him. A clear tear slowly flowed out from the corner of his eye.

The red-haired man stared blankly for a moment. His expression suddenly turned heavy. “Ning Ya, does choosing to leave with me cause you this much unhappiness?”

Ning Ya didn’t open his mouth, but the traces of blood that he had bitten out of his lower lip already told him his answer.

The red-haired man’s expression grew increasingly ugly. He took a step forward and grabbed his arm, saying hatefully, “Then what did you come here for?! Cry so I’ll relent? What a pity, I can’t do that!”

Ning Ya raised his head slowly.

His eyes were a pure black. At close-range, they were clear yet blank.

The red-haired man’s memories seemed to have been evoked. His heart couldn’t help aching.

Ning Ya suddenly bent both knees, kneeling on the ground.

The red-haired man continued to grip his arm, though the strength of his grip relaxed slightly. “What’s the meaning of this?”

“I agree,” Ning Ya finally opened his mouth. His voice was exceedingly gloomy and hoarse, completely unlike the clear and gentle voice of the past.

The red-haired man looked at the crown of his ash-colored hair without any joy. “Agree to what?”

“Agree to go with you,” Ning Ya replied weakly. The long period of torment to both his body and mind had already ground out the youth’s previous spirit and innocence. Faced with this sort of power, any struggle was in vain. All it would do was give the other party even more opportunities to harm, as well as bring even more trouble to those who had helped him.

This was obviously the anticipated outcome, yet the anticipated joy and delight was absent. The red-haired man released his hand and sighed. “If you had agreed at the start, things wouldn’t have turned out like this.”

Ning Ya lowered his head. “Spare them.”

The red-haired man looked at Hydin.

He was very appreciative of this person. There were not many who could block his attacks and those who could counterattack after blocking his attacks were even rarer. As for those who could counterattack successfully, there was only this one person so far.

 Although, he was now an arrow at the end of its flight.

“All right,” The red-haired man stretched out a hand.

The black lines on Ning Ya’s body slunk back to the red-haired man’s palm like snakes. In the end, they vanished beneath his bronze skin.

“Let’s go,” The red-haired man didn’t retract his hand.

Ning Ya docilely raised a hand and gripped his hand.

Hydin’s brows furrowed.

“Tutor,” Ning Ya looked back at him.

Hydin listened silently.

“This is my choice. Also,” He paused. “Thank you. And sorry.”

The red-haired man was somewhat impatient and directly dragged him into his embrace.

The sandstorm swirled up once again.

Hydin’s body tottered in the wind. In the end, he couldn’t stop himself from falling to the ground and leaning on a knee as he supported his head. His spiritual energy had already been overloaded. If Ning Ya hadn’t appeared just now, he would either have died in the red-haired man’s hands or became an idiot from hollowing out his spiritual energy.

Although he hadn’t reached that point, his current situation wasn’t that much better either.

The yellow sand gradually settled.

A gust of divine force landed on his body, slightly alleviating his pain.

Hydin opened his eyes.

Wei Le and Malone were standing in front of him and looking worriedly at him.

“Are you okay?” Malone asked.

Hydin shook his head and slowly stood up.

The three people were silent.

Hydin knew that they definitely had not just arrived. They hadn’t made an appearance because of the red-haired man.

As if perceiving his ridicule, Malone said, “It’s great that we managed to get through this calamity.”

Wei Le was silent. He had always been proud and arrogant but after seeing the battle of yellow sand and flame, he knew that this mage who looked much younger than him had already surpassed him far too much when it came to achievements in magic.

Malone saw his unsteady footing and took the initiative to extend a hand. “I’ll send you back.”

Hydin was about to reject him when a strange feeling suddenly flashed across his heart. He turned to look in the direction of Dabei city.

Suddenly, something rammed against him and they fell together to the ground.

Malone originally wanted to extend a hand but retracted it after realizing who it was.

“Di Lin?” Hydin gritted his teeth in rage.

Di Lin didn’t reply.

— Because he had already fainted.

In the end, Di Lin was carried back while Hydin was helped back, though he never admitted it. In his words, they were merely travelling in the same direction.

Hydin’s spiritual energy had undergone excessive use while Di Lin had suffered a severe injury to his abdomen. Both people recovered only after nursing their injuries for nearly a month.

The crisis at Dabei city was over and the Langzan citizens returned to their homeland. However, due to the shadow of the past events, the northern area within the boundary of Dabei city was desolate. Nobody was willing to reside there. Dabei city even transformed from a flourishing strategic town to a checkpoint.

After Hydin and Di Lin were able to move a little, they were brought back by people from Saint Padeus.

Hydin made his name in this one battle and was personally announced by Brandry, the president of the magic guild, as number one in the mage rankings. This was the first time in nearly a century that the magic guild did not carry out any under-the-table manipulations and handed this position to someone from Saint Padeus’ Institution.

Di Lin also received significant attention.

Shamanril’s emperor personally handed down an imperial edict to commend him. In addition, emperor expressed that if Di Lin was willing, he could return to the country at any time and receive the position of earl. It was very rare in Shamanril for heirs who inherited their noble titles to separately be bestowed a title. For a while, there was a great commotion surrounding the Basco clan. Everyone was aware that Di Lin might only be an earl now, but he was still young and would definitely obtain a greater position in the future. If this happened, the position of the Basco Duke could be handed to another heir. This was also to say that it was very likely for two influential lords to appear from the Basco clan. There was probably no other clan in the Dream Continent who had this sort of special glory.

However, the two people at the forefront of these discussions were not as excited as they were in others’ imaginations. In reality, after returning to Saint Padeus, they merely continued their previous days.


Perhaps the current days were slightly worse than the previous ones.

Because Di Lin’s progress in magic had visibly slowed. Due to this, Hydin’s face grew uglier day by day.

Di Lin felt very aggrieved. He didn’t have any way of changing the current situation.

Although he had previously realized his feelings for Hydin, they were facing a powerful enemy at that time, so he had completely lacked the inclination to ponder over it thoroughly. Now, the moment he was idle, his heart that was in its juvenile, volatile period just would not calm down no matter what.

Every time Hydin gazed at him, his blood would roil, and he would remember nothing.

Every time Hydin got angry, his blood would still roil, and he would remember nothing.


In short, as long as he saw Hydin, the probability of his mind wandering would increase steadily. There was often an unspeakable, restless demonic fire within his heart.

Rui Meng found three words to summarize his various states after returning. “Yearning for love.”

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  1. Di Lin is reduced to a lovestruck fool…. ehem let’s ignore it for now. The question is will we ever know whatever happen to Ning Ya and that divine red haired guy in the future ? I hope this doesn’t included in the things that won’t have conclusion in this book 😅

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      1. His story is the last book of the series!

        The title of the novel is 神故, which translates to Story of the Gods. There are references to previous books though, but if you’re okay with the occasional confused moment, go for it ^^

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  2. Is the red haired guy a god? He’s not God of Light, is he?

    I must say the future CP lineups are really interesting though! I imagine Suo Suo’s book would be a little bit more comedic, while Ning Ya’s… uh.. I’m just hoping the ML will have a taste of his own medicine, and their relationship can become one of equals.

    Thank you for the chapter! 💕

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  3. I know Ning Ya’s story won’t be accomplised in this book, but but but … aarrgghh …

    Lol, Rui Meng always so quick when it’s not related to magic XD

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