Holy Institution: Chapter 83

Chapter 83: Solving a difficult problem (4)

Brandry and Melina were suddenly fixed to their spots!

They could feel something pressing down on them, nearly preventing them from breathing.

Brandry turned his head with great difficulty and saw the proud, red-haired man standing opposite Hydin spit out two words harshly, “Divine. Might.”

Blood suddenly gushed out from Di Lin’s wound. His face paled and his breathing became labored. It was evident that he was already close to death.

Brandry and Melina’s eyes met. They made the same decision in their hearts.

Actually, it wasn’t that mages couldn’t draw excessively on their spiritual energy; an ancient spell could achieve this. It was only that the price paid was considerably high. The moment spiritual energy was used excessively to this degree, it would cause permanent injury. After this moment, their spiritual energy would be greatly reduced. Just like filling a cup that had an opening, the cup would never be completely full.

But at this juncture, there was no longer any time to consider what they would do in the future. The only thought in their minds was how they could bring Di Lin away.

The incantation was very quickly recited.

Their originally dried up spiritual energy suddenly increased.

The water elements drifting in the air abruptly condensed into a barrier, helping them to block the divine might pressing down on them. In the instant their limbs regained feeling, they raced towards the space magic array that Melina had set up in advance.

Cracks formed rapidly on the water barrier.

This was the quickest Melina had ever recited an incantation in her life.

In the split second the space magic array activated, she realized that Di Lin had opened his eyes and accurately looked in the direction of Hydin.

The water barrier fell apart.

The water’s mist just happened to block his line of sight, like smashed stones that dropped lump by lump.

The next instance, they returned to Dabei city…

“They’ve left,” The red-haired man said.

Hydin didn’t reply. Because blood would trickle from his mouth if he were to do so. Brandry and Melina had already been pressured till they couldn’t move despite being a distance away, much less Hydin who was facing him head-on! The organs in his body had practically been mashed together into one mass and his legs felt as if they were laden down by lead. His willpower was the only thing keeping him standing now.

The red-haired man commented, “I’m very appreciative of you actually.”

Wisps of blood slowly trickled down the corners of Hydin’s mouth.

“But I also hate you very much,” At the moment the red-haired man’s words left his mouth, Hydin fell to his knees.

The corner of his mouth hooked up. “It looks like there are limits to the pride of humans as well…” A fire arrow so swift that even he had failed to catch sight of passed through his chest.

The red-haired man looked down in shock.

Hydin propped a hand against the ground, shifting more than ten meters back in a flash before slowly standing up bit by bit.

Red flames fluttered around him.

Cheerful and dazzling.

But this passion was not reflected in his azure eyes. His eyes were filled with an icy coldness. “That was for Di Lin.”

The red-haired man lowered his head, glancing at the injury caused by the fire arrow. Because he was half-naked, the wound appeared very clean; there were no traces of blood. Moreover, the wound was slowly healing at a speed visible to the naked eye.

“If I was human, I would die, right?” He smiled coldly.

Hydin said, “That was a warm-up.”

He took out a magic wand from his space bag and started reciting an incantation.

The red-hair man looked at him icily. “Using incantations for spells now that you’ve lost your elemental spirits? But, do you think that a spell will be more powerful than elemental spirits?”

Yellow sand rose from all sides to form a wall of sand, whirling as it raced towards the center.

Hydin’s spell was completed.

“Raging Flames, Burning City!”

The ultimate magic spell of fire mages.

Countless raging flames leapt upwards from the ground. They stretched as far as the eye could see, forming a sea of fire.

The red-haired man allowed the blaze to burn his feet with a mocking smile.

Although Raging Flames, Burning City was a magic spell, its key characteristic was its large-scale offense. It was best used for attacking cities and was a little weaker when used against a single expert.

The sand wall approached.

Beneath the ten-meter tall wall of sand, Hydin resembled an ant that could be ground to death at any time.

A ruthless light flashed across the eyes of the red-haired man. The murderous intent in him was on the verge of bursting out, almost insuppressible.

He bit his tongue viciously, eyes staring fixedly at Hydin, yet seemingly also looking at Dabei city beyond him.

The sand wall finally buried Hydin.

Yet, the red-haired man didn’t relax. Suddenly, he sensed danger. He hadn’t experienced this sort of feeling in a very long time. If it wasn’t his body’s instinct to stand on guard, he would even have thought that this was just his misconception.

His body moved slightly. He had just taken one step in the direction of the area where Hydin had vanished when a sudden pain struck his foot. A scorching flame nearly pierced through the soles of his feet.

A sudden change took over the landscape around them.

An elemental spirit as tall as a human fluttered in front of him, its beautiful and flirtatious dance a silent provocation.

Hydin stood behind the elemental spirit. His complexion was pale, yet his eyes were exceptionally bright.

The red-haired man slowly shifted his feet, his body somewhat unstable. “Fury spirit?”

There were two types of elemental spirits.

The first type was the ordinary spirit that formed from the elements. The second type of elemental spirit had extreme personalities. They were very powerful, almost several tens of times stronger than the ordinary elemental spirit. But at the same time, they possessed a personality unique to them. They were extremely difficult to deal with and would even occasionally attack their own summoner. However, the people who could possess the latter type of elemental spirit numbered in the few. Those who did often had two ends – the first was refusing to speak about the elemental spirits’ existence even in the face of death, and the second was death, thereby preventing them from speaking about the existence of these elemental spirits.

The result was that very few people in the current Dream Continent knew of this classification regarding elemental spirits.

The red-haired man stared at Hydin. His pupils contracted. “You aren’t scared of being devoured by it instead?”

Hydin answered, “I can think about that problem after killing you.”

“Killing me?” The red-haired man looked up at the sky and burst into laughter. He said in a heavy voice, “You are indeed the most powerful human I’ve met, but that’s it. Did you think that the soles of my feet are my weak point?”

Hydin didn’t reply. A new wave of attacks from the fury spirit answered him instead.

The flames in the darkness were so glaring that one would not be able to open their eyes.

The red-haired man stared at the flames that had morphed into the shape of a tongue, filling the whole sky. The redness in his eyes could no longer be suppressed, igniting…

“He’s stabilized.”

Di Lin could faintly hear someone pacing back and forth near his ear. The pain from the wound at his abdomen nearly made him lose consciousness again. His Adam’s apple moved, the smell of blood filling his mouth.

“You’re awake?” Melina’s voice sounded coldly from beside his ear.

Di Lin’s eyes trembled and opened, forming a slit.

“He’s out of danger,” Malone’s round face appeared at the end of the bed. Clearly, it was this officiant from the Society of the God of Light who had saved his life at the crucial moment. The Society of The God of Light was most famous for its healing light technique. It was one of the major reasons why the Society was able to maintain its influence in the Continent.

Di Lin’s lips moved. He wanted to open his mouth yet lacked the strength to do so.

Melina said, “Hydin hasn’t come back yet.”

The brilliance in Di Lin’s eyes dissipated in a flash. He gazed dazedly towards the end of the bed.

Melina suddenly sighed. “Turn him over.”

Malone stopped her. “It isn’t suitable for him to move with his injuries.”

Melina asked, “Can’t you tell that he wants to look in the direction of the frontline?”

Wei Le snorted coldly from the side. “Isn’t it all the same wall, how is looking at which side different?”

 “Idiot,” Melina scolded before gently waving a hand.

Di Lin’s body floated up, slowly turned over, and landed at the end of the bed. Although all he saw was a wall, he still blinked his eyes at Melina.

“All of you are here?” Pamela walked in. “Then who’s looking after Prince Ning Ya?”

Wei Le said, “Huo Pu’s over there. Moreover, he already fainted, what is there to look at?”

Melina asked, “Are you preparing to withdraw?”

Pamela replied, “We’re already the last batch. If not for the fact that it’s not suitable for Prince Ning Ya to be moved now, you would be looking at an empty city.”

A screech suddenly sounded from outside.

Pamela’s expression changed drastically. She rushed out hastily and roared, “What happened?”

“A strange person ran out.”

Pamela instantly ran off. Not even her shadow remained.

Strange person?

Malone and Wei Le’s gazes met and they hastily leapt out of the window.

Melina’s brows creased. In the end, she decided to remain at her spot. The only thing she needed to do now was guarantee Di Lin’s safety.

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