Holy Institution: Chapter 82

Chapter 82: Solving a difficult problem (3)

Melina’s facial muscles stretched taut. Brandry stealthily placed his hand on the binding enchantment scroll beside him without any change in his expression.

Di Lin could vaguely guess the origins of this person. His body stiffened.

Hydin was the only person who was calm and collected. He had even taken out a pancake and placed it on top of the fire to bake.

The man came closer.

Di Lin was able to get a good look at his appearance. His face would have been a handsome one if not for the scar extending from the left side of his forehead to the corner of the right side of his mouth, ruining the perfection of his face. Instead, this scar made him appear extremely fierce and sinister. If not for the fact that he wasn’t lugging a large machete on his back, he would have been taken for bandits that hid within the desert and murdered for profit.

“It’s already rare for you to reach this point. I won’t kill you, leave,” The man with a head full of red, flame-like hair directed an intense gaze at them.

Di Lin and everyone else looked at Hydin.

This statement was clearly directed at him.

Hydin tore the baked pancake into half, handed one half to Di Lin, and nibbled on the other half.

With an icy expression and imposing aura, the man said, “Reply!”

Hydin replied, “I’m hungry.”


Hydin said, “Need to eat before continuing.”

Di Lin saw a similar exhaustion on Melina and Brandry’s faces. They had been together during this period; he hadn’t eaten, so naturally they hadn’t either. Thus, he instantly handed the pancake to them.

Brandry wanted to decline, but Melina took it without the slightest courtesy and split it into half for each person.

Di Lin took a few pieces of dried meat from his space bag and distributed them.

Faced with their disregard, the man didn’t blow up in anger but instead sat cross-legged. “That’s fine too.”

The eating process was a very long one.

Di Lin could tell that everyone was stalling for time to allow their spiritual energy time to recover. In fact, everyone was aware that this sort of recovery rate was exceedingly slow. But at this juncture, even an increase the size of a grain was good.

The sky was completely dark.

Only the area near the fire would be seen clearly.

The man suddenly commented, “I should have waited for tomorrow morning.”

Although Brandry and Melina didn’t say anything, their eyes clearly expressed their endorsement of his words.

“But I couldn’t wait,” The man’s next statement poured cold water over their ideas. “All of you are destined to lose anyway. There’s not much difference between nighttime and daytime.”

Hydin said, “We’ll know after fighting.”

The man said, “Perhaps to mages, elemental spirits are already very extraordinary. But in reality, as long as I will it, I can gather the strength of the skies and earth at any time and convene innumerable elemental spirits.”

Shock rang through Di Lin’s heart. A fraction of the calm on his face finally crumbled.

Innumerable elemental spirits? Wouldn’t he be able to destroy the heavens and earth with that?

“There actually isn’t any need for you to block my way,” The man said. “I already sent them a warning. As long as they fulfil my conditions, I will not touch a single grass or tree of theirs.”

Hydin stated, “I have no interest in your conditions.”


“Because I only want to defeat you.”

The man seemed puzzled by his utterly fearless confidence. “Don’t you know who I am?”

“Guessed it.”

“… Okay,” The man replied. “I’ll grant your wish.” He stood up nimbly, a brightness like that of flames flickering faintly in his eyes.

Brandry asked, “All of you have already vanished for a millennium, why the sudden appearance now?”

The man stated, “You know who I am too.”

Melina snorted coldly. “Nothing much. All of us know.” Despite her very imposing words, her somewhat unnatural snort reduced her imposing manner greatly.

The man’s expression turned cold. “It looks like we’ve been gone for too long, so much so that all of you have forgotten who the real ruler of this world is.”

Hydin stood up, dusted off the pancake crumbs on his body, and said indifferently, “The strong.”

He mounted a sneak attack.

A raging blaze suddenly engulfed the man.

Di Lin was closest to him. At once, he felt a sharp pain on his right cheek. He was just about to step aside when Hydin gripped his left arm and pulled him to the side. Staggering, he found a firm footing and touched his face subconsciously. It was hot but he hadn’t suffered a burn.

Melina didn’t move. She was a water mage, the opposite of fire. At this time, she couldn’t lend a helping hand even if she wanted to.

As for Brandry, he threw out the various scrolls in his hands.

“Binding technique.”

“Gravity technique!”

“Dazzling light technique!”

“Stealing technique!”


It seemed like the president of the magic guild really wasn’t being stingy with their resources this time, Di Lin thought with feeling.

The blaze grew bigger and bigger. The two elemental spirits could be vaguely made out. Their supple and beautiful waists fluttered within the flames in high spirits.

Di Lin observed the grave expression on Hydin’s face and secretly made preparations to make a move.

The fire circled upwards abruptly like a whirlwind.

Di Lin seemed to have heard two sharp screams.

In an instant, the spirits that were originally bounding within the flames twisted like surging waves before slowly lengthening and finally melting into the fire.

This scene sent a chill down Di Lin’s back. Though he hadn’t interacted with elemental spirits before, an indescribable familiarity and tenderness towards them existed in the hearts of every mage. It could even be said that it was every mage’s ultimate dream to possess an elemental spirit. So, Di Lin couldn’t help being saddened from seeing them vanish in a puff of smoke just like that.

In contrast, Hydin’s emotions weren’t as obvious as his. His attention was entirely on the blaze that had broken away from his control.

“Is that all?”

A figure slowly walked out from the flames.

The flames stuck directly to his skin, yet he was not injured in the slightest.

Di Lin didn’t know how many strands of hair he had, but the way he looked at it, he probably hadn’t lost even one strand.

The fire was very quickly left behind.

Hydin seemed to have given up already, allowing the ball of fire to shoot towards the sky.

As the fire moved further and further away, darkness filled their surroundings once again. There was an extreme sense of gloominess and coldness that remained after the warmth retreated.

“I already said that elemental spirits can vanish. There is no use for them at all,” The man stretched out his slender and long fingers. “It’s not too late to regret.”

Hydin crossed his arms across his chest. “Did I say that I’ve went all out?”

Di Lin didn’t know if this statement was true or false, but what he was sure of was that it stabilized his worry and irresolution.

Seemingly sensing something, a trace of killing intent flashed across his eyes. “You want to die at all costs?”

Hydin answered, “Death will come eventually, but definitely not now.”

Water suddenly splashed towards the man from all directions.

There was an additional jet-black magic wand in Melina’s hands. Rays of light twinkled in the circle of blue crystals on the wand.

Brandry had already used up all his scrolls, leaving him with only the rings on his hands. Both his hands moved incessantly, forming gestures. Increasing amounts of water converged.

Di Lin took the initiative to seek out wind elements, attempting to generate wind blades from them. This was the new wind magic he had thought up. It hadn’t been tested before, so he didn’t know if it would be effective. All he knew was that at this point in time, they needed to try everything!

“Is that all?”

The man’s voice drifted from all around them.

Hydin’s gaze was focused, as if he was turning something over in his mind.

The waves of water were suddenly pushed back. Di Lin angled his body, obstructing the surging water elements in a flurry while blocking Hydin. His reaction speed was already sufficiently quick, but the entire front of his chest had still gotten wet. Just as he was preparing to use the pitiful amount of wind elements to release a wind blade, a long sword stabbed out from within the water, penetrating directly into his abdomen!

The pain was so intense that Di Lin’s spiritual energy completely crumbled. His hand subconsciously moved to touch the sword, yet all he touched was air.

It was a formless sword!

Hydin saw the water barrier collapse and instantly propped up a fire barrier before reaching out and embracing him with furrowed brows. “Why did you…”

Di Lin’s body leaned entirely against his arm.

Aghast, Hydin lowered his head. The azure eyes that didn’t change color even when fatigued overflowed with hot anger in the second he saw the injury on Di Lin’s abdomen.

The man said faintly, “If your heart aches for him, then you should know my current mood.”

The arm around Di Lin tightened.

Since his birth, nothing had ever stumped him. He had enough confidence and enough strength to control everything within his palm. Even when he realized that he had unusual feelings for the youth in his arms, he was still as confident and calm.

In the past, he had never known what it meant to lose control. 

That was the past.

Melina and Brandry were also injured, though they were in slightly better condition than Di Lin, having only scraped some skin.

In a flash, Hydin moved and handed Di Lin to Melina. His face was so gloomy that it was on the verge of freezing into ice. “Take him away.”

She knew that he was referring to the space magic array she had set up previously. “Can you manage?”

Hydin didn’t reply, but his chilly expression already said everything.

Melina said, “Stay safe.”

She glanced at Brandry. Carrying Di Lin, the both of them moved in the direction of the space magic array.

The man declared arrogantly. “I’ve changed my mind.”

Water as far as the eye could see pounced towards them, resembling a tsunami.

“All of you must die.”

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