Holy Institution: Chapter 81

Chapter 81: Solving a difficult problem (2)

Despite the helping hands available, the four-person lineup still seemed extremely feeble.

The cracks in the duplicate magic arrays grew larger and larger.

Melina’s head was lowered as she set up a small-scale magic array.

Di Lin glanced left and right. Brandry was inspecting magic scrolls and all sorts of support tools, while Hydin was resting with his eyes closed; every person appeared very calm. He walked over to Melina and asked, “Can I help?”

Melina drew the last stroke. She turned and glanced at him before taking out a transparent bottle containing a blue medicinal liquid from her space bag. “Pour it along the lines I drew at the edges of the magic array.”

Di Lin took the bottle, noted the amount and the length of the lines, made an internal estimate, and then started to pour it out.

The coordination between his hands and feet was very steady. The amount he poured out was just right.

Melina was somewhat surprised. She shot a glance at Hydin and asked, “I heard you wanted to change tutors in the past?”

Di Lin stared blankly. This ‘in the past’ already seemed very distant. The current him wasn’t willing to leave Hydin at all, unless… the other party rejected him. Of course, he would do his utmost to prevent such a scenario from occurring.

“I think you now have a very good option,” Melina raised her brows.

Di Lin smiled. “I’ve already adapted to Tutor’s methods of teaching.”

Melina was visibly displeased. “His students usually fall into two categories – lunatics or fools.”

 “Do you need to warm up first?” Hydin asked unhurriedly.

Melina ignored him and shot a cold smile at Di Lin. “Look, there’s a lunatic.”

Di Lin didn’t dare to speak. He gave a hollow laugh and slowly retreated to Hydin’s side.

Melina placed several red gems in a small hole in the magic array. It was a small-scale space magic array that could serve as a lifesaver during a critical moment.

Hydin and Brandry glanced at it without any comment.

Crack, crack.

The fracturing sound was very distinct.

They turned to look over.

The two largest elemental crystals in the center of the duplicate magic arrays had… split apart.

Di Lin felt a tightening around his waist. All of a sudden, Hydin brought him away. But they were still one step too late. A powerful force struck directly against his chest, the pain nearly causing him to lose consciousness.

In that instant, he lost perception of his five senses.

It was as if the God of Death was standing by his side, preparing to harvest his soul.

But, the God of Death was not the only one standing by his side. So was Hydin.

A red light flashed.

An extremely powerful fire beam collided against the sandstorm, blocking the force of the sandstorm from landing on Di Lin’s body.

Di Lin had already managed to catch his breath in this one pause. He condensed the rapidly circulating water elements within the sandstorm in front of him, forming a water barrier. Following which, he began seizing the wind elements.

After having went through the competition between Saint Padeus and Saint Sauvy, the battle between Vincent and Hydin, as well as the coordination-based space magic that shook one to the core, Di Lin had already far surpassed any ordinary new magic student, whether it was the strength of his spiritual energy or his control and creativity with the elements.

Very quickly, he realized that out of all the magic he had studied, what was most useful was probably the one he was least familiar with – the wind elements.

The fire beam had rushed a great distance out. In the end, its power was exhausted and it dissipated.

However, Hydin had already brought him along and retreated three li away.

Melina and Brandry’s silhouettes had already been completely submerged by the yellow sand that stretched as far as the eye could see.

“What should we do now?” Di Lin did his best to shout, but the blustery winds prevented even him from hearing his voice clearly.

Hydin grabbed hold of his hand abruptly. He wrote silently: force.


How to force? Force what?

These were Di Lin’s first thoughts. But he very quickly reacted; Hydin was referring to forcing out the mastermind behind this sandstorm!

Hydin released his hand.

Di Lin used the water elements to fix himself into place midair, but he hadn’t managed to stand firm when the water elements started to stir restlessly.

In Di Lin’s mind, other than the water elements and the occasional wind elements that flashed past, the fire elements also became conspicuous! It had to be known that although Hydin had previously taught him how to sense the other elements, those were merely hazy shadows. He had never seen them in such clarity before. They were so bright that even the water elements appeared dull in comparison.

His eyes widened.

A red mist gradually gathered before his eyes. Like a natural barrier made of colored glass, it obstructed the sandstorm. But this was merely the beginning.

The fog became increasingly thick.

The water elements in front of Di Lin slowly vanished.

Before making his descent, Hydin gathered him in his arms once again and uttered in a low voice, “Hold on tight.”

Di Lin hugged him, allowing himself to hang on him like a large sack.

Hydin waited for him to get a firm grip before releasing his hands again.

The red fog suddenly transformed into an inferno that filled the entire sky.

The flames shot upwards in a manner that was not any less insolent than the sandstorm!

Di Lin was shocked.

He seemed to have seen a human figure dancing lightly and gracefully within the flames.

Was that an… elemental spirit?

The raging blaze advanced ahead.

The yellow sand suddenly spread out, wrapping around the inferno in an all-encompassing manner.

Just as both sides were in a deadlock, a clear stream of spring water shot towards the sky.

Di Lin squinted. He could vaguely make out Brandry and Melina within the rays of water.

The spring water spurted out like a fountain, spreading in all directions.

The yellow sand grazed the edges of the blaze and pounced towards him and Hydin like a ferocious beast.

Grains of sand scraped across his face as if it was a whetstone.

Di Lin shut his eyes forcefully. Gritting his teeth, he fixed the wind elements midair.

Although it wasn’t his first time using the wind elements, the number this time far exceeded the previous times. In a flash, he felt the spiritual energy that he had accumulated with much difficulty draining away till it was almost emptied.

The blaze suddenly exploded!

Just like an explosion, the entire plain and sky was shrouded in a sea of fire in an instant.

The vivid colors of the flames filled Di Lin’s eyes. However, Di Lin was sure that in the instant the explosion occurred, he had seen two dancing figures. Did this mean that Hydin had two elemental spirits?

Although he knew that it wasn’t the time now to be deeply moved, envy couldn’t help welling up in Di Lin’s heart.

No matter how precious wind elements were, they couldn’t be more precious than two elemental spirits, right?

The fire that filled the entire sky withdrew bit by bit.

The winds appeared to have already dissipated into an incorporeal form.

Melina and Brandry stood together, a thick ball of water cutting them off from their surroundings. Although they had this layer of protection, burn marks could still be seen on Brandry’s beard and the corners of Melina’s skirt.

They floated over.

Melina protested first, “That was murder!”

Hydin declared, “I have enough confidence in you as a senior of the institution.”

Melina choked up. She definitely couldn’t lose face and admit that she would have been toast if Brandry had not been by her side.

Brandry commented, “I didn’t expect you to actually have two elemental spirits. But how many more times can they be used?” He was indirectly asking how long more Hydin’s spiritual energy could last.

Hydin contemplated it. “One more time at most.”

Brandry’s expression turned grave.

Di Lin looked at their peaceful surroundings. Did they mean that the sandstorm would attack back again?

Then, after using space magic and dual elemental spirits, what else could they rely on to win this battle?

Hydin said, “He can’t be completely unharmed.” Space magic was not limited to space magic, just like how there were fire traps within the space magic in the library. The space magic formations he designed were precise in every aspect, so that at the same time the space magic took shape, there would be a surplus of water, fire, and earth elements to form traps.

No matter how strong the other party was, he didn’t believe that the other party could still be without injury after experiencing consecutive attacks.

Brandry smiled bitterly. “Then how many more times are needed?” He had already exerted himself this time. If he had to go through another, he feared that he would really have to stake his life on it. He lowered his head and took off the shattered gemstone ring from his finger, exchanging it for a few rings that were a rank lower. He had nearly used up all the magic scrolls; the remaining weren’t very useful.

Melina observed him silently tidying things up and suddenly asked, “What is his goal?”

Di Lin’s gaze sparked.

The corner of Hydin’s mouth hooked up. “Probably experimentation.”

Melina looked at him doubtfully.

Hydin shrugged. “Don’t you feel that having such an opponent as your experimental target is a very stimulating thing?”

“Lunatic,” Melina threw out this word. She slowly landed back on the ground, proceeding to rest and reorganize her things on the spot.

Hydin also floated to the ground.

Before landing, Di Lin specially glanced in the direction of Dabei city.

— There was no trace of movement.

The sky gradually darkened.

The only fire mage set up a fire in the center of the four people.

Di Lin mumbled softly, “I’d always thought that fire could only rise from firewood.”

Brandry stated, “The elements exist between the heavens and the earth, never to extinguish.”

“The elements can never be extinguished, but elemental spirits can dissipate into mist,” An ice-cold voice akin to a dagger suddenly cut in forcibly.

Di Lin turned his head.

A robust, tall man with his upper body bared was taking step after step towards them.

His flamboyant red hair floated along the wind like a splendid red cloak.

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