Holy Institution: Chapter 79

Chapter 79: Practice abroad (10)

It was not an easy task to melt the ice.

But apart from Di Lin, everyone else was famed mages and priests, so this originally difficult task didn’t appear to be all that difficult when done by them.

As the ice bundling Ning Ya melted layer by layer, the expressions on everyone’s faces grew increasingly grave.

Red curses covered Ning Ya’s entire body like densely packed insects. Even his face was not spared.

Di Lin took this scene in and felt his blood run cold. Not all things labeled with the word ‘god’ were matchless in its holiness. At least, what this sight made him feel was a matchless disgust.

“Careful!” Malone abruptly exclaimed in a low voice.

All of a sudden, Ning Ya opened his eyes. His four limbs struggled violently.

Seeing his body twist in pain, an indescribable distress filled Di Lin’s heart. If not for the immense suffering he was going through, this quiet and refined youth who was also adept at concealment and endurance would never have revealed such an expression.

Huo Pu asked hurriedly, “What do we do now?”

Malone and Wei Le’s expressions were also very ugly.

“Use the Baptism of the Gods!” Malone boomed at Wei Le.

At this point, there was completely no leeway for Wei Le to consider anything else. He instantly started chanting the incantation for the Baptism of the Gods.

Malone glanced at Hydin.

Hydin raised a brow, not in the least concerned.

Everything lay in the words unsaid.

Malone released the restrictions on Ning Ya and started chanting the incantation with full concentration.

Ning Ya’s struggles grew increasingly intense.

Huo Pu’s barrier eventually broke. Hydin formed a fiery-red barrier that resembled a raging blaze and surrounded Ning Ya with it.

Ning Ya had no awareness of the raging blaze surrounding him. After struggling free of Huo Pu’s barrier, he directly rushed towards the blaze.

Di Lin’s expression changed. Gritting his teeth, he gathered the water elements and formed a new barrier outside the fire encirclement.

As if sensing his anxiety, Hydin casually scattered the fire barrier.


Ning Ya’s body knocked heavily against Di Lin’s hastily formed water barrier.

This was Di Lin’s first time using a water barrier. He had no technique whatsoever and had merely subconsciously lumped every single water element together, forming a solid wall of water.

The impact of Ning Ya’s movements caused the water wall to immediately deform.

“Flexibility is the attribute of water,” Hydin suddenly uttered.


Amid Ning Ya’s unceasing collisions, Di Lin spared with much difficulty a little bit of thought towards considering Hydin’s hint.

The wall of water became thinner and thinner. Ning Ya’s curse-filled face pushed through the water wall bit by bit in a malevolent and sinister way.

Malone and Wei Le continuously discharged the Baptism of the Gods over his body, giving rise to low, shaky shrieks.

Hydin glanced at the already exhausted Huo Pu, his brows creasing. He re-erected a fire barrier that gave off only a faint red light outside the water wall.

The red barrier obstructed Ning Ya’s face, allowing Di Lin to rapidly consolidate his thoughts.

Water, flexibility, attribute…

These three words revolved around his mind continuously… Revolved?!

The water whirlpool magic that Kevin had once used instantly surfaced in his mind.

There was no time to think any further. The motionless water elements in his mind that formed a solid wall slowly rotated in a clockwise direction.

Ning Ya was caught off guard and twisted towards the right at a crooked angle. However, he very quickly straightened up and once again rushed over. The force of the rotating water barrier nullified his striking power, locking him firmly in the center.

Hydin nodded with satisfaction and retracted his barrier.

Malone and Wei Le sped up their chanting.

Two streams of white light landed on Ning Ya’s body without pause.

Ning Ya roared frantically. His ash-colored hair flung about constantly as his body twisted into a strange posture. The red curses were as bright and dazzling as fire, inducing trembles of fear.

Di Lin couldn’t stop himself from shutting his eyes.

The sound of the wind swelled.

Gradually, the sound of Ning Ya’s voice grew softer. The water elements appeared to have broken away from his command and were rotating on their own. The previously obscure and sparse wind elements appeared bit by bit. But they were too quick. Before he could react, they vanished from the spot again.

A light pat landed on his back.

Di Lin opened his eyes with difficulty and realized that everyone else was looking at him – some with praise and others with bewilderment.

Ning Ya had already fainted.

He hurriedly dispersed the water elements and searched for a familiar pair of blue eyes.

Warm breath suddenly buffeted against his right cheek. Hydin’s unique nasal voice pierced through the cacophony of wind and trickled into his ears.

“The sandstorm has reached us.”

Malone and Huo Pu cooperated and placed Ning Ya back into the coffin.

As if perceiving his worry, Malone used the illumination technique to write in the air ‘fast asleep, unharmed’.

Di Lin heaved a sigh of relief. He was going to walk forward and check on Ning Ya when Hydin grabbed his left hand and dragged him out.

The flap of the tent had just been raised. Dust and sand pounced towards them like seawaves, scraping extremely painfully against his cheeks.

Hydin angled his body, blocking him.

Di Lin subconsciously grabbed tightly onto his hand as he moved ahead with difficulty.

No one thought about using a barrier at this time, because if the tree wall failed to hold back the sandstorm, they would need to immediately use space magic. No one knew how much spiritual energy space magic required, so saving any amount was good.

Di Lin could sense that the water barrier had sapped one third of his spiritual energy, causing him to feel slightly fatigued.

Hydin suddenly came to a halt. A red barrier wrapped around them.

The sand was cut off from them. Even the sound of the wind could barely be heard.

Di Lin inquired in surprise, “Tutor?”

“Sleep here for a while,” Hydin sat down.

Di Lin glanced around their surroundings. They happened to be standing on a small raised earth slope. He could very clearly see the tall wall of trees ahead, as well as the jet-black sandstorm emerging from the back of the tree wall. The soldiers and mages who were participating in the space magic were bustling back and forth ahead. The other mages were already standing behind the tree wall, forming the second defensive line. In comparison to them, their idleness made them seem like unrelated passersby.

He slowly sat down, his sense of guilt increasing.

“When the things ahead are completed, I’ll wake you up,” Hydin said.

“Will we definitely lose?” The unease that had been suppressed for a very long time finally slipped out.

The corner of Hydin’s mouth raised slightly. “As long as the space magic succeeds, we will not have lost.”

“…” Although he had already admitted to liking Hydin in his heart, Di Lin still felt that he didn’t understand him. Hydin was well aware of the kind of existence the other party was, yet he was still as nonchalant and calm as before, completely without any sense of anxiety. Di Lin could no longer tell if it was because he had a card up his sleeve or that he had reached enlightenment.

“You like to sleep with your eyes open?” Hydin cast a sidelong glance at him.

Di Lin hesitated. “I want to leave a letter for my father.” He did not fear death but feared saddening his father because of it. Although he knew that his father would definitely understand him and would definitely also get through this attack without faltering.

“You can tell him in person during vacation time.”

Di Lin cocked his head and looked at him.

There was a smile yet not a smile on Hydin’s face. “Didn’t you invite me to visit Shamanril? Was that a joke?”

“No,” Di Lin lowered his head and gazed at his knees. The next instant, he raised his head again. “I will definitely treat you to coffee. At my house.”


Di Lin banished all the chaotic thoughts in his mind. He hugged his knees with his hands, rested his head on his arm and closed his eyes to rest. Halfway through his sleep, he felt a light push against his shoulder. His head involuntarily leaned towards the left, landing in a warm embrace. Slender fingers gently rubbed his temples.

The fatigue and coziness made him lazy to open his eyes. Anyway, he knew whose embrace this belonged to even without doing so.

He didn’t know how long it had been. Time seemed to have stopped.

Di Lin knew that he had not fallen asleep from start to end, but his spiritual energy was gradually recovering.

“Almost there,” Hydin suddenly said.

Di Lin opened his eyes reluctantly before standing up.

The wall of trees had already been submerged by the black sandstorm. One by one, the mages made their way back like birds startled by the mere twang of a bow. A few flew too slowly and vanished in the sandstorm in a blink of an eye.

Di Lin felt a chill running through his body at this sight.

He didn’t know if those disappearing mages could still survive. All he knew was that they no longer had any route for retreat.

“Let’s set off,” Hydin stated lazily.

Di Lin took a deep breath and gradually calmed down. By the time he stood up, all distracting thoughts had been discarded from his mind.

He told himself – this was war.

— Just a war.

Hydin and Di Lin walked to the bottom of the earth slope, hand in hand.

Brandry and Melina headed the mages from the magic guild and Saint Padeus’ Institution in waiting for them. The wild wind brushed against their mage gowns, but every person stood with their backs straight. No cowering or panic could be made out from their postures. The more well-known the mage and the more powerful their spiritual energy, the better and faster the mage understood how to adjust their state of mind.

“Stand at attention,” Melina transmitted her voice to every person using magic.

In fact, even without her needing to say this, every mage had already started moving on their own.

The current situation was already a matter of life and death. There was no time at this juncture to hesitate or space out. The only thing they thought of at this moment was to do what they needed to do well.

Di Lin’s spot was close to Hydin’s; there was only a foot’s distance between them. He stood at his spot and was just about to let go of their linked hands when he felt the other party’s grip tighten even further.

The space magic was activated.

He didn’t have the luxury of time to think about it. All he could do was silently tighten his grip on the hand he had originally intended to let go of.

T/N: There’s something I really like about the scenes in this chapter that I can’t put into words &.&

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  1. Their interactions are just really sweet!! Their dynamic is not the kind that puts a goofy smile on your face as you read, but it definitely brings warmth.

    I’m pretty sure Hydin has affections towards Di Lin, though whether it’s romantic or not is still unclear. But he pretty clearly shows that he regards the youth as an important, indispensable existence in his heart.

    Thank you for the beautiful translation 💙💙

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