Holy Institution: Chapter 78

Chapter 78: Practice abroad (9)

Only two people from the Society of the God of Light had come. Their lineup was far from that of the magic guild and Saint Padeus.

But after they reported their identities, everyone put away their irreverent attitudes.

In the Society of the God of Light, the status of rank seven light officiants was second only to the pope and rank eight divine officiants. They acted as right-hand men to the pope and rank eight divine officiants, and held prestigious positions, rarely operating outside. It was truly remarkable that two of them were dispatched this time.

“I am Huo Pu, Langzan’s grandmaster. It is my honor to be graced with the presence of the esteemed Malone daren and Wei Le daren,” Huo Pu might be Langzan’s grandmaster[1], but his position and status was far lower than theirs.

Malone had a very round face, sparse brows, and delicate facial features. His head resembled a clean, round ball, and he appeared especially amiable when he smiled. “Grandmaster Huo Pu is too kind. The Pope has heard about Langzan’s bitter encounter but had not received any letter from your esteemed king and thus did not dare to rush over indiscriminately. We ask for the Grandmaster’s forgiveness.”

Huo Pu’s smile instantly turned somewhat awkward.

The pope’s interference in the various nations’ political sovereignty meant that Langzan’s king didn’t have much of a good opinion towards the Society of the God of Light, which was why the first party he thought of after encountering trouble was Saint Padeus’ Institution, who never involved themselves in the internal affairs of any nation. If not for the fact that they were at the end of their rope and had no other ideas, he would never have dared to make any contact with the Society of the God of Light in private.

Pamela glanced at Huo Pu, seemingly in disapproval of his methods. The Society of the God of Light had deep links to the political powers of other nations. It was difficult to say if they harbored any other intentions. They could be introducing a potential source of trouble by inviting them in at such a time.

It was unknown if Huo Pu sensed her thoughts, but he didn’t reveal the matter surrounding Ning Ya, instead inviting them to stay at a tent that had already been prepared in advance.

After helping them to settle down, he went out and saw Pamela, Hydin, and Di Lin, who were waiting for him outside.

Only after Huo Pu glanced at the tent the two rank seven officiants were staying in and found that there wasn’t much movement did he gesture at them and walk towards Ning Ya’s tent.

It was still the same expanse of darkness when they walked into the tent.

This time, Huo Pu didn’t make use of the illumination technique.

Discussing secrets in the dark gave one a better sense of security.

Pamela had never been someone with patience. She was the first to voice out, “They are not reliable.”

Huo Pu remained silent.

Pamela was somewhat anxious. “In recent years, the Society of the God of Light has been wanting to extend their influence to Langzan. If not for Langzan being too far away, their tentacles would have long coiled around our King’s doors!”

Hydin suddenly spoke, “Do you also think that the one behind the sandstorms is…” He uttered one word extremely softly.

But Huo Pu and Di Lin heard it.

Since Pamela was a woman, she was standing slightly further from them. Unable to hear clearly, she asked with furrowed brows, “What?”

Hydin didn’t reply. Only the sound of Huo Pu’s nervous gulp could be heard in the darkness. “You think so as well?”

“This answer is the most interesting, no?” Hydin gave an irrelevant answer.

Huo Pu quietened again.

Nobody knew what his complexion was like in the darkness.

Pamela couldn’t hold back anymore and exclaimed, “What exactly are you talking about? What’s behind this sandstorm? Could there be some other conspiracy?”

Huo Pu laughed bitterly. “It would be better if there was some other conspiracy.” He turned to ask Hydin, “Then, do you think that the Society of the God of Light… will help?”

Hydin contemplated. “Difficult to say.”

Pamela hadn’t expected for Hydin to also stand on Huo Pu’s side. She asked urgently, “Didn’t you say that Ning Ya’s our only hope?”

“Isn’t it good to have two more sources of hope?”

“I’m a fool to have believed you!” Pamela pulled open the tent’s flap in anger and rushed out in large strides.

Di Lin asked worriedly, “Tutor?” In the end, Pamela was still the chief of Dabei city, the highest-ranking administrative commander at this moment.

Hydin shrugged. “Relax. He’s the one who invited those people from the Society of the God of Light. Even if they cause trouble, it has nothing to do with us.”

Huo Pu asked, “You think I shouldn’t trust them?”

“They may be of use, but may not necessarily want to be used by you,” Hydin finished his statement unhurriedly before turning and exiting the tent.

Di Lin cast a reluctant glance in the direction of the coffin before also leaving the tent, leaving Huo Pu to worry on his own.

They were still practising space magic. However, this sort of practice was merely a theoretical one. At this juncture, no one dared to waste even a shred of spiritual energy. Everyone was aware that the spiritual energy needed for this sort of large-scale magic was unprecedented.

The duplicate magic arrays had already been set-up, protecting both sides of Dabei city’s main gate.

Everyone was well aware that the outcome might not be what was ideal, but still placed high hopes on it anyway. Or perhaps, they already had nothing else to place their hopes on.

When there was only two li left between the sandstorm and the frontline, Hydin made Di Lin set aside all his studies and sleep. For the sake of familiarizing himself with space magic in the fastest time possible, Di Lin had been running severely short on sleep the past few days, causing a grave shortage in his spiritual energy. If he didn’t catch up on sleep, he would probably have difficulty throwing out even the simplest water ball.

This period of sleep lasted for two days and two nights.

Di Lin suspected that Hydin had added something to the glass of water he had given him before he went to sleep. Otherwise, it was impossible for him to have slept that deeply. He had slept so deeply, yet his energy was very good after waking up, even better than any other time before.

But at such a time, he was no longer in the mood to get to the heart of the matter.

The sandstorm was still half a li away from the frontline.

The thick, dark fog was no longer a black cloud in the horizon but was closely approaching them.

Under such an immense cover, the human body appeared exceedingly tiny.

Pamela stood behind the row of trees with red-rimmed eyes.

In the long time Di Lin hadn’t seen the trees, they had already grown far above the city walls, forming a dense, rigid, and unyielding wall that stood between Dabei city and the sandstorm.

Hydin handed him a scarf.

Seeing that Hydin was also wearing one, Di Lin mimicked the way he put it on and hid his mouth and nose with the scarf.

“It’s about to start. Scared?” Hydin asked.

Surprised, Di Lin immediately smiled. “I am from the Basco clan.”

“Do you have any wishes that you haven’t fulfilled?”

Di Lin’s heart shook slightly. He asked cautiously, “If I say I do, would you help me to fulfil them?”



Hydin carelessly tugged the scarf up, covering his nose. “I’ll make sure you remember it and work hard after everything in front of us now is resolved.”

“Work hard after everything in front of us now is resolved?” Di Lin gazed in the direction of the sandstorm, his eyes curving.

The sound of the wind grew increasingly louder.

Gradually, Di Lin could no longer hear his voice, but he knew that Hydin was behind him.

Pamela suddenly rushed over from the back. Catching sight of Hydin and Di Lin, she shouted loudly, “Follow me!”

Di Lin couldn’t hear what she was saying but could understand what she meant. He looked toward Hydin involuntarily and saw that Hydin had already caught up to her.

They headed to Ning Ya’s tent, which was lit by the illumination technique.

Other than Huo Pu, the two rank seven officiants from the Society of the God of Light were also inside the tent. Their palms were laid flat on top of the coffin, and a white light emitted from their hands, sweeping across the ice unceasingly. They were evidently inspecting it.

Di Lin immediately understood Huo Pu’s intentions.

Since they feared being deceived by the people from the Society of the God of Light, then they would deliberately delay till there was no time left for them to carry out any deception before telling them about this matter, thus catching them off guard.

Wei Le’s eyes widened very quickly. He shook his head. “The ice needs to be melted.”

“No!” Pamela objected vehemently. “All the mages have already gone to the frontline. There isn’t enough manpower to protect Prince Ning Ya.”

Wei Le was very displeased by her attitude. In fact, he was already feeling rather terrible from being sold out when things came to a head. If not for the pope wanting to expand to Langzan, he would never have taken notice of this matter!

“Relax. With me and Malone around, nothing will happen,” Wei Le said.

Huo Pu hesitated for a moment before clenching his teeth and saying, “But the seal on Prince Ning Ya is not an ordinary seal.”

“It’s a god-level seal,” Malone finally opened his eyes.

Wei Le was stunned.

Although they were both rank seven officiants, Malone’s divine skill was higher than his, so he had no choice but to believe it.

Wei Le looked at him impatiently. “Is there a way to undo it?”

Malone pondered over it. “The pope may have a way.”

The pope that was a thousand miles away from them?

Huo Pu and Pamela’s hearts sank. If they had known earlier on that this was the case, they would have allowed them to take a look at Ning Ya much earlier. This way, they might still have time to send him over.

Hydin suddenly said, “That means he doesn’t necessarily have a way.”

Wei Le turned furious in an instant.

Yet, Malone took the initiative to answer first. “Yes. There are only three god-level seals in the Dream Continent at the moment, one of which is at the Nightmare Forest,” He stopped at this point. Hydin knew that he was referring to the super magic array that had been used to seal the Nightmare Forest. “There is one at the Society of the God of Light, in the Pope’s study hall. The world’s strongest devil is sealed by it.” He didn’t mention the third one, as if intentionally leaving it out.

Pamela inquired, “Is there no way to undo it?”

Malone replied, “If anyone could undo a god-level seal, then the devil would have long been released.”

Not resigned, Pamela looked towards Hydin.

Hydin’s gaze flickered. It was unknown what his thoughts were.

Pamela was worried about the events going on outside, so seeing that they were standing in silence, she went back out with a stamp of her foot.

Huo Pu was unwilling to give up. “Do you really not have any ideas?”

Wei Le glanced at Malone.

Malone contemplated it for a very long time before saying with determination, “Melt the ice first and we’ll see.”

[1] Original sentence read ‘Pamela might be the city chief’, but that wouldn’t match up with the spoken statement, so I took a few liberties and changed it to fit the context.

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