Holy Institution: Chapter 77

Chapter 77: Practice abroad (8)

All of a sudden, Pamela rushed out from the tent and chased after them. She originally wanted to chase after Di Lin and Hydin but hadn’t expected for them to be at the entrance. Unable to come to a stop in time, she overshot them. The expression on her face was quite colorful.

“Let’s go in before talking,” She calmed down very quickly, making an inviting motion.

Hydin originally wanted to continue making things difficult for her, but Di Lin had already turned and went back in a very well-behaved manner, so he could only follow after him silently.

When they re-entered the tent again, the atmosphere was different from before.

There was still some attempt to feel them out, but it was no longer as hostile as just now. Pamela lowered her voice and asked, “You said that Prince Ning Ya is the only hope of saving Langzan?”

“Perhaps,” Hydin added this very important word.

Pamela didn’t beat around the bush. “How can he save Langzan?”

“Ask him.”

“If he knew, why would I need to ask you this?” Pamela’s wrath started to stir again.

Hydin inquired, “Why don’t I ask him?”

Pamela shut her mouth, her expression complex.

Given that this was highly classified information in the imperial palace, Ning Ya’s current situation was definitely a dangerous one. Di Lin’s heart lifted slightly.

“All right,” Pamela gritted her teeth and threw caution to the wind. “But you must promise me that you will not let anyone else know of this matter.” She didn’t suggest allowing Di Lin to leave, probably because she knew that Hydin wouldn’t agree even if she did.

Hydin replied. “As far as possible.”

Those who knew Hydin were all aware that this phrase was said just for show, but Pamela’s understanding of Hydin came from his status as a magic tutor of Saint Padeus, so she felt that this was enough. She clenched her teeth, saying, “Prince Ning Ya is at the frontline.”

Di Lin commented, “I know. The king said that he’s here on a secret mission.”

Pamela shook her head. “Not a secret mission. You’ll know when you see him later.” She gestured for them to follow her before walking towards the central camp.

Compared to the east and west camps, the security around the central camp was clearly much tighter.

Even with Pamela around, Di Lin and Hydin were still monitored by a small squadron of troops that followed behind them.

When they reached a tent in the middle of the camp that was slanted to the right, a mage blocked her road.

“City chief,” Although his words were directed at her, his eyes were on Di Lin and Hydin.

Pamela said, “May Grandmaster Huo Pu let us through, they have a way to save Prince Ning Ya.”

Save Ning Ya?

Di Lin’s heart shook, yet not the slightest trace of it was displayed on his face, as if he had been forewarned.

Huo Pu’s eyes were as fiery as electricity as his gaze swept across Di Lin and Hydin’s faces. “His Majesty has commanded that the prince’s rest not be disturbed.”

Pamela said, “We have to be flexible during times of emergency. At that time, we didn’t know that there were people who could come up with a way.”

Huo Pu’s face sank and he said in displeasure, “They haven’t even seen the prince’s current state, how can the city chief guarantee that they have a way? What specific means do they have?”

Pamela was speechless. Before her arrival, she had never expected to run into this Grandmaster – the person who had been Langzan’s top mage for several decades. She had merely uttered those words for the sake of tricking him into letting them past. If he really investigated the rationale behind her words, she wouldn’t even be able to make something up.

“Since we haven’t seen him, then let us take a look,” Hydin spoke in a very relaxed manner.

Huo Pu stared at him coldly. “You’re a teacher from Saint Padeus?” He recognized every single character in the magic guild who had a bit of influence. It was impossible for him to have overlooked Hydin with his eye-catching appearance, so he could only be from Saint Padeus.

Hydin nonchalantly threw out a statement, “Are you aware that Langzan is on the brink of being wiped out?”

Huo Pu’s body shook. He wanted to berate Hydin, but just as the words were on the tip of his tongue, he swallowed them back down powerlessly. Everyone from Dabei city was well aware of Langzan’s situation at the moment. Only a small fraction of nobility in Xiaobei city were still daydreaming, thinking that this was just a minor storm that would pass very quickly.

“Then what are you still doing here?”

Hydin stated, “Striving to make the impossible possible.”

Pamela said in a low voice, “He said that Prince Ning Ya is the key.”

Di Lin had never known that the Pamela who had always been roaring also knew how to lower her voice.

A complicated light flashed across Huo Pu’s eyes. Seemingly thinking of something, he responded only after a while, “Who else knows about this?”

Pamela saw him relent and replied as if she had been relieved from a burden, “No one else.”

Huo Pu nodded and told Hydin, “Follow me.”

Di Lin felt a little anxious. He could still remember Ning Ya’s weak and desolate silhouette when they parted. A faint uneasiness for his old friend stirred in his heart.

The tent was made of very thick material, preventing even an inch of light from entering. When Di Lin placed the flap back down, only an expanse of darkness remained inside.

A cluster of flames appeared in Hydin’s palm.

Huo Pu’s expression changed drastically. “Put it out now!”

In a rare moment, Hydin cooperated.

Without the flames, the darkness in the tent was restored.

Huo Pu muttered a few incantations in a low voice. A ball of white light lit up in his palm.

Di Lin exclaimed in surprise, “Illumination technique?”

The illumination technique was similar to the fire and water ball technique in that it was a basic type of magic. However, it was a technique using light magic; only members of the Society of the God of Light could learn it. Di Lin had already placed Huo Pu in the mage category after seeing him dressed in a mage gown, which was why he was so surprised now.

Huo Pu ignored him, simply extending the light in his hands towards the center of the tent.

Only then did Di Lin notice an open black wooden coffin in the center. His heart seized up involuntarily.

“Relax. The prince is just asleep,” Pamela explained, seemingly having heard his sudden heavy breathing.

Only at this moment did Di Lin follow Hydin ahead to take a look. The coffin contained an entire block of ice. A person was sealed in the middle, although all that could be seen was a blurry figure. He stretched out his head and looked it up and down for a very long time before slowly nodding.

“From the figure, hair color, and facial features, this should be Ning Ya,” He told Hydin softly.

Hydin asked directly, “Why?”

Huo Pu glanced at Pamela. Hydin’s question immediately revealed that he had no inkling of Ning Ya’s situation at all. Pamela had lied to him when she said that Hydin could save Ning Ya.

Likely out of fear that Huo Pu would turn hostile, Pamela rushed to explain, “He did indeed say that Prince Ning Ya was the only hope of saving Langzan.”

Huo Pu glared at Hydin.

Hydin decided to divulge a small bit, “This sandstorm is aimed at him.”

Huo Pu’s brows raised. The expression on his face clearly said that he was in agreement, yet he very quickly shook his head. “I cannot let Prince Ning Ya take the risk.”

“We can discuss whether or not it’s a risk,” Hydin replied.

Huo Pu hesitated for a moment before finally voicing, “The sandstorms attacked our borders not long after Diana’s sacrifice. The King borrowed the one spot that Langzan had to send Prince Ning Ya to Saint Padeus. This was firstly so that he could request for aid, and secondly so that Langzan’s royal bloodline could be continued. Unfortunately, Prince Ning Ya returned after a short while and even frequently shut himself in his room. He very rarely came out to meet others. At the start, we assumed that it was because he felt guilty for not completing his task, so we didn’t pay special attention to it. Until we accidentally realized that the reason why he was shutting himself in his room was so that he could endure the pain when the curse acted up! And as time went by, this pain became stronger and stronger. I gathered all the mages in the imperial palace, but still couldn’t do anything about it. One night when we were attempting to undo the curse, Prince Ning Ya suddenly rushed out in a craze. We chased after him and finally grabbed hold of him before he left the frontline! At that moment, his entire body seemed to have been set on fire; countless fire elements gathered on his skin. In order to eliminate his pain, we could only use ice to seal his body and isolate him from the fire elements’ attack.” It was always better to have someone accompanying him in his worries rather than him worrying about it alone. After finishing what he had to say, his mood improved greatly.

No wonder he was so anxious when Hydin used the fire elements. Di Lin suddenly understood.

Huo Pu took a breather before continuing. “I was originally intending to send Prince Ning Ya back to Xiaobei city but was worried that the fire elements would melt the ice, so I left him here. At least, I can more or less look after him a little.”

Pamela explained, “All of Langzan’s mages are already defending this area, although they’re staying together with the magic guild’s people.” The imperial palace’s mages were also members of the magic guild.

No wonder the security around the imperial palace was so weak.

Di Lin once again came to a realization.

Huo Pu spoke to Hydin, “I’m done. It’s your turn to speak.”

Hydin said, “I don’t have anything to say.”

“… Didn’t you say just now that Prince Ning Ya was the key?” Di Lin and Pamela could already tell that he was working very hard to suppress his rage. But from the tone of his voice, his suppression didn’t seem to be very successful.

Hydin stated, “Let’s fight and see how it goes. If we can’t win, then we’ll wake him up.”

“And then?” Huo Pu’s eyelids twitched.

“Take it one step at a time,” Hydin spoke confidently and freely.

Huo Pu turned and directed a furious stare at Pamela.

Pamela could only point at Hydin and yell, “You lied to me!”

Hydin asked, “When did I?”

“You said you…”

Hydin didn’t wait for her to finish her statement and simply cut her off. “Perhaps.”


He did seem to have uttered that word. Pamela had a bellyful of fire.

The sound of footsteps came from the outside. A soldier spoke from outside the tent, “Reporting to the city chief, reporting to the Grandmaster, those from the Society of the God of Light are requesting to meet.”

The Society of the God of Light?

Pamela was astonished. Because of Langzan’s location at the extreme east of the Continent, the influence that the Society of the God of Light had on it was minuscule. The Society had few followers in Langzan and the king had no relations with the Society’s pope, so what were they here for at this time? Were they planning to profit from their misfortune?

Her thoughts were written on her face.

The ball of white light was still in Huo Pu’s palm. He coughed dryly. “I invited them here.”

The other three people looked at him.

He explained, “My uncle is a rank two officiant[1] at the Society of the God of Light. I grew up in the Society’s church since childhood.”

No wonder he could use the illumination technique, everyone thought.

[1] To be more exact, someone who carries out rituals to make sacrifices to the gods. I don’t know any exact term for such a person in English, so I just used ‘priest’. Let me know if anyone has a better word~

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  1. well.. that was rather unexpected the state Ning Ya is in now.. I feel sorry for him =(

    Maybe the term ‘officiant’ can be used instead of grade-two priest?

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