Holy Institution: Chapter 75

Chapter 75: Practice abroad (6)

Brandry and Melina each found their own spot and sat down. After a moment of hesitation, Nick chose a seat closer to Hydin.

This tent functioned exclusively as a dining hall. But after the few of them sat down, the food on the table was taken away and the other mages who wanted to eat were directed to other places by attendants dispatched by Dabei city.

The tent immediately chilled.

Brandry glanced left and right before deciding to speak up. “The space magic drawn on that blueprint is truly profound and magical! It’s hard to believe that it was invented in just a day.”

“Not a day,” Hydin still answered despite knowing that he was deliberately probing. “This was the result of my previous research. If used to surround Dabei city and obstruct the sandstorms, this space magic will have to be expanded at least tenfold.”

Other than him and Di Lin, the expressions of the other three people in the tent turned blank for a second before immediately dimming.

Melina suggested, “We can try producing a few more of the space magic formations.”

Brandry nodded. This could be considered an idea within an idea.

Excitement shone in Nick’s eyes. “Then, let’s start now?”

Melina stared at him with furrowed brows. “Who are you?”

Nick was dealt a considerable blow. But after encountering Hydin, he understood that Saint Padeus hid many talents and was rife with capable people. He didn’t dare to display any arrogance like he had in the afternoon and replied in a low voice, “My name is Nick and I’m from Tangilly. At the moment, I’m serving at the magic institution in Tangilly’s capital…”

Brandry observed Melina’s wrinkled brows deepening increasingly and hastily picked out an important point as an introduction. “He is a space magic specialist.”

“I dare not call myself a specialist,” Startled, Nick stood up. He stole a peek at Hydin from the corner of his eyes, his face nearly going up in flames. “In front of Great Master Tagilis, I am merely a newbie.” In a blink of an eye, his way of addressing Hydin ascended to the Great Master level.

Melina knew that Brandry was very astute when it came to people; since he called Nick a specialist in this area, it wouldn’t be very far off. However, she truly could not bear to see him direct this sort of reverent attitude towards Hydin. She smiled coldly. “Do you think every person can be as abnormal as him?” Although she wasn’t willing to admit to it in her heart, that blueprint had stunned her to the point of speechlessness. She was aware that Hydin would hand over a certain amount of his research on wind magic practically every year but had never known that he had found the time in secret to research space magic.

Hydin’s finger scratched his chin lightly. “Space magic isn’t anything much.”

The rest of them struggled to maintain their expressions of calm.

If space magic wasn’t anything much, then what would the few of them who heaped admiration and praise on the ‘nothing much space magic’ be considered?

“In comparison, apart from wind magic, necromancy is probably the most interesting,” Hydin’s words shocked everyone.

Brandry coughed heavily.

The magic guild’s loathing for necromancers was not on the same level as the Society of the God of Light, who regarded all necromancers as enemies. However, it was still exceedingly inappropriate for a magic tutor of Saint Padeus’ Institution to publicly express his appreciation for necromancy in the presence of the president of the magic guild.

Melina stared blankly for a while, though she wasn’t as disgusted as Brandry. She merely said, “Necromancy cannot be learnt by every person either.”

Brandry could only let out another cough.

Nick suddenly blurted out, “Say, could this sandstorm be the work of necromancers?”

Everyone else looked at him in amazement.

Thinking that they acknowledged his viewpoint, Nick said hurriedly, “Necromancers are the most sinister mages on the Dream Continent. To put an end to light and justice, they will make use of any despicable means!”

Melina asked, “You have a grudge with necromancers?”

“No,” Nick shook his head.

Hydin stated, “That means you have associations with the Society of the God of Light.”

No matter how slow Nick was, he could still make out the disapproval in their voices. He hastily explained, “My father believes in the God of Light, but that doesn’t represent my position.”

Di Lin suddenly spat out a statement, “One should never use this sort of tone to clarify their relationship with their father.”

“…” How did his perfectly all right explanation become a matter of clarifying their relationship? Nick glanced at the indifferent expressions on the others’ faces and his heart chilled.

He wasn’t the only one who was shocked; so was Di Lin. He didn’t know why he had let slip such a statement either. In the moment he uttered the word ‘father’, the image of Andre’s tall and straight back had indeed flashed across his mind. But he knew that this was far from being the reason for his impulsiveness. In the instant he opened his mouth, an indescribable hostility seemed to want to erupt. Moreover, an unclear elation had welled up in his heart upon seeing Nick’s panicked expression.

What exactly was the reason behind this?

Embroiled in confusion, a subtle sense of uneasiness nestled in Di Lin’s heart. As if an emotion that transcended the scope of his reason and understanding was budding in secret. He seemed to sense it but could not fully grasp it.

While he was entangled in his confusion, Brandry, Melina, and Hydin had already started investigating the feasibility of realizing this space magic.

Putting aside the matter of expanding it by tenfold, the way to transform it into reality was already an extremely challenging problem. It wasn’t as simple as having wood mages intertwine nine hundred trees. When the time came, they might require a hundred… or perhaps even more mages to realize this space magic by relying on their mutual understanding and coordination. This was several hundred, several thousand, or several tens of thousands more difficult in comparison to the coordination between four mages of different elemental attributes.

After all, there was a limit to the elements in the air. How could they make it such that all the mages used their respective elements tacitly without plundering anyone else’s? Moreover, even if everyone knew who they had to coordinate with during the initiation process, the level of precision required for it to go into operation was a hundred percent. As long as one person out of everyone made a mistake, everything would go wrong.

As the conversation deepened, Brandry, Melina, and Nick set aside their initial excitement. Their expressions turned grave.

Hydin said, “The reason why I didn’t hand this research result over was because I thought that this blueprint would never be put into practice in reality.” He had come up with this blueprint several years ago. Accustomed to operating as a loner, his passion for this sort of magic that required a high degree of coordination very quickly burned out.

Di Lin listened to their conversation for a while and then interrupted, “Can’t it be modified into a magic array?”

The advantage of magic arrays was its stability and its capability of drawing support from external forces. For this sort of large-scale magic, using a magic array was definitely the best choice. Yet, no one agreed with him.

Nick said faintly, “We’ll have to start all over again that way.”

The blueprint described the ways in which mages could coordinate with each other. If a magic array was used, the blueprint would become waste paper.

“Actually, it’s not impossible,” Hydin stated with half-narrowed eyes.

Di Lin looked at him in astonishment. He knew that Hydin was not spouting nonsense just for the sake of supporting him. However, from Nick’s words, altering it to a magic array would require them to start afresh. Could he really do as Melina had said and design a complicated, large-scale space magic array within the short span of a day?

Melina and the rest evidently had similar thoughts. The gazes they directed at Hydin was as if they were looking at a freak.

“It’s impossible for us to have enough mages and spiritual energy to set up ten identical space magic formations,” Hydin said slowly. “Unless we use a magic array to fill in the gap.”

A light bulb went off in Melina’s head. “Duplicate magic arrays? It’s true that with nine of such magic arrays, the space magic formation can be reproduced, blocking Dabei city.”

Brandry smiled bitterly. “Just one duplicate magic array can squander half a year’s time of labor, much less nine.” The number of gems it required alone was already astronomical!

Melina muttered to herself, “It is a matter of effort.” They had no alternative but to let the institution’s chairman resign himself to parting with their treasures and open Saint Padeus’ treasure trove, which for many years had only seen the entry and not the exit of items. As for manpower, it might be necessary for Saint Padeus to turn up in full strength this time, while gathering the strength of mages all over the entire Dream Continent.

No matter how outrageous the plan, it was at long last formulated. As for the various obstacles and challenges, they could only leave it for consideration when the time came.

Melina and Brandry stayed behind to continue discussing matters on the division of labor as well as coordination, while Hydin and Di Lin had no other matters and thus went out first. They had merely taken two steps out of the tent when they heard Nick rushing up to them from behind.

Hydin’s eyes iced over.

“Great Master Tagilis,” Nick blocked his path, his face flushed with excitement. His shoulders trembled uneasily. “Although saying this at this time is a little ill-timed, I’ll definitely die from anxiety if I continue to hold it back!!” He pulled on his sleeves and took out a diamond bracelet from his space bag, presenting it to Hydin with respect and anticipation. He uttered with apprehension, “Your talent has dimmed my splendor and made me feel inferior. But I swear, I will definitely work untiringly to follow in your footsteps and afterglow. So, please accept my adoration!”

Hydin’s expression didn’t change. All he said was one word, “Scram!”

Then, Nick really scrammed.

— In a shameful manner.

Hydin took two steps forward. Seeing that Di Lin was still standing motionlessly, he involuntarily stopped to wait for him. “Not coming?”

“Ah? Oh, coming,” Di Lin lowered his head and caught up, though his heart was still lost in the aftershock.

When Nick expressed his adoration towards Hydin, he actually felt an intense jealousy erupt from his chest. The emotion was so intense that his entire body nearly emitted sour bubbles.

If he hadn’t understood it wrongly, this should be termed jealousy – a kind of emotion that arose from one’s potent desire for the person they liked.

He liked Hydin?

Plop. There was the sound of something slamming against the earth.

Hydin turned around.

Di Lin’s left foot had tripped over his right foot, causing him to land on the ground. He didn’t move for a very long time.

T/N: *giggles in embarrassment*

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