Holy Institution: Chapter 74

Chapter 74: Practice abroad (5)

Space magic differed from other types of magic – it was restricted to a certain area and could not be shifted at random, which was why few used it for combat. The majority used it as traps or security. But this did not mean that no mages regarded it as their area of specialty. Thirty years ago, a group of quadruplets relied on their inherent tacit understanding to coordinate the use of their respective elemental attributes, employing space magic at superb levels and sweeping across the entire Dream Continent. The might of space magic was evident.

However, this sort of coincidence was after all rarely seen. Even now, few mages in the Continent gathered to research space magic together.

It was actually not much more difficult to prevent the spread of the sandstorms than to employ space magic by suddenly relying on a group of mages who had never coordinated before. However, Melina and Brandry still decided to give it a try. A faint hope would always be stronger than zero hope.


Melina glanced at the perfectly composed Hydin. Since someone’s confidence was so great that he would even guarantee the result, then she would give him her trust for now.

Hydin turned a blind eye to the looks cast towards him from his surroundings. As long as no one carelessly delivered themselves to him to be made fun of, he was disinclined to actively go in search of faults to pick on.

“I heard you’re the leader in charge of the set up of space magic?”

Reality proved that careless people existed everywhere. Such people would never be buried by too much yellow sand.

Hydin lifted his eyelids.

The other party saw his standoffish appearance and immediately felt that he had lost too much face. His tone of voice stiffened slightly. “I’ve been studying space magic for several tens of years. I believe my understanding of space magic will not lose to anyone else.”

Hydin replied. “Indeed, you understand space magic very well.”

The other party hadn’t expected for him to reply this way. Does he know me? This thought emerged in his mind.

Hydin continued leisurely, “But you don’t understand yourself.”

“You!” The other party suddenly broke out into anger.

Hydin asked, “Since you’ve researched space magic for so many years, why can’t you teleport?”

The other party snorted coldly. “How is that tough?” He turned back and beckoned towards the comrades who had been looking their way. His comrades instantly walked over.

Five people surrounded Hydin who was still seated on the chair, as if looking down on him. The other party gave them an account of Hydin’s request, and they revealed contemptuous smiles.

“Open your eyes wide and look.”

Just as he uttered these words, he disappeared right in front of them.

His comrades looked at Hydin proudly.

A while later, that person rushed back and asked arrogantly, “How’s that?”

“Someone who uses the most basic wind magic can resolve the issue of movement, yet you need to inconvenience four people to help you,” Hydin sneered. “I can’t understand where your delight came from?”

Their overly large movements and the resounding voice of that person had attracted many people’s attention. Hearing Hydin’s words, those from Saint Padeus laughed very cooperatively.

Di Lin swiftly used magic to squeeze in between Hydin and the five people, his speed even quicker than that of a gale. He said deferentially, “Tutor, Tutor Melina said everything’s ready.”

Seeing that Di Lin’s speed had rendered the five people’s cheeks to turn pale, the corner of Hydin’s mouth involuntarily hooked up to form a shallow smile. He stood up and patted Di Lin’s shoulder. “Oh. Do you have any questions on space magic?”

Di Lin answered, “I’ve finished reading the five books. But since I haven’t put it into practice, I may not be very skilled when coordinating.”

“Finishing five books in one night is already not bad,” Intentionally or otherwise, Hydin shot a glance at that person. “It’s still better compared to someone who hasn’t finished even one book in five years.”

“Who did you say hasn’t completed one book in five years?” That person bellowed in a show of strength.

Hydin cast a glance at him. “What business is it of yours?”

That person was rendered speechless.

Fearing that their argument would continue without an end, Di Lin simply dragged Hydin over to Melina. Noticing the strange gaze she directed at his hand, alarm rang through his heart and he let go of his hand immediately.

Melina looked suspiciously at Hydin.

Hydin’s expression didn’t change. “Nobody’s ever pulled your hand?”

“Who would dare?” Melina snorted coldly.

Hydin smiled. “That’s because your hand isn’t as nice to touch as mine.”

Di Lin’s entire person resembled someone who had just been bathed in red dye.

Brandry interrupted in a timely manner, “Has Tutor Tagilis thought of a way to set up this space magic? How many should it be split into, and how should they be linked together?”

Di Lin had spent a whole night reading books on space magic and more or less had some understanding of it. The greater the coverage of the space magic, the harder the operation. If they wanted to protect Dabei city, they could not solely depend on one space magic formation. Even the nine hundred trees planted the day before could not completely protect Dabei city. He did some calculations inwardly. If they used the relatively more complex space magic mentioned in the book, they would need around five hundred for it to be enough.

Melina said, “I recommend around a hundred.”

Brandry nodded. That was similar to the number he had calculated.

“One,” Hydin offered an answer that left all the mages flabbergasted.

Melina exclaimed, “Are you crazy?”

Brandry looked at him in bewilderment. Despite the many praises Melina had given him, to him, Hydin·Tagilis was still an unfamiliar name. At the moment, all he knew was that he was a fire mage, was an expert at space magic, and wasn’t very easy to get along with. He knew nothing else.

Hydin gave a slight smile. “The best method to deal with a madman is to be even more of a madman than him, no?”

Melina’s face sunk. She had thought that the difficulty of setting up space magic would be lower than directly stopping the sandstorms, but now it seemed that there was no difference between the two. Both were impossible to accomplish.

Di Lin saw everyone remain silent and knew that the difficulty of this had already exceeded everyone’s scope of knowledge, so he asked, “Then what should we do?”

The person who had provoked Hydin just now laughed heartily. “Does that even need to be asked? Of course, it’s to go home and dream!”

His comrades also followed him in laughing.

Although it was unintentional, the atmosphere relaxed quite a bit.

Brandry inquired, “Does Tutor Tagilis have a plan?” In his heart, this was a definite impossibility, but after living to this age, he already understood that certain things on this planet could not be comprehended till it occurred – just like the sudden arrival of this incomparably strange sandstorm.

Hydin took out a thick document from his space bag and slowly flipped it open…

Very soon, the tent couldn’t accommodate all of them. Everyone shifted outside the tent and then realized that the camp wasn’t big either.

The document was eventually spread out, displaying an area that encompassed all three camps.

The moment Brandry and Melina saw the contents of the document, their expressions changed. Their eyes blossomed, giving off brilliant rays of light. The other mages didn’t react as quickly as them, but the result was more or less the same.

Di Lin could tell that this was a sketch explaining an extremely complex form of space magic. However, given that it wasn’t on the same level as what he had read the day before, he only managed to look at it for a short while before feeling his head going dizzy and his eyes dimming. The one night’s worth of knowledge he had stuffed into his head with much difficulty had completely turned into cotton.

Hydin saw him continuously kneading his temples and stated, “When the time comes, just stay by my side and coordinate with me.”

The load on Di Lin’s mind eased slightly. Besides his self-esteem, the reason why he studied space magic with a vengeance the previous night was because he didn’t want to be the reason Hydin broke his promise. Although Hydin spoke of it lightly, he was very clear that Hydin’s competitiveness definitely did not lose to his.

Seeing that the others had taken off their shoes and were looking at the paper on the ground, Hydin took Di Lin back into the tent.

Time passed quickly.

Di Lin read books while consulting Hydin and was about to open the mysterious door to space magic once again when he heard someone standing outside the tent say, “Time for dinner. Take a break first.”

This voice was a little familiar.

Di Lin packed up the books and went out with Hydin.

Standing outside was the person who had provoked Hydin previously. He looked at Hydin both shyly and hesitantly, the ripples in his eyes as clear as water. His appearance was completely like that of someone who couldn’t bring himself to voice his misgivings.

Di Lin’s heart thumped.

Romance between men was not taboo in the Dream Continent. This was why he found Ning Ya’s confession unexpected but did not harbor any feelings of disgust. The way this person looked now, he clearly resembled the appearances of those noble ladies he had seen at balls in Shamanril when they met their beloveds. Could it be that he had fallen in love with Hydin within the short span of a day?

“Tutor Tagilis.” Just when Hydin’s patience finally ran out and he was preparing to circle around him, the person spoke in a flurry, “I was lacking in manners today. Please forgive me at all costs.”

Hydin’s footsteps came to a halt and he looked at him doubtfully.

“My name is Nick and I’m from Tangilly. At the moment, I’m serving at the magic institution in Tangilly’s capital…” He started to chatter incessantly as he introduced his entire life.

When he reached his hometown’s local specialties, Hydin finally reached the end of his patience. His arms circled around Di Lin before using wind magic to leave.

Di Lin’s back was pressed against Hydin’s chest, while Hydin’s breathing echoed in his ears. The uneasiness in Di Lin’s heart gradually eased, transforming into wisps of sweetness that had no form yet truly existed.

“Are you sick?” Melina’s icy voice jerked him out of his inner world like a chisel, returning him to reality.

“Ah? No,” Di Lin touched his face unnaturally.

Hydin had long since released his grip and found a spot at the table to sit down at. Seeing Di Lin still standing on the spot, his brows couldn’t help creasing. “Still not coming here to eat?”

“All right,” Di Lin quickly adjusted his mood and sat down beside him with a face that was gradually losing its flush.

The food at the frontline was very simple. Pancakes, cured meat… They were all foods that could be easily preserved.

Hydin ate a few mouths before losing his appetite and stopping.

For the first time, Di Lin ate a lot. His mouth didn’t stop moving even till now.

Melina had gone out when they tucked in and only came back at this moment. Following behind her was Brandry… as well as Nick, who had reported his name just now.

Di Lin completely lost his appetite.

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