Holy Institution: Chapter 72

Chapter 72: Practice abroad (3)

‘What about the more obscure theories then?” Hydin clearly didn’t intend on keeping up with the latest news.

Melina sat down on the only chair in the tent. “There are two theories. The first one is that it’s a natural disaster.”

Hydin laughed icily. “A natural disaster even more powerful than mages?” If it was a natural disaster, mages would be able to easily curb the spread of the disaster through their control of the elements.

“The other saying,” Melina’s voice lowered. “Do you know what Saint Dean’s belief is?”

Di Lin’s heart clenched.

Wasn’t Saint Dean’s belief…

Hydin uttered slowly, “That’s a little more reasonable.”

Melina glared at him. “Don’t you think that this theory is the worst among the three?”

“The only thing I know is that it’s the closest to reality,” Hydin said dully.

Melina was silent. Then, she asked grudgingly, “What are you going to do then?” Her question was in fact a silent acknowledgement that she also felt that the third theory was likely to be the closest to the truth.

“We need to first know what his intentions are. There hasn’t been any movement for so many years; there’s no reason for him to suddenly pop out,” Hydin’s gaze deepened. Ning Ya’s curse and his repeated labeling of the other party as a devil flashed past Hydin’s mind. Perhaps, the answer had long been inadvertently announced.

“How are we going to know that?” Melina asked.

Hydin replied, “Find someone.”


Hydin suddenly stopped talking. He looked at her with plenty of interest.

Melina’s cheeks reddened slightly, though it wasn’t from embarrassment but anger. She had probably realized that her train of thought had unknowingly been led by the other party. “Since you already have an idea, then do it as soon as possible.” She turned her head away uneasily, her intentions to see them off visible.

Hydin didn’t continue to mock her either. He lifted the curtains and left.

Di Lin hastily bid goodbye to Melina and caught up to Hydin, asking, “Where are we staying at night?” He had originally hoped for Melina to arrange living quarters for them but hadn’t expected… that the conversation would fall through.

Hydin turned sideways and blocked the way of a passing magic tutor. “Where is Chai Fuang’s tent?”

Chai Fuang’s tent was probably the most resplendent in the entire east camp.

In Hydin’s words, it was showy.

The tent didn’t contain much, likely because Chai Fuang had packed up when he left. Fortunately, Di Lin and Hydin had the habit of bringing bedding while on the road, so that they wouldn’t have to worry about not having a place to sleep at night.

It was late, so the two of them laid out their bedding and lay down.

He had clearly gone through a tiring day, but Di Lin kept tossing and turning, unable to fall asleep. The words Melina had spoken in the tent played unceasingly in his mind. If it was really like what she said, it was impossible to prevail over what they were about to face.

He was not someone who would easily utter words of defeat, but he was truly unsure this time.

“Are you asleep?” He asked exceedingly softly.

There was no sound from the other side.

Di Lin sighed softly and flipped around again.

“Do you think an ordinary person would be able to hear you at that volume?” Hydin’s voice suddenly sounded in the darkness.

Di Lin’s turbulent heart finally found a firm land to rest on. “Tutor is not an ordinary person.”

Hydin was very pleased by his words, so he didn’t refute him.

“Were the sandstorms really… induced?” He asked.

“I can only tell you,” Hydin said slowly. “That it wasn’t me who induced it.”

Di Lin immediately realized that he had asked a stupid question. “Then how can we defeat him?”

Hydin answered, “No idea.”

This was Di Lin’s first time hearing Hydin clearly express his uncertainty. He felt somewhat sorrowful, yet somewhat happy. To a strong person, showing weakness was an extremely difficult affair, especially if things hadn’t yet advanced. He understood Hydin’s pride very well, so the weakness he showed in front of him was that much more precious.

“Is that something worth being happy over?” Warm breath caressed his cheeks.

Di Lin turned in shock. A small night pearl was placed in the room; it didn’t give very good lighting, but it was enough for him to clearly make out Hydin, who was seated beside his bed and looking at him with a lowered head. The distance between their noses did not exceed three centimeters.

“What are you smiling at?” His azure eyes seemed to brim with magic power, nearly luring him in.

Di Lin didn’t dare to look directly into his eyes. However, his lowered gaze happened to meet Hydin’s lips. His mouth instantly turned dry.

Hydin watched his face turn increasingly red and his breathing quicken, and couldn’t resist raising a brow. In a flash, he used the wind to send himself back to his bed before saying faintly, “Sleep.”

Di Lin stayed motionless as he held his breath.

A long while later.

Only after confirming that Hydin had really fallen asleep did he put a hand over his heart and slowly let out a breath. It was fortunate that Hydin had retreated just now, otherwise he really didn’t know what he would do on impulse. He had heard of many noble youths who had committed vile actions on impulse and didn’t want his name to be included among them.

Despite his countless attempts to persuade himself, his body refused to appreciate it. The drumming of his desire caused him to toss and turn till the wee hours of the morning. Only when he could no longer bear the fatigue did he manage to fall asleep.

The next day, Di Lin’s best attempts to rouse his spirits couldn’t cover up his listless look.

Hydin didn’t say anything and simply took him to Melina’s tent.

The real battle was about to begin.

Apart from Melina, Pamela was also in the tent. A white-bearded elderly man in a white gown sat beside her.

Upon catching sight of him, Di Lin couldn’t help thinking of Tang Mi·Clarklen, the mysterious mage who loved painting yet couldn’t paint well. This inevitably led him to recall the little aspects of life in Saint Padeus – Suo Suo, Rui Meng, Kevin…

By the time he snapped out of his long train of thought, the tent was already shrouded in an atmosphere of mutual hostility.

Pamela glared at Hydin, her body trembling with anger. This morning when Melina told her about Hydin’s position in the institution and accomplishments, she had still secretly rejoiced over the arrival of such strong support. But she hadn’t expected for this rejoice to turn to rage not even an hour later.

“Your request is too absurd!” Pamela didn’t want to shed all pretense of cordiality on account of Melina and Saint Padeus, so she suppressed her anger with great effort. “Langzan is most in need of manpower now, how can we dispatch people to search for Prince Ning Ya? Moreover, Prince Ning Ya is in Xiaobei city. If you really wanted to find him, you shouldn’t have come to Dabei city!”

Although Di Lin didn’t know why Hydin suddenly wanted to find Ning Ya, his mouth moved without thinking, “We’ve been to the imperial palace. The king said he came to the frontline.”

“His Majesty may not have wanted to let someone else know of Prince Ning Ya’s whereabouts.” Pamela’s temper wasn’t as good towards Di Lin, even scolding him indirectly, “What Langzan needs most urgently now is to pool our efforts together and deal with the sandstorms, not harass our country’s royal family because of some unfathomable reason!”

On the contrary, Melina understood Hydin’s temper. His words may not be reliable, but his actions had always been very reliable. “Why find him?”

Hydin asked, “Do you remember our conversation yesterday?”

Melina’s eyes lit up. “How do you know it’s him?”

“I guessed,” Under everyone’s gazes, Hydin uttered these two words without any sense of pressure.

Pamela lifted up the flip in anger and walked out of the tent.

The white-bearded elderly man’s buttocks continued to remain firmly glued to the only chair.

Furrowing her brows, Melina introduced the person monopolizing her seat with dissatisfaction, “Brandry from the magic guild.”

Di Lin exclaimed in astonishment, “The president of the magic guild?”

Brandry shot a smile at him. “Yes. Pleased to meet you.”

Brandry’s status in the Dream Continent was very subtle. When it came to nobility, he definitely couldn’t be compared to the emperors of Kanding Empire and Shamanril. When it came to divinity, he definitely couldn’t be considered more holy than the pope of the Society of the God of Light. When it came to knowledge, he definitely wasn’t as learned as Saint Padeus’ Institution’s chairman. However, when it came to influence, he probably surpassed the above-mentioned people by a little. In addition, Saint Padeus’ mages had always belonged to the magic guild in name. Ever since they started making unrestrained use of the magic guild’s resources, they were no longer in the position to refute this connection that had been forcibly imposed.

Therefore, Di Lin still possessed considerable respect and curiosity towards this legendary heavyweight. “It is my honor to be able to meet you here.”

Brandry smiled at him and then turned to look at Hydin. “Tutor Tagilis has been emphasizing the need to first find Prince Ning Ya. Is it related to the plight Langzan is encountering at the moment?”

“Related?” Hydin answered the question with a question.

Brandry was unconcerned. “The East Rose Desert is unlike the Nightmare Forest. Other than yellow sand as far as the eye can see, it doesn’t have anything else. There is most assuredly a deeper meaning to the sudden appearance of these sandstorms.”

These three statements were equivalent to having not said anything.

“What deeper meaning?” Hydin continued his questions.

Brandry smiled. “Tutor Tagilis should already know, no?”

“I don’t,” Hydin bluntly rebuffed him.

Brandry questioned, “Then why do you insist on finding Prince Ning Ya?”

Hydin drew Di Lin towards him. “For my student. They’re friends.”

Melina looked over in bewilderment as well.

Di Lin nodded. Although he didn’t believe that Hydin’s motive for finding Ning Ya was that simple, he would not hesitate to support Hydin at such a moment.

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