Holy Institution: Chapter 71

Chapter 71: Practice abroad (2)

Knowing he was a mage, Pamela had a mind to test them. Seeing that he had voluntarily delivered himself to them, she immediately asked, “What do you mean then?”

Hydin replied, “I was just asking how far it is. If it’s too far, I want to use a carriage.”

The anticipation in Pamela’s eyes instantly transformed to contempt. “Dabei city’s carriages are only used to transport things that can’t walk.”

“Transport?” Hydin glanced at the slow-as-a-snail fleet. With a shift of a finger, the trees rushed out more than ten meters, just like tails that had been set on fire. They then floated midair in a strange manner. “Are you referring to this sort of transportation method?”

Pamela looked at him in amazement.

Hydin crooked a finger. The trees returned with a gust of wind and piled back onto the cart. He nodded. “I understand now.” He was about to leave when Pamela took a sudden big stride forward, blocking his way. “How long can your magic hold on for?”

The corner of Hydin’s mouth hooked up. “My magic has only ever been used to transport two-legged creatures who can walk.”

Di Lin noticed his gaze shifting over and for some reason, recalled the previous times when he had carried him. His waist tightened.

Pamela suppressed her rage with great difficulty. “This isn’t the time to be nitpicking!”

Hydin stated, “That’s what you think.”

“You!” Pamela looked at the color of the sky and decided that she didn’t want to carry on with this annoying troublemaker any longer. Throwing up her hands, she caught up to the fleet.

Hydin said leisurely from behind her, “Just because I won’t do it doesn’t mean my student won’t.”

Di Lin looked at the back of his head. As Hydin’s only student, he understood very well that he was referring to him.

Pamela came to a stop and turned back, looking Di Lin up and down suspiciously. “You mean him?”

Hydin asked Di Lin, “Can you do it?”

Di Lin contemplated it. “I’ve never tried it before.” Although he knew how to use wind magic, he had never transported objects this heavy. But after seeing Hydin’s relaxed appearance while doing so, his fighting spirit was roused. “I’ll give it a try.”

He shut his eyes. The shining water elements advanced towards a tree on the fleet before gently lifting it.

Pamela looked on as a lone tree broke away from the fleet and floated midair motionlessly.

“Like this?” She asked Hydin.

Hydin said, “This is the process.”

Pamela inquired, “What about the outcome?”

Di Lin opened his eyes at this time. Seeing his achievement, he heaved a small sigh of relief. “I was just trying it out first.”

“Forget it,” Pamela turned and left.

What use was there in transporting one tree to the frontline? A single tree was of little help.

Di Lin explained to Hydin in a low voice, “I was practicing first.” If he didn’t succeed and the huge pile of trees tumbled down, they would be damaged.

“Do you think there is a need to explain?” Hydin raised a brow.

Di Lin’s heart warmed. “Can Tutor send so many trees to the frontline?” Given the spiritual energy and water elements that he had used to float a single tree, the most he could lift was probably around thirty. This was already the best outcome. He had constantly been using magic the past few days, so he had consumed a considerable amount of spiritual energy. He might not necessarily be able to produce such a good outcome.

“Yes,” Hydin uttered one word.

“Then why…” Di Lin’s eyes were fervent. He might not know what the trees were being sent to the frontline for, but since they were of use, it would be better for them to reach earlier.

“It’ll consume a lot of spiritual energy,” Hydin completed his statement and walked ahead.

Di Lin thought back to the exhaustion he had experienced after the huge fight he had had with Vincent and gave up on the thought at once. It was important for the trees to be transported, but not to the point where Hydin’s spiritual energy could be casually wasted on it. He deeply believed that Hydin’s existence would be a significant helping hand to the frontline.

If he was willing to make an all-out effort.

The frontline was only fifteen li away from Dabei city, yet they walked for an entire afternoon. Only after the sky had completely darkened did they finally catch sight of the camp housing the frontline troops.

“We’re here,” Di Lin let out a breath.

He had to admit that his physical strength had fallen considerably after entering Saint Padeus. Perhaps this was the difference between choosing to be a mage and a knight.

He turned to glance at Hydin and found that his complexion hadn’t changed at all from start to end, though his breathing had quickened slightly. Given that he was a mage, it wasn’t hard to imagine his physical strength either.

In contrast, Pamela was still in great spirits.

Di Lin suspected that if she hadn’t been slowed down by the cart laden with trees, she would have long made a trip there and back.

Pamela did not heave a sigh of relief upon seeing the camp. Instead, after a period of contemplation, she spoke gravely, “At the moment, there are three camping areas.”

Di Lin was quick to prick up his ears.

Langzan needed concerted efforts at this time. The fact that the frontline had been split into three camps at this juncture meant that the frontline was at odds.

Pamela described, “Your institution stays in the east camp. The west camp is for the magic guild’s people, and our troops are in the center.”

Di Lin asked, “Only the magic guild came?”

“Who else do you think there is?” Pamela looked askance at him.

“Saint Sauvy’s Institution and Saint Dean’s Institution[1] didn’t participate?” Di Lin found this unexpected.

“Not on the surface,” Pamela’s voice was thick with resentment.

Di Lin’s eyes shifted as he thought of the reason behind this.

The reason why he chose Saint Padeus among the three largest institutions was because its exceptional geographical location allowed him to distance himself from the various power struggles. Both Saint Sauvy and Saint Dean’s actions were more or less influenced by other countries.

“But they won’t be of much use even if they came,” Pamela sighed. “Even Diana daren of the Gold Rose Knights was buried by the yellow sand. Other knights who came would only be sacrificing themselves.”

“Diana? You’re saying…” Di Lin was startled.

No wonder Ning Ya was so angry when Aridi spoke of Diana in a disrespectful way. It turned out that Diana really hadn’t passed away due to a love affair but had sacrificed herself for Langzan.

Thinking of Ning Ya, Di Lin felt the urge to ask of his whereabouts. But after recalling the king’s words that he was currently on a secret mission, he had second thoughts and could only suppress the urge for now.

The camp gradually came into view. The densely packed lights amidst the darkness ignited their hopes and sent them warmth.

In spite of the increasingly strong wind-blown sand, Di Lin’s footsteps became more and more relaxed.

Pamela had only reached the camp’s entrance when she saw the soldiers in the camp lined up neatly in welcome.

Pamela waved a hand. “Send the trees in first.”

A man in senior military garb ran over. “City chief, the Saint Padeus mages said that water elements here are becoming increasingly sparse, while the fire elements are increasing. If this continues, fires could crop up easily. Do we want to transfer some water from the city here?”

“Distant water will not be able to quench an immediate thirst[2]. The river water in the city has almost dried up. Gree is digging a well in the city, but we don’t have very high hopes for that.”

“But without enough water, the trees won’t be able to revive.”

Pamela looked ahead with furrowed brows for a long while before wiping her face and saying, “Take good care of the trees, I’ll solve the other problems. I’m going to send them to the east camp first.”

Only then did the high-ranking military officer notice the existence of Hydin and Di Lin. He couldn’t help taking a second glance… just a second glance. When it became a third glance, they had already left with Pamela, leaving behind only the views of their backs.

Only after they reached the east camp did Di Lin realize that Chai Fuang hadn’t returned. Melina was currently in charge of the place.

Melina’s confirmation dispelled the remaining hints of doubt Pamela had about them. After greeting Melina, she told her about the trees’ arrival and that Saint Padeus’ wood mages could make their preparations.

Melina was unusually cooperative, unlike her usual arrogant manner in the institution.

Hydin asked after Pamela left, “Wind magic can’t hold it back either?”

If this were ordinary times, Melina definitely wouldn’t give him face. But now, she lacked even the energy to make things difficult for him. “Let’s talk in the tent.”

The tents were gathered from all areas of Langzan, so the colors, textures, and sizes all varied.

The one Melina stayed in wasn’t the largest but was definitely the most solid.

She lifted up the flap, entered the tent and drank a mouthful of water before asking, “Do you know the cause of the sandstorms?”


If he knew, the entire Continent would know as well.

Hydin replied, “No.”

Di Lin cast a curious glance at him, surprised that the arrogance in his attitude had vanished.

“Rumors say that it’s due to an extremely powerful magic beast,” Melina had a grave expression on her face.

“Magic beast?” Di Lin was startled. He couldn’t think of any magic beast so formidable that it could cause a country to collapse.

Hydin commented, “If there was such a magic beast, Saint Padeus wouldn’t exist.” When it came to magic beasts, there was no place on the Continent that had more magic beasts than the Nightmare Forest.

Melina stated, “But this is the most popular theory at the moment.”

Hydin at long last understood why there were so many spies in Dabei city.

If it really was because of a magic beast, that meant that it could be tamed. A magic beast capable of extermination – even if it didn’t land in their hands, no country would be willing for it to land in another’s.

[1] The raws stated Saint Vian instead of Saint Dean. However, the only other institution mentioned early on apart from Saint Sauvy is Saint Dean. One of the Chinese characters in Vian and Dean are the same, so for consistency’s sake, I’m going to assume that the author meant it to be Saint Dean and not Saint Vian.

[2] This saying basically means that the source of help is too remote to be of any use to an immediate concern.

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