Holy Institution: Chapter 66

Chapter 66: Visiting family (7)

Di Lin was mopping the floor when Suo Suo and Rui Meng exited dreamland.

Rui Meng widened his eyes. “Where did you pop out from?”

Di Lin halted his movements, propped an elbow against the mop and beamed. “From your books. People usually call me the God of Books.”

“God of Losing[1]? Then I definitely won’t bring you into a casino,” While Rui Meng was speaking, Suo Suo had already jumped up from the bed in joy and pounced onto Di Lin.

“Are you okay? You nearly frightened me to death when you fainted. I wanted to stay behind and take care of you, but Hydin chased me away,” Suo Suo started to tattle.

Rui Meng added, “He was sniffling and crying the entire journey back; everyone thought I did something to him. Luckily Kevin helped me to explain the situation, otherwise I wouldn’t be able to clear my name even if I jumped into the Illusion Lake.”

Di Lin smiled as he put Suo Suo down. “Not everyone will assume you did something.”

Suo Suo lowered his legs reluctantly. His two hands continued to cling tightly to Di Lin’s arm, for fear that he would run off again.

Di Lin continued to mop the floor.

“What are you doing?” Rui Meng’s gaze finally landed on the mop in his hands.

“Doing what you guys didn’t do the past few days.”

Rui Meng dragged Suo Suo along to wash up.

After entering the washroom, he asked Suo Suo quietly, “Do we tell Di Lin about Ning Ya’s situation?” He knew that Di Lin was Ning Ya’s best friend in the institution and was concerned that he would be worried after knowing about Ning Ya’s situation.

Suo Suo replied, “He’ll still find out even if we don’t say anything.”

“How will he know?”

“Eh! Di Lin, you’re back! Do you know that Langzan’s in trouble?” Kevin’s voice could be heard from the other side of the door.

Rui Meng, “…”

The four people walked to the dining hall in silence.

Ever since Kevin finished relaying the recent developments in Langzan, Di Lin had been in silent contemplation.

Rui Meng had wanted to speak up a few times, but the words stifled his throat, preventing him from giving voice to them.

In the end, it was Suo Suo who couldn’t take it any longer. He tugged on Di Lin’s sleeve. “Langzan will definitely be fine.”

This statement of consolation was truly too feeble.

Rui Meng shook his head.

“En! It’ll be fine,” Kevin couldn’t think of a better consolation phrase either.

“… I think so too,” Rui Meng instantly chimed in.

Di Lin slowly opened his mouth and voiced the conclusion that he had arrived at after thinking about it over and over again, “I want to go to Langzan.”

Apart from dispatching a team of tutors as military aid, Saint Padeus also allowed students to form a volunteer army. Of course, the volunteer army was not without benefits. As long as one’s performance was good, one would obtain a certain amount of school credit. To the older students who had been in the institution for many years, unable to graduate, this was a good opportunity to search for a route out. However, Rui Meng and the rest were still only junior students, so they hadn’t thought that far yet.

In fact, Di Lin himself had no assurance that his request would go through.

Hearing that he wanted to go, Suo Suo raised his hand without demur.

Rui Meng asked, “What are you going for when you don’t have magic?”

Suo Suo didn’t hesitate. “I can blow the horn.”

Rui Meng remarked, “The trouble that Langzan ran into isn’t something that can be resolved by blowing the horn.” Although the news from Langzan the past few days couldn’t be considered terrible, it definitely couldn’t be considered good. There were rumors saying that the second volunteer army batch had more or less already been gathered, and that they were waiting for a leader.

No matter how he thought about it, the only person who could both be called a leader and had not yet returned from a trip was Hydin.

Kevin muttered to himself for a while. “I want to go too.”

Rui Meng looked left and right before making a firm resolution as well. “If we’re going, let’s go together!”

The corner of Di Lin’s lips couldn’t help but curve up. “All right, let’s go together then.”

The plan couldn’t be more perfect in their imagination, but realizing it was a task of herculean difficulty.

Michelle, the temporary person-in-charge of applicants, released the following statement –

“The junior and secondary school is not allowed to participate.”

Rui Meng stared blankly for a moment before blurting out, “I remember that this condition wasn’t there before.”

Michelle sighed. “Yes. This condition was recently added.”

“Why?” Suo Suo’s eyes widened.

“The situation is dangerous. Any students apart from the senior students will only increase their burden,” Michelle left them no face.

Rui Meng’s face instantly crumbled.

Di Lin asked in worry, “The East Rose Desert is really that difficult to handle?”

“It’s not a matter of whether or not it’s difficult to handle. The issue is that there isn’t a way to handle it,” Michelle said. “We aren’t facing enemies but omnipresent, endless sandstorms. Even if magic can be used to block it for a while, it can’t be blocked forever.”

Rui Meng asked, “Then what is going to happen to Langzan?”

Michelle answered, “The King of Langzan has already started to evacuate citizens to Marcet and Tangilly so they can take refuge. But the large population has made the placement work extremely slow.”

Di Lin questioned, “Isn’t Senriga close to Langzan as well? Why aren’t they going to Senriga?”

Michelle replied, “Senriga doesn’t only have Langzan as a neighbor, but also the East Rose Desert. Senriga may also carry out defensive operations to prevent the spread of the East Rose Desert.”

Rui Meng blurted out a question with creased brows, “Isn’t the East Rose Desert on the east side of Saint Padeus?”

Kevin added, “The West Rose Desert is also on our west.”

Rui Meng covered his forehead. “The Nightmare Forest on the northern side, and the Illusion Lake on the southern side. Truly a special environment with beautiful scenery!”

Michelle ignored his taunt. “So far, Langzan has already lost one-quarter of their land. Nobody knows how things will develop next. So, it’s still better for you guys to safely remain at Saint Padeus and wait for news.”

Di Lin pondered over it. “When will the volunteer army set out?”


Di Lin was astonished. “So fast?”

Michelle said, “If it wasn’t because you and Hydin roamed about for so long, they would have set out a long time ago.”

“You’re saying that the leader of the volunteer army is Hydin… Hiccup, Tutor?” The gears in Di Lin’s brain jerked into action again.

“If Hydin Hiccup Tutor and the Hydin I know is the same person, then yes.”

“Thank you,” Di Lin’s eyes shifted. He walked out of the office with Suo Suo and the rest.

Kevin knew what he was thinking without needing him to voice it. “You want to get around the regulation through Tutor Tagilis?”

Rui Meng shook his head. “You’re crazy. It would be weird if you could get around it with his personality.”

“Why not?” Di Lin asked unexpectedly.

Rui Meng stared blankly. “Because he likes reality to be the opposite of people’s wishes.”

“Should I applaud your understanding of me?” A heavily nasal voice sounded.

Rui Meng’s face turned pale and he turned around stiffly with a lowered head. “Tutor.”

“Pfft,” Kevin burst into laughter.

Rui Meng looked at the empty corridor and immediately reacted, pinching Kevin’s neck in anger and humiliation. “You tricked me!”

Suo Suo looked at the confused look on Di Lin’s face and explained, “Kevin can imitate Hydin’s voice. It’s really similar!”

Di Lin wrinkled his brows. “How is it similar?” It was precisely because he didn’t feel that it was similar that he couldn’t understand why Rui Meng would be shocked into turning pale.

With his neck still pinched, Kevin raised his head, pinched his nose, and deliberately spoke in a sweet and unctuous voice. “Not similar? My cute Di Lin…”

It was unknown if was because his neck was being pinched, but the sound he let out was closer to the actual voice than the previous one. Di Lin could practically hear Hydin using this sort of voice to say ‘my cute Di Lin’.

“What’s wrong?” Suo Suo pulled on Di Lin’s sleeves, yanking his train of thought back.

To conceal the fact that he had lost himself for a moment, Di Lin wiped his forehead. “I think that Kevin’s way of speaking is too disgusting.”

Kevin watched Di Lin and Suo Suo walk ahead and glanced gloomily at Rui Meng, who was still ‘hugging’ him. “Is it really disgusting?” He called out nasally, “My beloved Rui Meng.”

Rui Meng’s movements paused for a moment. Immediately after, he used even more strength to pinch him. “Why do I know you know you know you…”

Kevin very cooperatively shook his body and rolled his eyes.

Since the volunteer army would be setting off the next day, Di Lin went to find Hydin that afternoon.

He finally managed to wake Hydin up after knocking on the door for a very long time. He had seen those drowsy eyes numerous times, yet the feeling was different every time he saw them.

“Where’s dinner?” Hydin’s gaze shifted to his hands.

Di Lin stared blankly. He took out the fresh dried meat that Bob had put in his space bag when he left his house.

Hydin smoothly accepted it, stuffed it into his mouth, and took a bite. Then, he turned and went back into his room.

Di Lin closed the door along the way. “Tutor, I…”

“Don’t bring up the matter of going to Langzan,” Before he could even open his mouth, Hydin blocked his way.

Surprised, Di Lin asked, “Why?”

“Is there a need for a reason?” Hydin walked back into the bedroom and conveniently lay back down on the bed. He closed his eyes and continued to chew on the dried meat.

Di Lin reacted extremely quickly. “Langzan is encountering sandstorms. I can control the wind elements, so it may be of help towards resisting the sandstorms.”

Hydin finished eating the dried meat and opened his mouth.

Di Lin tactfully sent another piece in.

Hydin continued to eat.

“Moreover, Ning Ya requested for my help before, but I rejected it,” Di Lin looked at an unremarkable corner guiltily. “So I want to do my part now.”

“He told you about Langzan’s situation?”

“No, but…”

“Then what business is it of yours?”

Di Lin retrieved his gaze and realized that Hydin was watching him. “I still want to go.” Even if he had known the real situation, as a son, he couldn’t request that his father allow him to use the magic corps. However, as a friend, he was willing to help to the best of his ability.

“Then I’ll maintain what I said at the start.”

“Why?” Di Lin was a little angry,

“Because I’ve always intended to bring you along.”

“On what basis are you… Ah?” Di Lin stared blankly.

Hydin’s finger pointed at the space between his brows and pressed down lightly. “Help me make a cup of coffee. I want the kind your father gifted me.”

“All right. Where did you put it?”

Hydin casually waved a hand. “Search for it yourself.”

Half an hour later, Hydin held onto a box of coffee expressionlessly and told Di Lin, who was dripping with sweat after turning the room upside down, “I found it.”

“Where was it?”

“In my space bag.”


[1] The Chinese term for ‘lose’ is a homonym of ‘book’.

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