Holy Institution: Chapter 64

Chapter 64: Visiting family (5)

Hydin raised a brow.

Vincent said, “I still have two elemental crystals left.”

Hydin knew he was referring to the elemental crystals taken from the Nightmare Forest. Regardless of whether it was for sale or use, the crystals were priceless.

“Other than using them for experiments on the wind elements, they can also be used for many other types of experiments,” Vincent offered a temptation. “In comparison, there is an overwhelming number of students. If you want, you can have an army of students any time.”

Di Lin glanced at Hydin. Although he appeared very calm on the surface, waves of worry had long since inundated his heart. He wanted very much to loudly announce that they couldn’t decide who he went with, but he was even clearer that there was no space for him to protest at this moment.

“He was the one who discovered the wind elements, not you. What do you want with him?” Hydin answered his question with a question.

“Indeed, I wish I was the person who discovered the wind elements, but everyone has moments when ability can only bring them so far. Since there is a shortcut in front of me, there isn’t any reason for me not to use it. The only thing I want to do is prove that there are wind elements in this world, prove all those people who rejected me at that time wrong!” Vincent grew increasingly emotional as he spoke. “This is my life’s work! I will walk down this path with determination. Even if the whole Continent opposes me, it will never shake my resolve. His appearance is the best reciprocation for my persistence!” His finger pointed at Di Lin. “I must have him!”

“Okay,” Hydin said.

Di Lin’s heart twisted, and he stared at Hydin in disbelief.

The fanaticism in Vincent’s eyes couldn’t be concealed.

Hydin was calm and composed. “In exchange for your life.”


Di Lin’s heart slowly settled back into his chest. Having interacted with Hydin for so long, he should long grown accustomed to his unique way of answering with unattainable conditions.

Hydin stated, “The elemental crystals are too costly, I’m fine with just your life.”

The heat in Vincent’s eyes gradually retreated, eventually transforming into coldness. “Our warm-up’s more or less done.”

Hydin gently rubbed his left thumb against his right palm. “Oh. I hope your increasingly brittle bones can take it.”

A gale erupted.

Hydin formed a barrier with one hand and found time to speak to Di Lin. “Do what you can.”

“Yes,” Di Lin didn’t hesitate.

From the situation just now, he had already observed that Hydin was at a disadvantage in his fight with Vincent. So, he needed to think of a way to help him close the gap. Since Vincent was so interested in his ability to sense the wind elements, then he would employ them as much as he liked.

The fire barrier wasn’t like the previous impenetrable wall but instead formed a weak and dense layer.

Di Lin was aware that this was a chance Hydin had intentionally left for him. It expressed his trust in him and his regard towards him as a battle companion. Thinking of this, he gradually became impassioned. To a new student who had just entered Saint Padeus a few months ago, Hydin’s trust was extremely precious.

The water elements were running rampant.

Yet, he couldn’t sense any wind elements.

Vincent’s laughter penetrated the fire wall. “You can’t sense the wind elements eh? Don’t forget, since I can use wind magic, I can naturally control it as well. My dear child, you should just obediently come to me.”

The lively fire suddenly pounced forward!

The horizon was instantly dyed an orange color.

Water swirled like a whirlwind, trapping the flames in its center.

Di Lin looked up at the sky. The rays of fire and water could no longer be clearly distinguished, while the steam and water droplets formed a chaotic mess in the air.

Hydin wore a grave expression. His blue eyes turned slightly green under the reflection of the flames, the brilliance of it capable of stinging other’s eyes.

The water droplets landing on the two of them grew heavier.

Di Lin inhaled deeply. He closed his eyes, attempting to take control of the water elements. However, these water elements resembled runaway wild horses under Vincent’s control; a splitting pain would run through his head the moment he got close. There were still no traces of the wind elements.

Hydin suddenly threw out a red gem from his space bag into the fire wall.

A fire snake nimbly leapt out of the fire. It rapidly passed through the revolving water chains and pounced towards Vincent.

Vincent was slightly startled. He clearly hadn’t thought that the other party would suddenly be able to break through. But upon realizing, he constructed a defense line exceedingly quickly, obstructing the fire snake.

“Now,” Hydin said in a low voice at the same time Vincent constructed the defense line.

Di Lin reacted, casting his consciousness towards the water elements in an all-or-nothing move. He didn’t care about whether it would succeed or not, instead attempting to get them to counterattack Vincent.

The water chains in the air trembled and suddenly turned stationary.

Not more than three seconds had gone by from the moment Vincent set up his barrier to the stilling of the water chains. But in these three seconds, as if in complete collapse, the wall of fire lunged towards Vincent.

At this moment, there was no guard or barrier around Hydin.

A thin, transparent wall of water formed between them and Vincent.

Hydin looked askance at Di Lin.

Di Lin’s face flushed, and he said quietly. “It’s better than nothing.”


The wall of fire dispersed.

Vincent’s figure appeared from behind a wall of water.

Several parts of his black mage gown had been burnt off, revealing pale skin. It was apparent that Vincent wasn’t too fond of the sun. Scorch marks were also visible on his hair. No matter how one looked at him, he cut a sorry figure.

“What a job well done,” Vincent’s voice emerged abruptly from the gaps between his teeth.

Hydin waved a hand.

Di Lin retrieved the water barrier.

“I solemnly invite you back to Saint Padeus for an investigation,” Hydin stated.

“Investigation?” Vincent smiled coldly. “Don’t tell me you really believe that the parliament has this capability? They aren’t capable of anything other than procrastinating and carrying out verbal wars.”

Hydin replied, “You look down on them too much. They also know how to fuss over the quality of their afternoon tea.”

Vincent asked, “Since you don’t like them either, why don’t you leave? I believe many nations will welcome you with open arms.”

“Which nation has given you an invitation?” Hydin seized the opportunity to ask.

“When you’re in a tight spot, I might send you a job invitation,” Vincent brushed it off with one statement.

Hydin replied, “Choose one – return to Saint Padeus and accept an investigation or hand over the elemental crystals.”

Vincent looked at him silently, his flickering gaze revealing the violent struggle in his heart.

Hydin slowly raised a hand. A flame hopped up and down on his palm. “I’ve taken my understanding of myself a step further. It turns out that I’m not very patient.”

Vincent’s hand moved.

Two elemental crystals the size of a desk suddenly appeared in front of them.

Vincent said coldly, “I won’t put down this debt so easily.”

Hydin asked, “Two?”

“I only have two,” Vincent’s expression could practically be considered sinister.

This reply was clearly not an honest one. But Hydin knew that handing over two elemental crystals was already his baseline. Although the other party was slightly injured, his odds of winning weren’t very high even if he were to put all his efforts into fighting. Thus, he stopped while he was ahead. “I heard Kanding Empire is very courteous towards mages. I believe you will be able to enjoy your later years there.”

A trace of surprise flitted across Vincent’s eyes, though he calmed down very quickly. “I hope you will also be able to find as good a nursing home.”

Seeing Vincent’s figure vanish grudgingly, Di Lin told Hydin, “Shamanril is also very courteous to mages.”

Hydin smoothly threw the two elemental crystals into his space bag. “Tired?”

Di Lin stared blankly before shaking his head. “Not tired.”


Di Lin shook his head again.

Hydin beckoned him over. “Come here.”

Di Lin tactfully went over.

“Turn around.”

Di Lin did so accordingly.

Immediately, a weight landed on his back and Hydin’s voice sounded at his ear. “I’m tired and sleepy.” The spiritual energy he expended during the fight with Vincent was practically the sum of all the spiritual energy he had used in the past, especially since he had to take care not to harm Di Lin or the house while battling.

Di Lin stiffened and slowly crouched down.

Hydin wrapped his arms around his neck without any sense of shame and leaned his head against his shoulders, falling asleep without leave.

Di Lin held his legs, turned around and proceeded to walk in the direction of the town at a snail’s pace.

Soft hair brushed against the curve of his neck, warm and slightly ticklish. He couldn’t help using his neck to rub against the hair.

Hydin suddenly turned his head.

The sound of light breathing could be heard beside his ear. Di Lin’s body stiffened, his heart instantly racing frantically.

“You’re going the wrong way.”

A wet-blanket statement.

Di Lin halted his footsteps.

“Turn thirty degrees to the left. Continue,” Hydin finished speaking, turned his head, closed his eyes, and continued to sleep.

This time, Di Lin walked very earnestly. He banished all the confusing thoughts in his mind and focused all his attention on walking in a straight line.

Roughly three minutes later, Hydin said, “Fifteen degrees to the left.”

Di Lin turned gloomily.

“Still short of two degrees.”


Only when Di Lin walked out of the woods did he realize that many people were standing on the streets of the town and craning their necks in the direction of the woods. Seeing him exit, bewildered expressions appeared on each of their faces.

The town mayor walked over quickly and came to a stop when he was about three steps away from them. He glanced at Di Lin and Hydin on his shoulders, wanting to look them up and down yet not daring to do so too brazenly. He asked quietly, “What happened?”

Di Lin answered. “Nothing much.”

From Hydin’s tone of voice, Vincent seemed to have already sought asylum at Kanding Empire, so it was better not to involve him. If not, the royal family would definitely be alarmed, and things would then become very inconvenient.

“But I just saw fire over there…” The town mayor hesitated.

“Someone was probably barbecuing,” Only after Di Lin completed his statement did he realize that his answer was truly beyond saving.

Yet, the town mayor tactfully refrained from questioning him any further and sent them back to the hotel.

Di Lin first sent Hydin back to his room. He was helping him to close the windows in passing when he noticed that the group of people along the streets hadn’t dispersed. The town mayor was standing in the center of the group and explaining to them one by one, “Yes, someone was just barbecuing. Probably their midnight snack.”

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