Holy Institution: Chapter 63

Chapter 63: Visiting family (4)

Although Di Lin was already standing behind him, Hydin was still as tense mentally and physically as before.

“All right, let’s reminisce then,” Vincent walked down the stars one step at a time.

Hydin stood motionlessly at his spot. The distance between the two of them decreased continuously.

Vincent suddenly halted his footsteps when there were still three levels of stairs left. “I heard you’re also researching wind magic.”

Hydin said dully, “A task from the institution.”

“Is it really a task?” Vincent asked. “And I thought only you and Chai Fuang had any interest in it. But, rather than Chai Fuang that pig’s head, I have a greater appreciation for you. You at least want wind magic to be classified as a single type of magic.”

Hydin remarked, “But I don’t agree with your theory on wind elements.”

“I know.” Vincent peered down on him and uttered leisurely, “You’re someone who only believes what he sees.”

Hydin’s heart stirred. “You’ve sensed the wind elements?”

Vincent sighed. “There aren’t enough elemental crystals.”

“You didn’t answer my question.”

Vincent sneered. “Has growing older only enabled you to learn how to be overbearing?”

Hydin replied, “At least, it hasn’t prevented me from admitting my mistakes.”

“Fine then, I haven’t found the wind elements,” Vincent compromised seemingly helplessly.

Hydin felt a faint sense of disappointment. Though he stated that he didn’t believe in it, he still held some hope in his heart regarding the wind elements. Unlike the four types of magic, the foundations of wind magic were built upon fire and wind magic. If wind elements truly existed, there would not be any conflict between the wind elements and the water and fire elements. This was also to say that true dual-element mages might appear in the future.

“What about you? What opinion do you have of wind magic?” Vincent stared at him with bright and shining eyes.

“That’s the reason you sought me out,” He should have known much earlier that only magic was capable of distracting Vincent.

Vincent ignored him and continued to ask his own questions, “Are you still researching and developing wind magic? I won’t say that that’s a waste of effort, but this research can clearly be given to anyone else to do; it isn’t only you who can do it.”

“Your meaning?” Hydin inclined his face partially as he looked upwards. His disdainful gaze drifted over him from down to up.

“You came to find me, which means you haven’t given up on pursuing wind magic.” Vincent stretched out a hand and slowly recited with confidence, “Come to my side. Just like how you helped me to break the Nightmare Forest’s magic array. I believe that we will definitely find the wind elements if we join hands.”

“I don’t have the time to go crazy with you,” Hydin snorted coldly. “I only have one reason for finding you.” He stretched out a hand just like Vincent and commanded coldly, “Hand over the elemental crystals.”

Both hands were stretched out in midair in identical fashion. Their palms faced up in invitation and request. Yet the gazes that landed on each other’s faces appeared provocative and forceful.

Di Lin had seen experts in swordplay competing before. When he was still a child, his father would frequently bring him to watch knights compete. At that time, his blood raced, and he hated that he couldn’t join in. Never had he felt like how he was now – so pressured that he couldn’t breathe.

Hydin didn’t turn back, but he still noticed his complexion. He told Di Lin, “Go back first.”

Mages were different from knights. Knights relied on their physical strength to win a competition, but mages depended on their spiritual energy. This type of contest was more dangerous than a competition of physiques.

Vincent suddenly smiled. “Hydin, are you really challenging me?”

Hydin replied, “I don’t think there’s any need to joke with you.”

“All right then,” Vincent’s figure vanished upon completing his statement and quickly reappeared at the door. “Then let’s have a match. Let your student be the judge.”

Hydin’s brows creased. “I said it’s his bedtime.”

“I’ll give him an entire day off tomorrow and let him have his fill of sleep. If that still isn’t enough, I can give him an entire year off,” Vincent’s voice sounded from outside the door.

Hydin said, “That isn’t up to you to decide.”

“Talk after beating me,” Vincent said arrogantly.

Di Lin was dazed. He had only ever seen Hydin using this sort of insufferably arrogant tone of voice and hadn’t expected for the main lead to change so quickly. He saw Hydin preparing to head outside and reached out, wanting to grab onto him. However, in the instant before his fingers made contact with the back of Hydin’s hand, he drew them back. “Are you sure you can win?”

Hydin inclined his head and glanced at him. “If I lose, why don’t you be his student?”

Di Lin stared blankly. He stated resolutely, “You won’t lose.”

The corner of Hydin’s mouth curved, unexpectedly dispelling the pride and aloofness at the corner of his eyes.

Di Lin’s heart thumped fiercely for a moment. He still didn’t regain his wits even after Hydin left. If he hadn’t understood it wrongly, that sudden sensation just now seemed to be called – pounding.

It was very difficult for an ordinary person to judge a fight between mages of Hydin and Vincent’s caliber. Even Chai Fuang would agonize over it, much less Di Lin.

Which was why he realized only after making it to the door that he couldn’t see the battlefield clearly.

Wind, fire, water…

The three types of magic were wreaking havoc as if they had gone insane.

Di Lin had merely stood at the door for a few minutes when he was buffeted by the strong winds to the handrail of the staircase.

The door suddenly closed with a ‘pah’.

The windows shook violently, emitting crashing sounds.

He pressed a hand against his back, stood up, and walked to the windowsill.

The light of the flames resembled a serpent, while the sound of the water was akin to thunder.

Hydin and Vincent’s silhouettes had completely vanished amid the water and fire.

Di Lin clenched his fist, sweat gradually seeping out of his palm. The greasy feeling was difficult to bear, yet he had no awareness of it now. All his energy and attention was on the situation outside.

The intensity of the wind weakened after an unknown length of time.

Vincent laughed heartily. “This is my latest magic invention, called Wind Whirl Water Dragon. Have a taste of it!”

Di Lin saw an immense water chain ascending as it rotated midair. Immediately after, another water chain appeared outside the first water chain. The longer this dance went on, the higher the number of these chains. In the end, the entire window was blocked by the various rotating chains of water.

Hydin’s silhouette could be faintly seen in the water.

Vincent said, “You’re still not acknowledging the existence of wind elements? Do you really think that there were only water elements throughout the course of this magic fight?”

 Hydin phased through the mix of water and wind. With a thick nasal tone to his voice, he mocked Vincent, “Did you feel it? Or was it in your imagination again?”

Vincent didn’t say anything more, but Di Lin could clearly sense the wind outside intensifying even further.

Light, brittle crack sounds could be heard from the window.

Di Lin watched the sliding glass window slowly shatter into pieces before disintegrating into dregs with a crashing sound.

The wind rushed into the house in a berserk manner.

Di Lin was once again forced into a corner of the wall, the wind preventing him from opening his eyes. The water elements in his mind went on a rampage. But at the same time, they didn’t seem to be water elements. The new elements resembled the ones from the competition with Saint Sauvy – with bits of fine powder revolving around a core. Although they were very tiny, light in color, and very quick, Di Lin sensed them vividly this time. He could even sense those elements approaching him bit by bit.

He subconsciously used his spiritual energy to push them away.


Vincent’s voice appeared at his ears.

The next moment, his waist was held in a tight grip.  The next time he looked up, he was already by Hydin’s side.

A cylindrical barrier formed out of a red blaze was resisting the onslaught of wind and water. But Di Lin could tell that Hydin wasn’t in a favorable situation.

“Are the both of you going to attack? Interesting,” Vincent’s voice came from directly ahead of them. Although Di Lin couldn’t see it, the fire barrier gradually shifted towards him.

Di Lin recalled how he had pressured the new elements into retreating just now. It seemed to have really weakened the intensity of the wind by a bit. He hurriedly shut his eyes, attempting to mimic what he had done just now. Yet it was to no avail, because the strength of Hydin’s fire elements completely obscured his perception of the water elements, as well as the new element. He pondered over it and clenched his teeth. “Tutor, let me go .”

Hydin didn’t speak, merely glancing at him from the corner of his eye.

Di Lin explained, “I sensed a new element just now. Although I still don’t know what it is…” He saw Hydin’s eyes suddenly widen, so the latter half of his words were said with more consideration. “I think it may be of help to the battle.”

“New element?” Vincent didn’t speak just now, but his ears were pricked up high. “You really sensed a new element just now?!”

The oppression brought about by the winds and water withdrew abruptly.

Hydin drew Di Lin towards him with one hand and withdrew the fire barrier as well.

Vincent stood facing them, an incredulous look on his face as he stared at Di Lin. “Repeat the words you just said!”

Di Lin looked inquiringly at Hydin.

Hydin slowly nodded with furrowed brows.

“This is the second time I sensed this type of element. The first time was during the competition with Saint Sauvy,” Di Lin said honestly. This way, he could also increase his trustworthiness.

“Competition? What competition?” Vincent wasn’t willing to let go of any detail.

“A battle with Saint Sauvy to capture a city,” Di Lin briefly introduced the competition backdrop.

Vincent asked, “Under what circumstances did you sense it?”

“When I was using water magic. At that time, my spiritual energy almost couldn’t sense the water elements anymore. That was when this new element suddenly popped out. Unfortunately, I fainted very soon after, so I assumed it was just my misconception.”

“Then what about this time?”

“It’s much clearer this time,” Di Lin cocked his head, seemingly thinking of an adjective, “But it’s not particularly clear either. In short, I can sense it.”

Vincent looked at Hydin and said slowly, “I believe him.”

Because he had clearly seen his own wind pushed aside by an incorporeal force. Yet, the water elements hadn’t strayed from their original position and were motionless. This proved that Di Lin had indeed controlled the wind while bypassing the water elements.

Hydin noticed the covetous gaze he was directing at Di Lin and warned, “He’s my student.”

“I know,” Vincent paused and smiled. “Are you selling him?”

T/N: DL was promoted from useless hostage to person in demand!

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  1. Haha…it’s really long journey to make this become more interesting
    Not that slice of life in Academy is boring. ..but i like magic used in action more. .
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    But i especially like Di Lin feeling more. ..
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