Holy Institution: Chapter 61

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Chapter 61: Visiting family (2)

Five large boxes of meticulously packaged coffee were placed in front of Hydin. In order to reflect its grandness, five enormous red bows had been tied on the packaging.

Di Lin stole a peek at his expression and explained, “This is Vireka, the coffee most frequently drunk by nobility in Shamanril. Father knows you like coffee, so he specially purchased some from the imperial palace.”

Hydin was just about to say something when he saw Andre walking down the stairs with a smile stretching from ear to ear. “This must be Tutor Tagilis.”

Di Lin promptly introduced him to Hydin in a low voice, “My father.”

Hydin stood up and very formally saluted. “Sir, Duke Basco.”

Di Lin was amazed. He had known Hydin for such a long time, but this was his first time seeing him so courteous. Wasn’t he unwilling to pander even to Xi Luo and Orosai? Could it be the effect of the five boxes of coffee?

Andre wasn’t aware of Hydin’s poor track record, and so did not feel particularly overwhelmed by his favor. “Di Lin must have brought you a lot of trouble.”

Hydin replied, “It’s still within an acceptable range.”

Andre looked at Di Lin with a smile yet not a smile.

Di Lin’s eyes looked elsewhere. Frankly speaking, had he really brought a lot of trouble to Hydin? He didn’t seem to have done so. Other than the Nightmare Forest… But that wasn’t his fault either. As for the competition with Saint Sauvy… He couldn’t be faulted for that either.

… All right, he had indeed brought him a tiny bit of trouble.

Andre asked, “Did you sleep well last night?” It was a question commonly used when one had nothing to say.

Hydin answered, “It would be better if the bed was a little softer.”

Andre was not displeased with his frank attitude. He smiled and remarked, “I’m used to the barracks, so I’m fond of using hard, wooden boards for the bed. It is my negligence for not having taken into consideration the feelings of my guests.”

Hydin seemed to have also realized that his request had been overly harsh. “No, it was a fresh experience.”

Di Lin couldn’t resist the urge to laugh. Andre’s gaze happened to sweep over, prompting him to immediately raise his hand and cover his mouth.

“What’s wrong?” Hydin had been monitoring his every movement from the corner of his eyes.

Di Lin blinked. “I didn’t sleep well last night, so I’m a bit sleepy.”

Andre explained helpfully, “We talked till late into the night yesterday.”

Hydin’s brows knitted slightly.

Andre asked hurriedly, “Is there anything inappropriate with that?”

“Being in good spirits is very important for a mage,” Hydin stated.

Andre replied respectfully, “I will take note of that the next time.”

The conversation ended on a stiff note.

After Andre left, Hydin sat on the sofa without moving a muscle.

Di Lin asked worriedly, “Tutor?”

“Was my performance just now very bad?” Hydin suddenly blurted out this question, nearly sending Di Lin flying!

“No, you’re overthinking,” In fact, compared to his previous accomplishments, his performance just now could practically be considered gentle.

Hydin turned to look at Di Lin and discovered that he was looking at him with an astounded gaze.

Since their gazes had met, Di Lin simply uttered the thoughts in his heart, “Tutor, do you worship my father?”

Hydin, “…”

Di Lin took his silence as a tacit agreement. “Every year, many worshippers will wait at the house’s gate. There are no limits to the crazed words said. So, what Tutor said just now really isn’t anything much.”

Hydin stared at him, a dangerous light flickering in his azure eyes.

Di Lin realized later on that his words were improper. “Your performance just now was very good.”

Hydin said slowly, “Help me prepare a cup of coffee.”

As if relieved from a burden, Di Lin ran towards the kitchen.

Hydin gradually relaxed his body as he leaned against the sofa.

Just now, he had suddenly tensed up physically and mentally upon seeing Andre·Basco. This was inconceivable for a mage whose forte was his spiritual energy. Especially when he had essentially no relations or conflict with the other party. Moreover, after the whole thing was over, he had even been so concerned about his performance.

Di Lin’s hands cupped the cup of coffee as he served it to him.

Hydin looked up, staring at him in a strange manner.

Goosebumps appeared all over Di Lin’s body from his stare. “Tutor?”

Was it because of him?

Hydin asked himself honestly. The only link between him and Andre was this youth in front of him. So, in his subconscious, he had wanted to display the image of an outstanding tutor, so that Andre would not have any excuse to take Di Lin away from him?

“Tutor?” Di Lin’s hands ached slightly.

“I remember you wanted to change tutors in the past,” Hydin said heavily.

“…” Was he preparing to settle their debts now? In his house? Di Lin thought in bewilderment. Was this the boldness of a skilled person

Hydin saw that he hadn’t replied after a long while and felt his heart sink slowly.

Di Lin thought of another possibility. “Is Tutor preparing to leave me at home?”

Hydin attempted to link his train of thought with the other party.

“Tutor wants to find Tutor Vincent – is he very difficult to deal with?” Di Lin probed.

“How do you know I want to deal with him?” Hydin asked a question in reply to his question.

Di Lin said, “I guessed.” The first reason was that Hydin’s expression absolutely could not be termed friendly when mentioning this name. The second reason was that he personally felt that Hydin was more likely to remember hatred than emotion. For Hydin to constantly keep in mind someone who had vanished for so many years, it definitely wasn’t for a reason as simple as the person being Hydin’s tutor from young.

Hydin didn’t deny it.

Di Lin pondered over it. “I may not be able to offer any help, and may even obstruct you…”

Hydin’s expression said, ‘that is indeed the case’.

Di Lin pretended not to have seen it and continued, “But I can request for my father’s help.” Ever since he mentioned giving up the right to inherit the clan to his father, he had rarely utilized the clan’s influence. But for Hydin, he didn’t mind inconveniencing his father another time.

Hydin furrowed his brows. “In your mind, am I a magic tutor who needs help from others at all times?”

Di Lin hurriedly replied, “Of course not.” It nearly slipped his mind that all strong people had a common characteristic – self-confidence and pride.

Hydin conveniently threw the five boxes of coffee into his space bag before standing up and saying faintly, “Still, thank you.”


Was he thanking him for the coffee or the offer he had made just now?

Di Lin couldn’t deduce the answer even after thinking about it for a very long time. He couldn’t stop himself from consulting Andre after he returned home.

Andre asked, “Why can’t he be thanking you for both?”

Di Lin stared blankly.

“My son seems to be very concerned about his tutor,” Andre looked questioningly at him.

Di Lin stated, “He is a very emotional person.”

“So emotional that even his two words, ‘thank you’, hide traps,” Andre didn’t intend to let him off just like that.

Di Lin was speechless.

“Furthermore, you’re so concerned that you’ve lost the ability to judge that you’ve always been so proud of,” Andre’s probing became research. “This degree of concern is also only because your tutor is very emotional?”

Di Lin responded, “Father, what exactly are you trying to say?”

Andre replied, “Nothing much. Even if I’m your father, I’m still just a spectator. One’s life path does not allow for the influence of others; you should search for the answer yourself.”

Di Lin’s eyes moistened slightly.

This was his father. The person who constantly stood behind him and silently protected him. He would warn him, guide him, but would never compel him into choosing a path. Because he had always said that every person only had one life path – there was only one direction in this life path, and this direction could only be chosen by the person walking the path.

“There’s already news regarding the matter your tutor entrusted,” Andre lowered his head and didn’t pay attention to the expression on his son’s face. “Among the remaining eleven people, nine have been confirmed as incapable of using magic, along with not having had any previous contact with magic.”

Di Lin’s heart stirred. “There are still two more.”

“One has already retired. Before retirement, he was a member of the royal family’s magic corps,” Andre said.

Di Lin’s eyes lit up. “He must be a very powerful mage to have been able to join the royal family’s magic corps.”

“Not powerful enough,” Andre commented. “At least, not powerful enough to enter Saint Padeus’ Institution. He once failed three consecutive times in nine years to get into Saint Padeus. In the end, he studied at Borg capital’s Magic Institution.”

The corner of Di Lin’s mouth drooped.

Andre smiled. “Don’t give up hope so quickly. The last Vincent·Lin’s age is consistent with what we’re searching for.”

Di Lin asked, “And?”

“Nothing else,” Andre said. “His information is completely blank, apart from his age and name.”

Di Lin’s brows creased. “How did that happen?” Shamanril’s census system had always been rigorous. It was impossible for a situation like this where there was no other information apart from name and age to happen.

Andre smiled. “Doesn’t it seem like bait?”

Di Lin understood in a flash. “Could that person have always been waiting for Tutor to find him?”

Andre spread out his hands. “I’m afraid only your tutor will know that.”

Di Lin impatiently told the news to Hydin.

Hydin was tearing open the gift sent over by a member of the magic guild’s Borg branch. “That is indeed possible.”

The passion boiling in Di Lin’s heart was immediately doused by ice-cold water. “Only possible?”

“We’ll know whether it’s real or false by taking a look. If he wants to lure me over, he will definitely leave behind information.”

“Then when should we set out?”

“No need to rush,” Hydin opened a square box roughly the size of a small side table and took out a tiny red gem even smaller than a quail egg. He looked it over under the sunlight and asked, “Will this gem expand under light?”

Di Lin replied, “No.” Not only would this gem not, no gem would.

“Then why did he use such a large box?”

Di Lin offered, “Perhaps it’s to make it easier for you to spot it among the numerous gifts.”

Hydin asked, “And then?”

“That way, you’ll remember who he is,” Di Lin reached out a hand, wanting to pick up the greeting card in the box, but Hydin took the opportunity to close the box first.

“I’m not prepared to waste my brain power on remembering these boring messages,” Hydin threw the red gem into his space bag.

Di Lin inwardly considered if he should secretly inform them not to have such pointless expenses, considering that they were both fellow citizens.

“You aren’t going out?” Hydin started to take apart the next gift.

Di Lin stared blankly. “Go where?”

“This is your hometown, you can visit your friends,” This large box contained a magic book. If Hydin’s memory hadn’t failed him, the author of this book was Chai Fuang.

“My best friend is at Saint Padeus’ Institution. What are you doing?” He watched a ball of fire swallow up the book in Hydin’s hand, till it burnt into ashes.

“Annihilating trash,” Hydin tore open the third gift.

Di Lin asked, “When are you preparing to set out? I’ll tell Uncle Bob to make preparations.”

“If you don’t have anything on, we can set out tomorrow,” Hydin looked at the third gift of pink cloth with wrinkled brows. If he didn’t recall wrongly, this seemed to be something ladies used.

Di Lin glanced at it. Wanting to laugh yet not daring to, he said, “I think, this should be Madam Nechel’s undergarments.”

“So?” Hydin threw it aside.

“She’s a mage as well. I think this represents, hiccup, an invitation.”

Hydin looked askance at him. “How do you know whose undergarments these are?”

Di Lin pointed at the box containing the undergarment. The word Nechel was written on it.

Hydin’s forefinger brushed across his chin, as if he was thinking it over.

Di Lin’s heart clenched, and he laughed dryly. “Does Tutor really intend to go?”

“No. I was just thinking that this might not be a bad gift,” Under Di Lin’s incredulous gaze, he placed the undergarment back into the box and threw it into his space bag.

Hydin kept his appointment. At dawn the next day, he and Di Lin hurried to the tiny town Hangu that Vincent·Lin had last been at.

Andre and Bob sent them off silently.

Only after their figures disappeared in the magic array did Andre and Bob alight from the carriage.

Bob inquired, “Duke, I don’t understand why you didn’t stop Young Master. He is the best candidate to inherit the Basco clan, and the Basco clan is also his best choice.”

“Because I am his father.”

Bob’s expression was still as perplexed as before.

Andre smiled slightly. “The greatest wish a father would have for his son is for him to be happy every day.”

Bob stated, “Perhaps he would be very happy after inheriting the Basco clan.”

“This is where the difference lies between a father and an uncle,” Andre said. “An uncle would be willing to take chances on this ‘perhaps’, but a father wouldn’t.”

Bob stared blankly, deep in thought for a long time, before he sighed. “You pamper him too much.”

Andre said proudly, “He has never failed to live up to my pampering.” He was very happy that his son had his own thoughts. Compared to the noble children in the city who raised their heads and waited for titles to fall onto their heads, he was extremely satisfied with his son who was willing to soar using his own wings.

The town Hangu was very close to Santu, almost bordering the boundary between Shamanril and Santu. There were no magic arrays in Borg city that could reach Hangu. They needed to first reach the closest major city near Hangu, Joseph city, before riding a carriage over.

By the time Hydin and Di Lin reached the town, it was already the afternoon of the fourth day.

The town’s mayor had long since received the news and had been waiting at the entrance for two days. The moment they alighted, a radiance instantly emitted from his dark face. “Ah, these two should be Young Master Basco and Magic Tutor daren.”

Di Lin smiled. “Hello. It’s been hard on you; waiting for so long.”

“Not at all, not at all,” Di Lin’s smile immediately made him feel like his wait had been worth it, much less the discontent that had already flown far beyond the clouds. “Dinner and your rooms have already been prepared. Please follow me.”

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