Holy Institution: Chapter 58

Chapter 58: Besieging the city (9)

He was plunged into darkness and silence for a very long time, to the extent that any sound after waking up felt both strange and distant.

Di Lin slowly opened his eyes.

The brightness passing through the window’s curtains made him dizzy, preventing him from distinguishing between dreamland and reality.

Remnants of the fervor from the fight still lingered within the deepest parts of his body. His heartbeat quickened involuntarily.

He moved his fingers; the feeling of heaviness in his wrist stopping him from raising it.

“You’ll have to rest another three days at the minimum before you can wave heroically,” A lazy voice sounded.

Di Lin’s eyes slanted towards the sound of the voice. “Tutor?” His weak, hoarse voice sounded alien.

“Yes, General Basco,” Hydin immediately appeared by his bedside, a smile yet not a smile in his icy blue eyes.

He didn’t seem to be in a very good mood.

Di Lin asked cautiously, “We won?”

“How could we not have won with a wise, heroic leader like you to gallantly resist the enemy?”

A shiver passed through the entirety of Di Lin’s body upon hearing these words.

He was indeed not in a very good mood.

“Hiccup, did I sleep for very long?” Actually, he most wanted to ask if he could have a sip of water.

“Not long, only one day and one night,” The five words ‘one day and one night’ were dragged out for a very long time.

“…” Seeing his expression, Di Lin felt that it was better for him to just keep his mouth shut.

Hydin looked askance at his dry lips and asked faintly, “Do you want to drink water?”

Di Lin replied instantly, “Thank you.”

Hydin raised his chin at the table. “There it is.”

Di Lin, “…” He started contemplating whether there was a greater possibility of him running over or the table running over.

“Isn’t your sword very long? Take it out and extend it; you should be able to reach the water,” Hydin’s smile was a little eerie.

Di Lin had a rough idea of what the main issue was. “It was an emergency at that time.”

“En,” His fingers tapped lightly on the bed.

“I drew my sword unconsciously.”

“En,” His fingers started tapping again.

“… I was wrong,” Di Lin had nothing else to say.

Hydin raised a brow. “Where were you wrong?”

“I shouldn’t have drawn my sword.”


“I am a mage,” Di Lin’s throat was so dry that it felt like it was on fire.

Hydin stared at him for a good while. He crooked a finger at the table and a cup immediately flew into his hands. The kettle slowly tilted against the upper-right corner of the cup. After the cup was half-filled, it flew back to the table.

Di Lin inwardly mulled over whether he would be able to do the same thing using water elements.

Hydin propped up his head, placed the cup at his lips, and poured a tiny bit of water into his mouth.

Di Lin only managed to drink a small bit and hadn’t moistened much of his throat when the cup was shifted away. “Tutor.” He wanted more.

“Summon the water elements if it isn’t enough,” Hydin looked down at him from his position. “Or are you saying that you only remember how to wave swords?”

Di Lin obediently shut his mouth.

In fact, he felt rather wronged.

He had thought that he would more or less receive some praise, applause, or whatnot after waking up. After all, he himself thought that he had given quite a good performance this time round. Yet, the only thing that welcomed him was ridicule.

Hydin ignored his drooping head and stood up, sitting back down on the chair by the table.

Di Lin followed his figure closely from the corner of his eyes. He wanted to ask about the outcome of the competition, and where Suo Suo, Rui Meng, and the rest had gone. But with the atmosphere just now, anything he asked would likely be received with even more ridicule.

The more he thought, the less interest he felt. He lay there with wide eyes for a while before his eyelids couldn’t resist slowly closing again.

It was already midnight the next time he woke up. His stomach rumbled, the sound especially obvious in the darkness.

Di Lin moved his wrist. Although it was weak, he could still move it. He propped himself up with effort and little by little, settled himself into a seating position.

“What are you doing?” Hydin’s voice sounded suddenly. Shocked, Di Lin tilted his head back, causing his head to bump heavily into the bedhead. “Ow!”

A flame appeared, lighting up the candle on the table like a meteor.

Di Lin watched Hydin walk over and asked, flabbergasted, “You haven’t left?”

Hydin crossed his arms over his chest. “Looks like you have no need for water and food.”

“…” If he continued to go without food and water, he might turn into a corpse. Di Lin said sullenly, “Tutor…”

Hydin looked at him silently. Only when the hair all over Di Lin’s body had stood up did he turn and say, “Wait.”

A while later, an attendant carried a bowl of thick corn soup over.

The moment Di Lin smelled it, the glutton in him awakened completely. He was just short of pouncing on it.

The attendant walked to the bed carefully and picked up the spoon, wanting to feed him.

Startled, Di Lin uttered, “You…”

The attendant gave a slight smile. “Sir Tagilis gave me a gold coin.”

Di Lin was indeed lacking in strength, so he didn’t continue to reject it and allowed him to feed him the bowl of thick soup. Still feeling as if he hadn’t had enough, he said, “Bring another bowl.”

The attendant shook his head. “No, you can only drink one bowl.”

Di Lin stared at him.

The attendant stated, “Sir Tagilis’ instructions.”

This was the might of a gold coin. Di Lin sighed. But how did Hydin know that he would want to eat more?

The attendant left. Hydin had already changed his clothes when he came back. The faint, sweet scent that came with a bath lingered in the air.

Di Lin glanced at him and felt his body start to itch. “I want to take a bath too.” He couldn’t help scratching his neck.

“Sure. As long as you can walk,” Hydin shook his damp hair. A ball of fire gathered in his palm and he started to roast dry his hair.

Di Lin blinked. The water elements’ bright spots appeared in his mind. He was just about to separate the water elements from Hydin’s golden hair when he heard Hydin berate him. “What are you doing?”

Startled, he asked, “What?”

Hydin’s face was gloomy. “Are you trying to commit suicide by using magic?”

Di Lin was confused.

“It’s fine if you want to use your spiritual energy till it’s overly depleted,” Hydin said. “But let me state first that I don’t have so many big dipper stones to save you time and time again.”

Spiritual energy overly depleted? Time and time again?

Faint memories gradually surfaced in his mind.

Di Lin gaped. “My spiritual energy was overly depleted?”

Hydin stared at him. “Did you think that you had fainted from hunger?”

“…” Actually, he hadn’t thought about it at all. “What happened to Saint Sauvy?”

“They went home. If not, would they stay behind and help you guys hold a celebration?”


Di Lin’s eyes lit up. “So, we won?”

Hydin said, “As expected, over-depletion of spiritual energy will affect one’s intelligence. If you continue to ask such stupid questions, I can’t guarantee I won’t throw you out of this place.”

Di Lin asked, “Can I ask just one more?”

Hydin didn’t express an opinion.

“What about Suo Suo, Rui Meng, and the rest?”

“Went back.”

“Went back to where?” Ever since waking up, Di Lin’s emotions had been on an uninhibited, continuous rollercoaster.

“Saint Padeus.”

“But,” Di Lin raised a hand, pointed weakly at him and then pointed at himself. “Why are we still here?”

He had just uttered these words when he found that he had been delivered by a gust of warm wind to an open space behind the hotel.

The starry sky was vast.

But the winds were very cold.

Hydin’s voice drifted from the window upstairs, “I only allowed you to ask one more stupid question. You’ve exceeded your quota.”

With the aid of the hotel attendant, Di Lin tottered back to his room. In the process, he managed to find out that the Saint Padeus students had gone back the second day after the competition ended. It seemed like there was some issue. At that time, he had sunk into a coma, so Hydin stayed behind to take care of him.

Although ir was somewhat cruel to think this way, Di Lin still sincerely felt that if it was Suo Suo or Rui Meng who had stayed behind, his body would probably have healed even faster.

Hydin had not waited for him in the room.

Di Lin climbed back into bed and lay back down, continuing his sleep.

He needed to restore his health as soon as possible. It was truly not very nice to pass his days with half-baked meals, along with the occasional day when a meal wasn’t enough to fill his stomach.

The next day at dawn, Di Lin was awakened by the bird calls outside his window. He felt that his body had recovered about fifth to sixth tenths. Although some weakness and dizziness was still present, going about his daily life would not be a problem.

The first thing he did after regaining his ability to act freely was to head downstairs for two large bowls of thick corn soup.

After polishing off the soup, he turned around with satisfaction, and saw Hydin walking down the stairs. “Tutor.” He pressed against the table and stood up.

“We can leave?” Hydin asked,

“En…” Some hesitation accompanied Di Lin’s reply, as if he feared having some task or errand.

“Then let’s set out,” Hydin casually threw down two golden coins on the counter as payment for checking out before walking out with large strides, disregarding Di Lin’s appearance of wanting to say something but hesitating.

Di Lin could only follow behind him with heavy steps.

The ox cart in his memories didn’t appear outside the door. Instead, it was an obviously rented carriage that slowly moved over under Hydin’s beckon.

Di Lin was satisfied.

Riding a carriage and then sitting on a boat – the road might be bumpy, but it wouldn’t be tiring.

He and Hydin got onto the carriage, and they set off with a shout from the driver.

Scared that Hydin would continue pursuing the matter regarding the competition, Di Lin closed his eyes and feigned sleep the moment he got onto the carriage. While pretending, he fell asleep for real. By the time he awoke, the sun was already about to set. He looked at the unfamiliar road outside the carriage and said in surprise, “This isn’t the road we took when we came.”


“Where are we going?” There was only that one road from Senriga to Saint Padeus.

“Roam around as we wish,” Hydin finished speaking and closed his eyes like how Di Lin had done, declining to continue the conversation.

Di Lin, “…”

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