Holy Institution: Chapter 57

Chapter 57: Besieging the city (8)

“Sounds good,” Kevin was fired up. “Then how should we go about it?”

Di Lin rummaged through the countless other types of magic in his mind. Hydin only prohibited him from reading about magic related to water. So, he had done a certain degree of research on fire, earth, and wood magic, just like how he had told Rui Meng about the incantation that would enhance the power of earth magic.

“Cooperate and use a large-scale magic array!” He heard himself declare calmly.

Kevin and Rui Meng looked at him as if he was a monster.

“Magic array?” The mages nearby stared at him incredulously. “We don’t even know what a magic array looks like, how are we going to use it?”

“To eat pork, one does not need to know what a pig looks like,” Di Lin spoke in an extremely calm tone of voice. “Gather all the people who still have energy left to fight.”

Rui Meng glanced towards the Saint Sauvy students who were climbing up. “I’m afraid we won’t be in time.”

“I will stand guard here,” Di Lin said. “All of you will need to draw out the magic array and activate it according to what I say.”

“What magic array?” Lucas, who had remained silent all the while and stayed motionless like a stone statue, eventually couldn’t resist asking.

Di Lin didn’t look back. “Even if you don’t trust us, you should trust our tutors.”

Lucas pursed his lips tightly.

To him, the realm of magic was a mystical domain full of unknowns. Even though he believed that these students who could only make use of low-grade magic were still far from reaching the standard of a mage, the imposing manner this youth emanated could not be despised.

He watched those little mages slowly gather behind the youth and made a tiny revision to his opinion of mages. At least, looking at it now, Saint Padeus’ mages didn’t appear to be as weak and pampered as the mages he had seen previously.

Di Lin slowly raised both hands. In reality, there wasn’t much significance to this action. He merely wanted to use the movement to reduce the pressure on himself. The crushed big dipper stones and sapphire dangling in front of his chest lit up simultaneously. The water elements moved swiftly, sending the Saint Sauvy students who had climbed up a hundred meters away at once!

“All right, listen to me,” He shifted sideways a little, in order to ensure that the situation at the city walls continued to remain his line of sight. “The magic array we’re about to use is a space magic array.”

There were no exclamations of shock; everyone controlled their emotions very well. After experiencing a fight like this, their mental state had already been broadened, increasing in toughness by more than double compared to their state pre-competition.

“There is no difference between magic types for space magic. All that’s needed is sufficient spiritual energy,” Di Lin beckoned Suo Suo over.

Suo Suo instantly raced over.

“I’ll speak, you draw.”

Rui Meng volunteered, “When I was young, my family’s teacher said that I have remarkable talent for drawing.”

Kevin asked, “Then why are you still standing here?”

Rui Meng choked up, only replying a long while later. “My father said that a son who was a painter would cause the family to fall into ruins.”

Kevin commented, “I hope he can realize that the problem isn’t with painting, but with the son.”

“Do you need me to boil a cup of rose tea for the both of you to continue your conversation?” Di Lin interrupted.

Rui Meng uttered, “Can I change it to coffee? My eyelids are about to collapse.”

Di Lin didn’t have the luxury of time to continue blabbering on with him. “Come and help.”

Suo Suo was drawing a circle according to what he had said.

Rui Meng asked, “Hiccup, is this sort of oval duck’s egg okay?”

Di Lin licked his dry lips. He had only read about magic arrays in books. He couldn’t say whether or not it would be able to succeed. But looking at the current situation, other than pooling everyone’s spiritual energy to operate a magic array, he couldn’t think of any better method to achieve victory. “Try as much as possible to make it round.”

“Wait,” Jeffery spoke in a voice as soft as an ant. “A special brush and ink is needed to draw magic arrays.”

Di Lin heard him. He stared blankly for a moment before crying out, “I nearly forgot.”

Suo Suo held onto a normal quill pen and ink and looked at him helplessly.

Rui Meng suggested, “Let’s beat back the surging waves at the bottom first and settle the following problems after.”

Jeffery called out, “I have that type of pen and ink.” As he said so, he took out a pen that resembled charcoal as well as a bottle of shining ink from his space bag.

Di Lin clapped his hands. “Looks like we can continue working.”

Lucas, who was standing at the corner, suddenly wasn’t so worried anymore.

The sun gradually set on the other side where the town was located.

In the twilight, bunches of tiny flames burned at the top of the city walls.

Cracks had already appeared on the crushed big dipper stones and sapphire in front of Di Lin’s chest. He could very clearly sense that his body and spirit was already on the brink of collapse. To conserve the other mages’ spiritual energy, the past few waves of attacks had been blocked by him alone. Nearly two hours had gone by already.

Rui Meng saw him draped over the city walls, looking as if he would faint any minute, and couldn’t help propping him up with his shoulder. “Persist a little while longer. The drawing of the magic array’s going to be completed soon.”

“Pinch me,” Di Lin propped a hand against his forehead.

Rui Meng pinched him gently.

“Where did you pinch me?” Di Lin couldn’t feel anything. His consciousness was still slowly sinking deeper and deeper into the darkness.

Rui Meng answered, “Your arm. Is it okay? Or do you want to be pinched somewhere more sensitive?”

“The drawing’s done!” An excited voice behind them interrupted their conversation.

“Pinch me on the face,” Di Lin said.

Rui Meng pinched him heavily without any courtesy. “Is that fine?”

Di Lin nodded with difficulty and turned around.

The magic array drawn with special magic liquid flickered brilliantly under the tiny bunches of flames.

Suo Suo put away the pen and sat at the side, motionless. He couldn’t stand due to his numb legs.

Di Lin carefully checked the magic array. He nodded and said, “It’s nearly done. Split them up into six groups and position them at the six corners. Then, recite the incantation.”

Rui Meng noticed that he was standing on the spot motionlessly and asked worriedly, “Can you hold on?”

Di Lin nodded. “Activating a magic array requires time. I will help you to block the attacks.”

“I’ll do it with you,” Rui Meng could tell that he was already spent.

“I don’t want anyone to steal my limelight at this time,” Di Lin smiled and pushed him inside.

Shadows flashed past.

After a day of hard work, the Saint Sauvy students finally managed to rush up the city walls for the first time.

Seeing his comrades’ frightened expressions, Di Lin drew out a sword from his space bag without thinking and brandished it at the other party.

The other party clearly hadn’t thought that a mage would actually know how to use a sword, and subconsciously took half a step back. With an ‘ah’ sound, he fell from the city walls. The sound of his voice was extremely resounding as he fell, to the extent that the other Sauvy students paused.

Di Lin said hurriedly, “Quickly recite the incantation.” He wasn’t worried that the student would suffer injuries. The Saint Padeus tutors certainly wouldn’t allow that to happen, even if he was attempting suicide.

“Dassala etagu-npaya…”

The little mages’ low and fatigued reciting was like a tiny stream of water. It gradually seeped into the deep, oppressive darkness, triggering the crucial point of this match that would determine victory or defeat.

As if aware of this crisis, Saint Sauvy’s offense suddenly strengthened!

Di Lin inhaled deeply. He raised a hand and jabbed the area on his face which Rui Meng had just pinched. The pain somewhat cleared his mind.

In his mind, the water elements afloat in the air appeared to be present yet absent. It was so dark and gloomy that he nearly couldn’t make them out.

He closed his eyes.

The water elements moved exasperatingly slowly, till it became faster and faster, faster and faster…

His body gradually lost all feeling and his head felt like it was about to explode; the swelling pain was a difficult one to endure.

Suddenly –

The water elements vanished.

It was an expanse of murky darkness in his mind; there was nothing.

But in the instant they had vanished, he seemed to have sensed something else that was minute, so minute that it almost appeared to be an illusion…

An element.

“Jelovia bolileyar!”

The incantation was completed.

Rays of light lit up the magic array at the top of the city walls before dimming very quickly.

A magic array appeared at the bottom of the city walls.

The Saint Sauvy students who had been swept off the walls by the wind hadn’t stabilized themselves when they were sucked into the radiance of the magic array, disappearing from the battlefield in a flash.

Rui Meng and the rest were just about to erupt into cheers when they saw Di Lin fall to the ground the next moment.

“Has it ended?” Chai Fuang took out his hand from his sleeve.

Hydin raised a brow. “Where did you shift them to?”

Chai Fuang smiled slightly. It was evident that he hadn’t intended to conceal his scheme. “A thousand meters, ten thousand meters, or perhaps a hundred thousand meters – who knows? Their magic array was drawn quite well. I only used my spiritual energy to help them strengthen the power of the magic array. In any case, for the time being, it is very unlikely that I will see them again.”

Melina stated, “You should have done it earlier.” Having to stand and endure the gusts of cold wind for an entire day had put her in a rather nasty mood.

Chai Fuang explained, “I was trying to find a chance the entire day.”

Saint Sauvy had thought of a lot of things, but they forgot the most important thing. That was, mages could protect the Saint Sauvy students unobtrusively, but similarly, they could also cheat without leaving any traces.

“Moreover,” Chai Fuang paused, and then said with a smile yet not a smile, “I still need to leave enough time for your student to be in the limelight.” There was a smile on his face, but he was extremely annoyed in his heart. If Xi Luo hadn’t returned to Kanding Empire, then the person in the limelight today definitely wouldn’t be Di Lin.

Hydin looked towards the top of the city walls with creased brows and said casually, “There’s no need for you to feel inferior. Your limelight today is second only to his.”

“…” Chai Fuang wanted to organize his words and recover some lost ground, but Hydin had already left for the town in a gust of warm wind.

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  1. But in the instant they had vanished, he seemed to have sensed something else that was minute, so minute that it almost appeared to be an illusion…

    An element.

    Aww! He detected the wind element!! Hydin’s gonna be proud… probably 🌝

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