Holy Institution: Chapter 56

Chapter 56: Besieging the city (7)

At this juncture, no one would care who was giving the commands any longer. Just like how a bunch of people who had lost their way bumped into someone who could lead the way, it was fine as long as the person could lead everyone forward, regardless of whether his words were correct or not.

Di Lin understood this type of mentality very well, which was why he didn’t spout any superfluous words and directly passed down orders.

“Earth mages, create stumbling blocks. They must not be allowed to get close to the city gate!”

“Water types, strike the nearest heads.”

“Fire types, target the battering ram and ladders!”

“Wood types, be on standby!”

Di Lin finished his orders at the quickest speed. Both of his hands stretched out, and a gust of strong wind rose, forcibly stopping the Saint Sauvy knights in their tracks.

This one delay gave the Saint Padeus mages enough time to finish chanting their incantations.

The next instant.

Several tens of flames and fireballs dropped from the top of the city walls.

Water blurred the knights’ vision as flames landed on the battering ram and wooden ladders without igniting.

The mage closest to Di Lin remarked, “They’ve soaked them in water. It won’t burn easily.”

As he said this, tiny mounds of earth rose on the ground before the city walls. However, the Saint Sauvy students had excellent balancing skills. Most of them only shook a bit and very quickly continued their advance.

“Build a tall block of earth in front of the city gates. Protect the city gate!” Sweat seeped out of Di Lin’s forehead. With every gust of wind, he would feel a chill running through his body.

But his order had arrived too late. With a thump, the battering ram hammered against the city gates.

One after another, the six ladders were set up against the city walls. Several Saint Padeus mages shrieked with alarm. The majority of them were civilians and had never received military training before. The scene before their eyes resembled an actual situation where enemies broke into their homes and motherland. The fear in their hearts was like water in a cup, spilling over relentlessly.

Di Lin composed himself.

The battering ram banged against the gates for the second time.

Water, fire, and earth attacks were still continuing. They didn’t hold magic wands in their hands, but instead wore tiny rings… Clearly, their tutors had also spent quite a bit of money for this competition. But even with the aid of magic props, their magic power had not received a significant upgrade. Before they became true mages, this sort of tiny magic prop truly had little meaning in the face of combat. Other than looking good, it completely lacked any ability to deter others.

“What should we do?” Kevin appeared behind him.

“Still remember your ultimate skill?” Di Lin didn’t turn back. In this batch of students, Kevin was definitely considered a top student.

Kevin didn’t reply. He raised his hands and started chanting.

The whirlwind formed by an amalgamation of water elements swiftly wrapped around the knights in front of the city gates and flung them out. This time, the Saint Padeus tutors didn’t interfere, and only used wind to gently catch them before they landed on the ground, so as to prevent them from falling too harshly. As for why they landed nearly thirteen meters away despite being flung only three meters out… that wasn’t important.

The battering ram landed on the ground. The city gates could finally heave a sigh of relief.

Kevin wiped at the sweat on his forehead.

The city walls weren’t very tall, but it exceeded his usual magic radius. So to him, his display just now had already surpassed his usual performance.

“What should we do next?” He looked at Di Lin.

Di Lin wrinkled his brows. He suddenly thought of a question –

In what way exactly would they be considered to have defeated the other side?

Saint Sauvy’s victory was not complicated. All they had to do was seize the city walls.

As for them, they couldn’t wipe out the other side, nor leave the city walls to forcibly take the field.

Di Lin realized that defending the city was truly a very large trap. No wonder Saint Sauvy refused to accept this hot potato. He regretted it a little; if he had known that things were this way, he would have discussed a proper battle strategy with Rui Meng at that time, and not skim over it.

“They’re coming up!”

A mage yelled loudly.

Di Lin looked over. Sure enough, a knight was climbing up the ladder. The knight’s silver helmet twinkled under the rising sun, stinging their eyes till they couldn’t keep them open.

Di Lin controlled the water elements in his mind.

Wind blew suddenly, blowing both man and ladder down.

“Here, here,” At the other end, a fire mage was doing his utmost to attack the ladders with fireballs.

Kevin stated, “It’ll be bad if this continues.”

Di Lin let out a breath.

He knew that they couldn’t continue on like this too.

Their messy operations just now was a result of a moment of impulse. They basically had no perfect strategy to face the attacks.

He looked in the direction of the Saint Padeus tutors. Who knew what they were thinking at this time? Were they filled with anxiety, irritation, annoyance, anger, disappointment, and resentment?

Hydin’s mocking yet not mocking expression entered his mind.

If it was him, he would definitely settle it himself, treating it as a one-man battle.

“Should we coordinate our attacks?” After reading all sorts of novels from Rui Meng’s stash, Kevin also had a certain degree of experience.

Di Lin raised a hand and took out the necklace at his chest. The sapphire and crushed big dipper stones reflected against each other, creating a dazzling sight.

He shut his eyes and stretched out both hands.

The various elements were displayed in distinct detail in his mind.


The battering ram knocked against the gates again.

Chants sounded everywhere.

The heat of fire and humidity of water danced in a chaotic mess midair.

Di Lin opened his eyes, both hands raising slightly.

The water elements hidden in the wooden ladders were driven out. “Burn the ladders!” His voice was close to being grim.

The fire type students didn’t ask for the reason and directly unloaded fire magic.

The ladders went up in flames.

The knights leaning under the ladders made a prompt decision. They drew out their swords and stuck them into the city walls, before leaping onto the hilt of the sword, borrowing its power to leap onto the top of the walls.

Using wind magic at its maximum power, Di Lin blew the three people who had nearly reached the top and entered this competition’s list of heroes, off the walls.

Rui Meng rushed over abruptly. “Strategy C can be used!” The results of burning the midnight oil before the competition could finally be put to good use.

The Saint Padeus mages who had been engaged in a bitter fight for more than half an hour gradually grasped the tempo of the battle.

Six small pits appeared in front of the city gates, causing the knights who were ramming the door to stumble. Their grip on the battering ram slipped for an instant, and it landed heavily on the ground.

Water dropped from the sky as if it was watering flowers, transforming the small pits into tiny water trenches.

The wood mages finally found their use.

Aridi roared excitedly, “It’s time for the long grass!”

Under the coordination of water, earth, and wood, long vines grew out of the battering ram and took root deep in the pits of earth. No matter how hard they tried, the Saint Sauvy knights couldn’t pull them out.

The ladders had been burnt while the battering ram was rooted to the earth; Saint Padeus found a chance to take a breather amidst their greatest crisis.

Di Lin used both hands to prop himself up against the city walls as he slowly let out a breath.

“Well done!” Rui Meng and Kevin hugged his arms on both sides.

The corner of Di Lin’s mouth twitched. The him who had heard many stories of battles was very clear that this was merely the start. Saint Sauvy’s biggest advantage in their physical strength had yet to be exhibited.

The hum of the horn could be heard.

Di Lin and the rest turned around. Suo Suo stood at the furthest end of the city walls. His hands gripped the horn firmly as he revealed an exceedingly splendid smile.

Rui Meng asked in a low voice, “Have we won?”

Their surroundings were very quiet.

All the Saint Sauvy tutors who had been dispatched to protect them stood behind them expressionlessly, turning a blind eye to everything in front of them.

Lucas’ face was hidden underneath his silver helmet, but his eyes paid careful attention to each and every one of Di Lin’s movements. Clearly, the series of actions Di Lin had taken had already attracted his interest.

Ding ding ding…

The sound of strikes against the wall reverberated all around them.

The Saint Padeus students stretched out their heads from the top of the city wall.

Sword after sword had been nailed to the walls, just like how the Saint Sauvy tutors had done. The only difference was that they would nail a sword for every step they took; their speed and strength was many times inferior to their tutors’.

“The second round of attacks.”

Came really quickly.

Di Lin’s fingers clenched. “Water mages, prepare!”

The sun had already shifted from the east to the west, yet the battle was still ongoing.

Near the city walls, damp vines and the traces left by water engulfing scorched earth could be found everywhere.

If one did not see it with their own eyes, it would be very difficult to imagine that a battle this bitter could be fought by students from two schools who had just been admitted not long ago. Fortunately, there were no casualties.

“Who said there are no casualties?” Rui Meng protested. “Look at my knee.”

“He took a tumble on his own and scraped it,” Kevin stated.

Rui Meng glared fiercely at the Saint Sauvy tutors who were standing motionlessly at the side. “They aren’t abiding by the agreement at all.”

Kevin said, “They will only protect against injuries from combat and not those from accidents.”

Rui Meng wanted to continue explaining, but Di Lin waved a hand.

The wind brought along the soft sound of footsteps.

The Saint Sauvy students were climbing up the walls again.

Di Lin swept an eye across the Saint Padeus troops.

Most people were leaning against the foot of the wall, sleeping to replenish their spiritual energy. The remaining few who were standing had to prop themselves up with difficulty.

Spiritual energy was the main source of support for mages. After experiencing close to five hours of combat, their spiritual energy was already at negative levels. However, Saint Sauvy’s physical strength still had not declined.

Rui Meng watched Di Lin use wind for the nth time to sweep down the Saint Sauvy students who had nearly reached the top of the walls. The envy in his eyes had completely transformed into admiration. At this juncture, Di Lin was already entirely deserving of the title of leader.

The reason why the rest of the people could sleep so soundly was because Di Lin had been standing at the center from start to end, acting as the last line of defense.

“If you continue like this, you’ll be worn down over time,” Kevin sat down. His spiritual energy had already reached its limit. Having one’s spiritual energy reach its limit was an extremely scary affair; It was many times scarier than having one’s physical strength reach its limit. Excessive use of spiritual energy could turn one into a fool. No one would be willing to become a fool for this kind of competition. It wasn’t like it was a life or death matter involving the country’s survival or extermination.

“They’ve come up again,” Rui Meng said helplessly. “I want to drink water.”

A ball of water immediately gathered in front of him and floated midair.

Rui Meng looked at it and shook his head. “Forget it. I have this misconception that I’ll receive a beating by going near it.”

Di Lin threw the ball of water down.

It shouldn’t be wasted.

Aridi dragged Jeffery over. “If we continue like this, we’ll definitely lose.”

Di Lin concentrated his attention on the Saint Sauvy students who had started to climb up once again. “Let’s do something new.”

“We need to think of an idea,” Aridi uttered.

“Of course. We… So, you should think quickly,” Di Lin could hear a buzzing sound in his mind. Whatever the case, putting all the pressure of winning this battle on him alone was truly too heavy for him to endure.

Kevin blurted out, “Is there any magic that can knock them down completely?”

The speed at which Di Lin gathered the water elements became slower and slower, so he had no choice but to start preparing to use magic by the time the other party was halfway up.

Rui Meng looked worriedly at Di Lin’s pale face. “Are you okay?”

“What did you say just now?” Di Lin propped both hands against the city wall.

“Are you okay?” Don’t tell me he even lost his hearing ability? Rui Meng grew even more worried.

Di Lin inclined his head to look at Kevin. “That sentence you said.”

“Magic that can knock them down completely,” Kevin followed up very quickly.

Di Lin shut his eyes. His fingers pressed lightly against the bridge of his nose. His eyes opened in a flash. “Let’s put our all into this fight.”

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