Holy Institution: Chapter 54

Chapter 54: Besieging the city (5)

Upon spotting Rui Meng, Suo Suo, and Kevin together with Di Lin, Hydin raised a brow at him.

Di Lin said, “They have long admired Tutor and heard that Tutor was giving me a test, so they specially came over to learn as well.”

“Oh?” A smile yet not a smile adorned Hydin’s face. “Would you like to be tested together?”

Kevin and Rui Meng’s complexions immediately darkened.

Rui Meng replied hurriedly, “We’re fine with just watching from the side.”

Hydin asked, “Watching for free?”

Was there a need for a Saint Padeus magic tutor to haggle with Saint Padeus students?

Rui Meng and Kevin glared at him.

Suo Suo asked, “Do we need to pay tuition fees?”

Hydin replied, “Of course.”

Rui Meng, Kevin, “…”

Hydin continued, “Since you’re here, you can be helpers.”

He needed helpers to put out a fire? What shenanigans was he intending to engage in? 

The noble-born Rui Meng naturally knew of the various shenanigans associated with matters of the heart. His heart started beating wildly and he could hardly bear to look at Di Lin’s face.

Kevin and Suo Suo hadn’t thought as deeply as he had.

Kevin asked, “How can we help?”

Hydin asked, “What type are you?”

Kevin answered, “Water type.”

“Okay,” Hydin gestured at Di Lin. “Beat him.”

Everyone stared blankly unanimously.

Hydin continued unhurriedly, “Using magic.”

Everyone suddenly understood. So, it was sparring using magic.

Rui Meng’s heart relaxed. It was inevitable for youths to have a psychological urge to seek novelty; hints of disappointment would be present even after one felt at ease.

Kevin’s attitude towards Di Lin was extremely complex. At the start, because of Di Lin’s background as a celebrated noble, Kevin possessed some extent of disdain and fear towards him. Then, after long periods of interaction, the disdain disappeared along with the fear. What subsequently arose was a sense of competition between two water mages. The opportunity to bring this sense of competition into the open was a rare one. Naturally, he was willing.

Di Lin had similar sentiments.

The gazes of both youths met, each perceiving the desire to win in the other’s eyes.

“Come,” Kevin started chanting to himself.


A ball of water landed on his head without any warning.He was drenched from head to toe, but finished chanting his spell at the same time. A whirlpool of water appeared around Di Lin, encircling him as if it was going to sweep him away.

Suo Suo and Rui Meng sucked in a startled breath.

Within an instant, Di Lin was completely submerged in the water.

Rui Meng was just going to speak when the whirlpool vanished with a whirl.

Di Lin stood there completely dry. Compared to the soaked Kevin, he appeared infinitely more confident and relaxed.

Rui Meng asked with doubt, “Just now, I didn’t see it wrongly, right?”

Kevin’s expression was quite ugly. He could let it go if the magic he was most proud of had been easily neutralized, but it was even suspected to have been an illusion. If not for the fact that he also hadn’t fully regained his wits from the shock, he feared that he would have spat out a wad of blood to express the gloominess and resentment in his heart.

Di Lin looked at Hydin.

Hydin crossed his arms across his chest and shook his head. “Too weak.”

“…” Kevin regained his senses from this one statement of Hydin’s, hating that he couldn’t burrow into a hole.

Hydin pursed his lips at Kevin and Rui Meng. “Both of you, go up.”


This was an insult! A complete insult! No, it was simply an extraordinary humiliation!

Rui Meng and Kevin stood shoulder-to-shoulder as they looked at Di Lin, whose eyes seemed on the verge of spouting fire.

Di Lin spoke to Hydin with innocence and embarrassment, “Tutor, I…”

“If you fail the test, you won’t need to take the make-up exam tomorrow. You can have a holiday,” Hydin said.

Di Lin inhaled deeply and nodded at Kevin and Rui Meng.

The two mouths opposite him moved at the same time.

Di Lin didn’t dare to be negligent and set up a water shield between the three of them.

This time, Kevin used water balls to attack. Several water balls appeared unexpectedly.

Di Lin evaded them nimbly.

Hydin snorted coldly.

Di Lin knew he wasn’t happy about him using his physical capabilities to resolve the problem. So, he could only act like the previous time and depend on breaking down the water elements in the water balls. Compared to Hydin’s fire elements, his perception and control over the water elements was clearly much higher. Coupled with the fact that the number of water balls was not high, the process of breaking them down was not a strenuous one. Di Lin’s true attention was on Rui Meng. Although both of them had stayed under one roof for so long, his understanding of Rui Meng stopped at knowing that his thoughts were numerous and very odd, and that he put a lot of energy into reading novels. Di Lin didn’t have the slightest understanding of his magic at all. Thus, when he felt the earth under his feet suddenly rush upwards, he subconsciously evaded it once more.

Hydin threw out a fire ball in passing. It flashed past Di Lin’s heels.

Startled, Di Lin used wind magic and flashed behind Rui Meng in an instant.

Only then was Hydin satisfied.

Rui Meng and Kevin evidently hadn’t thought that the speed of his dodge could be so quick. By the time they reacted, two streams of water had already poured onto their heads.

Kevin had gotten wet once and was used to it. On the other hand, Rui Meng shivered harshly.

“Tutor,” Di Lin walked to Hydin respectfully and looked at him anxiously.

Hydin waved a hand at Rui Meng and the rest. “The show’s over. Go back.”


It was clearly him who had been watching the show! There was no doubt that they were the ones who had put on the show!

Rui Meng and Kevin were furious – but they only dared to secretly be furious in their hearts. The two people glanced at Di Lin with a complicated mood, wedged Suo Suo between the two of them and dragged him off.

Di Lin sighed inwardly. Wasn’t this great? Rui Meng and Kevin had come to help but had been splashed by him for no reason. If there came a day when he found himself utterly isolated, there was no question that Hydin would be the cause.

“Not too clumsy,” Was Hydin’s assessment of his performance.

Di Lin’s expression was calm. Whether it was praise or whatnot, he no longer had any extravagant hopes for them ever since the day he knew Hydin.

Hydin said, “Come here.”

Di Lin walked over.

“Turn around.”

“…” Di Lin glanced at him suspiciously. His gaze seemed to be asking if he was going to kick him.

Hydin raised a brow. “You can choose to move yourself or be moved.”

Di Lin turned around without making a sound, though his body was strung tight. It was evident that he was on guard.

A short while later, a pendant appeared before him.

Di Lin stared blankly. He subconsciously stepped back, just enough to fall into Hydin’s embrace.

Hydin leaned his head slightly, his nose brushing against Di Lin’s hair. He said mildly, “This is a sapphire.”

A flush crept up Di Lin’s face. He had heard of many incidents where people gifted jewels. In Shamanril, it was a custom among the nobles to use various jewels to curry favor with their beloved.

“It can heighten your sensitivity to the water elements,” Hydin’s following statement completely erased the heat on his face like cold water.

Di Lin felt the slightly cool feeling of the sapphire against his clothing.

“The two spheres at the bottom of the sapphire are crushed big dipper stones,” Hydin said. “They can strengthen spiritual energy.”

Di Lin was shocked. The value of big dipper stones was second only to elemental crystals. Even if they were crushed, they were still valuable.

“Done,” Hydin helped him to put it on.

Di Lin turned around, some emotion still remaining in his eyes. Perhaps Hydin was strict with him, but he was still fairly protective of him during crucial moments. He could sense that.

Hydin cocked his head as he looked at it. Suddenly, he extended a hand and shoved the pendant under his collar.

His hand was very cold, causing goosebumps to rise immediately on the skin of his collarbone.

After putting it in place, Hydin uttered, “If you lose tomorrow…”

Di Lin blinked.

“There will be tests every day after that.”

Di Lin’s face paled. He had been touched too quickly; the emotion also disappeared very quickly.

“If you win…” Hydin said very slowly.

Di Lin pricked up his ears.

“There will only be one test every week.”

Di Lin’s face darkened. “Can there not be any tests?”

“Sure,” Hydin replied. “Get rid of the entire Saint Sauvy.”

“…” He should have known much earlier that Hydin’s ‘sure’ was built on the notion of ‘impossible’.

This was counted as having passed the test.

After delivering the necklace, Hydin released him without saying anything more.

Di Lin recalled how he had drenched Rui Meng and Kevin in water and felt immensely guilty. He ordered some good food and personally delivered it to their room.

Kevin and Rui Meng had changed their clothes and were chatting with Suo Suo. Seeing him enter, neither of them uttered a word.

Di Lin placed the food on the table and gave a dry cough. “I came to apologize.”

Rui Meng and Kevin looked reproachfully at him from the corner of their eyes.

Suo Suo said, “They said just now that you have to rub their backs for a year.”

Di Lin’s expression didn’t change. “You didn’t tell them I only bathe once a year?”

The corner of Rui Meng and Kevin’s lips twitched.

Rui Meng blurted out, “We’re brothers[1], you can’t even agree to this tiny thing? Fancy us acting as targets for you this once.”

“It’s twice,” Kevin stuck out his fingers in comparison.

Di Lin sighed. “I’m afraid that I won’t be able to control myself if I saw your naked bodies.”

Rui Meng had just pinched a small piece of cheese and placed it inside his mouth. He nearly spat it out.

Beside him, Kevin helped to pat his back as he said, “Be less disgusting, we’ll change the conditions.”

Di Lin moved a chair over and sat on it. “Washing the dishes?”

“We’re not letting you off so lightly. Saint Padeus doesn’t need people to wash dishes,” Kevin said sternly. “We want to know why you don’t need incantations to use magic.”

“There’s a reason for that,” Di Lin said.

Rui Meng and Kevin’s ears pricked up.

Although Suo Suo couldn’t use magic, he was very interested in knowledge regarding magic.

“Because, I don’t know any incantations,” Di Lin stated.

Kevin and Rui Meng looked at each other in dismay.

Rui Meng couldn’t stop himself from asking, “Then how do you use magic?”

Di Lin answered, “Control the water elements in my mind.”

Kevin and Rui Meng looked at him as if they were looking at a mythical beast.

Di Lin put on a severe look and said in a solemn tone of voice, “It’s the truth.”

A long while later.

Only then did Rui Meng let out a breath. “I’ve heard magic instructors mention that the strongest mages don’t require incantations and gestures. They use their thoughts to control the elements.”

Kevin repeated softly, “Strongest?”

Di Lin hurriedly waved a hand, “Those shoes are too big.”

Rui Meng cupped his face. “I’m really envious of you.”

“Envious of what?” Di Lin could vaguely guess what he was going to say.

“Although Tutor Hydin is quite perverted and even wants you to put out fires, he is indeed a good tutor,” Rui Meng didn’t even need to guess to know how Di Lin’s accomplishments this day came about.

Although Di Lin felt that the statement ‘even wants you to put out fires’ was very strange, he didn’t think too deeply about it. Instead, he said, “I can’t do Kevin’s whirlpool magic.”

Kevin glanced at him silently.

Di Lin said, “I believe that with perseverance and hard work, one can reach the summit with any type of method.”

Rui Meng felt a little more comforted in his heart. “True. Tutor Melina may not necessarily be incapable of beating Hydin.” He said so, but he didn’t have much faith in it in his heart.

Di Lin smiled. “Show off after you reach Tutor Melina’s level.”

Rui Meng thought about it and immediately felt at ease. His goal was to smoothly graduate from Saint Padeus. Tutor Melina was capable of fulfilling this and more; he didn’t necessarily need Hydin. As he thought this, the scene of their dialogue with Hydin in the afternoon surfaced in his mind again, and cold sweat dripped down his back. Not only did he not envy Di Lin, he even started to sympathize with him.

Kevin looked towards Di Lin abruptly. “After the competition, let’s spar again.”

Di Lin agreed without any hesitation.

He didn’t need to take on the responsibility of the Basco clan, but he couldn’t not inherit the Basco clan’s pride!

[1] ‘Brother’ is not meant to be taken in a literal sense. It’s considered normal to call good friends brothers in Chinese culture. The meaning is similar to ‘comrade’.

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