Holy Institution: Chapter 53

Chapter 53: Besieging the city (4)

There was a rare sonority and forcefulness to his magnetic voice. His azure eyes emitted a lofty radiance that pierced directly through Di Lin, causing him to involuntarily shudder.

Seeing that he had attained the expected result, Hydin slowly released his hand. He turned and took a few steps towards the outside before realizing that Di Lin wasn’t keeping pace with him. He stopped again and turned around. “Do I need to arrange for an ox cart to invite you out?”

Di Lin pursed his lips tightly and followed behind him silently.

He suddenly had a feeling that this test would be very challenging.

There was a small open space in the hotel’s backyard. Short walls encircled the area, with thickets of weeds growing at the foot of the walls and stains dotting the surface of the walls. They seemed like it would collapse with a single push.

Hydin came to a halt and casually called out a ball of fire midair. “Extinguish it.”

Di Lin condensed the water elements into a ball of water and flung it at the flame.

The fire went out.

“Again.” An identical ball of fire appeared again.

Although Di Lin didn’t know the reason for this, he tossed a ball of water at it again like before.

The water dripped off the flame. Unexpectedly, the flame remained as it was.

Di Lin’s eyes widened. He tried again, but the outcome was the same. He refused to give up and called out two even larger balls of water, forming a pincer attack on both sides.

All he heard was a plop signaling the collision between the balls of water. Splatters of water splashed in all directions, yet there was no change to the flame.

“What kind of fire is that?” Di Lin couldn’t help asking.

Hydin slowly walked to the flame, blew at it, and the flame vanished into thin air like smoke.

“…” Di Lin asked, “It’s scared of wind?”

“No, it’s scared of me,” Hydin casually called out yet another fireball. “Again.”

Di Lin took a deep breath.

Hydin raised a brow.

Suddenly, a gale brushed past them!

Hydin’s gold fringe was blown up high towards the sides of his face before slowly falling back down, revealing a bright forehead.

Di Lin stared in bafflement at the flame which remained motionless even as the wind blew against it.

Hydin said, “If two enemy coalitions attacked you simultaneously, what would you do?”

Di Lin furrowed his brows. “This question is too general.”

Hydin replied, “You can answer it generally.”

“Exterminate them,” Di Lin answered without thinking.

Hydin shrugged. “Exterminate it then.”

Di Lin continued to stare thoughtfully at the flame.

Hydin waved a hand at the discarded wood. As if imbued with life, they bounded over and automatically formed a chair-shaped structure. Hydin took out a blanket from his space bag and laid it on top of the chair before sitting down.

“If two enemy coalitions attack simultaneously…” Di Lin muttered to himself.

Hydin took out a book and slowly flipped to the bookmarked page.

“Exterminate them… Drive a wedge between them?!” Di Lin’s eyes lit up all of a sudden, his eyes seemingly reflecting flames.

Hydin raised his head and saw the fireball shrink a tiny bit.

Di Lin uttered excitedly, “It really is the case.” Hydin had firmly bound the fire elements together, so it was more compressed than a naturally generated flame. This led to the flame manifesting in a solid form that wouldn’t move and could not be extinguished by water. He had used the water elements just now to create a small break in the fire elements within the fireball. As expected, the fireball had shrunk.

Hydin said, “If this was your bedtime candle, you might need to wait for the candle to burn itself out the next morning before you can fall asleep.”

Di Lin asked, “This was the test?”

“No. This was the warm-up,” Hydin blew out another breath of air and the flame went out.

Di Lin replied, “Then, the test is…” If this was just the warm-up, he feared that the test would be even more difficult to deal with. He mustered his spirits.

Hydin casually drew out an oval-shaped shield of fire. “Attack me!”

He had just uttered these words and there were already several tens of water balls ramming against the fire shield.

Hydin looked askance at him from behind the shield.

As if sensing his gaze, Di Lin explained with a slight smile. “I’m warming up.”

The flames that made up the fire shield raged on. They clearly differed from the previous flames. At least, the fire elements weren’t compressed tightly to form a solid structure. However, the water balls didn’t have the slightest effect on it.

Di Lin pondered over it and used the previous method of splitting the flame to break down the shield.

The edges of the fire shield gradually started breaking down, but new flames emerged swiftly to replace the original. They burned even more intensely than the previous ones.

Di Lin’s brows creased.

Hydin smiled coldly and pushed the fire shield towards him.

Di Lin shifted on his heels. He was just about to take half a step back when Hydin’s disdainful gaze emerged in his mind. His feet instantly came to a stop, and he blasted the fire shield with wind magic at its full strength.

The flames drew back but halted at its original position without moving an inch.

“I’ve read a lot of books on other types of magic,” Hydin stated unhurriedly.

“En,” Di Lin responded without thinking.

Hydin asked, “It was very pleasant?”

Di Lin stared blankly. He didn’t understand what his ‘pleasant’ was referring to.

“Just like how girls like to read romance stories,” Hydin said, “Not particularly practical, but very useful in passing the time.”

Di Lin finally understood. Hydin was mocking him. “Not always!” Suddenly, he condensed a shield of water elements identical to the fire elements and pressed it against the fire shield, pushing ahead with all his strength!

“A bizarre idea,” Hydin shook a leg.

The fire shield suddenly hopped one step forward again.

Cold sweat gradually formed on Di Lin’s forehead. His water shield grew increasingly thin, allowing a saffron light to penetrate the transparent layer of water, like a spring breeze caressing his face. He closed his eyes, composed himself and transformed the water shield back into water elements to break down the fire shield.

There was definitely a basis for Hydin’s ‘warm-up’.

Di Lin watched the flames rise up again and immediately quickened the speed at which the water elements broke them down.

That’s right, speed!

Speed was necessary to break down the fire elements before it reinforced the flames. As long as the rate at which he broke them down increased, the fire shield would go out – although carrying it out wasn’t that easy.

Time went by bit by bit.

Di Lin was already entirely immersed in his tug-of-war with the fire shield.

Hydin fished out a pocket watch and glanced at the time.

Half of the fire shield still remained.

“Tch,” Hydin’s fingers curled in and the fire shield vanished.

Di Lin immediately let out a breath and raised a hand to wipe at the cold sweat on his forehead.

“Continue after lunch.”

Di Lin returned to his room. Suo Suo had already helped bring his lunch back.

Rui Meng introduced earnestly at the side, “Senriga’s famous charcoal-grilled steak is made following a unique recipe. I guarantee that you’ll find it exceptionally tasty.”

Di Lin plopped down on a chair, picked up a knife and fork, and stared seriously at the steak. “Is this those oxen who pulled our carts?”

Rui Meng’s mouth gaped open. He replied a long while later, “I’ll check in the afternoon.”

Di Lin took a bite and then put it back down.

Rui Meng asked with dissatisfaction. “Not nice?”

Di Lin shook his head.

Rui Meng asked, “Did Hydin come up with some tough question again?”

“I was given a test.”

“What test?” Both Suo Suo and Rui Meng were very curious. Even Kevin, who was constantly seated at a corner looking at his comics, raised his head.

“Put out fires.”

Three people, three inquisitive faces.

Di Lin waved a hand and lay down on the bed, unwilling to give any further explanation.

Three heads instantly huddled together.

Rui Meng asked softly, “Put out a fire? Could Hydin be setting fires ahead, while Di Lin chases after him and puts them out?”

Kevin said, “It can’t be that simple. Maybe he sets fires all over the place, and then Di Lin rushes to put them out?”

Rui Meng said unhappily, “Is there any difference between that and what I said?”

Kevin retorted, “Mine has a higher degree of difficulty.”

“Maybe it isn’t normal fire?” Suo Suo suddenly blurted out this question.

Rui Meng and Kevin turned unanimously and looked at him.

Suo Suo subconsciously shrunk his neck back.

Rui Meng stroked his chin. “It’s possible. If not, there’s no reason for Di Lin not to speak about it.”

“But what kind of fire wouldn’t be normal?” Kevin asked doubtfully.

“Don’t tell me?” Rui Meng’s complexion changed.

Kevin glanced at him and realized that Rui Meng was looking at the crotch of his pants.

“… It can’t be that, right?” The corner of Kevin’s eyes twitched.

“What are you guys talking about?” Suo Suo was confused.


Rui Meng coughed dryly. “How did you find the steak in the afternoon?”

In the afternoon, Di Lin woke up from his nap, put on his shoes and ran downstairs. Footsteps very quickly sounded behind him. He looked back in amazement. Suo Suo, Rui Meng, and Kevin were rushing after him anxiously.

“You guys…” Di Lin’s gaze was a questioning one.

Rui Meng expressed, “We would like to observe and learn from your session.”

Di Lin hesitated.

He didn’t know what challenging problem Hydin would come up with in the afternoon and didn’t want his helpless look to be exposed to other people.

Rui Meng and Kevin evidently misunderstood his hesitation.

Rui Meng patted his arm. “We’re friends, don’t hide any problems you have in your heart.”

“But I still think it’s better for me to resolve it myself,” There was no reason for them to help him when it was his test.

“At least he won’t be so brazen with us around,” Rui Meng hinted to him.

Di Lin blinked.

Hydin wouldn’t be so brazen with them present? Where did his confidence come from?

That being said, it wouldn’t be good for him to let down their good intentions. “All right then. Let’s go together.”

Rui Meng heaved a sigh of relief.

They didn’t oppose student-teacher relationships, but definitely objected to forceful, threatening, and abusive behaviors!

T/N: Ah, the beauty of human imagination (o´▽`o)

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