Holy Institution: Chapter 47

Chapter 47: Junior make-up exam (8)

Macreis had the same question.

“You didn’t fall for him for real, right?” It wasn’t that he wanted to suspect this, but that this was the only thing he could come up with that was consistent with the situation before him.

Hydin turned a deaf ear to this question. Raising his head, he plucked a grape off a bunch of them and placed it in his mouth.

There was a variety of fresh flowers and fruits planted in the tiny garden on the floor above the tutors’ dormitory. As there was no lack of earth, wood, and water mages among the people managing the garden, the tiny garden was bursting with colors and vitality all year round.

Macreis watched him chew that one tender, green grape expressionlessly and felt his teeth ache. “Is it tasty?”

“En,” Hydin reached out a hand again and plucked another grape.

Macreis couldn’t hold himself back from also giving one a taste, probably because of Hydin’s engrossed appearance when eating. However, he spat it out after just taking one bite. “So sour.” He looked at Hydin nonchalantly pluck his third grape and couldn’t help exclaiming, “Don’t you find it sour?”

Hydin said, “I like sour foods.”

Macreis stared at him. He should have known long ago to trust his own eyes and not others’ mouths. “Have you decided how to handle the relationship between you and Di Lin?”

Hydin stated, “He is my student.”

“Yes. A student who just confessed to you in front of so many people,” Macreis felt that Di Lin should consider getting a doctor to look at his eyes. If there wasn’t a problem with his eyes, how could he feel that Hydin was the most perfect partner? It wasn’t like they had never interacted before! He definitely did not believe that Hydin had been any degree of gentle to Di Lin. “What exactly are the both of you doing?”

“We’re not doing anything?” Hydin propped a hand against his cheek. “Just letting the plot become a little more exciting.”

“Plot?” Macreis keenly picked up on this keyword. “You guys have a plan?”

“What do you think?”

“…” He didn’t think that was the case. When Hydin said that he doubted Di Lin’s feelings, the panic and embarrassment on Di Lin’s face definitely wasn’t acted out. Macreis felt that he still possessed that much judgement. That was also to say, the ‘plot’ that Hydin spoke of had been arranged at the last moment?


They really had quite the tacit understanding.

“Aren’t you scared of the chairman finding you for a chat?” Macreis reminded him.

Hydin beamed. “I look forward to it very much.”

Macreis, “…” It should be the opposite; the chairman would probably get a headache from talking to him. “Oh right, the format of the competition with Saint Sauvy has already been decided.” He took out a goose-yellow piece of paper from his space bag and passed it to Hydin.

Hydin casually swept an eye over it. His eyes narrowed. “An offense-defense battle?”

“Yes.” Macreis felt somewhat helpless. “Due to the differences in range between mages and knights, the other party suggested using combat as a medium to test both parties’ strength. Of course, the students’ safety will be the topmost priority during the competition. In order to have the competition in the safest, most reliable environment, and to allow both schools’ students to display their strength at their highest intensity, the head instructors of the secondary and senior schools all suggested something that was ‘plentiful, very good, and very long’.”

“You still attract as much dislike as ever,” Hydin struck him when he was down.

“I expressed my goodwill to them before. It was them who rejected me.”

Hydin said, “Who asked you to hold a position in the parliament in the past.” It wasn’t anything new that the three great institutions did not get along well with the parliament.

Macreis felt very wronged. “The position was only in-name. I swear I’ve never opposed any proposal that they raised.”


“The most I did was abstain from voting,” He had no interest in that group of parliament fogeys with identical views.

“That means you weren’t in the same gang as them.”

Macreis sighed. “Can’t you put it in a nicer way at this time?”

“For instance?”

“Do you have any ways to cancel this preposterous competition?” Macreis was deeply worried. “An offense-defense battle. This is a real battle! It was reported that Saint Sauvy already requested for Senriga to free up a city for the competition. Don’t you find it absurd? Freeing up a city – fancy them being able to think up such a thing.”

Hydin nodded. “I also feel that they’re making a mountain out of a molehill.”

Macreis peered at him suspiciously. Why did he feel that they were concerned about different things?

Hydin stated, “Given the current strength of the junior school’s students, a castle is sufficient.”

“… That isn’t the key point,” Macreis couldn’t help pulling at his hair. “I should have a chat with the school chairman and let him veto this suggestion.”

“I’m afraid that would be difficult.”


“Because he’s very similar to you.”

Macreis couldn’t understand him at all. Did saying that they were very similar mean that Orosai would also oppose this competition like him?

Hydin clearly already knew that he had misunderstood and explained, “I meant to say that he also likes to abstain from voting.”

Macreis, “…”

He really shouldn’t have toiled so hard to discuss the issue with this guy!

The competition with Saint Sauvy’s Glorious Institution hadn’t been officially announced, but quite a few versions of it had already popped out through the grapevine.

The junior school became impassioned like boiling water.

On the pretext of calling on him to drag her time on at the institution, Princess Qiaoni specially dispatched Justin to reassure Di Lin, simultaneously expressing in a veiled manner her worry and care for him.

After Justin left, Suo Suo spoke to Di Lin, “Princess Qiaoni still cares about you very much.”

“Di Lin!” Rui Meng suddenly stood on the bed and gazed emotionally at the quilt in his arms. “You must be careful. I will be waiting for you here. Forever! My love, my Di Lin.”

Suo Suo’s eyes widened, completely unable to comprehend where this play in front of him had come from.

Di Lin picked up his pillow and flung it over fiercely. “You should be thinking of a cure for your excitement disease!”

“That can’t be helped.” Ever since Rui Meng knew that they would be going to Senriga to complete the junior make-up exam, the smile on his face had never disappeared. “I’m about to go home. Although I’ve only left for a few months… I’m about to go home! Haha… Don’t be too jealous of me! Anyway, you have the princess waiting for you here.”

Di Lin covered his forehead. “I want to switch dormitories.”

“Don’t be like that,” Rui Meng used an extremely infuriating tone of voice to protest. “I know you’re jealous of me, but this isn’t something that can be helped. Who asked… for the competition to be with Saint Sauvy? Hahaha…”

Suo Suo asked curiously, “Why didn’t you enter Saint Sauvy?”

The loud sound of Rui Meng’s laughter suddenly stopped, as if it had been forcibly disconnected.

Di Lin patted Suo Suo’s shoulder and praised him. “Good question.”

“Because I’m not big enough of a pervert!” Rui Meng finally retrieved his smile. His two brows twisted towards the center of his brows as if they were magnets. “You guys don’t know how perverted Saint Sauvy’s enrollment test is. Those who can get in aren’t human.”

Suo Suo’s shoulders pulled back upon hearing his words. “Aren’t human?”

“They’re beasts,” Rui Meng declared affirmatively.

Suo Suo turned to look at Di Lin, commenting in a soft voice, “Luckily you didn’t go to Saint Sauvy.” Just thinking about how he had nearly been in the same school as a group of beasts caused a wave of fear to sweep over him.

Rui Meng pricked up his ears. He had heard his words very clearly. “Not going to Saint Sauvy is the most sensible choice of your life!”

Di Lin glanced at Rui Meng’s righteously indignant expression and said with understanding, “You were rejected?”

Rui Meng’s mouth thinned. “En. You don’t know – that kind of test can’t be endured by humans at all. It’s good that you didn’t go there.”

Di Lin, “…” The chairman of Saint Sauvy’s Glorious Institution had personally given his father a letter inviting him to study at Saint Sauvy. So, if he wanted to study at Saint Sauvy, there wasn’t any need for him to take part in their exam. However…

He glanced at Rui Meng’s gloomy expression and decided to keep mum about this matter.

With Saint Sauvy’s Glorious Institution, one of the three great institutions, as their opponent, an exceedingly intense desire for knowledge erupted in the junior school all of a sudden.

Morning self-study, lunch break, night self-study… The junior school’s students could be seen studying and practising magic at every single waking moment of the day.

Di Lin also wanted to prepare well, but Hydin’s attitude –

“Oh. This book isn’t of any use,” With a hook of his slender fingers, the <Crash Course on Water Magic I> that had originally been in Di Lin’s arms evaporated.

“Tu.tor!” Di Lin was at the end of his patience.

If he could barely convince himself during the exam at the Nightmare Forest that he shouldn’t have any problem adapting to any changes, then it was impossible for him to do the same for the competition with Saint Sauvy even if he wanted to. He believed that the beasts Rui Meng mentioned were not exaggerations. As the top school for knights in the Dream Continent, there was no need to doubt the strength of Saint Sauvy’s Glorious Institution.

“En?” Hydin was leaning against a tree trunk sunning himself.

Di Lin said, “I want to learn offensive water magic.”

“All right.”

“Then, please return me the book!”

“What book?”

“The book on magic,” Di Lin took a deep breath and stabilized his emotions as much as possible. He spoke with a pause between every word, “<Crash Course on Water Magic>”

“Crash course?” Hydin opened his eyes lazily. “Do you really think that such a thing exists in this world?”

Di Lin stared blankly. “That book… is a scam?”

“Not considered a scam.”

… That meant it was.

Di Lin stared at him.

“But those who learn it will more or less become useless,” Hydin slowly added the latter part of the sentence.

Distrust was written all over Di Lin’s face.

“Because this series of books contains many practical styles of water magic.”

Practical styles? That was literally a godsend at this time of need!

Di Lin’s eyes shone.

“For the majority of people who finished reading it, they grew accustomed to using the magic written in this book and no longer felt any need to learn other types of magic. Much less create magic unique to them,” Hydin looked askance at him. “Do you still want to learn it even if that’s the case?”

<Crash Course on Water Magic I> appeared in front of Di Lin, floating in the air.

The pitch-black cover made it seem like a contract with the devil.

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