Holy Institution: Chapter 45

Chapter 45: Junior make-up exam (6)

“Although the institution doesn’t have an explicit regulation regarding this, I still want to express as the head instructor of the junior school,” Macreis pondered over it for a moment before saying cautiously, “That I will be paying attention to this matter.”

Di Lin’s stiff neck turned towards him slightly.

Macreis raised a hand and rubbed his eyes. It had to be said that Di Lin’s face was so flushed that it was somewhat unpleasant to the eyes.

“Very good. I need someone to record this,” Hydin smiled instead of flaring up in anger.

Macreis was confused. “Record what?”

Hydin pointed at Di Lin. “Him pursuing me.”

Macreis’ face also started turning red, though he felt that he was doing so on behalf of Hydin.

Di Lin’s flushed face turned dark. Maybe he should clarify that he merely wanted to secretly like the other party and didn’t have any intentions to make the matter public, he thought with annoyance.

The tightly closed office door finally swung open.

Orosai came out first, with Princess Qiaoni behind him.

As a well-known beauty in the Continent, Princess Qiaoni did indeed possess unforgettably good looks. Her orange-yellow, slightly coiled updo was soft and lush, like that of clouds illuminated by the setting sun. Paired with a light blue long skirt, the image resembled the beautiful scenery of a sun setting over a bluish-green lake.

It wasn’t Macreis’ first time seeing Princess Qiaoni. But in that split second, he had an impulse to rub his eyes.

Orosai noticed Di Lin and asked with a smile, “Are you here to pick Princess Qiaoni up?”

Princess Qiaoni’s gaze immediately sought him out.

The smile that had just surfaced on Di Lin’s face instantly turned somewhat unsteady.

“No. He’s here to confess to me,” Hydin’s lazy voice was like the cold wind during winter, instantly dispersing the contentedness of the setting sun over a bluish-green lake and causing the surroundings to chill.

“Confess?” Orosai looked towards Macreis.

Macreis hurriedly emphasized his innocence. “It’s Di Lin who confessed.”

Orosai felt a slight sense of shock and looked at Princess Qiaoni.

Princess Qiaoni was very calm. She asked with a smile, “This sir is…”

Hydin didn’t reply, only watching Di Lin with amusement.

Di Lin felt his brows becoming increasingly heavy. “This is my tutor, Magic Tutor Hydin·Tagilis.”

“Hydin·Tagilis?” Princess Qiaoni blinked. “That very famous Tutor Hydin·Tagilis?”

This question didn’t have any beginning or end but was very much in line with Hydin’s preferences. He raised a brow. “There will not be anyone other than me who is better suited to this name.”

“I’ve heard of many of your past achievements. They have broadened my horizons quite a bit,” Princess Qiaoni’s smile was very fitting to the occasion. It was impossible to make out the ambiguity in her words from her expression.

Hydin stated, “I have no interest in such things.”

“Is that so? That does tally with the rumors.”

No matter how slow the onlookers were, they could still faintly sense the mutual hostility.

Orosai glanced meaningfully at Macreis.

Macreis could only accept his fate. “May I know if I could have the honor of bringing the princess on a tour of the institution?”

Bring a Saint Padeus student on a tour of Saint Padeus?

Di Lin and Hydin looked at him as if he was an idiot. Of course, Di Lin’s gaze was a little more veiled.

“What I meant,” Macreis clearly wasn’t very qualified for sudden tasks like this. His smile became very forced. “Was that a part of the building was renovated at the start of the year, so it could be different from the past.”

Princess Qiaoni returned a smile. “I think that will definitely be very interesting. If there is no objection, I would like to invite Di Lin to journey together.” The person she was asking was Macreis, but the one she was looking at was Di Lin.

Di Lin said unhurriedly, “That would be my honor.”

Intentionally or otherwise, Princess Qiaoni glanced at Hydin.

Hydin cocked his head, asking Macreis, “Where are you going?”

“The Fifth Library.”

“That’s along my way.”

Macreis shifted close to him and lowered his voice. “I knew you would say that.”

Hydin replied, “Do you need me to praise you for not being stupid?”

Macreis asked, “Why is it not clever?” ‘Not stupid’ didn’t sound like a compliment at all.

“Because you aren’t clever, of course.” Hydin saw his eyes fill with discontentment and continued leisurely, “Smart people wouldn’t ask a question like that.”

Macreis was at a loss for words.

A tour group comprising of five people was thus established.

Macreis and Princess Qiaoni walked at the front, Di Lin and Justin were in the middle, while Hydin was at the back.

The gentle, cool breeze along the way couldn’t disperse the rigid atmosphere around them.

Justin had remained silent ever since knowing that Di Lin ‘liked’ Hydin.

Di Lin was continuously thinking about how he could make the ‘queen’ in his hands trump Princess Qiaoni’s ‘king’[1].

On the other hand, Macreis and Princess Qiaoni were chatting very well.

Both of them could speak about the history of the Dream Continent with composure and assurance. Their conversation was not limited, spanning places all across the Continent.

After the topic of their conversation came to an end, Princess Qiaoni suddenly spoke before Macreis could bring up another topic. “Di Lin and I haven’t met for a very long time. I really want to speak with him alone.”

Macreis choked up.

Despite the fact that he was nearly ten years older than Princess Qiaoni, he was constantly led along by her when it came to being imposing. Upon hearing this, he could only sau, “I know another route to the Fifth Library.”

They halted their footsteps, the people behind also coming to a stop.

Princess Qiaoni turned and smiled at Di Lin. “Could you chat with me alone for a while?”

Di Lin did not hesitate. “It would be my privilege to.”

Justin looked at Princess Qiaoni, wanting to say something but hesitating.

Princess Qiaoni said, “I am very interested in the other route, note it down and let me know.”

Justin stood straight and replied respectfully, “Yes!”

Princess Qiaoni looked at Hydin.

Hydin shrugged. “You guys can walk a bit faster.” The implication was that he would definitely be following behind them.

Princess Qiaoni’s gaze flickered and she extended a hand slightly towards Hydin.

Di Lin subconsciously bent his arm, allowing her to hook her hand through the crook of his arm, and walked ahead.

Only after they had walked a fair distance away did Macreis sigh in a low voice. “Truly well-matched.” He seemed to have thought of something and turned to look at Hydin. “Do you really think that Di Lin likes you?” Giving up on Princess Qiaoni, whose family background, looks, and capabilities were all top-tier and choosing Hydin… No matter how one thought about this, it was utterly incomprehensible!

Hydin cast a sidelong glance at him, a smile yet not a smile on his face.

“I heard you were trapped in the Nightmare Forest?” Princess Qiaoni played down the matter, just like a long-time, caring friend. The care could be made out, yet it didn’t seem artificial.

Di Lin answered, “Tutor found me very quickly.”



“I’ve heard of a few rumors regarding him,” She laughed gently. “A legendary exasperating person.”

Di Lin thought about it for a while and eventually decided to stand on Hydin’s side. He attempted to persuade Princess Qiaoni, “He is a good person and also a very conscientious tutor.”

“So you like him?”

“En.” His voice was unclear.

“Do you like him? Or do you not want to marry me?” A smile still adorned Princess Qiaoni’s face, though the gaze she directed at him was incomparably serious.

Di Lin slowly halted his footsteps. “I like him.”

Princess Qiaoni said, “I know you’ve always opposed our marriage.” If it wasn’t because of his objection, they would already be engaged now.

Di Lin was silent.

“We’ve grown up together since young. I understand you, just like how you understand me.”

Di Lin didn’t deny it.

“You don’t want to marry me because you don’t want to be dragged into the royal family’s struggles,” Princess Qiaoni paused. “But as long as the Basco clan exists, certain things cannot be avoided. You can reject our marriage and come to Saint Padeus, but there will come a day when you have to return to Shamanril and inherit your father’s position and responsibility.”


Princess Qiaoni looked at him with doubt.

Di Lin said, “I’ve already renounced my right to inherit in front of Father.”

Even though Princess Qiaoni exerted the most force on maintaining her calm, her eyes still couldn’t help but reveal shock.

“May princess respect my decision.” He looked at her, every word resounding and forceful.

She looked back at him.

A handsome youth with dark green eyes like that of an expanse of spring water. However, those eyes had never once reflected her silhouette.

She opened her mouth with difficulty, “Because of me?”

“No, because of me,” Di Lin gazed at the sadness that she revealed unconsciously, his heart aching slightly.

It wasn’t that the youth had never been moved by the girl before him in the past. It was just that his ideals were set too low, causing him to involuntarily crouch and resist growth. As the years went by in a rush, the next time he raised his head, the girl was already somewhere distant from him, in another world. Whereas he could no longer recall his frame of mind at that point in time.

[1] A reference to chess – Di Lin is trying to think of ways to win over Qiaoni despite having cards that are inferior.

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