Holy Institution: Chapter 41

Chapter 41: Junior make-up exam (2)

Xi Luo sat up all of a sudden. His large movements caused a scorching pain to pulse through the wound on his back. However, he brushed it off and asked in a low voice, “Wasn’t his illness under control?”

That person turned to glance at Di Lin.

Di Lin tactfully retrieved his curious gaze and turned, leaving the room. He even considerately helped them to close the door.

When he returned to the dormitory, Aridi, Jeffery, and Kevin were all present.

Rui Meng noticed him and hurriedly straightened his back. “I heard Kanding Empire’s crown prince passed away from illness?”

Di Lin was startled. “How did you know about it?”

Kevin said, “An emissary from Kanding Empire came to Saint Padeus.”

Di Lin came to a sudden realization. Xi Luo was a prince of Kanding Empire, but according to regulations, the empire’s emissary should first meet the institution’s chairman as a show of respect. That student had probably received leaked news regarding the emissary and reported it to Xi Luo first.

Rui Meng inquired, “Since the crown prince has passed away from illness, will Xi Luo become the next crown prince?”

Aridi stated, “Not necessarily. Xi Luo still has an older brother.” Biaque and Kanding Empire had inseparably close relations, so he was extremely familiar with the current situation in Kanding Empire.

Rui Meng asked, “Does ‘not necessarily’ mean there’s a possibility?” In spite of the fact that he had long known that there were princes among his classmates, most of the princes who came to Saint Padeus would not inherit the title of Emperor. This was because heirs to the throne did not need magic ability, but capability in governing a country. So, he found the matter of Xi Luo possibly becoming an emperor very novel.

Aridi recalled Xi Luo’s indifference towards him and said with annoyance, “How would I know?”

Kevin saw Di Lin’s worried look and asked in a low voice, “Is Suo Suo okay?”

“No news yet.” Di Lin sat on the bed for a while and then stood up again uneasily. “I’ll go inquire about it at the chairman’s office.”

Rui Meng was shocked. “You want to see the school chairman?”

Aridi snorted coldly. “The institution’s chairman is definitely receiving the emissary from Kanding Empire now. He won’t have the time to see you.”

Despite his words, Di Lin still decided to try his luck. Maybe he could bump into Chai Fuang or Macreis.

He had clearly overestimated his luck.

In the office of the institution’s chairman, other than Michelle, there was only him as well as the Empire’s emissary, who was also waiting.

After pondering over it, Di Lin still decided to open his mouth. “I was startled to hear the grievous news of your distinguished country. Please convey my deepest condolences to the emperor of your distinguished country. I sincerely hope that his grief will be tempered and adjustments to this misfortune will go smoothly[1].”

The empire’s emissary had taken notice of him right from the start. He had originally assumed he was just an ordinary student but realized he had underestimated him after hearing him speak. The emissary hurriedly returned Di Lin’s greetings. “May I know which friendly nation this noble friend comes from?”


The emissary’s gaze turned heavy.

“Di Lin·Basco.”

The emissary’s smile stiffened.

From his expression, Di Lin could already guess that the other party had treated his greetings as ridicule. But it was pointless to explain such a thing. At any rate, given the two country’s positions, the other party would not necessarily believe him even if he did explain.

Awkwardness permeated the atmosphere.

The door to the office suddenly opened, and Tang Mi walked out first.

Di Lin took a step forward and looked at him anxiously. “Suo Suo…”

Tang Mi’s eyes lit up the moment he caught sight of him. “It’s you. When will you be free to admire my paintings?”

Di Lin’s reaction was extremely quick. “Suo Suo has always admired your paintings. If there is a chance, I hope to visit your studio with Suo Suo.” In his short statement, Suo Suo was mentioned twice. His meaning was abundantly clear.

Tang Mi smiled. Though his smile was concealed by his snow-white beard, his joy could be made out from his curved eyes. “Good. Come once every week in the future.”

Di Lin blinked. “I hope you won’t find us intrusive.”

Macreis and Chai Fuang followed closely after Tang Mi.

Upon noticing him, Macreis stared blankly at him before immediately asking anxiously, “Did something happen again?” He couldn’t be faulted for being so anxious; he had been dealt too great a blow by the sudden situation surrounding the Nightmare Forest. To someone who had resolved to become the chairman of Saint Padeus’ Institution, such an unsightly record would undoubtedly influence his road to promotion in the future.

“No, I came to fetch Suo Suo,” Di Lin scrutinized his expression discretely.

Macreis heaved a sigh of relief. “He’ll be out very soon.”

Just as these words left his mouth, Suo Suo popped out from behind him.

Seeing that he didn’t have a single injury, Di Lin finally let go of the huge weight on his heart.

“Di Lin!” Suo Suo excitedly threw himself into Di Lin’s arms.

Di Lin caught him smoothly.

Macreis coughed dryly and spoke to the emissary, who had been given the cold-shoulder for a very long time. “The institution’s chairman would like to invite you in.”

The emissary retrieved his gaze from Di Lin and Suo Suo, and turned, entering the room.

Trembles wracked Suo Suo’s body. He had probably received too much of a scare in the Nightmare Forest and had been continuously suppressing it, only letting it out now.

Di Lin had to half-carry, half-drag Suo Suo before managing to bring him back to the dormitory with much difficulty.

Aridi and the rest had already left. Even Rui Meng wasn’t around.

Having returned to a familiar environment, Suo Suo finally calmed down quite a bit. After drinking a glass of water to ease his nerves, he asked, “What about Xi Luo? Is he okay?”

Di Lin’s brows creased. Was it his misperception? He had a feeling that Xi Luo and Suo Suo’s relationship wasn’t like how he had imagined. “There are some mild burns on his back, but it won’t be an issue very soon. What did you guys encounter in the Nightmare Forest?”

After they returned, the matter of a nameless, huge fire in the Nightmare Forest had started circulating. His intuition told him that it was related to Suo Suo and Xi Luo.

Suo Suo swallowed. “Magic beast, a very powerful magic beast. It had four very long tusks, a huge body, and its entire body was bathed in flames. It was very terrifying. It was Xi Luo who saved me when it rushed towards me.” He paused before saying worriedly, “Xi Luo must have been injured at that time.”

A magic beast bathed in flames?

Could it have been the real reason behind the fire in the Nightmare Forest?

Di Lin hadn’t seen that fire, so he quickly believed this explanation and fixed his attention on another matter. “You said Xi Luo rescued you?”

Suo Suo nodded his head vigorously.

Although Di Lin was very surprised that Xi Luo would act in such a manner, he believed Suo Suo would not lie. In fact, there was completely no need to lie about this matter.

“I want to see Xi Luo,” Suo Suo voiced cautiously.

“We ought to,” Di Lin smiled in encouragement. He did not want to implicate Suo Suo in the subtle hostility between him and Xi Luo.

Suo Suo grinned happily. “Then let’s go now?”

“All right,” Di Lin paused. “Do you want to bring a gift?”

“Gift?” Suo Suo worried over it. “What gift should we give though?”

“Let’s buy some fresh fruits,” Di Lin linked his hand with Suo Suo’s.

Suo Suo followed him without the slightest hesitation.

The fruits shop was located beside the dining hall. Owing to the after-meal fruits that the dining hall would offer from time to time, the fruits shop had poor business.

Only after Di Lin and Suo Suo reached the fruits shop did they realize that it was already time for lunch. Thus, they hurriedly entered the dining hall.

The dining hall was very noisy. Rui Meng and the rest were also present. All topics of conversation revolved around the passing of Kanding Empire’s crown prince from illness, as well as the obscure, large fire in the Nightmare Forest.

Di Lin listened for a while with bated breath but lost interest after realizing that it was just those few statements.

After finishing his meal, he bid goodbye to Rui Meng and the rest, and then dragged Suo Suo to the fruits shop, buying two pineapples and a bag of grapes.

Suo Suo glanced at the things in his hands before glancing at the fruits shop. He wrinkled his brows. “It seems a bit too little.” He couldn’t resist buying a large bag of apples, pears, peaches…

After taking a look at the fruits shop that suddenly became half-empty and the shop owner who was grinning from ear to ear, Di Lin helplessly counted out the gold coins.

Suo Suo didn’t have much knowledge on the concept of gold coins. So, before they left, the butler had given all his money to Di Lin for safekeeping.

Suo Suo and Di Lin walked towards the dormitory for repeating students with heavy gifts in tow.

During their entire walk over, the sound of voices could be heard.

Suo Suo shrank his shoulders back. The unfamiliar environment suppressed his enthusiasm and his eyes were no longer as lively as they were at the start. Rather, he looked at the path in front in deadly earnest.

When they arrived at the door to Xi Luo’s dormitory, Di Lin was about to knock on the door when a person appeared at the side, staring at them with warning. “What are you here for?”

Di Lin stared blankly. From his tone of voice, the person should have recognized him. “I’m here to thank Prince Xi Luo for saving Suo Suo’s life.”

The other party had thought of a thousand different reasons for his coming but had clearly not thought of this. The other party followed Di Lin and also stared at him blankly, before stating in a flash, “Prince Xi Luo is now receiving the empire’s emissary.”

Only now did Di Lin suddenly understand.

These people were presumably in the same party as Xi Luo. Kanding Empire’s crown prince passing away from illness would certainly cause political unrest in the empire. They were probably here to make inquiries and consider countermeasures. If he followed this line of thought, his and Suo Suo’s appearance was indeed not very appropriate.

He thought about it for a while before placing the fruits in his space bag on the ground, one by one.

The other person looked miserably at the fruits that had formed a small hill.

Di Lin said, “Please convey mine and Suo Suo’s gratitude.”

Suo Suo tugged at Di Lin’s sleeve in confusion.

Di Lin smiled. “We will pay a visit another time.”

The other party nodded. “All right.”

After receiving his guarantee, Di Lin immediately dragged Suo Suo off.

Suo Suo asked softly after they reached the area outside their dormitory, “Why didn’t we wait?”

“Now isn’t the time.” At this time, no matter what reason they were to appear with, they would be suspected of prying for information.

Suo Suo didn’t seem to really understand, but he knew that Di Lin’s words were always backed by reason, so he very quickly tossed this matter to the back of his mind.

Di Lin had truly intended to express his thanks to Xi Luo face-to-face after the events had passed. However, the chance did not wait for him.

The next day, the institution released a piece of news –

Xi Luo had already set out for his home country.

[1] A classic condolence phrase.

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