Holy Institution: Chapter 40

Chapter 40: Junior make-up exam (1)

The sky gradually turned bright. It was already past seven o’clock in the morning.

Hydin could see Di Lin pacing back and forth between two trees even when he was still very far away.  The ash-colored light made his back appear rather fragile.

The corner of his mouth hooked up slightly and he casually flung a ball of fire over.

Di Lin’s back was facing him, but the undulations of the elements around him were clearly displayed in his mind. Immediately, he used wind magic to evade it.

“Oh, not bad,” Hydin applauded.

Di Lin looked at him, baffled.

“I meant that your skill at escaping is not bad.”

Di Lin regained his wits and asked anxiously, “Is Suo Suo okay?”

“He’s fine.” Hydin unexpectedly answered him very quickly.

On the contrary, his straightforward response put Di Lin in a worried state of mind. “He’s really okay?”

Hydin said, “If I were you, I wouldn’t worry about him.”

Di Lin thought, of course, when have you ever worried about someone? “When will he return to the dormitory?”

Hydin answered, “Don’t know.”

Di Lin glanced at him and left with a turn of his head. If Hydin didn’t want to say it, then it was no use nagging at him. He resolved to find out the answer himself.

“Where are you going?” Hydin flashed in front of him, blocking his way.

“I’m going to ask Head Instructor Macreis,” Di Lin said in a heavy voice.

“He’s in the chairman’s office.”

Di Lin stated, “Then, I’ll visit Tutor Chai Fuang.”

“He’s also in the chairman’s office.”

“… Is Suo Suo also in the chairman’s office?” Di Lin probed.

“That’s right.”

Di Lin pondered over it and then went around him, continuing to walk ahead.

With a flash, Hydin blocked his path again. “This is not the route to the chairman’s office.”

“I’m hungry, I’m going to the dining hall,” Di Lin paused and stared at him. “The dining hall couldn’t have also moved to the chairman’s office, right?”

Hydin said, “I’m also hungry.”

Di Lin observed, “The dining halls for tutors and students aren’t located at the same place.”

“I know. So, I’ve decided to let you benefit from your association with me,” As Hydin spoke, he walked towards another direction.

Di Lin hesitated for a moment before helplessly following him.

Given Hydin’s personality, he would be bound and dragged along even if he didn’t voluntarily follow him.

The tutors’ dining hall was not a mere one class higher than the students’ dining hall.

A long row of red-wood tables were placed in a hall so huge that its depth could not be seen. The fresh flowers on the tables emitted a boundless beauty and fragrance. On both sides were silver tableware that had been polished till they sparkled.

A crystal lamp was hung above the tables. Even during the daytime, the lamp was still lighted. The rays of light refracted from the crystal lamp illuminated the entire hall.

Hydin sat down at the spot nearest to the door.

Di Lin glanced at him and sat opposite him.

A small golden bell was placed between the two of them. Hydin picked it up and shook it gently twice.

Suddenly, a menu was delivered to Hydin by the wind. The menu was encased in delicate crystal with all kinds of gems embedded around it, causing the menu in the crystal frame to appear extremely precious.

Hydin stretched out a hand and stuck a fire element on the dish he wanted to eat before passing it to Di Lin.

Di Lin stared blankly. He could sense the fire element on the menu, so he very quickly understood the process and also attempted to affix a water element to the menu.

He tried very hard for roughly ten minutes.

The menu had already gone from being wet to dry and then wet again several times. However, other than the fire element that Hydin had previously stuck on it, the water element only became water droplets or continued to drift in the air.

“I’m hungry,” Hydin rested his chin on one hand.

Di Lin pursed his lips in frustration. “I’m not hungry.”

He just finished uttering these words when the menu flew towards the dark spot at the extreme end of the tables with a rustle.

Hydin gazed at the dispirited top of his head with a smile yet not a smile. He slowly picked up a napkin and tied it around his neck.

Di Lin glanced at the napkins and tableware. His damaged self-esteem made him lower his head, for fear that he would glimpse the other party’s expression or let the other party see his expression. His stomach protested and a flush swept over his face. He stole a peek at Hydin, hoping that he hadn’t heard his loss of self-control just now.

Hydin’s gaze had always been fixed on him, so both parties’ gazes very quickly bumped into each other.

Di Lin suddenly stood up. “I’ll go back first.” Even if he was deemed someone who escaped after suffering a defeat, it was still better than sitting here and being tormented. What’s more, he really was escaping after suffering a defeat.

Hydin asked, “Leaving the seat midway for no reason after receiving an invitation… is a custom of Shamanril?”

Di Lin’s lips moved, and he sat back down again.

Although he was suffering, this little bit of suffering was not worth mentioning compared to Shamanril’s reputation.

Several plates suddenly flew over.

With just a blink of his eyes, Di Lin saw them land steadily in front of him.

He glanced at the plate in front of him and then looked at the plate in front of Hydin, the stunned look on his face difficult to conceal.

Hydin picked up his knife and fork and dug in without even looking at him. “I’m treating you to a meal. Naturally, I will decide on the dish.”

A thread of gratitude swept across Di Lin’s heart. He lowered his head, quietly picked up the knife and fork and started eating.

Hydin finished eating first and left without saying anything.

Di Lin originally wanted to thank him but by the time he went out, the other party already could not be seen. He thought deeply for a long time and decided to first return to the dormitory.

Since Suo Suo had been left at the chairman’s office, there was definitely a reason behind it. When he thought of the burning fire in the Nightmare Forest that was discussed even in the depths of the night, he had a faint suspicion that these two things were related to the seal on Suo Suo.

Moreover, Xi Luo had suffered such a severe injury… Could Xi Luo have wanted to harm Suo Suo, causing Suo Suo to break through the seal at a critical juncture?

Di Lin felt his head ache slightly.

Despite his dislike of Xi Luo, Xi Luo’s influence on the state of affairs of the entire Continent could not be ignored. Di Lin recalled his father previously stating that the power structure in Xi Luo’s royal family was complicated – the current emperor of Kanding Empire originally had twelve sons, of which only three survived. From this, it could be seen that the struggle was intense. The current crown prince had never had a healthy body, which also meant that it was still possible for Xi Luo to succeed the empire. Therefore, if his injury was truly caused by Suo Suo, then no matter who was in the wrong, it could bring about a new round of unrest.

The more he thought about it, the more uneasy he grew. He hated that he couldn’t stick on wings and fly outside the chairman’s office to take a look at the situation.

“Di Lin!” Kevin rushed directly towards him.

After having gone through the process of Di Lin luring away the magic monster at the risk of his life, Kevin’s opinion of this illustrious Shamanril nobility had undergone a complete change. “It’s great that I’ve found you.”

Di Lin’s eyes lit up. “Is Suo Suo back?”

“No. Xi Luo’s awake.” As Kevin spoke, he still cautiously scrutinized his expression. “He searched for Suo Suo the minute he woke up. But we don’t know where Suo Suo is either, so I came to ask you what we should do.”

Di Lin’s brows wrinkled.

It wasn’t a good thing that Xi Luo looked for Suo Suo the moment he woke up.

“Maybe, I’ll turn him down?” Kevin knew of the concerns between Kanding Empire and Shamanril, so he volunteered to do it.

“No need. I’ll go see him,” Di Lin took in a deep breath. “It just so happened that I also very much want to know what occurred.”

“You want to know what happened?” Xi Luo’s expression was a little strange. He was still lying in the treatment room. The tangerine yellow curtains hanging on the windows concealed his pale face slightly, though it made the burn injury on his back appear even more fiery. “He didn’t tell you what happened?” Xi Luo looked at him suspiciously. Suo Suo that idiot couldn’t have forgotten that he had rescued him, right? When he thought of this, he suddenly felt an impulse to kill.

Di Lin replied, “He’s still in the school chairman’s office and hasn’t returned.”

“Chairman’s office?” Xi Luo creased his brows. “What happened to him?”

“That was what I wanted to ask.” Since the moment Di Lin stepped into the room, he had been continuously examining Xi Luo’s expressions. But no matter how he looked at him, Xi Luo didn’t seem to be full with hatred. Was there something else hidden in this matter?

Xi Luo’s eyes drooped. “I don’t think there is a need to answer you.” He remembered that he had very quickly fainted after being injured and faintly recalled the tusk monster rushing over. At that time, his surroundings seemed to have become very hot. There had also been a faint sound of someone speaking…

How exactly had he been rescued? Could someone from the institution have rushed over in time?

To tell the truth, Xi Luo’s questions weren’t any less than Di Lin’s.

Di Lin still thought that he was intentionally keeping information from him. “Since that is the case, then may Your Highness have a good rest. I’ll take my leave first.”

“When Suo Suo comes back, let him come over.”

“I don’t think there is a need for me to help you convey messages either,” Di Lin shot him a smile and opened the door. Someone was coincidentally also running in and nearly threw themselves into his arms.

Di Lin took half a step back and helped the person up in passing. The other party didn’t even find a firm footing before speaking urgently to Xi Luo. “The palace has sent people over!”

Xi Luo was astonished. “Father Emperor received the news so quickly?”

The person replied, “No. His Highness the crown prince has passed away from illness!”

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