Holy Institution: Chapter 39

Chapter 39: Junior exam (10)

The fire spread all around them with an intensity like that of tidal waves, illuminating the black-as-ink sky as if it was daytime.

Two jets of water appeared unexpectedly.

Three magic tutors nearby had rushed over in a flurry, standing apart from one another outside the boundary of the huge fire. The two water mages were in charge of extinguishing the fire while the earth mage was responsible for setting up a boundary in order to prevent the fire from continuing to spread.

“What’s that?” One of the water mages hovered above the blaze at a high altitude and looked down at the tiny black dot in the center of the blaze.

The earth mage’s face had swelled to an extreme red. “It won’t work, the barrier can’t hold it any further!”

Greatly alarmed, the water mages gave up on putting out the fire and set up a water barrier outside the earth barrier.

The instant the barrier was formed, a raging blaze suddenly broke through the earth wall and violently rammed against the water wall!

The earth mage flew towards the water mages and stopped behind them with an ashen face. “Someone’s controlling the fire.”

Another water mage asked with creased brows, “Such strong magic power. Could it be Hydin?”

The expressions of the other two changed.

“A very imaginative speculation,” A lazy voice sounded behind them. Hydin’s golden hair sparkled under the light of the blaze, causing his entire person to appear shrouded in a layer of pure golden light.

The water mage’s face reddened immediately.

“Active fire elements…” Hydin extended a hand, breaking the entire water barrier in an instant.

Beams of flame shot into the sky like fireworks.

The blaze that was originally burning fiercely instantly transformed into red vapor and scattered in all directions in a formless state.

The abrupt darkness caused the entire Nightmare Forest to sink into a strange stillness.

Hydin stretched out a hand, igniting a flame for illumination.

The other three magic tutors were so frightened that they had drifted more than ten meters away. However, after seeing Hydin standing at his original spot in good condition, they flew back again in embarrassment.

Hydin swept past the scorched trees and earth and flew towards the center of the burnt earth.

The three magic tutors looked at each other in dismay and followed after him without uttering a word.

“Why is this tree fine?” The earth mage exclaimed in surprise, glancing at the tall tree that appeared especially full of vitality amongst the group of burnt, dried trees.

Hydin floated down and walked towards the bottom of the tree. Upon nearing the tree, he caught sight of a black-haired, tall youth sprawled on the ground in an unconscious state. The clothing on his back had been burnt to tatters and the skin underneath it had also been burnt red.

The earth magic tutor suddenly rushed over and flipped him over. “It’s Xi Luo!”

The other two water magic tutors heard his words and instantly hurried over.

Hydin’s gaze roamed around their surroundings. Immediately, he raised his head and looked towards the dense tree branches.

“Let’s first bring him back?” One of the water mages looked at Hydin in a manner of seeking his opinion.

Hydin suddenly moved to the treetop.

There was a faint shadow of someone lying face-up on the thickest branch.

A small flame conveniently appeared.

The flame flitted across the shadow, illuminating a pale, quiet face.

The water mage had followed after Hydin. He stuck his head out and looked around. “He looks familiar.”

Hydin said indifferently, “Suo Suo.”

“… Sounds familiar too.”

The earth tutor called out from below, “The prince of Julan?”

The water mage suddenly saw the light. “No wonder it sounded familiar. Turns out he’s a student of our school.”

Hydin said, “If not, did you think that someone specially stole our school’s uniform and ran all the way here to sleep?”

The water mage was at a loss for words.

With the addition of the rescued Xi Luo and Suo Suo, only two students currently remained unaccounted for. Macreis continued to direct the other tutors in continuing their search but most of the people knew in their hearts that these two missing students were only new students whose mana was a far cry from Xi Luo’s. The chances of them surviving for such a long time and in such a dangerous environment was truly remote.

Xi Luo’s injuries were not serious, but to Saint Padeus, his identity was exceedingly sensitive. Coupled with the fact that his injury had gone untreated for quite some time, he was sent to the treatment room after a simple medical treatment.

On the other hand, Suo Suo and Hydin were moved to the school president’s office.

Chai Fuang and the magic tutor who loved painting, Tang Mi·Clarklen was also present.

They took turns to inspect Suo Suo’s body.

Chai Fuang stated, “The spell on him has already been forcibly lifted. But that fire elemental spirit clearly overestimated his spiritual energy, causing him to remain unconscious.”

Tang Mi sighed. “They probably bumped into a tusk monster. Among the magic beasts in the Nightmare Forest, only they can absorb the surrounding elements within a short span of time and prevent them from using fire magic despite the intense situation.”

Orosai spoke slowly, “Is Xi Luo okay?”

As usual, Hydin was seated beside the bed, drinking his freshly brewed coffee. He replied leisurely, “Not dead.”

With regards to his favorite pupil, Chai Fuang couldn’t help but voice his concern, “Are his injuries serious?”

Hydin thought for a while. “If his back and face are equally important, then he would be considered disfigured.”

Chai Fuang lay down his worries with great difficulty.

Orosai glanced at Tang Mi. “Do you have a way to re-seal Suo Suo?”

He knew very little about the rumor regarding Suo Suo. Despite that, now that he had knowledge that Suo Suo was capable of burning one-fiftieth of the Nightmare Forest, he could roughly guess how strong his ability to destroy was.

Tang Mi responded, “It’s possible, but that elemental spirit’s temper is visibly worsening. I can’t settle it on my own.”

“He only burnt the surrounding environment and not people. It can be seen that he hasn’t completely lost control, so…” Orosai looked at Chai Fuang.

Suo Suo was his disciple; Chai Fuang naturally could not shirk his duties. “I’m willing to help.”

Tang Mi looked at Hydin.

Hydin smiled. “None of my business.”

Orosai said, “Matters regarding the institution’s safety…” Given Suo Suo’s past experience with destroying Julan’s imperial palace, his worries were not without basis.

“So, the institution’s chairman is duty-bound,” Hydin continued unhurriedly.

Orosai looked somewhat indignant. “Then I’ll order you to help using the identity of chairman.”

Hydin said, “This is counted as additional work.”

“… You’re haggling over the price now?” Orosai looked at him in disbelief.

Hydin stated, “Yes.”

“Then what do you want?”

“I want a vacation,” Hydin bumped his coffee cup against the table.

Orosai eyes drooped. “You’re going to search for Vincent?”

Hydin said, “Maybe.”

Orosai’s fingers drummed against the armrest. After a while, he told Tang Mi, “I will invite someone else to help you.”

Tang Mi glared at Hydin in disappointment, “Oh.”

Hydin didn’t seem to be surprised by Orosai’s rejection and merely fixed his eyes on him.

“As a result of the Nightmare Forest being forcibly sealed, the new students’ junior exam was cut short. Thus, we must use another method to complete the test,” Orosai said slowly.

Chai Fuang asked, “Complete a task?” Other than going to the Nightmare Forest, the secondary and advanced schools also went to the Continent to complete tasks for their exams. The junior school could also imitate this practice by lowering the requirements.

Orosai shook his head. “It’s a competition.”

“Competition?” Chai Fuang stared blankly. Every year, there would be an endless stream of invitations for a competition from other schools, but Orosai had never agreed to any one of them. This was because of his previous statement that Saint Padeus’ only opponent was Saint Padeus.

Hydin’s slender fingers curled around the handle of the coffee cup. He sipped the coffee gently. “It can’t be that group of barbarians who only know how to attack with weapons, right?”

“I like to address them as Saint Sauvy’s Glorious Institution,” While speaking, Orosai warned him with his gaze that he had shot his mouth off too much. “So, all students in the junior school will participate in this competition as their junior exam. And, the leading teacher for this exam will be… you.”

Orosai’s finger pointed straight at Hydin.

Hydin raised a brow. “What if an accident occurs during the competition?”


“For example, a fire,” Hydin said meaningfully.

Orosai said, “I do not want to receive any complaints.”

Hydin smiled, “I will do it neatly.”

Orosai, “…”

Suo Suo, who was lying on the sofa, moved.

Tang Mi hurriedly used a hypnosis spell to render him unconscious again.

Chai Fuang commented, “I think we need to hurry things up.”

Orosai shot a glance at the languid Hydin. “I’ll get Macreis to help.”

Hydin’s expression was devoid of any shame.

“Also, do not let anyone else know of this matter for now,” Orosai instructed. After all, not many people knew that Suo Suo was shouldering such a formidable fire elemental spirit. If the news got out, it would alarm others instead.

Chai Fuang hesitated, “We must adopt a unified approach to this.”

“A brawl between magic beasts caused a huge fire in the forest,” Orosai said very quickly.

“…” The others looked at each other uneasily.

This was a very untrue ‘truth’.

Orosai caught on to their thoughts and asked faintly, “Or, what other ideas do you all have?”

Chai Fuang glanced at Tang Mi.

Tang Mi looked at Suo Suo with ‘concentration’.

Chai Fuang smiled, “The magic beasts are really lacking in discipline.”

T/N: Bonus chapter for April Fools~

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