Holy Institution: Chapter 38

Chapter 38: Junior exam (9)

Xi Luo rushed to return to their original location before the sky turned dark. There was an extremely large, striking tree that intertwined around itself located there.

Suo Suo saw his brows wrinkle and obediently stood to the side, not daring to make a sound.

Xi Luo suddenly uttered, “All four directions aren’t right, which means that it’s not us who’s lost.” Their test was for them to find fifty trees that had wood elements on the brink of decline and treat them with water and earth elements.

Since Xi Luo was good at handling fire elements, he was in charge of making notches as notations.

Their group had previously already treated three trees, and the three notches were drawn by him, so he remembered their locations and shapes very clearly. If he saw them, he would have no trouble recognizing them. Now that they had walked in all four directions yet hadn’t caught sight of any familiar surroundings, it signified that they were no longer at their original location.

Suo Suo’s eyes widened.

“We’ve probably,” Xi Luo said heavily. “Encountered space magic.”

Suo Suo blurted out, “Then what should we do?”

Hearing him ask this, the jittery feeling in Xi Luo’s heart surfaced again.

Every person would wish to have a partner whom they could discuss issues with when they were in a predicament, or even a guide who could resolve problems, and certainly not a child who only knew how to rely on others.

But he still endured the anger. “Find the way out.”

Suo Suo saw the cold light flickering in his eyes and immediately eliminated all thoughts of asking about the specifics.

“Rest first. Eat something,” Xi Luo picked up some dry branches and piled them together, before setting them on fire.

Suo Suo took out a blanket from his space bag. Half of it was spread out on the ground, while the other half covered his body.

Xi Luo took out dried meat and water to consume on his own. He finished half of it and saw Suo Suo looking towards him with wide eyes while hugging his knees. His brows creased involuntarily, “You’re not eating?”

“I said before that I would give them to you to eat,” As Suo Suo spoke, he couldn’t help but swallow his saliva.

Xi Luo glanced at his pitiful face. Originally, he wanted to pass him the dried meat in his hands, but upon second thought, this could be a good way of letting Suo Suo understand the need to consider things thoroughly before doing anything. Going hungry would let him know that having the guts to say certain words meant that he needed to bear the consequences.

As he thought this, he very quickly polished off the remaining dried meat.

The arms that Suo Suo wrapped around his knees tightened, as if to hide his continuously growling stomach.

“Sleep early,” Xi Luo took out a mat, pillow, and blanket from his space bag. After laying them out, he lay down on them gracefully, facing upwards. He placed both hands on his chest, forming the perfect sleeping posture.

Suo Suo had seen his sleeping posture before he fell asleep once. When he woke up, his sleeping posture would definitely be rather unrestrained.

He took out his canteen and drank a few mouths of water to pad his stomach before following Xi Luo to lie down.

The fire between the two of them gradually weakened. Soon after, only a small flame was left.

Due to the cold, Suo Suo curled up.

Thump, thump, thump…

The sound of metal striking drifted from a distance away and the ground trembled slightly.

Xi Luo, who had been sleeping soundly, sat up swiftly. After examining their surroundings with a pair of drowsy eyes, his eyes instantly cleared up.

He threw the mattress and whatnot into his space bag before glancing at Suo Suo. He hesitated for a moment but still stretched out a hand and shook him awake. “Get up.”

Suo Suo was sleeping like a baby and didn’t react the moment Xi Luo’s face came into view. “Xi Luo?”

“Get up. Quickly,” Xi Luo pulled his arm and forcibly dragged him up.

Suo Suo wrinkled his brows in pain. He was just about to cry out when he heard the sound of metal clanging in the distance. The sound was nearing their direction.

“What’s that?” He shrank back his shoulders timidly.

“I don’t know,” Xi Luo paused for a moment, a wisp of light flashing across his eyes. “Maybe it’s people from Saint Padeus searching for us.”

Suo Suo’s eyes lit up and he instantly packed up his things. “Let’s make haste.”

“Follow behind me,” Although Xi Luo had expressed his hopes, his intuition told him that things wouldn’t be that simple.

The closer the source of the sound, the clearer the sensation of the earth trembling.

Eventually, half of Suo Suo’s body had to dangle off Xi Luo before he could stand firmly.

Xi Luo thought of throwing him off multiple times, but the grip around his arm was really too tight. Every time he relaxed a little, the other party would grip him even tighter.

Afterwards, the banging sound became almost deafening.

Suo Suo wanted to cover his ears while gripping Xi Luo’s arm and was awfully busy. In the end, he simply plastered his ear against Xi Luo’s arm, using his arm as a earplug.

Xi Luo himself was having difficulty enduring the ear-splitting headache caused by the banging sound and couldn’t be bothered to take notice of Suo Suo’s tiny movements.

Now that they were closer, they could see two magic beasts identical in shape and color continuously ramming against each other.

The moonlight shone against their outer shells, emitting a slight bronze glimmer similar to that of fish scales.

The foreheads of the magic beasts were glossy, and a slight protrusion could be seen in the center, as if it was naturally meant to be used to strike against each other. They had two very small eyes. In particular, when contrasted with their thick, short noses, their eyes seemed like two green beans that had been stuck onto their faces. The width of their gaping mouths was equivalent to a palm’s length and four tusks extended at an angle, resembling four snow-white cow horns.

But the most formidable aspect of these beasts was their build.

They were roughly the same height as Xi Luo and possessed robust builds. When they ran, it was as if a million catties of iron were bouncing.

A chill ran over Suo Suo’s body as he watched them. His fingers gripped Xi Luo’s sleeve tightly, as if afraid that he would disappear in the blink of an eye.

“Move,” Xi Luo didn’t turn, instead retreating quietly.

Suo Suo was caught off guard. He tripped over his own heel and tumbled backwards. In the instant he lost balance, his mouth subconsciously let out a cry of fear.

— It just so happened that the two beasts had just ended their strikes and were in the midst of panting.

Xi Luo grabbed Suo Suo’s arm and covered his mouth. But by then, he was already a step too late, and both magic beasts looked in their direction.

Xi Luo spat out a low curse and dragged Suo Suo along as he ran.

Suo Suo knew that he had caused trouble and didn’t dare to utter a word. He tried his hardest to keep up with Xi Luo as he ran for his life.

However, while they ran, so did the magic beasts.

The vibrations of the ground prevented Xi Luo and Suo Suo from standing stably numerous times.

The magic beasts were nearing them very soon. Xi Luo simply turned around and flung a ball of fire over.

The ball of fire landed on the magic beasts. Just like firewood that had been ignited, they immediately transformed into flame beasts.

“Sh*t!” Xi Luo suddenly recalled what the magic beast was, and his complexion turned pale.

If he hadn’t identified it wrongly, this magic beast currently following closely behind them was called the Tusk Monster, a rank eight magic beast. The reason why they were rank eight magic beasts was firstly due to their invulnerable outer shell, secondly because of the iron and stone that formed naturally on the soles of their feet, and thirdly because they were capable of absorbing elements – regardless of the type.

In a nutshell, whichever type of element their bodies came into contact the most was the type of element that they could control.

If not for the fact that there was a specific limit to their control, they would have long become rank ten magic beasts.

Seeing the tusk monsters close the gap between them more and more, a thought swiftly circled around Xi Luo’s mind. Protecting a person at this sort of moment was already an extremely difficult task, what more when he was carting along a Suo Suo who would definitely become a burden?

The urge to let go of his hand grew stronger and stronger, to the extent that Suo Suo felt the originally tight hand gripping him relax bit by bit. In the end, Suo Suo relied entirely on himself to hold onto Xi Luo.

Seemingly perceiving his thoughts, Suo Suo suddenly let go of his hand. His footsteps halted and he turned to meet the tusk monsters.

Only one had chased after them.

Xi Luo stared dazedly at his hand and followed Suo Suo, turning and halting his steps.

Suo Suo’s figure was already entirely covered up by the light of the flames on the tusk monsters, seeming like he would evaporate in the light just like the early morning dew.

Within an instant, where there was practically no leeway for consideration…

Xi Luo raced over with wind magic, drew Suo Suo into his arms and leapt to the side.

However, the speed of the tusk monsters was clearly faster than he had thought. He felt his back heat up, and a searing, unbearable pain immediately followed. He smelled something burning.

“Xi Luo?” Suo Suo glanced at Xi Luo who was sprawled over him, shock and disbelief in his eyes.

Didn’t he hate him very much?

Why did he still leap over?

Xi Luo, who was already so tormented by the pain that even breathing was a chore, naturally could not read, understand, and answer these questions in his gaze. The only thing he did was furrow his brows tightly… and breathe.

After rushing past, the tusk monster turned around and rushed back.

The flames on its body flowed even more fiercely than before.

This heat caused Suo Suo’s mind to gradually also heat up.

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