Holy Institution: Chapter 35

Chapter 35: Junior exam (6)

One, two, five, ten…

Di Lin watched the swift gale wolves slowly appear and surround the barrier of bouncing flames. Alarm involuntarily reverberated through his heart and the pain in his wrist intensified.

“I’ve checked your body. Your spiritual energy was overused?” Hydin ignored the swift gale wolves and asked unhurriedly.

Di Lin stared at the swift gale wolves as he answered absentmindedly, “Seems like it. I suddenly can’t sense the water elements after using wind magic.”

“Wind magic?” Hydin extended a finger and tilted his chin, forcing him to meet his gaze. “This seems to be the first time I’m hearing about this.”

Di Lin subconsciously turned his head to the side. “I just learnt it.” Remnants of the feeling of Hydin’s finger lingered on his chin. He couldn’t stop himself from raising a hand and wiping at it.

Hydin asked, “Only wind magic?”

The word ‘only’ was an enormous blow to Di Lin’s enthusiasm. His temperament was after all only that of a youth, so he said with dissatisfaction, “I comprehended it myself.”

Hydin stated leisurely, “When I was thirteen…”

“I know. When are we going to leave?” Perhaps it was their long period of interaction, or perhaps he had obtained a certain degree of ability to bounce back, but Di Lin was no longer as reserved with Hydin as he was at the beginning.

“The day after.”

“The day-the day after?” Di Lin stared blankly.

“I want to go somewhere first.”

“What place? Ah, you haven’t told me why the exam was called off.”

You?” Hydin stretched his legs, a ray of light flashing across his azure eyes. “It seems we’re quite close.”

Di Lin stated with a solemn look on his face, “Tutor Tagilis, you’re overthinking.”

“Tutor Tagilis? I thought you only remembered how to call me Hydin?” Hydin looked at him with a smile yet not a smile. But Di Lin could sense that he was not displeased by it.

Speaking of this, directly calling a tutor by their name was very impolite behavior. As the heir to the Basco dukedom, Di Lin should not have committed such an error in the first place. But for some unknown reason, every time he saw Hydin, he would involuntarily dispense with such methods of greeting that were both unfamiliar and for courtesy’s sake.

Yet, it was obvious that Hydin and the concept of approachability were two entirely different things.

Di Lin was very puzzled.

“Where are we going tomorrow?” Since Hydin wasn’t willing to say the reason for the cancellation of the exam, Di Lin wouldn’t continue to pester him about it.

“You’ll know tomorrow,” Hydin leaned against a tree branch and slowly closed his eyes.

Di Lin took out two blankets from his space bag and put the one belonging to Suo Suo over him. He was too used to taking care of Suo Suo, so regardless of what it was, he was accustomed to preparing two sets of it.

The corner of Hydin’s mouth moved but his eyes didn’t open.

Di Lin looked around them.

The swift gale wolves were still present in their area, glaring at them like tigers watching their prey. However, he had a sudden feeling that there was nothing scary about them. They were like a colony of bees outside a window – they looked scary but posed no threat in reality.

Di Lin hugged the blanket and lay down, very quickly entering dreamland.

When he woke up the next day, no clouds could be seen for miles.

Di Lin glanced at their surroundings and realized that the swift gale wolves had actually disappeared.

“Where are they?” He sat up in amazement and glanced towards Hydin, who was walking back from a distance away.

Hydin raised a hand and retrieved the tiny flames guarding Di Lin. He spoke without thinking, “You want to reminisce about your previous experiences with them?”

“No. I just wanted to take a good look at them, so I can take revenge when I have time,” What they did to his wrist was too ingrained in his memory. He could still feel the pain penetrating his bones even when recalling the matter now.

Hydin said, “No chance left.”

“Why?” Di Lin looked at him with doubt.

“The one that bit you has already been charred to bits,” Hydin uttered faintly. “The remaining ones should be reminiscing with the Tianyi Tigers now.”

“Are Tianyi tigers very powerful?” Di Lin stood up and packed up the blankets.

“More powerful than you.”


“If you don’t believe me, you can see if their front claws have any injuries the next time.”

Di Lin turned a deaf ear to his words. “I want to wash my face.” The fingerprints on Hydin’s face had already vanished and he appeared fresh and full of energy. On the other hand, even without a mirror, he could tell that his face was sporting a large handprint in very slovenly fashion.

“Lick it with your saliva.”


“Can’t do it because of your right hand?”

Di Lin recalled how cats licked their faces and his expression darkened. “I’m not a cat.”

“Correct, cats don’t know magic,” Hydin’s words were rich with meaning.

Di Lin suddenly recalled that he was a water mage. There was completely no need for him to find a water source for something like washing his face. He closed his eyes and the water elements surfaced in his mind, even clearer than it used to be. He silently thought of the shape of a ball of water.

He opened his eyes and sure enough, a large ball of water was rotating silently in front of him. But without any action from Di Lin, the ball of water splashed all over his face as if it had been pushed by something.

“…” Appearing rather like a drowned rat, Di Lin glanced at Hydin, who was standing in front of him and laughing immensely happily. “Tutor Tagilis!”

“That’s the correct way of address,” Hydin didn’t conceal his smile. “It looks like using cold water to calm down was quite a good suggestion.”

Di Lin lowered his head as he wrung his school uniform.

Although he was very unwilling to think so, he felt that Hydin’s actions just now stemmed from the grudge he harbored against him for drenching him in water the previous time.

“Let’s go,” Hydin walked ahead.

Di Lin took out a towel from his space bag and followed behind him while wiping his damp hair.

Hydin gradually picked up his pace.

Di Lin had already grasped the secret behind wind magic, so following behind him was not a strenuous task.

Not long after, the two people barged through the woods like two masses of wind.

Di Lin very quickly realized the advantages of following behind Hydin. He originally didn’t know how to turn while using wind magic but after following Hydin, the water elements would naturally catch up when he made a turn, so there was completely no need for him to exert any energy.

After some time, he felt his stomach start to rumble.

As if hearing the cries of his stomach, Hydin halted his footsteps abruptly.

Di Lin followed him and came to a stop as well.

“Bread,” Hydin stretched out a hand.

Di Lin stared blankly for a moment and then took out bread and dried meat from his space bag.

Hydin took the bread without even sparing a moment of thought.

“How did you know I have bread?” Di Lin asked in astonishment.

“No idea. I just randomly asked.”


Hydin disposed of the bread in a few bites before pointing at the area ahead. “A little bit more and we’ll reach the area where the Nightmare Forest’s natural array is located.”

“Nightmare Forest’s natural array?” It was Di Lin’s first time ever hearing of such a thing and he couldn’t help being very curious.

“This array should have been destroyed by the collective power of the four founders when Saint Padeus was established,” Hydin seemed to have recalled something as his complexion gradually turned grave.

Although Di Lin didn’t know what had happened, but he had a vague feeling that this natural array had something to do with the exam being called off.

“You stay here, I’ll go over and take a look,” After Hydin easily erected a barrier of bouncing flames, he walked ahead.

“I’m going too!” Di Lin suddenly blurted out this statement as he watched Hydin’s silhouette become increasingly faint.

Without even turning back, Hydin directly vanished into the depths of the forest.


This method of rejection really wasn’t the slightest bit polite.

Di Lin took a deep breath.

A natural breeze swept across the tree leaves, creating rustling sounds.

Di Lin’s eyes were fixed tightly on the direction Hydin had vanished in, but he never once heard the sound of footsteps.

The color of the sky gradually transformed from complete brightness to a slight yellow, before slowly darkening.

Di Lin glanced at the fire barrier around him that had no awareness and simply continued to bounce very happily. It was presumably quite dangerous; he didn’t know if Hydin would be able to cope on his own. Despite knowing that he wouldn’t be of much help even if he had gone, Di Lin still didn’t wish to remain here on his own and look on without lifting a finger.

The thought of wanting to investigate grew stronger and stronger.

Even before he had reacted, two water balls had already flown towards those tiny specks of fire.

Water and fire collided with a bang, emitting slight sizzles.

But after the water droplets disappeared, the fire still remained in place.

Di Lin hung his shoulders in disappointment.

Gentle laughter sounded from ahead and Hydin walked out, his hands behind him. The ridicule in his eyes wasn’t concealed at all. “You think you can break my barrier?”

Di Lin felt his face turn red. He took a step forward and straightened his chest. “There will come a day.”

“There will come a day?” Hydin raised a brow and repeated his words.

“I will definitely be able to break it.”

“Rather than compete with my barrier…” Hydin said leisurely. “Why not put all your efforts into defeating me.”

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