Holy Institution: Chapter 34

Chapter 34: Junior exam (5)

Di Lin inwardly grumbled bitterly.

Given his current circumstances, even dealing with a rank one magic beast would pose some difficulty, much less this beast before him that didn’t seem any weaker than the silver-armored beast.

He could use wind magic to escape but this magic beast happened to be blocking the road ahead. If he wanted to bypass it, he would need to clash directly with the magic beast. If he were to choose another direction, he was afraid his already direction-confused mind would become even more confused.

Just as he was hesitating, that pair of red eyes suddenly looked up and it lunged towards him!

Its body was revealed under the rays of light. If the silver-armored beast was a wild boar dressed in silver armor, then this beast before him was a panther with pure black fur and a lone horn on its nose!

Di Lin subconsciously condensed the water elements, shifting himself six meters back.

Having lost its target, the single-horned black panther paused blankly for a moment. Its scarlet pupils quickly turned towards the right direction. Under the setting sun, a strange orange light flickered on its sharp-as-nails teeth. Indistinct chunks of meat could be seen in the cracks between its teeth.

It looked like it was here to prepare for dinner.

Despite understanding its needs, Di Lin didn’t intend on sacrificing himself. He quickly took stock of the current situation. This single-horned black panther clearly wasn’t about to yield the road behind it to him, while he hadn’t practised his wind magic to the point where he could use it freely. He didn’t know how to run an arc around that magic beast in order to evade it either. After a thorough consideration of all available options, withdrawing in another direction first was the best option.

Anyway, if worst came to worst, he just had to break the crystal ball and give up on this exam.

The single-horned black panther only saw a flash before the delicious-looking human completely vanished from its area of vision.

Di Lin finally understood what it meant to be continuously unlucky. After escaping from the territory of the single-horned black panther with much difficulty, he once again ran into a magic beast that ran as if it was flying.

If he hadn’t guessed wrongly, this should be the Swift Gale Wolf that he saw in a book previously. They were pack creatures, so it wasn’t just one who was chasing after him but a group of them.

Even though he was moving at the speed of wind magic-induced flight, the wolves continued to pursue him closely. Every time he relaxed slightly, they would seize the opportunity to attack him, giving him no choice but to increase his speed.

The use of magic was extremely draining on one’s spiritual energy. In particular, it hadn’t been long since Di Lin grasped wind magic, so under this sort of intense, consecutive use, he gradually found himself struggling to persist. He felt dizzy, as if his head was submerged in water. The water elements that he had sensed in his mind started to dim.


A wolf howl seemed to have sounded from behind him.

Di Lin’s body jolted slightly. A burst of pain pierced through his head. The water elements that were dragging him along suddenly vanished and he fell mid-air.

Damn it.

He didn’t have the time to figure out what exactly had occurred. He quickly took out a dagger from his space bag and sent it flying at a horizontal angle to his side. The swift gale wolves were too quick; he couldn’t make out their figures at all and could only depend on the flow of wind to guess their movements.

The dagger hit empty air. Di Lin felt pain pierce through his right wrist as his body was heavily knocked onto the ground. A wolf with a whole body of light blue fur was firmly biting into his wrist, its pitch-black eyes brimming with ruthlessness.

Blood continuously flowed out between his wrist and its teeth. Its teeth seemed to have penetrated the bones in his hand deeply.

Di Lin’s lips paled, and he immediately fainted from the pain.

He didn’t know how long it had been when he opened his eyes.

His surroundings were a murky black and the sky and earth seemed to have fused together. He stretched out a hand but couldn’t see his fingers.

Di Lin shut his eyes again, the glistening water elements once again appearing in his mind.

Could he have died?

He shifted, a stab of pain instantly travelling through his wrist. Coupled with the muted ache from his chest, the pain caused him to draw both legs back with clenched teeth.

“Awake?” Accompanying the distinct, thickly nasal voice was countless tiny flames that drifted at the top of Di Lin’s head. They floated mid-air, like stars that suffused the entire sky, illuminating their surroundings.

“You?” Only at this moment did Di Lin realize that his right wrist had already been bound. The pain from his wrist had also lessened significantly. He endured the slight pain and used his unharmed left hand to prop himself up into a sitting position. His eyes fixed tightly on the golden-haired man seated in front of him. Despite being seated amidst a messy pile of grass, his face still carried a familiar calmness and arrogance.

Hydin saw that he was staring at him silently and taunted him, “Scared silly?”

Di Lin suddenly propped his left hand against the ground and shifted his body over.

Hydin silently watched his nearing figure. Then, he watched Di Lin raise a hand… and stick it against the right side of his face. A faint thread of anger flowed through Hydin’s azure eyes as he asked coldly, “What are you doing?”

Di Lin didn’t seem to have had enough of it and rubbed his hand against his face for a while before letting out a breath and releasing his hand, mumbling in a low voice, “It’s real.”

“You’re very happy?” Hydin asked.

He had survived by the skin of his teeth, of course he was happy. Di Lin revealed a smile.

“Aren’t you going to explain your actions just now?” Hydin clearly didn’t intend on letting him off.

Di Lin cocked his head and glanced at the distinct fingerprints stamped on his face. The corner of his mouth twitched slightly but he very quickly said respectfully, “I merely wanted to express my excitement at seeing Tutor at such a crucial time.”

“Crucial time?” Hydin narrowed his eyes slightly. “Since you knew that it was a crucial time, why didn’t you break the crystal ball?”

During the first moments the Nightmare Forest came alive, he had already been on standby outside the woods waiting for Di Lin to shatter the crystal ball and furnish his location. Yet even after waiting for a long time, he still didn’t receive Di Lin’s signal. This was despite the fact that the other students had already started to exit one after another. If not for the people in the same group as him exiting and giving him a rough idea of Di Lin’s position, he wouldn’t have been able to rescue him in time either.

Recalling the scene of imminent peril at that time, his azure eyes contracted slightly.

Di Lin immediately thought of his unbroken crystal ball and was stunned. He couldn’t help stating in exultation, “My exam hasn’t ended.”

“Do you think you should be caring about the exam under circumstances like that?” Hydin said severely. If he had arrived any later, then it wouldn’t be an injured youth sitting here but a skeleton that had been gnawed clean!

Di Lin was shocked by his curt words and severe expression. Recalling the moment he lost consciousness, he felt a lingering fear and mumbled, “Forgot about it.” This statement wasn’t a lie. After encountering the swift gale wolves, he completely lacked the time to consider requesting for aid.

Hydin asked, “How did you escape here?”

Di Lin said, “I told them I would lure the magic beast to the east side.”

“East?” Hydin stared at him. “Your companions said you went towards the north.”

“Ah?” Di Lin said blankly.

Hydin stated, “And I did indeed find you by following your companions’ tip.”

Di Lin’s brows creased. “I met a single-horned black panther after that and switched directions when I ran, maybe that was the north?”

“Then I should have met you at the northeast?” Hydin raised a brow. “Then, can you explain why we’re now in the northwest?”

“The Nightmare Forest is very strange,” Di Lin concluded.

Hydin, “…”

“Oh right, didn’t Chief Instructor Macreis say that we would meet rank one or two magic beasts? Why were all the ones I met not rank one or two?” Di Lin looked at him suspiciously, as if he was looking at the main culprit.

“Because you’re unlucky,” Hydin’s expression screamed schadenfreude.

Di Lin was now even more convinced of his suspicions. “This is an additional test?”

“The exam’s already been called off.”

“Called off?” Di Lin stared blankly and immediately inquired, “Why?” He had experienced a narrow escape and preserved the crystal ball with much difficulty, all in exchange for a cancelled exam?

Hydin said, “Orosai’s decision.”

“The school chairman?” Di Lin finally realized that the situation wasn’t as simple as he had thought. “Why?”

Hydin said, “Because…” His right hand carelessly grabbed at the ground.

Di Lin stretched his neck out. “What?”


The hand that had just grabbed soil landed on Di Lin’s face, letting out a clear sound.

Di Lin, who had just been slapped, was speechless.

Hydin retrieved his hand and curled his lips. “Did you think I didn’t know that there was something on my face?”

Di Lin, “…” Could he assume that Hydin’s previous performance was to draw his attention, so as to deliver him this palm?

The intermittent sounds of grass being stepped on sounded from the area on the right ahead of them.

Di Lin tensed, the pain from his wrist twitching as it flared up.

Hydin waved a hand.

The tiny flames that had originally been spiraling around the tops of their heads instantly floated around their surroundings and formed a circle, continuously revolving around them.

“This is?” Di Lin asked in bewilderment.

“My barrier,” Hydin waved a hand again. The tiny flames that had originally been revolving in a clockwise direction bounced up and down, just like a tiny fence made from flames.

Di Lin, “…”

He suddenly understood what was meant by having magic unique to oneself. For example, he would never employ such a childish barrier.

T/N: Why did the slapping seem so childish yet cute? (⁄ ⁄•⁄ω⁄•⁄ ⁄)

Stay safe and healthy during these difficult times everyone!

On a side note, I started reading Glory (that title really reminds me of TKA) recently. It’s an esports novel with tons of fluff and cuteness! There are only a few translated chapters out for now but I’m already obsessed with it, so here I am sharing it ^_^

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