Holy Institution: Chapter 32

Chapter 32: Junior exam (3)

It was unknown if the statement ‘hates washing hands and showering’ gave Xi Luo too much of a shock but after the incident, he rarely ordered Suo Suo about. Instead, when it came to things like taking documents, he would do it personally. This allowed Di Lin to heave a huge sigh of relief. The invitation letter from those at the secondary school made it clear that their relations with Xi Luo were very tense. He didn’t want Suo Suo to be dragged in.

With a huge weight off his mind, he put all his efforts into his studies.

After knowing that he was reading in the library, Hydin conducted a strict filtering of the books he chose.

All the books pertaining to the spells and gestures of water magic were thrown back to the library. As for the remaining ones, if it wasn’t an unusual perspective of the water elements, it discussed the magic of the other three elements.

Di Lin protested, “These books have no practical use!” Was he hoping for him to be able to invoke the magic of other elements during a critical juncture?

Hydin said, “The moment you understand their practical use is the moment you’ve grown clever.”


Did he mean that he was very unintelligent now?

Di Lin, who had always been immersed in the sea of admiration and glory, was extremely indignant. He asked coldly, “Does Tutor have something against Bascos?”

Hydin’s fingers brushed lightly against his own chin. “Basco does sound familiar.”

Could there really be?

Di Lin’s heart thumped. So, Hydin selecting him as his student was a premeditated move? So, he really was making things difficult for him?

Di Lin fixed his eyes on Hydin. Coupled with his handsome looks, those azure, clear eyes of his made him even more enchanting. If they didn’t know of Hydin’s personality, surely plenty of people would have fallen heads over heels for him? However, his personality was too flamboyant. It would be hard for others to overlook it even if they wanted to.

Di Lin pursed his lips tightly. His father was also very handsome, and his personality was a lot better than his!

“Ah, I remember now,” Hydin suddenly said.

Di Lin’s heart tensed.

“Isn’t that your clan?”

“Speaking of ‘having something against’…” Hydin flashed a slight smile. “If you don’t pass the junior exam this time, I think you won’t need to worry. I will very quickly have something against it.”

“…” Since he was that worried about him not passing the junior exam, then he should give him some useful books!

Discerning the rage in Di Lin’s eyes, Hydin crossed his arms. “There are many people walking the same road. So, there won’t be much of a gap between those in first and second place. This applies even to those in the 100th and 200th place.”

Di Lin blinked his eyes at him. He had to admit, Hydin did occasionally say things that made a lot of sense, though his attitude was as always, less than impressive.

“So, if you want to leave someone in your dust, there are two methods,” Hydin extended a finger. “The first way is to take a shortcut.”

Di Lin’s eyes lit up.

Shortcuts were a form of enticement to any person at any time.

“Do you want to be a necromancer?’ Hydin’s smile was extremely harmless. “I can help you.”

The hair on Di Lin’s body stood up in an instant.

There was no mirror in front of him, but he could imagine how ugly the expression on his face was.

“Or,” Hydin said slowly. “Use some time to build a carriage and end everything once and for all.”

Di Lin’s heart sunk.

After all, this place was Saint Padeus. No matter how vile Hydin’s character and how unbridled his behavior was, he wouldn’t risk enraging the entire Dream Continent by using necromancy – if he really did know how to use it. After all, not only were necromancers the enemies of the Society of the God of Light, they were even more so the public enemies of the entire Dream Continent. This was because the summoning methods that necromancers used would render the deceased incapable of resting in peace.

“Then, shouldn’t I first find a male and female horse, wait for them to give birth to a colt, and then raise it to adulthood?” Di Lin asked in a huff.

Hydin watched him with creased brows.

Di Lin was stared at till dread rose in his heart.

“I’m now very, very doubtful whether accepting you as a student was the right choice.”

There wasn’t any need to doubt, the answer was a definite no, thought Di Lin. Because there was a very high chance that it would completely destroy a youth’s passion for magic.

“Not using readily available horses but waiting for them to give birth to a colt before raising it to adulthood…” Hydin looked at him strangely, his gaze like that of looking at an idiot.

Di Lin didn’t say anything. He picked up a book, walked to a tree and sat cross-legged underneath it to read.

If he raised his head from the book, he would realize that the skin from his face to his neck was scarlet.

Under Hydin’s supervision, Di Lin possessed a thorough understanding of the other three elements within the short span of half a month.

This sort of thorough understanding very quickly came in handy during the junior exam.

‘Rui Meng, if you added a ‘watelassi-builong!’ behind the spell you chanted just now, its power will increase a bit,” Hydin looked at the small mound of earth on the ground that had been overturned.

“Really?” Though Rui Meng was skeptical about his knowledge of earth magic, he still tried it out.

Sure enough, the earth on the ground roiled up in accordance with his spell. The size of the earth mound had doubled.

“Ah, I must remember this spell!” Pleasantly surprised, Rui Meng took out a notebook.

Kevin looked at him in amazement.

Di Lin took out a seed out from his space bag and stuffed it into the earth mound.

Rui Meng cast a spell and covered up the earth once again.

With a wave of Kevin’s hand, a stream of clear spring water slowly moistened the mound of earth.

“There’s too much water,” Aridi muttered at the side. “It’ll drown.”

Hearing his words, Kevin immediately released his hand.

Aridi placed a hand above the earth mound, chanted some phrases and after some time, a green sprout broke through the earth.

“Success!” Rui Meng exclaimed happily. “Aha! The junior exam this time is too easy!”

That’s right, this was their junior exam – using saplings to form a circle with a perimeter of one kilometer.

Group members were randomly allocated to groups, but fortunately, all of them were split into groups with people they knew – the water-types Di Lin and Kevin, the earth-type Rui Meng, and the wood-type Aridi.

Rui Meng noticed Di Lin’s absent-mindedness and stealthily moved to his side. “Relax, Suo Suo and Jeffery are together. Nothing will happen.”

Di Lin said in a heavy voice, “But Xi Luo is in the same group.”

Rui Meng also started worrying after Xi Luo was mentioned.

Ever since Ning Ya left, their room had been shared by the three of them, so their relationship was better compared to the rest. Thinking of Suo Suo and Xi Luo’s personalities as well as the countries behind them, Rui Meng’s expression also turned gloomy.

“How long is one kilometer?” Aridi surveyed the scene ahead.

Kevin stated, “Anyway, it’s one tree every three steps.”

Aridi commented, “But the length of every person’s footstep varies.”

Kevin clearly hadn’t considered this problem. He wrinkled his brows and said, “Get someone with the average height to walk then.” His gaze directly flitted across Aridi’s body.

Aridi was angered into sputtering, “How is my height not average?”

Just as he uttered these words, Di Lin and Rui Meng walked over and then looked down at him together with Kevin.


Aridi walked to the front gloomily.

Rui Meng rubbed his hands. “I’ll loosen the soil.”

Kevin glanced around them. “We have to be careful; magic beasts can appear at any time here.”

Di Lin nodded and started taking precautions.


Aridi’s cry interrupted Rui Meng’s spell and the three people rushed forward together.


Di Lin swallowed his inquiry.

Ten meters ahead of Aridi, a pair of silver-green eyes stared aggressively at them.

In the office of the Chairman of the Saint Padeus’ Institution.

Orosai was drinking coffee and munching on biscuits, having his afternoon tea.

Warm and cozy sunlight shone onto his thigh. Everything was so very beautiful and satisfying. His head lay against a bolster, his eyes drowsy.

Bang. The door was pushed open heavily.

The coffee on the side table shook gently.

Michelle rushed in anxiously and exclaimed, “Chairman, it’s bad!”

Orosai opened his eyes, some remnants of sleepiness still remaining at the corner of his eyes.

“The Nightmare Forest has come alive!”

Orosai’s pupils contracted.

Outsiders thought that the Nightmare Forest was frightening because of the many different types of vicious magic beasts that it hid but the magic tutors of Saint Padeus knew that there was a terrible legend surrounding it – it was a living forest.

Just like a jigsaw puzzle, a piece that was clearly on the left side could shift to the rightmost side when the forest was alive. No one knew the rules of its movement when it was alive and could only slowly find their way back after it was no longer active. However, the surface area of the Nightmare Forest was vast, and the most vicious magic beasts lay in the deepest recesses of the forest. It was possible for one to never find the route back their entire lifetime.

This saying had always existed, never forgotten. But, the situation in this legend had never once appeared.

Orosai soon calmed down. “Today is the day of the junior exam.”

Michelle nodded.

“Have all of the tutors set out to bring their students back. Cancel the exam!”

“Yes,” Michelle swiftly ran out.

Orosai stood up. He stood in front of the window, gazing in the direction of the Nightmare Forest.

After the establishment of Saint Padeus, the four founders had found out about the Nightmare Forest’s secret – there lay a natural space magic array in the heart of the forest. In order to ensure the institution’s safety, the four founders had already destroyed the magic array.

What exactly had made it reactivate?

Fleeting clouds drifted from the west.

Blocking the sunlight.

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