Holy Institution: Chapter 31

Chapter 31: Junior exam (2)

Perhaps it was because the book was his tutor’s work that Hydin didn’t express much of an opinion on Di Lin researching it. After Hydin left, Di Lin could finally continue reading.

Hydin’s words and this book had caused the way he thought about lifestyle and combat type magic to change. Namely, that magic in itself was harmless. Whether it was classified as combat or lifestyle lay in how it was used.

Thought. Thought was the crux between deciding whether it was of a combat or lifestyle type.

Suddenly, Di Lin didn’t feel as opposed to being Hydin’s student. Although he didn’t know whether Hydin was a good tutor, one thing that he could be sure of was that he was a good student. Since that was the case, what else did he need to worry about?

The matter he most needed to resolve at the moment was the exam half a month later. He had to get through it smoothly and avoid shaming his clan.

Di Lin’s gaze swept across the words on the page. Just as he was preparing to flip to the next page, a light pat landed on his left shoulder.



Di Lin held back his impatience with great difficulty and turned, smiling. “Tutor Hyd…”

But the face that entered his line of sight was an entirely unfamiliar one.

“You are Di Lin·Basco?” The other party asked timidly.

Di Lin cautiously closed the book. “I am. May I know your…”

“I am Robert·White. My father is Viscount Ban·White.” He saw that Di Lin’s expression remained unchanged and nervously added, “I come from Shamanril.”

Di Lin inwardly voiced the words ‘here it comes’, though the smile at the corner of his mouth did not vanish. He didn’t stand up, simply extending a hand and saying, “I’m very happy to meet you.”

Overwhelmed by the favor, Robert gripped his hand and shook it. “I wanted to call on you a long time ago but never managed to find a suitable opportunity.”

Di Lin didn’t bat an eyelid as he listened to him ramble on and on about his experiences.

To summarize everything in two statements, he was nobility but entered Saint Padeus by his own ability. And, he was a student in the secondary class.

Robert saw that despite his many words, Di Lin only directed a smile at him without uttering a single word. Immediately, his heartbeat fluctuated like a suspended bucket. “Young Master Basco?”

“En,” Only then did Di Lin seem to realize that he was standing while talking. He gestured at the side. “Please sit.”

Robert followed his words and sat down, staring at him in a manner of wanting to say something yet hesitating.

Di Lin said slowly, “I heard that Saint Padeus’ junior and secondary school never have relations with each other.”

Startled, Robert said hurriedly, “There is no such school rule.”

Yes, there wasn’t such a school rule, but it was an unwritten rule in the Holy Institution. Di Lin dared to bet that this Robert had snuck over. Although the First Library was the largest library in the Holy Institution, the bookshelf he was looking through was aimed at the junior school. Students belonging to the secondary school would usually go to the Third or Fourth Library.

This wasn’t because of a fear of conflict between the secondary and junior schools but rather that Saint Padeus had always believed in the independent practice of magic and not merely following in the paths of their seniors. Ever since the school was established, many new students would treat their senior schoolmates as their last hope since they didn’t dare rely on their tutor, causing them to tread on the wrong road instead. After that, this unwritten rule gradually came into shape.

So, even if they had the same tutor, the junior and secondary students didn’t quite interact with one another.

However, Di Lin didn’t expose him. He said faintly, “You’re the first secondary student I’ve seen.”

The term he used was ‘secondary student’ and not ‘senior’.

Robert didn’t find it unexpected at all. Given Di Lin’s status as the only son of the Basco clan, his arrogance and aloofness could entirely be understood.

“Actually, I came over to send you an invitation letter,” Robert took out a delicate golden card from his space bag. “There are a lot of students who come from Shamanril in the secondary school. They have long heard of the Basco dukedom’s famous reputation and wish to meet with you.”

Di Lin glanced at the invitation but didn’t extend a hand.

He was very clear that these secondary students who came from Shamanril represented the power that Princess Qiaoni left behind at Saint Padeus. The reason why they sought him out was perhaps also done on Princess Qiaoni’s instructions. After all, Xi Luo’s return using the limited spots must have been very much out of their expectations, throwing their plans into chaos. They were now in urgent need of a leader who could contend against Xi Luo.

He had undoubtedly been chosen.

“It will be the junior exam half a month later,” Di Lin said. “I’m afraid I don’t have the time.”

Robert replied hurriedly, “I’ve participated in this sort of junior exam before; it isn’t very hard. Given Young Master Basco’s strength, there would not be any issue.”

“You know my strength very well?” Di Lin smiled.

“Of course,” He had heard others mention that Princess Qiaoni labelled Di Lin·Basco’s talent for water magic as one in ten thousand. Given Princess Qiaoni’s character, this statement of hers was definitely not praise. He knew her pride very well.

Di Lin raised an eyebrow in surprise. “Thank you for your trust. But in reality, I’m now just self-studying and making up for my missed classes,” He shook the book in his hands.

“<Water Magic Stirring Technique>?” Robert was very confused. He couldn’t reconcile this youth who possessed an unparalleled, glorious family background with a stirring technique. Could it be that this was an assignment arranged for him by his tutor?

“Your tutor is Hydin·Tagilis?” He asked cautiously.


Robert wrinkled his brows.

Di Lin straightened his back in curiosity. “You know him?”

“He’s famous in Saint Padeus,” Robert seemed to be hesitating over whether or not to tell him the words as they were said.

Di Lin’s interest had been completely aroused. He had also heard of a few rumors regarding Hydin but they were all very general. It was rare to come by a person in the know; not asking a little about it would be letting down this encounter. “I don’t understand him very well yet. Oh, a good tutor is very important to a student.” He deliberately drew a line between him and Hydin to relieve the other party’s hesitation.

“This, I’ve only heard of these,” Robert glanced around their surroundings, as if afraid that Hydin would suddenly pop out from somewhere.

To tell the truth, Di Lin was also worried about this.

Hydin appeared and disappeared unpredictably most of the time.

After both of them surveyed their surroundings, with one doing so casually and the other doing so with concern, Robert said in a low voice, “I heard he’s very powerful.”

“How powerful?”

“I don’t know. In short, many people said that he’s extremely, extremely powerful.”

“… And?”

“And he’s very hard to get along with.”

“For example?”

“I don’t know. Anyway, many people are very scared of him.


“In addition, he always stayed in the laboratory in the past and didn’t take on students.”


“Oh, right. I heard he’s a genius.”


“En?” Robert was racking his brains for information regarding Hydin when he saw Di Lin stand up with all smiles. “It’s very late, do you want to eat together?”

“Ah. Oh. Thank you. It’s okay,” The dining halls for the junior and secondary schools were located separately. If he entered the junior school, he would be recognized very quickly. “This invitation…” He looked at Di Lin with hesitation.

Di Lin smiled. “If there’s anything, let’s wait till after the junior exam to talk.”

Even if Robert was Di Lin’s senior, he didn’t have the guts to force the only son of the Basco dukedom into doing something, so he could only say with embarrassment, “All right. If you have anything…” He paused for a moment, seemingly having thought that given his identity, the other party would definitely not take the initiative and risk going to the secondary school. He changed his words, “I’ll come find you after the junior exam.”

Di Lin smiled and nodded.

Only then did Robert leave stealthily.

After he left, the smile at the corner of Di Lin’s mouth disappeared. His eyes glanced thoughtfully at the direction which Robert had left in.

There had always been a clear distinction between the junior and secondary schools. Especially since Princess Qiaoni and Xi Luo had just been ordered into returning home; they shouldn’t seek him out this brazenly. Unless…

Was there movement on Xi Luo’s side?

Di Lin’s mood turned gloomy.

Compared to accepting the power Princess Qiaoni had left behind at this place, he would prefer it if Princess Qiaoni returned to the institution herself. At least, he would only need to deal with one person then.

When Di Lin returned to the dormitory, he unexpectedly caught sight of Xi Luo standing outside the door to the dormitory.

He halted his footsteps and greeted him with a smile.

Xi Luo stuck his hands into the pockets of his pants and scrutinized him. “The people from the secondary school went to find you?”

Di Lin stared blankly and raised a brow. “What?”

“Relax. It isn’t anything major.” The school merely didn’t wish for junior students to rely on their seniors and would not forcibly prevent them from interacting. At times, unwritten rules could be even more harsh than written rules. Moreover, this harshness was one without reason.

Di Lin asked, “You came over for this matter?”

Xi Luo didn’t reply.

It was a matter of sooner rather than later that those in the secondary school sought out Di Lin. The junior exam was about to arrive and so was the secondary exam.  During this period, he had continuously allowed the Kanding Empire’s powers in the secondary school to secretly provoke those guys from Shamanril. It was impossible for the other party not to make any movements.

So, he had randomly sounded him out, not expecting to have really hit the nail on the head.

A person ran out from the dormitory.

Di Lin was a little startled and immediately smiled. “Why did you come down?”

Suo Suo panted while carrying a large pile of information. He seemed to want to run over but was blocked by Xi Luo along the way.

“My things,” Xi Luo’s complexion didn’t appear very good.

Suo Suo passed the information to him.

Xi Luo said coldly, “Next time, you’re not allowed to bring the information back to the dormitory.”

Suo Suo didn’t dare to make a sound of agreement.

Di Lin saw the situation and took a step forward, carelessly shielding Suo Suo partially with his body. “I didn’t expect Prince Xi Luo to actually lend information to Suo Suo,” He intentionally used the word ‘lend’. It was obvious that Xi Luo had let Suo Suo take on the role of errand-runner.

Suo Suo tugged at his sleeve and said in a low voice, “That wasn’t what happened. Xi Luo let me take the information from Tutor Chai Fuang. I got hungry halfway and came back to the dormitory.”

“Hungry?” Xi Luo asked with a strange expression. “Did you wash your hands before coming down?”

Suo Suo wanted to reply but Di Lin beat him to it. “Suo Suo hates washing hands and showering the most.”

The corner of Xi Luo’s eyes twitched. He turned and left.

Di Lin suddenly asked in astonishment, “Right, where does Xi Luo stay?” He only now realized that Xi Luo didn’t stay with them. According to reason, he should be staying with the junior students.

“He’s staying at an old building,” Suo Suo said. “At the place for the secondary students who are repeating a year.”

“… How fitting.”

Di Lin’s mood lifted.

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