Holy Institution: Chapter 29

Chapter 29: Teaching methods (10)

Di Lin was skeptical.

Although Hydin had always behaved very arrogantly, Di Lin still believed that he had exaggerated his capabilities too much this time. From the perspective of age and experience, he should be younger than the vast majority of the tutors in the Holy Institution. Like the so-called ‘as you sow, so shall you reap’[1], no matter how great of a genius he was, he couldn’t possibly surpass everyone.

He told this matter to the rest, filling Rui Meng and the group with righteous indignation. One by one, they expressed that Hydin was too arrogant, too shameless and fervently stated that they were more than willing to pull strings and contact their respective tutors.

Those tutors very quickly replied.

Kevin’s tutor, Goodry[2], was an honest person. His answer was also very honest. “If it’s Hydin, en, I can’t beat him.”

On the other hand, Rui Meng’s tutor, Melina’s answer very much led them to ponder over it deeply. “Hydin? Hmph, he dares to compete with me? His tutor was my junior!”

When Di Lin heard this answer, what flashed past his mind was: Was it Hydin who didn’t dare to compete with her or was it her who didn’t dare to compete with him?

The answers of the two rank ten mages dealt an enormous blow to Di Lin’s confidence. He started to believe that Hydin’s confidence was not borne from nothing. Maybe, he really was formidable. But Suo Suo hadn’t returned, so a faint sense of hope contained to linger in his heart. After all, Suo Suo’s tutor was publicly acknowledged as the fourth-ranked mage in the entire Continent!

Thus, when Suo Suo entered, Di Lin’s eyes nearly plastered onto his face.

“What did Tutor Chai Fuang say?” Di Lin asked impatiently.

Rui Meng put down his face and also looked at Suo Suo with anticipation.

“Tutor said that he’s a combat maniac,” Suo Suo uttered slowly. “A normal person will definitely not compete with a maniac.”

The spirit in Di Lin’s eyes dulled within an instant.

Rui Meng consoled him, “Just because the other tutors aren’t willing to compete with him doesn’t mean they aren’t willing to accept you. You can apply to the Institution to switch tutors and let the Institution help you to arrange for it separately.”

Di Lin was moved, before immediately despairing, “What if he makes trouble for the new tutor?”

“Then…” Rui Meng thought about Hydin’s conduct and forcibly swallowed the word ‘possible’.

Suo Suo took off his shoes and sat on Di Lin’s bed, pacifying him, “I think Hydin may have his own purpose.”


“En. Every tutor will wish for their student to have good future prospects. I don’t think he is an exception. Otherwise, why would he only take in one student?” Suo Suo recalled the scene of Hydin swiftly moving to rescue Di Lin when he sank into the lake and became even more certain of his thinking. “Perhaps, his way of teaching is just different from others.”

Rui Meng asked, “Could he have some grudge with your family?”

Di Lin wrinkled his brows. “Unlikely.” If there was some deep hatred between them, given Hydin’s character, he would have burnt him into ashes at their first meeting.

Rui Meng said, “If there isn’t, then maybe it really is as Suo Suo said, that his teaching methods are different from others.”

“Different teaching methods?” Di Lin was at a loss after hearing their words.

Rui Meng added, “This may be a good thing for you. After all, a tutor who is unequaled in combat in the Holy Institution can’t be found just like that.” After uttering these words, his feelings of sympathy paused, instead feeling somewhat envious. A tutor who was unrivaled in combat in the Holy Institution; just thinking about it made him feel like it was a very glorious thing.

Hearing them put things in such a way, it wouldn’t be good for Di Lin to continue mulling over the issue, so he smiled and changed the topic of conversation.

Despite confirming that Hydin’s words weren’t a result of bragging, Di Lin didn’t return to the classroom from then on. Instead, he simply self-studied in the library.

The library’s collection of books was abundant. Junior-level magic skills of all four elements were available, as well as a significant amount of insights on using magic. Ever since he obtained student qualifications and the school badge, he could enter and thumb through the books in the library at will.

In the three days he nested in the library, the things he learned were even more than what he had learnt in the past two months added together.

Now, he could already gather the water elements to form a ball of water roughly the size of his head, and could also slowly condense several water arrows. He believed that it wasn’t long before he could also be like Kevin and use magic to create a whirlpool of water like that of a tornado.

“You look like you’re getting by pretty well.”

Just as Di Lin was using magic to slowly condense a ball of water, an unctuous voice sounded behind him like a nightmare, just as his ball of water was increasing in size.

With a pop, the ball of water landed on the ground. Some drops of water even splashed onto the legs of his pants.

Di Lin secretly inhaled and closed the magic book, turning around. “Tutor.”

“You still remember me?” Hydin had on a smile yet not a smile. “I still thought that you hit your head after falling off the bed in the middle of the night and lost your memories.”

Di Lin didn’t utter a word.

“Since you didn’t lose your memories, then can I understand your truancy for the past few days as… Intentional?” Hydin was still smiling, though his tone of voice was sinister.

Di Lin hugged the magic book and said calmly, “I want to learn magic.”

“Every person who enters the Holy Institution thinks the same.”

“I want to learn real magic.”

“Real magic?” Hydin laughed coldly. “What do you think is real magic? This?” He extended a hand, a ball of water swiftly forming in his palm. Its size was identical to the one Di Lin had formed just now.

Di Lin’s eyes widened. He looked at Hydin in disbelief. “Dual, dual-element mage?”

How was that possible?

He had always assumed that dual-element mages were characters borne from the imaginations of fiction authors and couldn’t possibly exist in this world. This was because regardless of whether it was the elements or spirits, they all possessed a peculiar dominance that didn’t allow them to co-exist with other elements. This was the reason why many people gradually lost their perception of the three elements outside of the one they chose and practised, despite being able to sense various elements at the start.

However, the reality in front of his eyes didn’t permit him to deny it. Among the four great elements, water and fire elements were publicly known as enemies, yet their magic appeared in the same person’s hands.

Was Hydin really so powerful that he had broken through the elements’ limits of mutual exclusivity?

As if seeing through his doubts, Hydin smiled. “You must be very curious whether I’m a water mage or a fire mage.”

Di Lin didn’t deny it.

Hydin extended his other hand, a strong flame forming in the hollow of his palm.

The light and shadow of the water and fire balls landed simultaneously on both their faces.

Di Lin mumbled, “How is that possible?”

Hydin retrieved the flame, pushing the water ball towards him as he spoke in a voice filled with temptation, “Do you want to know the reason?”

Di Lin stared at the water ball and then suddenly asked, “Why is the temperature of the water ball so high?” The closer the water ball neared him, the higher the temperature of the heat that pounced towards his face, just like a… flame.

The corner of Hydin’s mouth curved slightly. “You’ve realized it?”

Di Lin was still doubtful.

“Because, I used fire magic,” Hydin’s gaze focused and a fireball suddenly appeared around the ball of water in his palm, tightly wrapping the water ball.

Di Lin said suddenly, “I’ve got it. You used the fire elements to squeeze the water elements together!” Water elements were passive, so after being squeezed together, they would inevitably form a ball of water!

The water and fire in Hydin’s hand vanished abruptly. He crossed his arms across his chest and asked, “How does it compare to the one you just learnt?”

Di Lin’s face turned red. He spoke in a small voice, “You’ve never taught me that before.”

“My tutor also never taught me that magic could be used in this way,” Hydin said coldly. “If your everything was taught by me, then what use would you have? To pass on my magic like a book? Don’t you think that a book is even more reliable? At least, it wouldn’t get angry or misrepresent what I mean.”

Di Lin lowered his head and looked at the tips of his feet.

He clearly believed that he was being reasonable, yet for some unknown reason, after witnessing Hydin’s magic, he actually started to understand and acknowledge his way of teaching.

“Understanding the other three elements is not so that you can learn how to use their magic but so that you can have greater space and imagination to create magic that belongs to you. As well as,” He paused for a moment and continued, “To prevail over all enemies, no matter what element they use.”

Di Lin suddenly recalled Chai Fuang’s answer – he is a combat maniac.

He knew that one aspect in which mages differed was their attributes, in which they were split into four different types. But apart from that, they differed also in their domains of specialization – lifestyle, combat, and support. But the boundaries of this way of splitting were hazier. Many mages were able to offer some aid in the lifestyle aspect of things, yet also possessed a certain degree of combat ability. For instance, the majority of tutors in the Holy Institution. However, listening to Hydin’s remarks, he appeared to be… an entirely combat-type mage?

Di Lin had something new to be perplexed about.

Because he wished for his tutor to be a lifestyle-type mage. That way, he could stay in the institution to research and invent magic that would be of use to the civilians. According to statistics, the majority of magic tutors who stayed on at the Holy Institution were allowed to because they made outstanding achievements in the field of lifestyle-type magic. As for combat types, they did exist, but for the majority of the combat-type tutors, even if they stayed on at the Institution, they would frequently be dispatched to the Continent’s various regions as emissaries of peace and justice – this clearly ran counter to their original intentions.

“I want to be a lifestyle-type mage,” Di Lin voiced his inner desire.

Hydin stared blankly. “What?”

“I want to become a lifestyle-type mage,” He reiterated his words in a louder voice.

Hydin’s brows creased. “What’s your full name?”

Di Lin stared blankly and replied subconsciously, “Di Lin·Basco.”

“Your father?”


“The one from Shamanril?”


“Then why would you want to be a lifestyle-type mage?” Hydin was very puzzled.

“… For convenient living.”

[1] 一分耕耘,一分收获: This phrase means that the amount harvested is directly proportionate to the amount of effort put in. The English translation for this is ‘reap what you sow’ but this is more commonly understood as bearing the consequences for your actions, which is inconsistent with the meaning of the original phrase, so I tweaked the phrase a little to place more emphasis on obtaining what you have worked hard for.

[2] This is the inconsistency regarding Kevin’s tutor as mentioned in a previous footnote, as a previous chapter stated that Melina was Kevin’s tutor. Nothing important, but nice to know for consistency’s sake.

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