Holy Institution: Chapter 27

Chapter 27: Teaching methods (8)

Macreis discovered Di Lin’s silhouette first. His footsteps halted and he inclined his head to glance at Ning Ya. “Your friend came to pick you up.” As the head instructor of the junior classes, he knew the students’ personal relations like the back of his hand.

There was a moment of absent-mindedness in Ning Ya’s gaze. Only after quite a while did his eyes slowly regain its clarity as he watched Di Lin slowly approach them.

“Sir, Head Instructor,” Di Lin saluted.

Macreis nodded. “Are you here for Ning Ya?”

Di Lin’s heart pounded. He had come to ask why the dormitory was empty without a single person in sight, but after seeing Ning Ya’s pale face and Macreis’ appearance of wanting to say something yet hesitating, he subconsciously suppressed the question at the bottom of his heart. “Is he okay?”

Macreis sighed. “Bring him back first.”

Di Lin looked worriedly at Ning Ya.

Ning Ya turned, saluted Macreis and then walked in the direction of the dormitories with a lowered head.

Di Lin hesitated as he looked towards Macreis. Only after seeing him nod wordlessly did he follow after Ning Ya.

“Perhaps you can rely on the strength of your friends,” Macreis said in a low voice as he stood at the spot.

Unable to discern the reason for Macreis’ words, Di Lin looked back.

Macreis had already turned and went back.

“You…” Di Lin quickened his pace and shifted to Ning Ya’s side. He watched Ning Ya, wanting to inquire yet not knowing how to. From the side, Ning Ya’s cheeks appeared even thinner compared to the time they had just gotten to know each other, the transparent shade of his skin making it seem like it could dissolve into air at any time.

“Are you here to find Suo Suo?” Ning Ya cast a glance at him.

Di Lin’s expression was a little awkward.

Ning Ya said expressionlessly, “They’re organizing a night bonfire party at the previous empty plot of land. You can still make it if you go over now.”

“Let’s go together?” Di Lin sounded him out.

Ning Ya shook his head. “I need to pack up my things.”

“Pack up your things?”

“En,” Ning Ya’s shoulders drooped slightly. “I’m going home.”

Di Lin’s breathing suddenly felt blocked up. He blurted out, “Why?”

“I miss home.”

“But we just came not long ago!” It was clear just from thinking about it that missing home was an excuse. To every person in the Dream Continent, entering Saint Padeus was a serendipitous dream! No one would give up on this dream just because they missed home.

Di Lin’s chest felt stuffy. He couldn’t help asking, “Is it because of the matter you requested me to help with?”

Ning Ya’s brows knitted slightly. His footsteps stopped and he looked at Di Lin seriously. “If you consider me a friend, can you forget that matter?”

Di Lin halted his steps, his eyes staring back at him fixedly. “The reason why you came to Saint Padeus was so you could request for the Holy Institution’s aid?”

“You don’t consider me a friend,” Ning Ya’s eyelids drooped gently.

“It’s you who doesn’t consider me a friend!” Di Lin took a step forward on impulse. “If you consider me a friend, why won’t you tell what trouble you’ve encountered?!”

“Because you come from Shamanril, and I come from Langzan,” Ning Ya was looking at him, yet he seemed to see past him to the country behind him.

Di Lin turned rigid.

Even though they came to Saint Padeus, a place distant from the politics surrounding the various countries, the imprint of their respective countries could not be altered.

“Then,” He didn’t know what he wanted to say, just that he didn’t want to let the atmosphere continue to be this heavy. “What about Xi Luo? Can he help?”

Ning Ya raised his head, a faint flame flashing across his eyes. “He’s different from you.”

Di Lin stared blankly.

“Or,” Ning Ya’s expression was both cold and stiff, as if his face had been frosted into ice. “Did you think that I would do every single one of those things I did to you without the slightest scruple?”

Di Lin’s face turned scarlet in the next second. He mumbled, “I didn’t mean it that way.”

But Ning Ya didn’t listen to his explanation. He turned and left.

Di Lin silently followed behind him, just like the previous night.

When he came, the road had clearly been very long. But when he left, they very quickly reached the end of the road. It was so quick that Di Lin hadn’t even finished thinking about how he ought to apologize.

— Despite the fact that it was just a short moment, Di Lin had to admit that he had indeed inwardly conjectured that Ning Ya would not do the same things he had done to himself to Xi Luo.

When Ning Ya returned to his room, he didn’t close the door but instead packed up every item belonging to him. Besides the daily necessities, everything else was thrown into a space ring.

“Are you really going to leave?” Di Lin stood at the door and watched him pack up.

Ning Ya didn’t speak.

“The institution isn’t going to help you?” Di Lin couldn’t pinpoint the exact emotion he had towards this weak youth. Perhaps it was sympathy, because of his weak body that seemed like it was on the verge of collapse. Perhaps it was care, because he was the first person of the same gender who expressed a different kind of emotion towards him. Or perhaps… it was dependence, because he was the only friend in the institution who once made Di Lin feel like he could depend on him.

“For the time being, they can’t,” Ning Ya’s fingers tensed up.

“For the time being?” Di Lin said. “Then does that mean that they can later on?”

Ning Ya raised his head, glanced at the moonlight outside the window and said faintly, “There is no later.”

Di Lin only understood his words a long, long time later. It was just that by that time, reality could not be changed no matter how upset he was.

Rui Meng and the rest only returned at midnight.

The clamor that spilled into the quiet dormitory like a tidal wave unexpectedly made Di Lin feel abnormally out of sorts.

Aridi had been carted back by Jeffery and Rui Meng, who each lugged his arms and feet. All three of them had drank quite a bit of wine; this could be made out from the bruise on Aridi’s face.

Di Lin waited at the door for a very long time before catching sight of Suo Suo’s figure –

Hanging from Xi Luo’s body.

Although the distance between them was a little far, Di Lin could still sense the rage that was on the brink of erupting from Xi Luo.

Di Lin’s brows creased as he went up to meet him.

His mood tonight could be described as ‘terrible’, so he didn’t object at all to finding an opponent to quarrel with!

“Get him off me!” Xi Luo didn’t give Di Lin any chance to speak whatsoever and just burst out in splitting anger.

Di Lin was slightly startled. The Xi Luo he knew was a gloomy person who rarely displayed joy or anger on his face. This sight in front of him was evidently somewhat inconsistent from what he knew of Xi Luo. However, he very quickly knew of the reason behind it.

The smell of wine, as well as a foul stench was coming from Xi Luo’s chest. If he hadn’t seen wrongly, those should be the traces of vomit.

“Suo Suo,” Di Lin’s voice was exceptionally gentle.

If not for Xi Luo’s expression being too malevolent, he would probably have patted Suo Suo’s head and commended him for a job well done.

Of course, he wasn’t averse to leaving this matter for later after going back. He could take his time to do it then.

“It’ll be a wonder if you could wake him up like that,” Xi Luo resisted the wave of stink coming from his chest with great difficulty, longing to throw Suo Suo off his body. He really had underestimated him during ordinary times. Though Suo Suo wasn’t tall, and his limbs weren’t long, his skill at clinging to people was top class. He had flung Suo Suo off several times, but the outcome was that his clothes had nearly been ripped apart, leaving his upper arms bare.

Di Lin saw that there were red handprints on the back of Suo Suo’s hand and his neck. His gaze suddenly turned heavy and he took a step forward, clasping Suo Suo’s nape. He gently stroked Suo Suo’s head and said, “Be obedient, you’ve reached home.”

Xi Luo stared at him coldly, ridicule evident in his eyes.

However, beyond his expectations, Suo Suo really did release both arms, obediently shifting into Di Lin’s embrace.

Having suddenly lost his heavy load, Xi Luo felt a chill at the area which Suo Suo had been on and couldn’t help shivering.

“Many thanks for Your Highness, Prince Xi Luo’s help with sending Suo Suo back,” Displeasure should not be returned with displeasure. After all, it was Suo Suo who clung to him as if it was a life or death matter. Di Lin didn’t make any excuses and still thanked him for sending Suo Suo back.

Xi Luo snorted coldly and turned around to leave.

Di Lin knew that he was definitely returning to take a shower and was in a very good mood. He carried Suo Suo and went upstairs.

Suo Suo was as content as a tiny cat. He wasn’t even aware of Di Lin carrying him onto the bed, directly finding a comfortable spot to enter dreamland.

Di Lin panted as he sat by the bed, pinching his nose.

With two drunkards in the room, he could stop thinking of having a good sleep.

He thought about it for a while and simply went next door.

Since Suo Suo frequently shuttled back and forth between the two rooms, Ning Ya rarely closed the door. When Di Lin stepped into the room, he had already fallen asleep.

Di Lin tiptoed onto the bed. With his back against the wall, he watched Ning Ya’s figure.

The moon’s rays shone down on his back and trembled slightly.

Di Lin suddenly sat up.

Because he realized that it wasn’t the moonlight that was trembling, but Ning Ya.

He recalled the matter of the spell on Ning Ya acting up outside the library and swiftly walked to the bedside, supporting his shoulders and saying in a low voice, “Is it very difficult?”

Ning Ya turned his head softly, his wan face full of cold sweat.

“You…” Di Lin had only uttered one word when he witnessed with shock a black vine slowly moving up his nape.

Ning Ya withdrew his head back under the blankets, his body curled into a ball.

As for the spell, Di Lin was at his wits’ end. He could only sit by the bed and gently hold his hand through the blanket, silently transmitting strength.

After an unknown length of time, the moonlight outside the window spilled into the section between the two beds.

Ning Ya turned his back back and said in a low voice, “I’m fine now.”

“Is it like this every night?” Di Lin’s brows drew together.

Ning Ya raised his head. His ash-grey hair was plastered to his forehead, his pitch-black pupils as still as the abyss. “It’ll be fine after I go home.”

Di Lin’s throat felt itchy. The words ‘I’ll lend you the magic corps’ nearly escaped, but in the end, it was just ‘nearly’.

He possessed the magic corps only because his surname was Basco.

Because his surname was Basco, he couldn’t lend the magic corps to Ning Ya for no cause or reason.

From the start, it was foreordained that there would be no answer to this problem.

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