Holy Institution: Chapter 23

Chapter 23: Teaching methods (4)

Di Lin followed Hydin to a lake in the woods.

The clear surface of the lake calmly reflected the silhouettes of them standing side by side. However, Di Lin didn’t find it beautiful at all. Because, even from the perspective of an inverted image, he was still shorter than Hydin by just a tiny bit. Maybe he should drink a bit more milk.

He thought this in his heart, but his expression remained as calm as always.

Hydin picked up a small stone from the ground.

It was dark gray in color color and was sharp and clear-cut. It was the type of stone that wouldn’t be found if it was thrown into a pile of stones.

“Have you remembered what it looks like?” Hydin placed the stone in front of Di Lin.

Di Lin looked it over carefully before nodding after a while.

Hydin rapped the back of his head. “Do you have dementia, why do you need such a long time to remember it?” He cast aside the tiny stone and bent over, picking another one for him.

This time, Di Lin didn’t dare to scrutinize every aspect of it like he had just now. He gave it a cursory glance and then nodded,

Hydin didn’t throw the stone away this time. Instead, he forcefully flung the stone towards the center of the lake.

Di Lin had an ominous premonition.

Sure enough, Hydin said, “Go pick it up.”

Di Lin stared at him.

He had also done such a thing before, though the other party at that time was a dog.

Hydin glanced at him nonchalantly. “Do you know how to swim?”

There were many lakes in Shamanril, so the majority of nobility knew how to swim. The words were at the tip of his tongue, but Di Lin changed them to one word. “No.”

Hydin wasn’t disappointed. He nodded and stated, “Not bad. A water mage who doesn’t know how to swim.”

Di Lin hadn’t reacted to the true meaning behind this statement when he was swept into the lake by an obscure gust of wind.

The lake water was icy cold, causing Di Lin to involuntarily shiver. He very quickly popped his head out from the water, seeing Hydin stand by the lake with a delighted look twinkling in his eyes. “You learn very quickly.”

Di Lin didn’t engage in a confrontation with him any longer. Instead, he twisted and penetrated the depths of the lake in search of the supposed stone.

Hydin sat down. Bored, he used the fire elements to shift the pile of stones in front of him.

Throughout the many years that had gone by, he had always wanted to have wind-type magic stand on its own as a single category of magic and not classified obscurely under water and fire magic. For this, he had even set out to research large-scale, wind-type offensive magic and attempted to figure out the feasibility of it being a single type of magic. However, Chai Fuang’s way of thinking was the exact opposite of his. He had written several papers and reports on classifying wind-type magic under water-type magic so as to expand water-type magic, despite the fact that it was not only water mages who could use wind magic. The reason he cited for rejecting the idea that fire elements produced wind magic was that fire elements possessed heat inherently. The outcome of using fire elements at high intensity to generate wind magic was an extremely high degree of heat, which would diminish the might of wind-type magic.

Hydin turned his nose up at this but didn’t have a better idea to resolve it.

At the moment, the Head of the Institution and the Parliament adopted a ‘wait and see’ stance towards both theories. Clearly, their focus was not on the classification of wind magic but rather the results of researching wind magic.

Thinking to this point, the stones before Hydin’s eyes suddenly rose up and flew towards the center of the lake, as if it had been swept up by a tornado.

Di Lin had just popped his head up from the water when he witnessed a large bunch of stones heading towards him. On reflex, his mouth recited a string of incantations.

The lake’s water immediately rippled, forming a transparent layer of water as protection for him.

But the stones did not fall as he had imagined. Instead, it scattered like petals, landing around the water barrier.

“Who taught you that?” Hydin’s voice abruptly closed in!

Di Lin turned and saw him standing beside the lake a meter away, his mage gown trembling lightly from the cool breeze.

Di Lin withdrew the water barrier and said in a low voice, “Teacher Ricky.”

“I order you. From now onwards, right at this moment, immediately erase it from your mind!” Hydin said with a dark look.

Di Lin’s brows creased. This sort of arrogant attitude made him resist it subconsciously. However, he didn’t retort directly. “Teacher Ricky is a rank eight mage.” ‘Magic Tutor’ was a title that only schools gave. Outside, everyone was a mage regardless of rank.

“Do you know why I can become your tutor even though I’m a fire type and you’re a water type?” Hydin suppressed the ire that had gushed forth at that instant and asked faintly.

Di Lin replied without any hesitation. “Because you’re imparting the methods to communicate and make use of my perception of the elements.”

This was the greatest difference between the Holy Institution and the other magic schools.

In order to enable every student to learn magic in the fastest time possible, the other magic schools would arrange for a magic teacher of the same type to be their teacher. This way, the students would only need to imitate the teacher’s magic to graduate as soon as possible.

But the Holy Institution was different.

It had never allowed its students to become the second so-and-so, no matter how great and impressive that so-and-so was. Every student who wanted to graduate from the Holy Institution must create magic unique to them. This was evidently the reason why the Holy Institution ranked first in the entire continent in student population yet had a far lower proportion of graduates compared to the other schools.

Hydin looked at him fixedly, till Di Lin slowly lowered his head.

“I got it.”

Di Lin spoke to his own inverted image reflected on the surface of the water. Although he didn’t want to admit it, Hydin was right.

Hydin’s gaze warmed slightly. “Have you found the stone?”

Only now did Di Lin recall the task. He hurriedly showed Hydin the tiny stone he had been grasping in his hand.

In fact, every tiny stone’s appearance didn’t differ much from the rest. For example, this stone in his hand. It was his personal opinion that it was identical to the stone he had previously seen. Yet, Hydin directly shook his head without sparing even a single glance at it. “It’s not. Continue.”

Di Lin’s brows wrinkled.

Hydin gave no chance to justify himself and rode the wind to return to shore.

Di Lin tossed aside the stone and slipped into the water swiftly.

The sky turned darker and darker. Their surroundings had already started to be shrouded in a murky grey.

Di Lin already couldn’t recall how many times he had grabbed a stone and swam to shore. He only felt like his entire body had dissolved into bubbles in the water, his four limbs shivering involuntarily. He had never thirsted for dry land this intensely before.

But Hydin’s lofty, stern voice seemed like the tallest obstacle on earth. Every time the thought of surfacing on land rose in his mind, he would see Hydin’s frigid gaze shooting over, fixing his body to his spot.

“No,” Hydin mercilessly interrupted his extravagant hope to go back onto shore.

Di Lin held the stone tightly, allowing the stone’s edges to pierce into the hollow of his palm.

He needed the pain to keep his willpower alive.

“Di Lin?” The sound of Suo Suo’s voice sounded from a not-too-distant location.

Di Lin’s energies were roused, and his eyes instantly looked towards Suo Suo’s voice.

Hydin’s gaze flickered. “He cares about you very much.”

Di Lin said weakly, “He’s my cousin.” He gave this explanation because he felt that Hydin’s personality would not necessarily allow him to concern himself over such details.

As expected, Hydin raised a brow. “Oh?”

Di Lin was just considering whether he should respond when he heard Hydin continue. “Then, if he runs into danger, would it be enough to stimulate your potential?”

The hair all over Di Lin’s body suddenly stood up. “What do you mean?”

Hydin spread his five fingers. A flame burned in his palm. “I just want to add more variation to my teaching methods.”

Di Lin gritted his teeth. “I’ll go search again. I’ll definitely find it this time.”

Hydin retrieved the flame and stated coldly, “You have no idea what you’re trying to find.”

Di Lin paused, his face a little blank.

What he was finding? Wasn’t it the stone?

But how did Hydin know that those stones weren’t the correct ones without even looking at them?

He admitted that during the last few times, he had indeed carelessly groped for a piece before coming up. Due to the increasingly lengthening duration of time, he hardly remembered what the original stone looked like. Then, what did Hydin rely on to declare those be brought up as false? Or, did he also deny it at random?

Hydin seemed to perceive his way of thinking. Suddenly, he raised a hand, bringing forth a gust of wind.

With just a blink of an eye, Suo Suo was brought before him by that gust of wind.

“What are you doing?” He asked anxiously.

Hydin didn’t reply, instead looking at Suo Suo as he asked, “What did Chai Fuang teach you today?”

Suo Suo’s face was pale. Clearly, he hadn’t recovered from the speed of that gust of wind. Only after Hydin repeated his question did he mutter, “Tidied up materials.”

The corner of Hydin’s lips hooked up. This answer did not go beyond his expectations. “Saint Padeus has never had students who graduated because they tidied materials very well.”

Suo Suo’s complexion paled even further.

Di Lin pursed his lips.

Hydin watched Di Lin, as if he was looking at a fish about to take the bait. “I will help you find the person who cast the spell.”

Di Lin’s heart trembled, and his eyes fixed on Hydin tightly. Based on his understanding of Hydin, for every benefit he offered, a challenging requirement would accompany it.

Hydin did not fail to live up to his expectations. “If you can find that stone.”

The wind swept past.

The skin Di Lin revealed outside the water shivered slightly.

Hydin said slowly, “I bound fire elements to the stone.”

Fire elements?

The moment Di Lin knew the answer, he nearly wanted to hammer his head.

That’s right. The other stones had been submerged at the bottom of the lake. Even if he brought them up, they would certainly be covered in water elements. Hydin completely didn’t need to look at its appearance or shape to recognize it, all he needed was to sense whether there were any fire elements on the stone.

Now that he knew the direction, Di Lin inhaled deeply and swam towards the center of the lake again.

Suo Suo watched Di Lin leave, a spate of panic suddenly bubbling up.

In spite of the fact that this person beside him was a tutor of the institution, he gave him a perpetual feeling of unease that he found difficult to put into words.

Hydin suddenly asked, “Have you ever thought about what you would do if the spell can’t be undone?”

Suo Suo was first shocked, and then he stared blankly. Finally, he honestly shook his head.

“Then, start thinking about it from this moment onwards.”

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