Holy Institution: Chapter 20

Chapter 20: Teaching methods (1)

Ning Ya turned a blind eye to the strange atmosphere. He stared at Chai Fuang and repeated, “Please accept me.”

Chai Fuang glanced awkwardly at Melina’s arrogant back. “Melina was my tutor, I believe that she is fully capable of offering you better guidance.”

Ning Ya pursed his lips in silence.

Melina returned to her original seated position. She raised her chin and spoke to Macreis. “Wasn’t it picking students?” Her gaze never drifted towards Ning Ya again.

Ning Ya inhaled deeply and stealthily took half a step back.

Di Lin wanted to give him some measure of comfort but after glancing at Hydin’s expression of smiling yet not smiling from the corner of his eyes, he eventually swallowed his words.

Macreis coughed dryly, drawing everyone’s attention. He said towards Ning Ya and the rest, “I trust all of you already understand that the three individuals present will be your future tutors. Only the specific pairings haven’t been decided. Please come over and introduce yourselves.”

Di Lin’s brows creased, and he looked doubtfully at Hydin.

His gaze seemed to be inquiring about the reason behind two more tutors appearing in front of his student.

Hydin took Di Lin’s inquiry as a sign of uneasiness and his originally quite high spirits rose even higher. He leisurely voiced out, “You forgot to add one point.”

Macreis glanced at him helplessly. “Yes, you already told me previously that Di Lin·Basco is your…” He originally wanted to end his words there but then felt that this statement was too ambiguous, so he added one word, “Student.”

Di Lin visibly felt everyone else’s gazes gathering on his face.

Including Chai Fuang, Suo Suo and Rui Meng.

The haze of doubt in his heart grew even thicker. He had even thought that Hydin had already been greatly disappointed by him after that time in the woods when he attempted to sense the fire elements. Yet, Hydin actually only picked him?

Chai Fuang touched his round nose and said with all smiles, “Oh? A student that Tagilis is concerned about – I’m also very interested?”

Hydin snorted coldly. “I thought your interests stop at women’s chests.”

“Hydin!” Melina uttered in displeasure. As the sole woman present, she clearly felt offended. “Please take note of your wording.”

Hydin stated, “I don’t think there are any issues with my wording just now. They are quite compatible with your proud student.”

Melina was not enraged, or at least her face did not show such an emotion. She only icily stared at him. “Did you learn this from Barson?”

“You like to constantly shift the topic of conversation to him,” Hydin raised a brow. “I presume that you want to find out about his whereabouts from me?”

Melina’s expression didn’t change. Her gaze shifted to Macreis. “Are we still not starting?”

“We’ll start right now,” Macreis was very clear that these few individuals were the pillars of the Holy Institution. Every person’s time was so precious that even gems could be used as units of measurement. Hence, he glanced meaningfully at Rui Meng.

Rui Meng took a step forward in a manner that was neither servile nor overbearing. “I come from Senriga…”

Based on appearance and temperament, he probably stood out the most apart from Di Lin. Ning Ya’s looks were slightly ordinary, while Suo Suo looked like a tiny child. Aridi wasn’t tall and was easily overlooked no matter where he went. As for Jeffery, he was undoubtedly already being overlooked.

Thus, when Rui Meng finished his introduction, Melina made the decision to take him in.

Macreis felt that the current him was like a child trafficker. He itched to sell a few more, so he very quickly pushed Suo Suo forward.

With regards to appearance, Suo Suo was very pleasing to the eyes. He possessed a round face, large and round eyes, and pink lips. Adding on his slight expression of naivety and timidity, he was truly very charming.

Melinda carefully sized him up for a while, her decision to only take in one seemingly wavering.

Macreis attacked while the iron was hot and got Suo Suo to introduce himself.

Suo Suo watched Di Lin hesitantly and said softly, “I want to be with Di Lin.”

Hydin replied without even thinking. “I will not accept you.”

Suo Suo’s face collapsed all at once, seemingly about to burst into tears at any time.

Hydin ignored him.

Di Lin’s brows creased. He was considering what the consequences would be if he were to reject Hydin as his tutor, just as how Ning Ya did. Currently, it seemed like Hydin’s relationship with the other two tutors wasn’t anything much. He just didn’t know if it was poor to the point of them willingly watching his embarrassment with joy.

He was still hesitating when Chai Fuang spoke. “This child isn’t bad, why don’t I take him in?”

Suo Suo’s eyes widened. He glanced at Chai Fuang’s round and bulging tummy before looking towards Di Lin.

Di Lin thought about it for a while and lightly nodded.

Regardless of what happened, they could talk more about it after first finding a tutor. The situation at the Holy Institution was too complicated; this was something he had not anticipated before arriving. Apart from the students’ level of influence, it seemed like the tutors were also split into factions.

Suo Suo looked at Hydin unwillingly.

Hydin was seated at an angle. A hint of schadenfreude flashed across his eyes. “A spell was cast on him.”

Chai Fuang stared blankly for a moment before waving a hand at Suo Suo. “Come here.”

Suo Suo subconsciously retreated half a step.

Chai Fuang strove to adopt a smiling expression. “Don’t be scared. I just want to take a look at the spell on you.”

Hesitantly, Suo Suo slowly shifted in front of him.

Chai Fuang extended a hand and lightly pressed it against his forehead, only releasing his hand after quite a while. “Oh. It’s him?”

Melina asked, “Who?”

Chai Fuang said, “Tutor Clarklen.”

Melina asked, “Why?”

Chai Fuang remarked, “His perception of the elements was sealed. There are usually two reasons for this. There are either problems with the individual’s character, or…” He halted his words and looked at Hydin.

Hydin commented, “At the moment, his IQ is the one that has problems, not his character.”

Melina continued Chai Fuang’s words, “Or, there are problems with his elemental spirit.”

The tutors present looked at one another in dismay.

Given Suo Suo’s age, even if he had learnt magic, he wouldn’t have learnt it for long. Yet, this seal had already been existence for a very long time. This indicated that Suo Suo should have been sealed at a point when he did not know magic. In other words, he was naturally able to sense elemental spirits!

Even a publicly known genius in the institution like Hydin had only possessed his own elemental spirit after being in contact with magic for a long period of time. Yet now, there was actually someone who inherently had one!

Chai Fuang and Melina’s gazes met, both making out the amazement in each other’s eyes.

This conjecture evidently widely exceeded their knowledge.

Macreis couldn’t help calling Suo Suo over and also testing the spell he was under. His brows wrinkled as he said, “What a strong spell.”

Melina remarked, “Clearly, this spell is of harm to the human body.”

Di Lin anxiously asked, “What kind of harm?”

Melina didn’t reply.

The one who replied was Hydin. “Do you not feel that there is something wrong with his brain?”

Di Lin stared blankly. His expression was a distinct no, he did not.

Suo Suo glanced at Di Lin before looking at everyone else. He asked shyly, “Is it very severe?”

Macreis also found this a thorny issue. At the moment, Suo Suo was incapable of learning elemental magic, yet the Holy Institution publicly taught only elemental magic at the moment. This meant that Suo Suo would gain nothing from being at the Holy Institution.

“I have not changed my decision,” Chai Fuang slowly uttered.

Macreis glanced at him in astonishment.

“Is this not a very interesting study of magic?” Chai Fuang delivered a provoking side-eye to Hydin.

His words made Di Lin feel uncomfortable from head to toe.

Di Lin suddenly very much hoped that Hydin would also feel this way, and then stand up with a slap of the table to take Suo Suo back.

Hydin did not do as he had imagined. He merely curled the corner of his mouth. “Is this considered making up for your regret that you’re not a genius?”

Chai Fuang’s fingers curled in.

To the him who had become a rank ten orthodox magic tutor at forty-plus years of age, everyone would admit that he was a genius.

But this perception was crushed in front of Hydin.

Because Hydin only used twenty years.

In the end, Ning Ya was allocated to Chai Fuang according to his wishes. This was not because Ning Ya’s determination moved him but because Hydin said that he was also under a spell, so Chai Fuang should also accept him for research.

In order to demonstrate that her market value was not too low, Melina also accepted Jeffery and Aridi in addition to Rui Meng.

Aridi was so gloomy that he nearly bumped his head against the doorframe. If he knew earlier, he would have loudly expressed his opinion like Ning Ya. The moment he thought about how he had let go of the chance to be under the same tutor as Xi Luo just like that, he felt immensely upset. However, there wasn’t any other choice. He didn’t have Ning Ya’s courage to loudly go against Melina.

Thus, Macreis’ worries were resolved in this manner.

Hydin got to monopolize Di Lin as he wished.

Chai Fuang received two students under spells.

While Melina cleared out the place.

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