Holy Institution: Chapter 19

Chapter 19: Process of adapting (9)

Hydin’s intention of only accepting one student meant that five people would revert to being without a tutor.

Macreis immediately checked on all the tutors with students. At the Holy Institution, every tutor could only guide ten students. This was to prevent tutors from having too many students and then being too occupied to multi-task, thus affecting the students’ lessons.

He looked at the form with deeply creased brows.

Other than teaching lessons, the Holy Institution’s tutors would usually conduct a certain amount of magic research simultaneously. Compared to imparting severely repetitive knowledge that they knew inside out, many tutors preferred exploring new magic. This resulted in tutors occasionally scrambling to push students away.

As a result, the tutors who still had quota at the end were usually of the type who had top quality evasion skills and were difficult to deal with.

— Especially the ones who had previously united to refuse exempted students of nobility.

Hydin turned a blind eye to Macreis’ miserable look.

“What method do you think would stimulate a person’s potential for magic in the shortest period of time?”

Macreis replied without even raising his head, “Combat!”

Hydin’s fingers gently taped against his own chin. “Is that so?”

Macres suddenly had a bad premonition. “Learning must be done step by step. Extremist methods of teaching will only destroy the student!”

Hydin side-eyed him. “You just said that battle was the fastest way to stimulate someone’s potential for magic.”

Macreis said, “But it isn’t a method suited for everyone.”

Hydin narrowed his eyes.

Macreis’ heart thudded.

“Don’t doubt my eyes,” Confidence was overflowing from Hydin’s tone.

Macreis recalled that he had forgotten to ask him a very important question. “Which one exactly did you choose?”

“Di Lin.”

“Di Lin·Basco?” Macreis’ head hurt even more.

Although the Holy Institution was independent of all countries in the Dream Continent, and had never needed to give any country face, that only applied to normal situations. If the son of the Basco Dukedom, the clan with the most power in Shamanril, were to come under harm in the Holy Institution, perhaps the usual harmonious existence between the Holy Institution and the mainland’s various countries would be broken.

Macreis started to carefully consider whether he should let Hydin return to his laboratory.

“He is mine,” Hydin stared at him with displeasure.

Macreis stared blankly. “Why must you insist on having him?”

The corner of Hydin’s mouth hooked up. “Because he’s very similar to me.”


Macreis hadn’t interacted much with Di Lin. His impression of Di Lin was that he was a steady and modest youth. If there was anything they had in common, it would probably be that the both of them were quite good-looking and very easily attracted others’ gazes. As for them being very similar… That was completely Hydin’s own wishful thinking.

“The you in your mind resembles Di Lin?” Macreis asked, shocked.

Hydin curled his lips. “Only in terms of talent for magic.” He paused and then elaborated, “He’s far below me in other areas. Especially personality.”

“That is his greatest merit,” Macreis kept these words in his mouth.

In the end, Macreis picked out two magic tutors.

Xi Luo’s tutor – Chai Fuang.

The mage tutoring Kevin, the student in first place for the memorization competition – Melina.

They were both famous, difficult to deal with figures in the institution, though their reputation was slightly better than Hydin’s.

— Just a little.

Macreis didn’t discuss it with Hydin and directly invited the two of them to his office, giving them a simple explanation of the current situation.

Chai Fuang was around forty years old. He was a little plump, but the black mage gown hid his tummy well, so his face only appeared to be slightly larger. Deep laugh lines were etched at the corner of his eyes. Every time the corners of his mouth drew back, the laugh lines at the corners of his eyes would fold like a fan. “Students that would even give Hydin a headache? I am very interested.”

Ever since they entered, Hydin’s complexion became rather ugly. Upon hearing these words, he glared at him with even more frigid eyes. “Headache? Hmph, I’m just unwilling to waste time on garbage.”

Chai Fuang was unconcerned. “I accept the way out[1] you found for yourself.” He shot a slight smile at Macreis. “I’m willing to accept two students.”

Macreis’ brows wrinkled slightly. “Only two?” His gaze shifted towards Melina, who was seated at the right-most corner of the sofa, maintaining a moderate distance from everyone.

Melina’s age was roughly the sum of Chai Fuang and Hydin’s ages. The nearly seventy-year-old her had maintained her appearance very well. Her waist and back were quite straight, her waist was slim as a thread and she had a head of lustrous hair. However, her face that eternally had only one expression contained a chilliness that kept both familiar and unfamiliar people at bay. “I will only accept a maximum of one more student.”

Macreis’ face drooped. “But there are six students in total this time.”

Chai Fuang smiled insincerely. “I’m already leading three students.” He looked at Melina. “What about you?” As a former student of Melina’s, he had always been respectful to her.

Melina stated faintly. “Two.”

Macreis looked pleadingly at Hydin.

Hydin raised his head and looked at the ceiling.

Macreis awkwardly coughed dryly. “I already got them to come up, perhaps everyone can make a decision after seeing them.”

Chai Fuang and Melina didn’t express any opinion.

Macreis knew that they were both people who persisted in their views; it would be a matter of exceeding difficulty to change their decisions within a short span of time. He thought gloomily: would he really need to invite those parliament elders who were close to retirement to come out of their mountains?”


The Head of the school, Orosai, would definitely whack him on the head with a staff!

Di Lin had constantly been taking note of Hydin’s actions ever since Macreis finished announcing the list of names.

Given Hydin’s personality, he would definitely not waste time in participating in something that had zero relation to him. As expected, amidst the sounds of weeping that filled the entire area, he saw Hydin and Macreis conversing. Then, Macreis’ expression became extremely ugly.

He couldn’t hear the contents of their conversation but from the careless gaze Macreis cast over, he felt that this matter had something to do with them.

The invitation Macreis sent out in the evening confirmed his conjecture.

Aridi asked excitedly on the way, “Say, are they preparing to give us an additional reward?” To the him who had attained tenth place in the memorization competition, his rank was entirely deserving of more rewards.

Rui Meng smiled coldly. “Rewarding you for only getting tenth place?”

Aridi retorted, “Di Lin didn’t get first place either, this can’t be blamed on me.”

Di Lin glanced at Suo Suo’s red, walnut-like eyes and patted his shoulder consolingly.

Aridi saw Suo Suo’s eyes and shut his mouth in embarrassment, thinking that he was upset over them not having attained the first six spots.

A group of people followed after the senior leading the way to a small town created by fitting together many cuboids in a crisscrossing pattern.

A long drawbridge was suspended over a tiny lake that had clearly been manually dug.

The light gray sky hung over the dark grey, small town. It was both tranquil and desolate.

The senior introduced, “This was constructed according to Langzan’s imperial palace.”

Rui Meng and the rest looked towards Ning Ya.

Di Lin did the same. In truth, he had been finding a justifiable excuse to look him up and down.

Ning Ya’s expression was very indifferent, so much so that it seemed like he would dissipate into the air at any moment.

“Are you okay?” Rui Meng hesitated before opening his mouth.

Ning Ya’s pupils didn’t seem to have any sense of distance. He looked straight ahead and replied softly, “I’m fine.”

Suo Suo tugged on Di Lin’s sleeve, his eyes filled with questions.

Di Lin turned away and dragged Suo Suo to continue walking ahead.

He knew that he had not done anything wrong. He couldn’t possibly use the Basco Dukedom’s magic corps as proof; proof of friendship with someone he had just known not long ago. However, the fact that his relationship with Ning Ya had changed to this extent couldn’t help but make him feel down.

If Ning Ya was willing to trust him, willing to say the reason, he would definitely be willing to lend a hand.

It was a pity that…

When Di Lin’s group walked into Macreis’ office, Macreis was sweating freely as he did his utmost to urge Melina to remain.

Her patience was clearly inversely proportional to her age.

Thus, when Macreis saw Di Lin and the rest, he heaved a huge sigh of relief in his heart. He smiled at Melina. “They’ve reached.”

Melina’ eyes swept coldly across everyone’s faces before pointing at Ning Ya. “Him then.”

Di Lin’s group watched her in confusion.

Even Ning Ya’s eyes revealed some bewilderment.

Melina declared, “From now onwards, you are my, Melina·Hopkin’s, student.”

Chai Fuang smiled. “Tutor, you’re still this anxious. Oh, let me take a good look, who should I find as a partner for Xi Luo?”

Aridi’s eyes lit up. He was just about to speak up when Ning Ya suddenly took a step forward, his eyes fixed on Chai Fuang. He said firmly, “Please accept me!”

Chai Fuang, “…”

Melina’s expression didn’t change but the ice-cold aura around her suddenly increased by several times.

Hydin, who had continuously been looking at the ceiling, finally shifted his line of sight back in front of him. The corner of his mouth rose, brimming with interest.

Macreis wanted very much to cover himself with a blanket. But the blanket didn’t need to be too big, it was fine as long as it could prevent him from witnessing the situation before him develop into a hideous mess.

[1] 台阶: The term used here connotes getting out of an embarrassing situation.

T/N: Double update today as celebration for the Lunar New Year~ Happy holidays!

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  1. Thank you for the double update. I’m curious to see which tutor they all end up with and why! I hope Suo Suo ends up happy, too. He’s such a sweetie.

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  2. I’m still curious on Ning Ya’s backstory.

    Ah, so Hydin is about (almost) thirty… I remember I read before that his age just reach twenty when he gots all his fame…


    1. Ohh so this is the chapter where Hydin appears to be around thirty. I’m not sure why I have the impression that there isn’t a very large age gap between him and DL… I feel like there might have been discrepancies in his age between diff chapters ><


  3. So Ning Ya’s trying to get to Xi Luo now that he believes Di Lin is not gonna help him?? The punk prince does have the power his character is a bit…. -_- tho he might do it/pretend to just to spite DL.
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