Holy Institution: Chapter 17

Chapter 17: Process of adapting (7)

Seeing Di Lin turn to glance at him, a slight flush emerged on Ning Ya’s face. He spoke with visible uneasiness. “Let’s talk under that tree.” He wanted to borrow the five to six steps to the tree to ease the anxiety in his heart.

Di Lin silently followed him under the immense shade of the ancient Japanese pagoda tree.

The wind in the woods quietly swept past the two people.

Ning Ya mustered his courage and raised his head, the familiar spark of hope and expectation shimmering in his jet-black pupils. “I wanted to ask you for a favor.”

Di Lin asked doubtfully, “What favor?”

Ning Ya continued, “I heard that the Basco Dukedom has its own mage corps.”

In spite of the fact that setting up a magic school had become the latest trend in the Dream Continent ever since the establishment of Saint Padeus’ Magic Institution, the number of true mages did not see an increase. In reality, due to the misguidance from half-baked, ordinary teachers, the potential of many students to become mages was wasted.

Thus, as a dukedom, possessing its personal mage corps was indeed an impressive feat.

Di Lin’s eyelids drooped. He seemed to have already anticipated that this favor would be linked to his clan.

Ning Ya saw that he didn’t reply, and his originally apprehensive mood grew even more anxious. “I really need your help.”

Di Lin said, “Can you tell me the specifics?”

Ning Ya inhaled deeply. “May I ask you to lend this magic corps to me?”

Di Lin raised his head and looked at him in astonishment.

“Don’t ask me for the reason,” Ning Ya’s voice became very soft in an instant, though the gaze directed at Di Lin was still as resolute as before.

Di Lin frowned slightly. “Can you tell me the reason?”

Ning Ya bit his lower lip, full of hesitation. After a short while, he still lightly shook his head.

Di Lin sighed. “Just based on these words, it is impossible for my father to agree to dispatch the magic corps.” This statement of Di Lin’s was not an evasion of the subject. His father, the brilliant, famous, daren of the Dukedom, had never been a kind father who blindly doted on his child.

Ning Ya said anxiously, “How about using me as collateral?”

Di Lin was startled again.

Under his gaze, Ning Ya’s complexion grew increasingly flushed, to the extent that it spread into the recesses under his shirt collar. “I can promise you anything. There won’t be an issue even if we don’t make it public.” He uttered these words with difficulty. The more he spoke, the lower his head covered in ash-grey hair went, till it was nearly level with his knees.

Di Lin finally spoke, though his voice was somewhat rough. “You mean…”

Ning Ya’s heart thumped violently quite a few times. Suddenly, he tugged forcefully at his belt. His outer clothing immediately came undone, revealing an expanse of spotlessly white and bright flesh. He placed both hands behind his body and tightly pulled down his sleeves. His outer clothing simultaneously fell to the ground. Then, he very quickly undid his pants, allowing it to drop to the ground.

Faced with his naked body, Di Lin’s throat felt like it had been blocked up. His gaze involuntarily fell on Ning Ya’s waist.

Perhaps Ning Ya’s looks could only be considered ordinary, with a slant towards being delicate and pretty, but his body would definitely be regarded as a masterpiece of the Gods above. In particular, his slim waist seemed to be forged from white jade, its curvature so perfect that one would find no faults with it.

Ning Ya’s body trembled a little. He stood cautiously on his pants and took two steps forward.

Di Lin didn’t move from his spot, but his line of sight remained firmly locked on that slim waist of Ning Ya’s.

“I won’t mind if you want to have your own heir in the future,” Ning Ya licked his lips. If this was the past, he would never have imagined himself capable of uttering such brazen words and carrying out such bold actions. But the present him who was nearly at the end of his tethers had no choice but to set aside his reticence and dignity. “I can always remain by your side, even if it means never returning to Langzan.” Due to the mixture of shyness and bashfulness, every word that Ning Ya spoke seemed to gel together, softly and stickily.

Di Lin suddenly turned and pressed a hand to his heart. He inhaled deeply. “Have I told you about my mother?”

This time, it was Ning Ya’s turn to be stunned.

The speed at which Di Lin spoke was double his usual speed. “My mother and Suo Suo’s mother were previously famous beauties of Julan. Those years, the carriages that lined up in front of their houses to seek marriage formed an endless stream. My mother had a very pleasant title – slender waist princess. She had an extremely slender and beautiful waist.”

A trace of shock flashed in Ning Ya’s eyes. Tiny goosebumps rose on his body.

Di Lin did not notice these changes to his body and continued to speak. “Unfortunately, she passed away from illness when I was four years old. My impression of her isn’t deep; the only thing I recall is that slim and pretty waist of hers. Because of this, I usually can’t help looking at people whose waists look very pretty. Hiccup, perhaps this is a form of nostalgia? Or perhaps a strange urge? Who knows? I just feel that I should share some of my secrets with you. After all, we’re friends, are we not?” As he spoke, he slowly turned back.

Ning Ya gazed at him silently. His pitch-black eyes seemed to be shrouded by dark clouds, the darkness and heaviness in his gaze obscuring his emotions.

Di Lin was so nervous that his palms were covered in sweat. “If you’re willing to tell me the reason, perhaps I can…”

“If I tell you, can you guarantee that you will keep the secret and not tell anyone else?” Ning Ya asked in bewilderment.

Di Lin opened his mouth but eventually slowly shook his head. To dispatch the mage corps, it was necessary to persuade his father, which meant offering a reason that would convince him. He didn’t know what the reason was, so he couldn’t guarantee anything.

The corner of Ning Ya’s mouth hooked up slightly, as if in ridicule.

Di Lin’s chest felt like it had received a strike, with a feeling of doting circulating around his chest.


It was Suo Suo’s unique whistle, a whistle which was forever blown weakly and dispiritedly.

Di Lin anxiously took a sudden stride forward to block Ning Ya.

Ning Ya had already turned around and started to put on his pants.

However, putting on clothes clearly wasted a lot more time than taking them off. At the least, when Hydin came over, he could still see the snow-white skin on Ning Ya’s chest that he hadn’t covered up in time.

“Oh, I seem to have interrupted something,” Hydin’s gaze flickered between Ning Ya and Di Lin.

After experiencing the shock just now, Ning Ya was already sufficiently calm. He bent his waist and picked up his belt, methodically fastening it.

Di Lin explained awkwardly, “Something dropped into his clothes just now.”

Hydin asked with a smile yet not a smile. “Your hand?”

Di Lin, “…” He had to admit that Ning Ya was right. Silence was golden at such a time.

Suo Suo tiptoed over quietly and blinked his eyes at Di Lin. “Did it work?”

Of course, Di Lin knew that he was asking about the whistle he had blown and thus nodded.

Suo Suo was very gratified. “That’s good.”

Hydin turned around and shot a slight smile at Suo Suo. “Speaking of this, I’m very curious why you specially called me in to see this scene. I don’t think we have a friendship that allows us to peep on others together.”

Di Lin spoke in a loud voice before Suo Suo could explain, “Specially called you in?”

Hydin nodded. “En. I was just passing by outside the woods. It was him who went ‘shh’ and let me in.”

Di Lin looked at Suo Suo wordlessly.

Suo Suo felt wronged. “Wasn’t it our usual way? You do your mischief and I’ll keep a lookout. Shouldn’t I whistle when there’s movement?”

Hydin cast a glance at Ning Ya, whether intentionally or otherwise, and raised a brow. “Mischief?”

Ning Ya’s originally wan complexion became even uglier. His gaze remained fixed at a point roughly twenty centimeters in front of him as he walked out without turning back even once.

Di Lin opened his mouth, wanting to call out for him. But his sight swept past Hydin’s very-interested smile and in the end, he swallowed the words, allowing Ning Ya to very slowly walk out of his field of vision.

Hydin commented, “It looks like your mischief wasn’t very well received.”

If the previous incident when Hydin helped him to conceal the issue of breaking into the library at night had caused Di Lin to have a slightly favorable impression of him, then now, this slightly favorable impression had completely turned into malice. Moreover, the change was by folds.

Suo Suo saw Di Lin’s dark face and silently dragged him away. He couldn’t help turning back to look at Hydin out of worry.

Hydin was standing on the spot and looking at them from behind. His smile was full of… meaning.

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3 thoughts on “Holy Institution: Chapter 17

  1. Thank you for the chapter. Although I don’t know Ning Ya’s whole story, I find myself feeling sorry for him and I’m not sure why. Maybe because he feels desperate somehow, like a big weight is on him, but he can’t really talk about it, or something like that. At any rate, he evokes my sympathy. Hydin, on the other hand, always seems like a cat toying with mice, rather sly and obviously in control. The characters in this are very interesting!

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