Holy Institution: Chapter 16

Chapter 16: Process of adapting (6)

Di Lin’s group had worries that were evidently inconsistent with the rest.

At the Holy Institution’s First Assembly Hall, they squatted at a corner facing the southeast and fought to capture this last chance to cram hard as if their lives depended on it.

“Dozing off during class is a severe infringement of the tutor’s dignity, a disregard for the tutor’s meticulous care, and an act that destroys the classroom’s atmosphere. What punishment should be meted out?” Rui Meng’s eyes swiftly skimmed over their circle before eventually settling on Aridi. “You, answer.”

Regarding this question, Aridi had already made plans in advance. “There are several possible situations for this. Firstly, even while fast asleep, the student continued to maintain etiquette and respect for the tutor. Those who didn’t snore, grind their teeth, or drip saliva will be given the punishment of sweeping the classroom for a week. Secondly, those who snore while asleep, seemingly affecting the tutor’s mood while teaching, as well as students enthusiastic about learning, will be punished by sweeping the classroom for a month. Thirdly…”

Rui Meng seldom heard him not make a single error from start to end and thus gave him a word of praise. “You remember the rules concerning yourself very well.”

Aridi ground his teeth.

Di Lin saw Suo Suo’s complexion turning pale from anxiety and patted his head. “It’s okay, it’s fine as long as you put in your best effort.”

Suo Suo watched him pitifully and weeped. “I seem to have… forgotten everything.”


Everyone else looked at him wordlessly.

Di Lin replied, “It’s all right, it’ll be okay as long as you remember it during the competition.”

Suo Suo scowled miserably. “What if I don’t remember?”

Di Lin said, “I will think of another way to find the person who cast the spell on you.”

Suo Suo sniffed. “Really?”

“En,” Di Lin smiled gently.

Aridi let out a breath. “If I had known earlier, I wouldn’t have gone to such trouble to memorize everything.”

Di Lin’s smile didn’t change. He spoke to him, “The words I said just now were told to Suo Suo.”

Aridi remained unconvinced. “Based on what?”

Di Lin gave an irrelevant answer. “The library at night is quite cool and refreshing.”

Aridi withered like a deflated balloon.

The competition commenced in groups.

Di Lin’s team was placed right at the back.

The expressions of his schoolmates varied – some were anxious while others were relaxed.

On the other hand, the tutors who were temporarily taking on the role of examiners had identical expressions. That is, identical in their boredom.

To them, holding this sort of competition once every three years was already too many a time. Every year, there would always be a suggestion to cancel the competition in the registrar of the various tutors’ opinions. However, it would be ignored every year because the suggestion was too minor.

Thus, no matter how much they disliked it, the tutors didn’t have a choice but to be seated here seriously. Then, they would randomly pick a book from the mountain of books and find something that was either very hard or very unremarkable to ask about. If there was any bit of joy to be found in this type of competition, it would probably be seeing the expressions of bewilderment or timidity on the students’ faces.

The moment the tutors did not take out the supposed test papers but instead randomly picked out a book to thumb through, Di Lin’s expression changed.

Of course, Aridi understood the reason behind the change in his expression. His face that originally still bore some hidden bitterness turned pale within an instant, entirely drained of color. Assuming that Di Lin would question him about the matter regarding the test papers, he also prepared an answer. However, Di Lin unexpectedly said nothing, only lowering his head and continuing to look through the books.

Aridi observed him stealthily for a very long while. Upon realizing that there were truly no signs of him wanting to criticize him straight away, he instead felt even more apprehensive. The book held in his hands suddenly became immensely difficult to understand and the words he had originally memorized also started to slowly evaporate.

He sat with this agitation for half an hour before finally deciding to go over to Di Lin and confess. “Regarding the test papers, actually…”

“What test papers?” Di Lin looked at him in confusion.

Aridi stared blankly for a moment. “The library’s…”

“I’ve never heard of anything regarding test papers,” Di Lin smiled slightly. “The competition is going to be starting soon, it’ll be better to think about that instead. Anything else is insignificant.”


Was he saying that he wouldn’t bother about it?

Aridi blinked, somewhat unable to believe this.

He originally thought that even if Di Lin didn’t fly into a tantrum, he would definitely borrow this issue to taunt or make things difficult for him. He hadn’t expected for things to pass by so peacefully. Or was this to say that he would settle their debts after the competition?

He contemplated this for a while and believed that the last one was entirely possible. This was because it was already a miracle that they could interact peacefully given Shamanril and Biaque’s relationship.

In fact, Aridi was indeed overthinking. Di Lin didn’t have the intention of placing the blame for this matter on him. Because he was very clear that the person capable of knowing about the dangers of the library at night and also hoping that he would take such a risk was not Aridi. Put impolitely, Aridi completely lacked the guts to do so. If he hadn’t guessed wrongly, this matter should have been masterminded by Xi Luo. From start to end, someone whom Aridi believed without reservations could only be him.

Despite the ire in his heart, Di Lin temporarily suppressed it. The most important thing at the moment was still welcoming this competition. As for Xi Luo… that was a matter to be considered after the competition.

Very quickly, it was time for the second group from the back to be tested.

Di Lin’s group of six stood at the side as they made their preparations.

Suo Suo suddenly pointed at a large-eyed youth closest to the wall. “That’s him.”

Di Lin recognized him as the youth that had ridiculed them on the boat. His performance in the second group could be rated as excellent. While others stammered and scratched their heads, not only was he calm and composed, he answered quickly and fluently.

Jeffery, who was standing behind him, said anxiously, “He’s really strong.”

Di Lin turned and shot him a slight smile. “You aren’t worse than him.

Although he was very clear that it was crucial for their hearts to be steady at this time, from his age and experience, completing this task would clearly be quite challenging. At least, Jeffery’s worries didn’t decrease by much.

The second group from the back very quickly left the stage. When that large-eyed youth passed by them, he even specially glanced at them.

Di Lin pursed his lips.

Given the large-eyed youth’s performance, the odds of them obtaining the first six spots were minuscule.

“Let’s go,” He took the lead to go on stage.

Like before, Suo Suo followed behind him, followed by Jeffery, Rui Meng, Aridi, and Ning Ya.

On the basis of them being the last group, the examiners roused their spirits a little and then continued to test them by flipping to any random page.

Di Lin calmly gazed at the examiner in front of him.

In order to ensure that the competition was fair, the tutors examining them were all unfamiliar. Hydin’s absence clearly allowed Di Lin to relax. The speed at which he answered was not inferior to the large-eyed youth.

In comparison, Suo Suo’s speech was constantly disjointed. But it was gratifying that he would always continue even after breaking off.

The question and answer process lasted for roughly ten minutes. However, to the six people, a decade seemed to have gone by. When they left the stage, the expressions on every one of them was like that of having gotten rid of a weight off their mind.

Di Lin saw that Aridi looked very dejected and his heart sunk. In fact, after knowing the contents of this competition, his confidence in them obtaining the first six spots was not very high either. He had simply harbored a thread of hope. But things were already at this point; there was no use no matter how upset they were or how much they regretted. Hence, he said, “The competition has already ended, let’s have a good relaxation time.”

‘Relaxation’ was the word Rui Meng liked the most. He asked hurriedly, “How do we relax?”

Di Lin said, “Eat together at the dining hall?”

Rui Meng’s excitement was dealt a huge blow. “Heavens. This is truly the most frugal and labor-saving method of relaxation I’ve ever seen.”

Ning Ya said, “The competition results will only be out in the afternoon. Perhaps we can first go back and take an afternoon nap.”

To Rui Meng, this suggestion was evidently only that much better than Di Lin’s. “Okay then. But I’ll relax Di Lin’s way first before relaxing your way.”

While he was saying this, many students were already walking in the direction of the dining hall. Di Lin and the rest didn’t dare to tarry and followed behind without delay.

After lunch, Rui Meng was itching to have a good afternoon nap. For today’s competition, his brain had constantly been operating at high speed. Even in his sleep, he would dream of book after book flipping open in front of him. So, it was very hard to come by this chance to sleep without being plagued by distracting thoughts.

Ning Ya deliberately slowed his steps.

Di Lin noticed the situation and was aware that he wanted to chat now, so he also slowed his steps.

Suo Suo continued to walk by his side.

Then, the three people slowly entered the woods.

Suo Suo suppressed his voice. “Are we carrying out some secret operation?”

He couldn’t be blamed for thinking this way, because the expressions on both Ning Ya and Di Lin’s faces were very solemn.

Di Lin replied, “No, we just have something to talk about.”

Ning Ya smiled slightly at Suo Suo. “May I invite you to leave for a short while?”

Suo Suo looked towards Di Lin.

Di Lin hesitated for a moment before nodding.

Suo Suo said, “Okay, I’ll help you guys to keep a lookout. The old rules apply – I’ll whistle if someone comes by.”

Di Lin remarked, “Don’t whistle at every person you see.”

Suo Suo asked, “Then who should I see before whistling? Neither of our parents can possible appear here.”

Di Lin replied without thinking. “Whistle if you see Tutor Hydin.”

“All right!” Suo Suo arched his back and nervously walked out. From the way he was sticking his head out and looking around, he was probably searching for a hiding spot.

Translator’s corner: I recently finished reading Later, He Became A Royal Healer and it was so cute and fluffy!! Would highly recommend if you’re into gaming novels or just enjoy lighthearted and sweet romances o(^▽^)o

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